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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Electrician's Apprentice

first-time smallcock 2018-05-21

His arms wrapped around my midrift as we snogged furiously our tongues intertwined inside each other’s mouths, a couple of minutes had passed when I pulled away from him and said “Come with me”, he automatically took his jacket and shoes off as I lead him upstairs, and into my bedroom. Groaning loudly his seed pumped down my throat as I wanked him fast, when he’d drained his balls I stood up and unbuttoned my jeans, they fell to the floor and I soon discarded my undies, as we kissed I turned him around and he put his hands on the set of drawers in front of him, I spread his cheeks and licked his ass.

The Deal

first-time sweetdreams95 2018-05-21

Long unkempt coal black hair, with golden eyes that burned into my skin, chiseled angular features that made him seem almost wolf like especially with his russet gold skin, his own mother had been half native American and he'd inherited her dark beauty. So I had made it my own, I'd painted the walls the deepest purple I could find, hung lights around the ceiling, decorated it entirely from a strange little antique shop I'd found in Salem, and Nathan had surprised me with a beautiful black iron canopy bed that I now collapsed on, kicking off my boots, pulling of my sweater and jeans, preferring to lay under the silk of the canopy in my new, expensive black lace panties and plain white under shirt, my bra tossed away with the rest of my clothing.

Meredith Ch. 01

first-time robhasby 2018-05-21

My name is Thomas, but most of my friends call me Tom. While the events in this story happened a few years ago, I remember it like it was yesterday. A couple of weeks later, shortly before Spring break, Ben called and asked if I would like to go on vacation with he and his family. She carried on doing her thing for a little while, then walked right in front of the shower, which had huge, clear glass doors, and asked "Mind if I jump in?". "I want to have a relationship with you, and this seems like a good place to start," she said, clutching my cock, which had now grown totally erect.

Part 1/2 - I lost my virginity with an Arab Muslim

first-time BelgianStoriees 2018-05-21

Consequently, Fatima thought I was Arab and Muslim despite my name: My name is Nathan, I'm French of Belgian descent and Christian ... One moment, Fatima took my hand and placed it on her breast. Again very surprised, I looked at her, amazed while leaving dragging my hand on her breast, but she dared not meet my eyes. I decided to press her breasts several times while kissing her on the cheek, she turned back to me with a smile from the corner of the eye. I felt on my cock that was hard as concrete, I even thought for a moment that I was going cum on me so many I was excited but I was content to be a calm man.


first-time alibodge 2018-05-21

She enjoyed the cool shower, it restored her a little, she douched, showered again and then dried herself, powder and a dab of scent, dry hair and a comb, made her feel a fresh woman, she dressed as she had been asked, severe dark business suit, crisp shirt, stockings, then she returned to the bedroom, Tim had re-made the bed, before he left, she was glad, she made her way downstairs Clive was sat, eager and youthful, his eyes lit as he saw her, dressed just for him.

Niece Fantasy

first-time curiousaboutthat 2018-05-21

One hand slips under your bikini top to caress your firm young breast. My hand follows the fine hairs that lead from your navel to the place of wonder that waits beneath your still-damp bikini bottom. I slip my finger into the warmth and I know that the wetness I find has nothing to do with the Jacuzzi waters. My lips hold your swelling clit and I know by your rapid breathing that I am awakening feelings you never knew you had. I position my cock on the lips of your vagina, the warm wet touch begging me to enter. By the time your parents return, we are back in the Jacuzzi, our shared secret expressed only in our smiles.

Office Fuck

first-time pantiman 2018-05-21

As she stood there and I drank some coffee, I put my hand out and placed it on the inside of her right leg. Very quickly my hand was up her skirt rubbing her cute ass through her pantyhose and panties. Again I placed my hand on the inside of her leg and moved it up under her skirt. Rather than rubbing her ass I pushed my hand between her legs, which she parted for me, and rubbed her pussy through her panties. I led her by the hand into the store room, pulled her skirt up round her waist and put my hand down her panties and fingered her pussy. She didn't seem to mind I had squirted inside her and quickly put her panties back on and left.

Women object is quite different

first-time stif266 2018-05-21

On the other hand, is an emotional object tends to calm and stability, and renounces v******e completely, and this is subject to physiological her body and hormones, women are almost to enable the hormones her to give up everything, while the choice between her and the king of the world, her love for her c***dren hormonal and interactive side chemical, and love of a man to his c***dren by virtue of cohabitation, and while the shooting is Lakeamenh does not mean very much to be in the woman's womb fetus or not, and can not be loved if later learned, but when he remembers his successor inevitably.

