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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My Life as a Sex Addict Ch. 02

first-time MaiDawtons 2018-05-22

Simone pulled Amelia's face into her lush breasts, wrapping her arms around her in a blanket of security and laying her cheek on top of her head. As Simone's lips touched hers it was as though a lightening bolt shot through her body, her eyes widened then closed as she felt the velvet tongue of her new lover brush her lips then enter her mouth. Simone's hands danced across Amelia's body with a delicate touch, causing the volcanic heat to build inside her, as she played her like an instrument. "You're beautiful, you know that don't you." Amelia looked into Simone's deep brown eyes wanting nothing more than to continue the surprise make out session that started in the car.

Jill Recalls the Start

first-time easyballs 2018-05-22

"That's good, but are you sure he won't lead you back to where you were before prison?" Dave nodded and said "No he's clean not a problem, I don't want to go back inside, I've learned my lesson!" Jill nodded and flicked open his file, "It says here you were caught with some stolen gear at your home, yet wouldn't tell the police whose it was, despite them knowing it wasn't yours!..Why not?" Jill glanced up at him as he shrugged his shoulders "I don't grass on anyone even if it means I have to take the rap!" Jill leaned back "so it didn't fit in with the bad boy image is what you're saying?"

Janice knows

first-time huntin4biguns 2018-05-22

At this point, not only was I enjoying myself, I couldn’t hear a thing going on except the sound his cock caused when going in and out of my throat. He must have fucked my throat for 10 minutes before he gave up his reward, growling loud and deeply when he finally fed me a large thick load of bear juice. His thick hairy legs were tight around my head, isolating me from the noise around us and keeping me focused on the cock attacking my throat. The pleasure I was deriving from his use of my throat kept my cock hard and oozing cum. My dick got hard again and I pulled it out and began to fuck my fist while I watched his thick cock glide deep into her pussy.

A TV in the Shoe Store

first-time jillynylons 2018-05-22

I work at a ladies shoe store at a large metropolitan mall. wear sheer reinf***ed heel and toe stockings. from the day's fittings as I spot a new customer, walking She slips her foot out of her slender heeled pump and points the toe of her nylonned foot my way. Banak sizing gauge and ask her to place her heel against stockings like I wear rather than common pantyhose! in red patent on her pretty foot, then ask her to stand so reinf***ed heel of her stocking is on display in the finely pivoting her foot this way and that looking at every curve On the return trip my lady stumbles in her new heels

Her Cherry

first-time JesterHaT 2018-05-22

Martin and Ryan were having hard times because they couldn't enter the high school without a reasonable pass, so they could only wait until a party had started. "This is for being a bitch to my friends," said Edward and slammed his cock into her tight pussy. As he rocked her body, Michelle gasped for breath and lifted her ass to let Edward gain better access to her pussy. Michelle looked dazed, almost tired from the screen as her head was tilted slightly and was riding Edward's cock slowly and steadily. However, Edward left high school with many memories to hold and a nice stash of cash in his pocket to start his college days with Martin and Ryan.

Our House by loyalsock

first-time loyalsock 2018-05-21

Her eyes closed, her fingers in his hair, holding his head to her, her legs spreading on their own as she purred all at once, "Chris holy fuck sweet god dear jesus that feels SOOOO good!" She threw the pillow away and, eyes closed in bliss, took his face in her hands and pulled him up to her, planting a warm, gentle kiss on his lips. She loved the look on his face and gazed down at him with such tenderness that when he opened his eyes and met hers, he wasn't sure which was better: the feeling of her wet pussy sliding along his cock, or the dreamy look she was giving him.

The day I did my first Creampie (Fist story I have

first-time ZDA90 2018-05-21

I leaned in and licked her nipples and I could hear her moan a lightly as I began to suck on her nipples, and I kissed her boobs and worked my way down her little chub of a belly she had. I cam to her panties I began to slide them down her thighs and threw them on the floor, I saw her beautiful brown pussy with a little patch of hair with shaved pussy lips and a nice tan clit ready to be licked. As I started thrusting harder I could hear her moans getting louder and louder as she screamed “I’m going to cum baby!” I felt a tightness in her pussy and felt her hot juices slick down by ball sack.

