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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Soccer Coach

first-time mtndude 2018-05-23

I watched 16 yelling, screaming brats reducing to shambles the dribbling drill I had designed for them, and I asked myself how in the hell I got involved with coaching a boys’ soccer team. When she bent down to pick up a soccer ball facing me, my eyes were automatically glued to the gap in her halter top, looking for an unobstructed view of her tits. Her hand settled on my crotch, and her fingers began to stroke the head of my cock through my pants. She took my prick deep into her mouth, and I felt her tongue working up and down. Jody spread her legs further and pressed the lips of her pussy harder against my mouth.

Ridden with a Smile

first-time AStabInTheDark 2018-05-23

I sat in my camping chair with a drink in my hand, listening to the good mates that I'd met that day talk about various drunken antics and watching the steady procession of people walk past our campsite. I didn't have a whole lot of experience in how to pleasure a girl this way, my main teaching aid being books and amateur porn videos, but Elise seemed to enjoy it though as her eyes drifted closed and a smile once again came to her lips. 'She's really wet!' was the foremost one, closely followed by, 'she's going to have another orgasm!' as her face once again screwed up and the speed of her breathing increased, her hands scrunching the sheets either side of me.

First Love Ch. 01

first-time CoolChick2000 2018-05-23

We walked up to their table and Nick and Jessie both said hi to each other and I started talking to his parents. She can't be your little girl forever, Michael!" I said while I started giggling. I got so excited when my parents told me you were coming down for your last year," he said as he sat up. Brooke lived there all year long like James, and her parents both taught at the high school. When 7:00 came around, I started walking to Tommy's house, in my mini-skirt and red skin-tight shirt. As he walked through the crowd, I followed close behind him, and slowly started to move past everyone else at the party until the two of us were left standing alone outside.

Our First Swinging Adventure

first-time marksra 2018-05-23

Game night arrives and Susan leaves to pick up Adam while I remain home and straighten up the apartment. This change of position places Adam's cock mere inches from my wife's face and she pulls him into her mouth. I tell Adam that Susan is also into anal and on the next rotation tries to ease his dick into my wife's ass. The room is dark so I lean fairly close to see where to place the egg and about two seconds after I touch egg to clit Susan spasms and her cootch clamps down on Adam's dick. I watch him reach up and spread Susan's ass cheeks apart offering me my own wife's ass to fuck at the same time.

Insecure Stepdaughter

first-time chunkygoat 2018-05-23

Now I was d***k, normally I am very shy, but now I had no problem opening up to my stepfather "ppfftt'" I spat out, "my mom is the beautiful one, I'll never find a man like you" I admitted' "wait that sounded bad uhhh I just mean boys don't think I'm hot." He poured me 2 more shots and reassured me I was beautiful, he made me laugh too, he's such an amazing man. "Fuck me like the slut I am!" "How does that teenage pussy feel?" I urged him on, "Tell me what you want, I'm your personal little whore." My best friend taught me that when a man is about to blow his load the head of his cock gets huge.

Sex with Music Band Member

first-time sexstorieslust 2018-05-23

Her moving her legs apart, in deep sleep, exposed her interiors under her one-piece, all my plans went off, and lust overtook my mind. Pretending to be in sleep, I moved closer to her on the bed and started too look at her with lustful, forbidden eyes. I was patienceless, to have any foreplay, so I deeply kissed her on her lips and then I threw her hand away and started sucking/licking her left breast. She went mad and started raising her body to put her breast in my mouth. I went near Kaya, caught her waist, pulled her towards me, and kissed her again, eyes closed.

Shower and Massage

first-time jmc38 2018-05-23

I know what you want me to rub; your cock is as hard as I look down, but I take your hand and turn you into the shower so the water is running on you. Then you go down to my chest and suck one of my boobs and the next one, as you do that so amazing, feels so great then you kiss my belly then going down to my inner thigh one side to the next then you start to lick my clit flicking it with your tongue the way you do. It feels as great to me as I go faster and faster your cock is rubbing my g-spot and I tell you I’m going to cum on your cock.

Amber's Teacher Ch. 04

first-time mr_corlucci 2018-05-23

As I told Amber that I didn't want to continue making out in the car, she put her hand on the hard bulge in my pants and said, "Oh, Honey, I want to take care of this so bad, but I really have to go. The text read, "You said you wanted to see!" and when I opened the attachment, there was a picture of Amber's pussy with a finger about halfway inside! At six o'clock, Amber called and told me that she was going home from work to change and would be here soon. As I started to massage her pussy, she put her hands on my shoulders and pushed me back until the top of my body was flat on the bed "You first this time," she said.

