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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Monday Blues

first-time Nickoxoxo 2018-05-22

I want to turn her around and look into eyes and probe her, pleasure her, pull her chest tight to mine when all of a sudden I feel her move away stand straight, I see her straighten her skirt and walk away my hand is still outstretched I quickly recover it and slowly watched this goddess move away from me with beautiful bouncing red hair glistening in the morning sun through the up stairs office windows, she turns the corner with no inkling of her identity.

The Sisters

first-time powellmanu 2018-05-22

Then without hesitation Sarah tells Rebecca its her turn, at this point I think I'm in heaven, I'm 28 and I'm about to go into a virgin 19 year old mouth, wow....anyway, she moves over looks at me like she is thinking be gentle with me, its m first time and then she takes me in her mouth, its so wet and warm, I cold have cum there and then, but I wasn't sure what Sarah would say, so instead I make a mental note to take every detail in because I didn't expect it could ever happen again, so I do, I look deeply at Rebecca, she doesn't look at me as she is concentrating on what she's doing, I tell you her mouth was then, and still is today built for fucking.

My MILF Seduction

first-time andylove 2018-05-22

So one day, weeks after my parents and Bro moved out, as I always do was Masturbating in my Living room in the First floor and note the fact that anyone can watch me masturbating from Christy's Balcony through my living room window. So this one fine day with my Living room windows open I started masturbating watching Porn hoping that she'd catch me wanking off noticing my 9inch dick. But then when I grabbed and pulled her, my still-hard dick poked her ass well that I even started cumming inside my shorts. I was star-struck already and to my further surprise she knelt down and pulled off my shorts and started licking my dick and the pre-cum on it.

Girl Friend and I Become Step... #3

first-time HankWilliams1956 2018-05-22

“Oh fuck, I think I need to lay down, before I fall down.” then Larry walked mom over to the couch arm and laid her down on her back, with her butt up on the arm of the couch, then he kneeled down between her legs and started eating her pussy out, and I moved Nestlé over the back of the couch and leaned her against it, and then I lifted one leg up, and as Nancy moved in on her tits, I kneeled down and started eating out Nestlé’s pussy. When Nancy and Nestlé broke off their kissing each other, Nancy then dropped down and started sucking and licking Larry’s hard cock, as he kept licking and sucking on Nestlé’s pussy and clit, “Oh fuck Larry, you are about to make me cum again.”

First Time, Second Time

first-time catchercradle 2018-05-22

Thirty seconds later Bruce's hands were rubbing the aromatic shower gel all over Claire's skin. Bruce's fingers were tracing their way around the skin surrounding Claire's sex, teasing her pussy which was slick with her love juice. Without his fingers Claire needed to do something with her excitement and took his erect cock, dripping with pre-cum and started rubbing it up and down the length of her sex. Pushing aside the momentary shock at her use of that word, even though unspoken, Claire lifted her legs and with one arm around Bruce's neck impaled herself on his rigid length. Bruce squatted down, savouring losing his virginity for the second time.At the same time he was aware of a gasp from Claire as she broke her hymen on his cock.


Chapter Two of my personal story

first-time xvideowatcher 2018-05-22

I took to that idea right away and as soon as I got to their house the next morning, and we were behind the door, Daddy helped me take off my dress and hung it up in their hallway, and I walked into their kitchen where Jon was wearing jockey pants and Lori had on a pair of beautiful silk panties. Once they uncoupled Mrs. Brown cleaned the both of them up and put them in bed and the rest of us went into their living room and they let the k**s sl**p till the next morning and I got to kiss each one as we had school together with Jon in jockeys and Lori and I in our panties.

My First Tgirl Deepthroat.

first-time jkain 2018-05-22

She what i wanted to do and I told her that I was willing to do Oral Sex only, She said alright, Then I told if alright if we kissed somemore on the couch she said alright on one condition is that we take off our couths to get more comfortable with eachother I said sure, I took of my Shirt first while we were still kissing, She took off her tant and I couldn't wait I start licking and suck her tits running my tounge in a circular motion around one nipple then the other, then I look off my pants and my cock even more hard, I looked at her and told her that I have did with TS before and that the only experiance I have is with females and that I always love to eat pussy and ass.

Adriana and the Fur Closet

first-time FurLove 2018-05-22

Adriana doesn't exactly ignore my fondling her fur but she continues on, talking about whatever it is she has on her mind as I stroke her fur quite freely by then smiling all the time as we keep looking at each other. My eyes are wandering all over her fox vest and Adriana moves very close to me as I wrap my hand and arm around her waist pulling her even closer. "You had such a big bulge in your pants and struggling so hard to hide it that when you complimented me on my parka I knew you were really turned on by my fur and the way you were looking at the rest of me and my eyes I figured you were on to ME.