The Mall

first-time PornMom 2018-05-21

I felt sexy in the platform heels, black thigh-highs and the padded push-up bra that was enhancing my curves inside this gorgeous Betsy Alexander design. My eyes and then my hand went to his thick cock and I continued to swirl my tongue over his nipples while my fingers brushed his cock and balls. His moans only made me want all of it more and soon I plunged over him and pumped my head vigorously feeling him sliding in and out as he seemed to grow in my mouth and get even harder. I pulled the cum-filled condom from his cock and gently took him in to my mouth.

The Paperboy

first-time DonnaDreams 2018-05-21

Now I want you to kiss this nipple and suck it just like this," I said, as I took his hand off my right tit and sucked on his finger, running my tongue all around the tip. "If you do real good at eating my pussy and sucking my clit, I might let you," I said, as I took his hand and lead him to my bedroom, knowing the whole time that I was going to fuck this young lad's brains out. He was leaning over me, and I took his hard cock in my hand and told him to come down until it touched my pussy lips, but not to put it in yet.

Worship: But Not The Planned One

first-time misterwho 2018-05-21

But when Srikant, an 18-year old from her neighborhood first brushed against Shobha aunty (mami) in that crowd he was guilty of allowing it to happen rather easily. The rest of the working out of the theory -- of she fucking the authority figure and reducing him to bubbling mass of flesh under her; of taming the young man and making him her sexual slave -- was done in her mind. Shobha mami looked up at him with radiant eyes and he could have kissed her right there, in the middle of the crowd. Srikant in his desperate lust shuffled forward so that his crotch pressed against Shobha mami's lower abdomen.

I Like it Black Gay

first-time 425olds 2018-05-21

He kissed me deeply over and over with his huge mouth and long tongue and pulled me close with his strong hands.  With strong but firm pressure he pulled my head down to his lap and told me to open my mouth. He grabbed my head and began to feverishly fuck my mouth pulling me even deeper onto his shaft. I slowly stood up and took off my pants and boxer briefs and told him I had never had a cock inside me.  Slowly and gradually his cock head pushed past my ring and began entering me. I leaned on his chest with my hands and began to fuck his cock over and over, faster each time.

A French Connection

first-time Norfolk Boy 2018-05-21

Peter stood, his napkin fell from his lap and took her small hand, afraid to shake it least it detach itself from her arm and said, "Bonjour, mammoiselle." She took a place opposite him and he held her gaze whilst he fumbled for his fallen napkin, but finally asked, "I've been here several times in the last few years, although only for odd days, but I have never met you before, Odette?" Peter, hoping he remembered his French etiquette correctly, took Marie's hand and kissed both her cheeks before turning to Odette. He had made a pot of coffee and was sat drinking it and watching the flames as they danced around the dry logs when there was a rap on the door - not an 'Oh hello, I was just passing' knock, but a 'for goodness sake let me in' knock.

The new Lady in the Woods.

first-time teddyboy10w 2018-05-21

She then asked me would I meet her again and I said, “Yes any time!” with that she encouraged me to fuck her harder and after I emptied my cum in her belly again, I pulled out and seeing her panties in her pocket of her coat took them wiped my cock on them and then I stuffed them In my own pocket as I dressed and she got up off the cushion dressed and then we kissed before she walked off along the lane to her home.

Feeling Strange

first-time blackpantha 2018-05-21

Two days went by without Sophie seeing Tom. She continued to feel more and more restless, her mind was all over the place and she couldn't concentrate for more than ten minutes at a time. Sophie stopped and looked at Tom. She breathed in and out a couple of times and thought about how she felt. I like looking at your chest, and your makes me feel nice." Sophie said all this in a rush and let out a giant breath of air as she finished. I feel all hot and tight...I think I'm getting wet between my legs," Sophie looked at Tom helplessly, she couldn't stop rubbing her nipples now even if she wanted to.

A New School Ch. 01

first-time Sexy_highschool 2018-05-21

Jake: 6 foot 1 , 18 years old , dusty brown hair , big brown eyes , olive skin , 185 pounds , a little bit muscular, but not over the top , extremely fucking adorable. As my staring went on, I noticed Jake's friends close by. Paul and Cameron were heading over and before I knew what was going on Jake pulled me close and kissed me hard on the lips. I reached 8 inches and swirled my tongue as I moved his dick in and out. "You taste really good." He said licking his lips. I blushed hard and managed out a "thank you" as he continued flicking my clit and swirling his tongue in my pussy.

My Sorority Slut Ch. 01

first-time spaldan 2018-05-21

Matt explained to Ben that he was known as a legacy, someone who was very likely to receive a bid to pledge the fraternity because his family had all been members. If Matt was going to have to pledge a fraternity, he wanted his friend Ben with him. Ben was shocked with how good the heat and wetness felt wrapped around his cock, and he nearly screamed the first time Maggie slithered her tongue against the underside of his shaft. Maggie's brown hair bobbed back and forth behind her, and her hand soon joined her mouth sliding up and down Ben's wet cock skin. One day Jim explained to the pledge class that the Betas had a sister sorority on campus, the Kappas.

