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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Wife taken by Step Father-in -Law, Ch 3

first-time rushman1uk 2018-05-21

He started to masturbate looking directly at her tits still covered by the spunk stained dress. Karen shock her head and then looking directly at me she reached up to the clasp behind her neck that was holding the dress up and slowly undid it. I was looking at my wife covered in spunk sitting in a room fall of disgusting men starring at her exposed breast. As the old boy shot his load directly onto her tits hitting one nipple, I felt my cock explode and I also came. I tried to cover myself up, but the growing stain in my trousers was spotted by Ron. He laughed and said “Hey guys he likes watching us play with his wife.

Dawn's Case

first-time algeta39 2018-05-21

Gradually we started playing tennis together and sort of dating – pictures and so on – until about a year later David asked me, a little to my surprise, if I would mind if he were ask my father if we could marry. After a long time he moved again and I felt another painful motion inside as he slowly inched himself from me and then, much to my surprise (as I thought he had had his way with me and would now go or something) he started to again kiss me all over and gently wipe the moisture from around my vagina and apparently try and calm me right down.

Losing My V Card

first-time Brian6588 2018-05-20

Candy said, "Mmm that feels so good, the oil feels warm and relaxing." I knew I had to get out of there before I got hard again, so I quickly did her other leg. Candy was starring at into my eyes then said, "So Brian, I take it you are a virgin?" As she said this she slid her hand up my shorts and found my hard cock. Candy said, "Let's see if you can last a little longer this time." I slowly started to pump her pussy. Candy smiled at me and said, "I am ready, I think you need to learn another position." With that she got on all 4s and told me to take her from behind in doggy style.

Princess Betty

first-time Reefkeeper 2018-05-20

Betty couldn't imagine any way she'd want to watch another girl stripping but she was enjoying being the center of Norm, Paul and Lewis' attention so she went along. Betty couldn't help but start critiquing the girl: pretty enough face, too much make-up, early signs of the jowls she have in not too many years, Betty smiled as she thought "this girl had better look amazing naked because so far she doesn't have much going for her." The girl wore a pullover and as she crossed her arms and pulled her top over her head her nipples peeked out over the top of her pushup half-bra.

The Boatman

first-time MontgomeryBoater 2018-05-20

"Grab my balls with your other hand," I said, "and wank my cock as tight as you can." She moaned as she did this, turning her head to kiss me again, pushing her tongue deep into my mouth. I reached my arms around her thighs and pushed two fingers deep into her cunt, finding the rough surface of her g-spot and stroking it while slurping hard on her engorged clitoris - all the while enjoying her increasingly frantic stroking and sucking of my cock. Her firm pussy lips were pink and swollen, smothering my face and pressing her clitoris into my mouth, while she grabbed my hard cock and started to wank it firmly while sucking it rhythmically.

Curiosity Filled the Cat

first-time fotisampini 2018-05-20

His pants were around his ankles, his hand wrapped around his hard cock, the head glistening with pre-cum. "I could fuck this tight little pussy all day long!" He pulled out slowly before slamming back in, starting a rhythm: slow out, fast in. Squeeze that tight fucking pussy on me, sweetheart!" He left off the rhythm and started slamming into her pussy hard and fast, over and over, burying his cock in her wet slit, her juices starting to drip down his balls onto the desk. She wrapped her hands around the bottom of her breasts, cupping and presenting them to her stepfather, her fingers automatically pinching and twisting her nipples as she looked up into his face, licking her lips.


first-time Ijhel 2018-05-20

I thought of George and Mum, and the casual way he had moved his hand whilst she stared at the balloons. I stood up and stared out of the kitchen window which, like the landing above, faced George and Rose’s property. For a second I almost blurted out the whole story of Mum and her book and the money and the phallus, but instead I opened the door wider and with a smile she stepped inside. I shuddered and came in complete silence watching with half closed eyes as George pumped his cock in and out of Mum’s mouth with slow strong movements. “What next do you think Rose?” George suddenly said and I felt a shock course through me when Rose’s voice replied.

Gina´s Gyno Club - part four

first-time petdyke 2018-05-20

Gina and Leslie are lovers. Gina looked forward to a long hot Summer together in all privacy. However, first day of Summer holiday, Connie - the skinny teen s****r of Leslie - came for a long stay. Gina thought: didn´t Leslie tell ř minutes to cool off" tying us up?" ... Both smelled the pancakes and suddenly felt how hungry they got from all that long hot love. Gina got lost in thoughts. Half lost in dreams, she tried to estimate how often Gina had restored her energy with warm pancakes after a weekend lost in long love. With the cheese and bacon pancakes gone, Gina smelled that the long latte would arrive next under their noses. Gina raised her eye-brows an inch and tall skinny Connie by two.