Bath time

first-time insertherefororgasm 2018-05-21

my hands circling your neck softly squeezing up and down lifting your head lightly and releasing it.... you lean forward your breasts heavy with yearning are pushing out for more hands either side if your waist holding I squeeze in a pinching motion and draw down over your hips then bringing my my thumbs together I grasp the top of your buttocks my thumbs then trace down between them exploring the delectable cleft of you bum... I feel you shudder and I feel you clench your bum together as I push back against me I feel you relaxing and clenching you buttocks against me legs wrapped around you I feel myself swelling....


first-time abroadsword 2018-05-21

"Ah Lord Pinkerton?" an emboldened mature lady around my mother's age accosted me as I lounged amiably enough with my cronies at the Misses Fotheringay's ball at Southam Courtenay, "Have you met my daughter Molly?" "Lord Pinkerton I am a married woman!" she protested and right on cue my door opened and there were Molly and the Inn keeper's maid as witness and Lord Garth himself, a frail creature of apparently octogenarian vintage though in truth he was but sixty such it was said was the voracity of Lady Garth's night time demands that he had aged twenty years in the first six months of marriage.

Fuck by homeless man

first-time Labouroflove 2018-05-21

The dirty homeless man turned to look at me and I noticed what he was doing. With his free hand he pushed up my skirt and began rubbing my pussy through my underwear. “I’m not a slut,” I protested but he took his hand away from my pussy and slapped my face so hard I could already feel it bruising. “Yeah, slut, clean my dirty cock with your tonsils.” He fucked my throat like you’d fuck a pussy. “You’re such a dirty slut letting a homeless man fuck your ass,” he whispered in my ear. “Your cunt is almost as nice as your ass.” His huge cock was abusing my pussy over and over.

Learning From Emilie

first-time cptfritz 2018-05-21

Smiling reassuringly, she stood and removed the robe, turning gracefully to d**** it on the chair by my dresser, and giving me a chance to stare again at her completely naked and wonderfully voluptuous body, those wonderful breasts, her remarkably slim waist, full hips, the graceful thighs .. More proud of myself by the minute for pleasuring her like that, I was quick to return to my studies and, with Emilie's encouragement, brought her to two more orgasms, the first with more cunt lapping and the second with finger fucking and clitoral rubbing while I held her and kissed her passionately.

First time Date

first-time darkwinglance 2018-05-21

He slowly keeps kissing down your body and stops between your legs and kisses your inner thigh and slowly kisses down your legs lots of small kisses when he gets to your foot he kisses each cute toe and then goes to the other foot and starts with each toe and works his way back up the other leg when he gets between your legs he does a slow long lick between your legs and find your clit and flicks it with his tongue making little circles with it as well you feel yourself moan with pleasure.

A Unique Dessert

first-time Acal 2018-05-21

When Brock pushed the door open he couldn't believe his eyes, his chest suddenly felt tight it was like he couldn't breathe. "Well sir dinner awaits you," she said smiling walking into the dining room, where the table was set for two with covers over their plates with candle light at the table, along with a bottle of red and white wine alongside the table. "I'm so glad that you like it Brock, just be sure to save room for dessert," she said smiling. He grinned at Teresa and said "Of course, you make the best dessert," he just wanted to come out and say it, he was almost bursting.

My first love

first-time 2018-05-21

But slowly started to move his hand on my body and touched my boobs that time i forgot fear and started to kiss him very strongly as he squeezed my boobs very hard and i felt very good ohh..... He was wondered to see them, he removed my shirt and bra and started to suck my right boob and squeezing my left one and i started to moun slowly ahh.... While kissing i was mouning and than he put his hand inside my clint and i started to moun louder ahhhh hmmm..... And i continued to suck it for half an hour and spreaded my leg quiet wider and started to lick my pussy and squeez my boobs i felt still sexier as i never had done before Uhhh...

Asian Delight

first-time ardenlowe 2018-05-21

He felt her body spasm on his tongue and felt the warm blast of her pussy juice streaming on his face and he lapped it up, feeling like a man possessed. Kevin tore at his jeans and his rock-hard cock jumped free, twitching as his fingers caressed her soaking pussy. Unable to bear it, Kevin felt himself explode deep inside of her and screamed out loud with pleasure, at the same time groaning with disappointment. Kevin felt like an animal as he buried himself in her cunt again, admiring her sculpted back and the firm, round ass. The feel of her hot asian ass clasped around his long-neglected dick and months of lusting for her and falling in love with the idea of her made his rock-hard cock throb.

Unexpected Tits

first-time clampealer 2018-05-21

After we finished our drinks Suzette informed me that she was going to school at the local community college and her and another girl rented a nearby apartment. After I cleaned up and was headed out the door she told me that her mother could use someone to cut her grass. After the grass was all cut Suzette's mother opened the door. She pulled her sweater over her head exposing to me the most beautiful tits my 18 year old eyes had ever saw "Now, let's just get these things off," she said unbuckling my pants. I got a big grin on my face but when I made it to my car all I could think of was, "how in the hell am I ever going to face Suzette?"