Her Mom's a Prom Whore

first-time therealbk 2018-05-23

Especially with a young man who is more than likely to be the king of the prom.” Said Mrs. Bell. I’m not sure they approve me fucking Mrs. Bell all night and sl**ping in her bed and not at my friend’s house. I pulled out my phone to take a pic of Mrs. Bell sucking my cock. Mrs. Bell got off her knees and took grabbed some water from the fridge as I put my cock back inside my pants and headed for the bottom of the stairs near the front door of the house. I did not even noticed what Mrs. Bell was wearing at the front door standing behind her daughter.

Jena - A BBW Story Ch 2

first-time flowerofcuriosity 2018-05-23

Jena slowly moved her right hand over his cock and gently rubbed the ever leaking pre cum from the tip with her thumb and rubbed it over his long hard fucking tool. Jena shivered from the touch, and the boss just smiled reaching his hand down to stroke his still pre cum leaking cock. The boss was still watching from his office chair when he saw his wife lick Jena’s pussy for the first time. Finishing with a kiss, the boss looked at his wife and then at Jena and stated, “Damn that was fucking hot.” The all grinned in agreement and all began to wonder when they would next enjoy each other’s bodies.

First time with a OLD man!

first-time 2018-05-23

Over a span of several weeks I would watch this horny old man stroke his uncut cock for me, all the while inviting me over to his place to give it a taste. I had him lie down on the edge of the bed and leaned forward, looking intently at his little uncut dick and getting hornier by the minute at the thought of sucking an old man's cock! I simply shook my head and continued enjoying the taste and feel of an old man's uncut dick in my mouth for the first time. After that I stood up on my knees on the bed and let him suck me to completion, shooting a MUCH bigger load of cum into that horny old man's mouth!

The Groom's Tale

first-time Ziedrich 2018-05-23

Tending the horses was always late work compared to hauling water like Jaga or tending to the roof and whatnot like Carago and Vaiker, but I never really minded since I wasn't much for talking or drinking back then. You wouldn't know what to do with a woman anyway." Vaiker glanced over his shoulder, "Speak of a wolf and it's in the sheepfold!" He turned back around and smirked, "I'll tell you what her pussy tastes like over breakfast tomorrow." As Devann walked by me to toss a rag in the washbucket, she winked and tapped a finger on her ear, "Quit your worrying, lover-boy, she's not into him." Devann always said she had the best ears in Daraigo- and needed them to hear orders on nights like this.

Fucking my cousin's maid

first-time dickhead2392 2018-05-23

my cousin turned the TV off and started to sl**p... as soon as all of them are asl**p i started fondling the maid's breasts and playing with her nipples through accessing her shirt from the top of the couch... i fondled it then stopped for a minute to make sure that no one wakes up... then i grabbed it with my hands then she suddenly grips firmly onto it and pulls me to her then i calmly kissed her and fondled her breasts with my face... my first time on a big titted maid", my cock also became too hard for pounding.... my cock feels warm on her pussy as it is so slippery and wet i carried her and started pounding until i cummed inside her...

A Very Special Spring

first-time Joe F. 2018-05-23

As I said earlier, Freddie had been throwing back shots and he was feeling pretty frisky so as she started to turn he put his hand on her shoulder and turned her back and said, “You know, you could squeeze my lemons any time you want to Sharon.” Then she kissed me hard on the lips, no tongue, just a hard fervent kiss, I could feel her warm breath on my face for an instant, then she said, “Meet me downstairs behind the shed in a minute, I have to do some things but it shouldn’t take me long.” She stood up and walked briskly into the house, the screen door closing behind her.

Spicy Interlude

first-time oldbob68 2018-05-23

"Is there anything I can do for you sir?" A few things immediately come to mind but I bite my tongue. Upon my engagement about a year ago my mother took me aside and told me how important it was going to be for me to know how to pleasure my future husband. When you walked in today and said you were looking to find new flavors and textures I was on my knees thinking of exactly the same thing. In the books that I studied they discussed that not all husbands taste the same but that a good wife could train her husband, through diet, to taste the way she wants and she could also eat things that would make her more appealing to him.

A Truly Amazing Night Part I

first-time schoenestern 2018-05-23

They left the restaurant and took a walk down the main stretch of the University streets holding hands and enjoying the beautiful night. She wiggled out of some of her dress and Matt looked deep into her eyes. Krys kissed him knowing what was under his boxers. Krys's hand slowly started to move up and down his shaft while she continues to play with his head. She rubbed his shaft a little more when Matt started to groan. "Matt, I know this is probably the ultimate mood killer, but I need to leave in like 30 minutes." He kissed her and spread her legs a little. Krystaline's orgasm finally wore off and Matt sat there taking short little breaths.