First meeting with Dom sissy mistress

first-time Shelleyisasissy 2018-05-20

When Miss Jamie emailed me that our meeting was a go and to be at the shopping center by 12 o'clock, my heart was pounding, and all the more sitting on my plug in the parking lot with the minutes ticking down to noon and finally seeing her car pull up next to mine. She stood in front of me, her crotch at my eye level, lifted her dress, took the dildo from my mouth and said, "Kiss my clitty." Her sissy cock was visible through sheer white panties and the smell of her filled my senses as I obeyed. Miss Jamie received my attention for a few more minutes and then stood me up, pulled my panties to the side and led me by my erect sissy clitty to the bedroom.


first-time Ooshnafloot 2018-05-20

Sally couldn't look Greg in the eye, she could only watch as his hand slowly moved on to the next one. Sally looked down toward her breasts, then realised that Greg's towel had come away. Greg's right hand was away from her breast and onto her backside, pushing one leg up onto the table. I hardly knew you before today, I've never had sex of any kind, my entire body is naked, you're naked, my legs are spread, my breasts are covered in love-bites that everyone will see at swimming tomorrow, my hand is wrapped around your penis, you have two fingers in my vagina, during the day, in your billiard room in full view of the yard.

The Demands Ch. 01

first-time derek33 2018-05-20

It was at this very first one that I saw and then played with Richard's hard-on, and right then and there I fell in love with dicks (especially his!) I really didn't think about how much trouble that "love" would lead to; but God, I thought that cock of his was just so big and beautiful! Heyyy!" Richard yelped, and it was then that I realized I was squeezing his cock too hard; we were watching the other couple much too intently for his dick's own good! I pulled his face closer and started sucking at his lips and tongue and in no time I got him going again.

Hero's Gynecologist

first-time BriarReiAmor 2018-05-20

For example, even though Miss Healer wasn't a gynecologist, she was expected to handle sex related matters which include birth control. Elizabeth watched helplessly as Legend apologized for not visiting while Miss Healer ranted about the importance of seeing her. All hero doctors are required to be handle things like birth control, but I'm not licensed to perform any exams." Miss Healer had whipped her head away from the clipboard so fast that she thought that she would break her neck. "So you wanted to be a doctor for heroes?" When she nodded, Miss Healer sighed. "Miss Healer forward me most of the information so I just need to go over a few things, perform the exam, and we're done."


The Young Amish Angel Ch. 01

first-time SecretlyCurious 2018-05-20

I imagine her holding my hard throbbing cock in her trembling hand, slowly parting lips as she starts to wrap them around... I spread the aching pleasure through out her small young body, making her tilt her head back and moaning loudly against my mouth. Would you like to see my hard cock sweetheart?" She nods and I smile saying, "Unbutton my pants and slowly lower the zipper." She looks at me with unsure eyes and kiss her slowly, allowing her to taste her own juices from my tongue. She screams around the wad of cloth in her mouth, body moving in waves like a whip as I suck and lap at the spasming cunt flooding my face with deliciously fragrant liquid.

My Aunt

first-time RyanYNWA 2018-05-20

So I sat downstairs and after a while started to hear faint moans and groans as I opened the living room door and walked halfway up the stairs the groans got louder and it was like someone was jumping on the bed. Then I felt me legs go and my stomach feel a bit weird and boom i shouted in relief as I just had cummed like a horse inside of her "you dirty boy you have done your aunt proud" I got out of her and saw the cum drop out of her well worn pussy "let me show you something" she started to suck my dick and sucked up all the cum this felt amazing she then got up and told me to clean myself and go as I walked out she said "not a word".

My Dream Man

first-time RedVixon 2018-05-20

I hiked my leg up further and he put a finger inside of me and then two and he was fucking my pussy fiercely and kissing me harder and I was about to cum on his hands. His lips were sucking on my pussy and then his fingers opened my lips up and as his mouth grabbed my clit his fingers went inside of me, stroking me. His mouth found my pussy and he just looked at it, caressed my lips with his fingers, taking his time. His fingers entered me, one then two and he instantly moved inside of me with an extreme intensity, my hips bucked and I screamed with exctasy as he fucked my pussy with his hand.


First time I came in her mouth.

first-time clandy 2018-05-20

We started out as usual, me fingering her, sucking her nipples and her rubbing and squeezing my cock. I replied "no, I loved it." She asked "do you want me to do it some more?" I said "do it a lot more." She began kissing me starting at my mouth and working down my chest. I fought against it as hard as I could because first, I wanted this feeling to last as long as possible and second, I didn't know if I should cum in her mouth. I asked her if she was ok and she said she hadn't thought about getting cum in her mouth.