After the collapse

first-time 2018-05-22

I quite liked working with Lisa, and assumed that she wanted to ask me for a reference or something, so I quickly agreed. I didn't know what she was going to propose, whether she was going to try to sell me d**gs like so many other people were doing or suggest that we try to rob a bank! She asked me if I could provide any suggestions on what sort of fees she should charge. She laughed a bit at my suggested prices, as she thought that she could have easily paid off her husbands debts for him if only he had paid her whenever they had sex.

Boss part 2.....

first-time 2018-05-22

She poured lube all over my ass soaking it using it to push her fingers in deeper until finally it loosened, her hand gripped that cock again, the pressure released as she withdrew her fingers from inside me as she held my legs rubbing that thick rubber head to my already violated asshole, my whole body flinched away on her first attempt to enter me, “move again and your sacked!” her hands grabbed my ankle pushing them back opening me up to her cock the head making my asshole pucker around until it edged in me, my face contorting in pain, the look on her face of pure glee at fucking me was a little disconcerting , she fucked me for at least another five minutes before I my ass started to accept her, There was no pleasure for me in this she just wanted to fuck me, my fingers relaxed on the edge of the desk.

Working Too Hard Part 4

first-time unseen69 2018-05-22

I started to push myself into Lady P she screams with delight and IS's arse still in the air I stuck two hard fingers into her and it caught her by surprise, moaning she wanted it harder! "I going to cum soon ladies" With that I pumped even faster and harder, IS was cumin hard already I felt my hand being sucked into her deeper and not letting me go. She took the whole length down like a champ I pumped her throat with each thrust gagging and moaning at the same time, Lady P decided to join in, sucking on my balls like lollipops.

Just Another Fuck

first-time Zrnko_Pisku 2018-05-22

One of my friends went off with the younger sister for some PG rated fun while my best friend Mike slipped away with Ellen, the college student, for something a bit sexier. Finally, on the last night of our trip Ellen bought us some beer and then sat down with Mike and I for a game of Monopoly. Soon Mike fell asleep and I realized that winning the game was not on Ellen's mind. Considering I had never touched a woman's pussy before, I guess I was a little rough because she quickly pulled her pants down to her ankles and began fumbling with my belt. I took her back to her hotel room, kissed her one more time and then walked back to my room where Mike met me with a high five.


A Slap in Frustration

first-time deTocqueville 2018-05-22

After completely covering your body in sweet tender kisses and nips and light massage I could tell you were eager to get to what you had long desired but had also been denied for the last two evenings. I have only felt that connection to God maybe three times in my life, but it is enough so that I can compare it to that first moment I was introduced to your petals. I guess God's plan is that he will allow the disciplined, the curious, the committed, that special pleasure that comes at the moment when the tongue ignites the deepest passion in a woman by attending to the place where all the forces in the universe collide.

Emma & Barry

first-time Christian Black 2018-05-22

Barry and Terry would sometimes retire into the bedroom halfway through the video, and then I could finally stick my hand down my shorts and stroke myself off. I looked over and noticed that Terry was stroking Barry's hard cock through his pants. They made out on the couch for a while, kissing and fondling, Terry's hands working Barry's huge prick. Watching Barry fuck the hell out of Terry, hearing the animal sounds of lust they were making, bearing my clitoris down hard on my heel, I came so hard I thought I was going to black out. "Do I need to remind you," I said, ready for this point, "that you were in a relationship with me when you started sucking Terry's cock.

Horner Springs, The Institute Ch. 01

first-time voluptuary_manque 2018-05-22

She took his hand and like two middle school students just starting to figure out their strange, adolescent feelings she led him around the central block of booths and into number eleven. Justin thought about the pictures in the class reading and grabbed both Amanda's wrists. "I just wanted to let you know that the two of you did beautifully, especially since this was Justin's first ever sexual encounter," she sat on the side of the bed. As Ms. Beindre looked on in approval, Justin pulled her arms apart an attached the cuffs to opposite corners of the headboard. When he turned to look at her, Ms. Beindre nodded toward the drawers and the young man rummaged through them until he came to a neck strap that he recognized from the week's reading.

For Ashley

first-time norrinradd 2018-05-22

I let you enjoy my cock for a few minutes, getting it hard and wet, then I take control and start fucking your mouth. You put the flat of your hand just above your pussy and you can feel my cock work it's way inside you. My cock is wet from your pussy and your mouth, so I slide my cock between your tits, squeeze them together and start titty-fucking you. You like the feeling of my cock between your tits, so you put your hands on your breasts and squeeze them together for me and let me fuck them. I run my hand over your warm body, feeling your breasts and working my way down to your clit again...hoping I can make you cum one last time...