Good Mark

first-time sweetblissmash 2018-05-21

"And don't you ever, talk to me again." Favorly-nn pulled his hair hard in her hand, so his head stayed on the desk. When he walked in and stopped to stare at Favorly-nn, her hand tangled in a young boy's hair as she smacked his head on the table. When he walked in and stopped to stare at Favorly-nn, her hand tangled in a young boy's hair as she smacked his head on the table. Favorly-nn looked into his eyes as he took of his glasses to clean them, when he spoke. Favorly-nn smiled against his neck and moved her hand away, replacing it with her crotch and pushed her breasts in his face.

Older step s*s uses me - Part 1

first-time gemma-longlegs 2018-05-21

I put a pair on and lay on the bed and put my cock into the creamy mess and wanked with the other pair across my face. With her panties pulled to one side my throbbing cock was just a few inches away from her pussy as I wanked off over her shaven pussy. I just kept licking and was surprised to feel my cock going hard again. I was pissed and feeling brave and inched forward and the tip of my cock touched her lips. To my surprise we made eye contact and she said don't you say a fucking word to anyone and before I knew what was happening she reached down and took hold of my cock and inched her self onto me.

First time!

first-time 2018-05-21

after he got me completely undressed, he started sucking my tits, which felt so good. he then threw me onto the bed and told me to relax, as i did he moved his fingers and face down there and started rubbing and licking my clit. after getting me to cum, i quickly grabbed his 7.5 inch cock and shoved it in my mouth sucking the life outta it. after he took it out and put it in, my pussy started to pulse and as he fucked me harder and harder he whispered in my ear "oh yeah i know you like that bitch" after 20 minutes of fucking, he told me "baby, im cumming soon get ready" 30 seconds before he came, he ripped off the condom and shoved his cock back in my mouth.

A night to Remember

first-time mac89 2018-05-21

Raiin's eyes closed, her mouth opened, her tongue met my lips and we tongue kissed deep and hard while my fingers worked deep inside her pussy. On the back side of this first orgasm, Raiin reached down and shoved her toy back deep inside her pussy and Oh My God. She just about came off the bed as another orgasm ripped through her body with the f***e of a hurricane. Yanking my face out of her pussy, Raiin looks down at my love juice soaked face and tells me “Well done but you forgot the inside and this time use 2 fingers! Once again my face was f***ed back to her pussy and this time she waited until she felt my tongue inside her before she squatted a little and held my head in place.

My Perfect Weekend With My MASTER

first-time slave_ariana 2018-05-21

"What is it ariana?" he says looking at me with his stern face, though his eyes arer still twinkling, so i know i'm ok for now. "MMM, tight ass, good whore." He says, then inserts a plug "You know I like your ass filled." With that he takes his fingers out of my bottom, and has me lick them clean (more gagging), he then gets out his lovely hard cock, that i have been waiting an eternity to see, feel and taste. He sees my hungry look and says, "Yes ariana, now you get one of your wishes." As he pushes it into my waiting and oh so willing mouth.

A Lovely Holiday

first-time davedax97 2018-05-21

"I want some fresh air on my pussy," she giggled and threw them to me. Holding them to my face I ran after her and we fell into the caravan laughing and giggling like two naughty kids. She fell back onto the bed shrieking as I followed her down and fastened my mouth onto her glistening wet slit. "Yeah, oh fuck yes Tommy come and fuck me." Then Lindsay shut her up by mashing her pussy down onto her mouth while I hurriedly stripped off. My cock was standing up obscenely and I gave out a groan of pleasure as I entered Sarah's juicy little cunt.


Adult Dating Online For Singles

first-time zoepratt 2018-05-21

The point is that adult relationship is not just about informal interactions as these can be found essentially everywhere these days. However, informal sex is a big part of adult best dating relationship and personal ads in common. After all, the same individuals who search for these kinds of liaisons in cafes and clubs have found a better location in on the internet dating: a much better location. The first thing you need to do when searching for adult black dating relationship lovers on the internet is to join with a reliable internet relationship website. Well, the characteristics of adult women online personal ads are that they appeal to all kinds of individuals. It is safe to say that "bad" kinds of individuals will be found in grown-up internet relationship website.

Taking Orders

first-time SouthernSugar 2018-05-21

In the tack room at the end of the barn, Jack Thomas was almost finished oiling one of Lana's many saddles. Jack's eyes had darkened as she screamed, and his face looked hard as stone. Lana's eyes widened as Jack used one hand to unzip his dirty jeans. Jack dropped his pants and boxers, stripped off his soiled shirt and laid in the center of Lana's bed. Lana couldn't manage a response, but she rested her left hand on her taut belly before sliding it inside the matching pink lace panties, down over her mound and in between the cleft of her sex. After a few more thrusts, Jack's cock was fully lodged in Lana's pussy.