My First BJ - Really

first-time FantasyXY 2018-05-22

I even lied to Alex, telling him I hurt my back and couldn't come over to help him with the house in case I ended up staying late at Blake's. After getting to know him better, it seemed like I had spent the day before having sex with a complete stranger. Which seems like a normal shrink sort of question, but the way her face lit up and her tone of voice told me that she really wanted a turn with Blake. Since my strongest orgasms came from Blake eating my pussy, I figured that there was only one way to make him come like that. I still wasn't anywhere near ready to suck his cock, but felt like I needed to know this stuff just in case.

Ellen in Brooklyn Heights

first-time Longstretch 2018-05-22

"I'd really like to teach, but I'm thinking of going to work for the City. We kissed long and hard, her tongue meeting mine and her hips coming into my erection with no hesitation. "That's no way to treat a boy's erogenous zone, Ellen," I said as my pain subsided. "Oh yes, yes, take it in your hand and hold it steady," I said, semi-coherently, since I was playing with her breasts and waiting for the wonderful feeling of her mouth on my cock. Ellen's inhibition about her pussy was also working against her pleasure, but pleasure was winning out, in part because I had gotten her clit out and it was between my lips.

My first. Taboo. Truth or Dare.

first-time 419fun 2018-05-22

I said good night and Julia asked if I could walk her d***k ass home. On the way back to her cottage, she asked if I wanted to go to the beach on this remote island. On the walk over there she kept asking me if I was seeing anyone and on the third time I said "What is this? A minute later as she was kissing my ear as I sucked on her boob, she said "but you can fuck me." On the way back to my tent (she said she didn't want to go to her cottage yet), we stopped to make out over the stars. We fucked each summer for two years after that and got caught by my dad the last time.

Dirty Rotten Schoolgirls

first-time seth_perm 2018-05-22

Chloe, a tall willowy auburn-haired girl with soft green eyes and a sweet smile was wearing her uniform correctly although even she had loosened her tie somewhat. Brigitte, a leggy curvaceous brunette with an impertinent smile, gave her best friend Christine a significant look before replying insolently as she sat down at the front of the class. You have to stop," I repeated but I couldn't take my eyes from Brigitte's heavy boobs as Christine's dainty fingers pinched her nipples, rolling them firmly between finger and thumb. I love licking tits," Christine breathed, her clear azure eyes keeping hold of mine as she slowly lent forward to flick her long lithe pink tongue repeatedly over Brigitte's left nipple, causing me to bark a groan of utter disbelief.

my first nutt

first-time lorriebush 2018-05-22

One time I got a room at YMCA for the weekend, I meet a navy guy who wanted to smoke some weed, so we went up to my room drank and smoked, I had some porno books there and we started to look them, next thing you know our dicks are out and we're rubbing them together, it felt so good I blew my load real quick, he asked if I wanted to fuck but I said no and he left, I should have fucked him though he had a pretty brown ass with a matching cock,I've been married twice and none of my wives can suck a dick like a man, I can't even nut in my wifes mouth or fuck her in the ass she does have big ass to, but I've seen trannys with big asses taking dick up it happily, and some of them have big dicks too, I do love jacking off to them.

Scott and Veronica First Meet

first-time glini 2018-05-22

You look up and smile at me as you start licking up and down the shaft before you cover the head of my cock with your warm, inviting mouth swirling your tongue around the tip before bobbing your head up and down. I look lovingly into her eyes as I slowly push the head of my cock into your tight pussy. I reach down holding her tight and I push my way through her virginity, causing you to let out a small scream of pain and pleasure as I hold you there letting your body settle before I start to slowly pump mu cock in and out of your pussy. Feeling your tight pussy clenching down on me so tightly I cant hold back anymore as I start to cum deep inside you.

My exGF's and their oral skills

first-time 2018-05-22

I remember one time when we were enjoying a Saturday Morning in bed when I had just finished about a 30 minute pussy eating session on her, Her pussy was dripping wet and she had cum at least once when she said,"c'mon baby, let me suck you." On my god, It felt fantastic and after about 2 minutes, I had to tell her that I wasn't going to last if she kept that up.

It was a sad day!

first-time melissaavery23 2018-05-22

We show up at about 9 or a little later, and when we walk in there is no one but Josh(Stephanies Boyfriend) and Keith(some guy that was a Senior in High School). I didnt know that Stephanie had kinda planned this before we came, she told him what I like to drink. Keith looks and me and says "If your looking for your little friend, she left to go to the pool hall". She just shakes her head no and says that she cant make him stop because she also gave up her V card to Keith and that he said that he was going after he little s****r if she didn't bring me over tonight to get mine taken.