Desk Pet

first-time halinaplays 2018-05-22

My new boss gave me a wicked grin when I said 'Yes.' He knew I wanted to play his secretary game. I wanted the real secretary to see me smile like being a call girl was easy for me. I know wanting to get fucked by the dick in my mouth made me give head like a professional. I thought things like 'I'm actually earning money for having an orgasm that I would pay to get.' I wanted to ask him if I could do this for free. If you ask me real nicely this desk pet will tell you other office games she loves to play.

Behind Convent Walls Ch. 02

first-time Scot1234 2018-05-22

"That first time, Father, I read how you had imagined my lips wrapped around your cock," she said hurriedly, the words feeling very strange coming from her innocent mouth. Father Thomas almost came at that moment, the very sound of her sweet voice pronouncing the word "cock" was enough to send a thrill all the way from his balls to the tip of his cock. Before she even knew what he was talking about, the priest had grabbed her big knickers and pulled them down, down over her cheeks, down over her thighs, until they rested around her knees on top of her tights. All she knew was that she had never wanted to be anything but a nun and she didn't understand why Father Thomas was treating her in this way.

Anita and her Servant Boy

first-time 2018-05-22

But, this in no way has bothered the Nair’s from letting Unni share Anita;s room because they have felt the phase of inquisitiveness to know on sex shall pass over in good time, Moreover, five years have rolled by since Unni has slept on the floor of Anita’s room and no such necessity has been felt to ask him to sl**p in the dining space, However, Anita has felt some changes in the looks of Unni which is so apparent, which a woman can easily identify. Obviously, while thinking about the ticklish feeling that she is enjoying and trying to reason out the cause, Anita mechanically follows Unni’s appeal to move up the bed and nods her head in affirmation to the application of any cream on her feet.

Brittney: The First Encounter

first-time LKHendricks 2018-05-22

I said "good morning" back to her in a quiet tone, and she smiled a little brighter and went to her desk on the other side of the room, talking with some of the students over there. When the professor came in and the class went on, I figured the girl who had been greeting me all those mornings wouldn't be coming to school today. Lowering my voice and slouching a little in my chair, I said I liked girls who were beautiful, but also mature and insightful; I usually heard most of the girls in the school talk about partying, what one of the athletes was doing, or something like that.

Post to a depressed mate

first-time 2018-05-22

I lost a soulmate as she was afraid my commitment was real and I also didn't want to change her sexually. Women get hit on 80percent of time there at gyms, they go to work out. I did and have a couple realtors (short skirts, tight tops, round bellies if married, milfs) who have lot of pressure and little sex. I fly and dive and write and photo and work with k**s. She took up with me, this former Penthouse model of 70s era, and my pals can't believe it and men try to hit on her but she is with me as I treat her as a lady, woman, and sex slave when she wants.

Sissy Serving Poker Night

first-time johndavies4321817 2018-05-22

I was standing beside a guy named Fred watching the game when his hand slowly slide up the back of my legs to land on my cock. The host lost again and said "well guys, I'm out of money so I guess we'll have to cal it a night, see ya". We sat around talking about the future of our poker games watching me make myself cum again with a large black vibrator. I loved that idea wanted them to arrange games with strangers in the club.The guys all agreed that the host didn't need to bring any money to the future games; the host just needed to bring me and use me to bet.

A Good Wife But A Better Slut

first-time shotguner 2018-05-22

head out as there stops go by they talk about all kinds of things and the last stop is Randy Thorn's home Penny tells Sal you can just drop me here Randy will take me home she grab a bag and heads to the door Sal drives away halfway back Sal sees Penny's pocket book so she turns around pulling up to Randy's house as she is getting out Sal hears Penny OMG YES YESSSSS RANDY GIVE IT TO ME SSSSSOOOOOO HARDDDDDDD then in the window Randy has Penny's arms behind her back and pounding his cock in Penny her big boobs bouncing up and down and the clapping of there bodies is so loud, OOOMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGG OH BABY YOU FUCK ME SO MUCH BETTER THEN JIM YYYYEEEESSSSS II'MMM CUMMING AGAIN.

Bi male and anal sex

first-time rogue-1966 2018-05-22

Then I started dating a woman whom loved to tease a mans ass with her fingers, yes fingers where she quickly got me use to taking 2 of her fingers.  The next thing I knew I could feel her hips against my ass and soon she was pulling back and fucking me.  Soon she is going from tongueing my ass to fingering it as she strokes my cock, telling me to cum.  So now I have figured out, I'm a top bi male but loves when a woman teases, licks, fingers and tongue fucks my ass.  She responds by fucking my ass hard and deep, moaning how hot it is fucking my ass and how tight it feel making her wanting to cum too