A Good Movie

first-time raspera 2018-05-20

He turned and looked her way catching her gaze, blue eyes pausing briefly, and then a friendly smile, "Hello, I'm Pat." Although there was a room of friendly people and a supposedly good movie playing Tina could not stop thinking about the man next to her. Tina felt Pat's hand lift off her thigh and slide behind the small of her back and lock onto her far side. Pat looked down at her, smiled and whispered "Sorry its a little crowded, do you mind?" Suddenly Pat let out a "Oh Fuck" and as he pulled his hand out of her pants and started to stand up a drink already in motion hit their laps and burst.

Кака да те отрака

first-time x1dra7a 2018-05-20

Сигурно съм седял около 5 минути като замаян, след което ругаейки се наум тръгнах обратно към компанията. Езикът ми се движеше бавно по цепката, плъзваше се леко навътре с всяко следващо движение, преди да се спре трептящ на клитора, след което се плъзваше отново и проникваше все повече… и повече. Тя извика силно, лявата й ръка ме беше сграбчила за тила, притискайки ме към себе си, докато с дясната мачкаше гърдите си. Наведох се напред и я сграбчих с двете си ръце за гърдите, след което я заблъсках с всичка сила и изригнах като бесен в нея. За няколко секунди останах неподвижен, притискайки се към нея, след което тя ме отблъсна бързо, обръщайки се с недоволно изражение.


American In Paris Ch. 02

first-time asterix8888 2018-05-20

At dinner Sophie asked about my day, and I told her what a wonderful time I had with Lilly. I ask how long Lilly will be gone and Sophie said probably the whole night. When she is finally rested up from her orgasm, she tells me that if I had continued with my finger being lubed up on her ass she would not have needed to use this and proceeds to show me the bottle of KY that she brought with her. The gentleman doing the shoot then asked her to put on a sleeveless dress; Lilly pointed out she did not have the right type of bra, and the guy told her not to worry she would be fine.

You Want My Ass..?

first-time adel5000 2018-05-20

“Where the fuck are you going dressed like that?!” My older b*****r asked me. I liked to lean on him, his broad chest made me feel small and hands caress my body, and brought me closer to him; I could feel his heart beat urge to vomit, I can feel him pulsate inside my mouth, and I know he’s close… left hand he holds the bullet in place, and guides his right index fingers inside me. He pulls out of my sloppy pussy, and rubs his head against my ass. look at him, he asks me again if I’m okay, and again I lie, I want to make him feel good. My head slides back and I see a couple walking by the water, holding

Blinded Ch. 01

first-time NightEagle_real 2018-05-20

My uncertainty and nervousness popped like an overfilled balloon and I began to roam her body with my hands, it was hard to tell her build but she was a little shorter than me and certainly wasn't fat. One of her arms wrapped around the back of my neck and her head was beside mine, I could hear and feel her breath becoming more ragged as her body began to quiver. I couldn't cum inside of her, particularly without a condom, and I did not want to pull out yet, it just felt so good. We remained in that position for a long time, her head resting under my chin, our bodies intertwined, my cock slowly shrinking inside of her until it fell out on its own.

The new sub and her husband

first-time davedom 2018-05-20

Ted said yes right away and Sally agreed I offered that my place was about three blocks from the coffee shop if they wanted to go that way. They got into the kissing and told them to stop telling Sally to say good-bye to her husband that she was going to be my bitch and he would be watching. I stood up and bent Sally over my favorite chair and told Ted to watch as I fucked his little cute wife. In a few minutes Ted pulled out of the ass and I told Sally to sit on the floor with her mouth open and then motioned for Ted to cum all over this cute willing sub.

The Therapist

first-time petitmort 2018-05-20

When Anthony arrived home shortly after midnight, he didn't know what was more frustrating – the way his date with Angela had gone or the fact that his parents were still "entertaining." The last thing he wanted after fighting with Angela was to have to make pleasantries with his parents and their well-heeled friends. "You know, Anthony, there's a wide range of normal when it comes to size. Anthony reached down with his right hand and held his penis and started to stroke it. She took each hand and slowly started to massage the nipples, letting them slide between her fingers. You saw the way I took your fully erect penis into my mouth and swallowed it.

Every man's fantasy

first-time esclaro 2018-05-20

My wife had never seen me with another woman and here I was with my cock firmly wedged up Megan's cunt right in front of her! I want to see you come in her." I was still excited from Megan's orgasm and for the first time I thought that maybe I could fulfill Estelle's wish. I started to thrust up into Megan's pussy and I could feel Estelle's hand there as she reached around to hold the base of my cock and my aching balls. Each time my glistening cock came partly out of Megan's cunt, Estelle caressed it gently as she encircled my boner with her fingers.