Unforgettable Night

first-time summersnight 2018-05-21

I liked the feel of it, and it started to arouse me, but when she began to unbutton more of my shirt, I impulsively grabbed the front of it to keep it closed, not sure I wanted her to go any further with this ... She lifted her head, started kissing my neck, my throat, slowly moving down, kissing me all the way down to my breast and started suckling there again, pinching my other nipple. Raising my head finally, I lightly lay a kiss on her mouth, moved mine lower, placing hot, wet kisses along her neck, eliciting a shiver. Leaning forward, I inhaled her scent, placed tentative kisses on the lips of her wet cunt, working my way outward, licking at the creases where her thighs met her body.

My b*****r's secretary takes me hostage

first-time 2018-05-21

Don't be boring she shouts back and in one move unzips my pants and takes out my cock. A taxi with 4 girls in the back moves along and I hear her shout something in Thai. I hear the girls scream at the sight of my dick. We want big white cock I hear in broken English. One of the girls is leaning out of the taxi now, trying to reach for my cock. Joy speeds up the wanking and I feel my load shooting up. she comes down again and i feel the bl**d shooting up my dick. It's so big that its feels like sucking a little dick. She comes down hard and in seconds I have a massive orgasm, shooting load after load up her cunt.

Lez Fun (True Story)

first-time littlegeorgie000 2018-05-21

We went back into my bedroom, I got my Polaroid camera, and Laura sat on my bed, lifted her blouse and showed me her naked tits. Laura quickly pulled her clothes back on, I took the dildo and slipped it back into the night stand, along with the pictures and we both got to the living room and sat down as Debbie walked in. We talk awhile and smoke a few cigarettes and Laura bends over, pulls the front of my shorts out and plants her face in my crotch, sucking my small, soft cock into her mouth. The girls began to lick each others cunts and Laura pulled Tom over in front of her and helped him put his cock into my wife’s cunt.

Natural Male Enhancement

first-time dowd_elwood_p 2018-05-21

"Hi, Miss Bell," Claire said and looked back at me slyly, "We called you over because Timmy is not feeling well." No, I'll be okay." I watched Stephanie whisper something behind a cupped hand to Claire, who looked down at my growing problem. The ...," but Stephanie had already grabbed at the flaps of my fly, holding it open for Claire, who wrapped her thin fingers around my hard-on and pulled. My head was swimming as I thought about my cum being on Claire's fingers, and then I saw Miss Bell making her way back to our station. "You do look a little flushed." As she talked, Claire turned to me, grinning with an evil glint in her eye, and Stephanie leaned across the table at my waist, looking up at us attentively.

An Urban Myth is Revealed

first-time stevetruestories 2018-05-21

I took it from her, 'I see,' I replied sternly, 'you know I'm now going to tell Falguni how I caught you fucking the washing machine and that I found this,' I waved the 5 inch plastic phallus, 'under the settee.' Rachita looked aghast as she took the vibrator from me and placed it in her jacket pocket as a few moments later Falguni entered the room. Rachita took a deep breath and whispered, 'I'm only letting you because you'll tell Falguni about the washing machine...' I laughed as I replied, 'so you let me watch then I promise I won't tell Falguni about the washing machine, or that you let me feel your tits.'

Cheerleader in the Darkroom

first-time story_teller_948 2018-05-21

When I finally got the lights turned on, Stacy looked a little flushed, but she smiled at me and said, "It's OK, it was just an accident, right?" I wasn't feeling the fabric of her cheer sweater or even her bra, my hand was on Stacy Tiernan's naked breast! Guided by her heavy breathing and the soft moans escaping from her lips, I began to explore her upper body, first her breasts and nipples, then her sides and finally I put my hands on her back and pulled her close to me. I was reluctant to stop but she soon pulled my upright and said, "Kiss me." I had never kissed a girl before but that day, Stacy Tiernan the most beautiful girl at CNHS, topless and in total darkness gave me a graduate course in kissing.

My First Real Bisexual Experience

first-time stlpleaser 2018-05-21

I then went and weighed myself, headed back to the locker to fold and put away the clothes and then finally said time to hit the showers. I faced him and lathered up my a chest a little and lathered up my cock and balls playing with them some, letting him watch. He did so and was trying to slyly look but couldn't help it and finally took a good, long look and said - oh you are naked under there? Seeing his cock bounce up got me a lot harder right away, not fully erect but pretty close. It didn't seem like long before his balls were starting to life and he said he was going to cum.