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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Her New Bra

first-time evil_in_the_flesh 2018-05-20

"Yes. I'm Kimberly O' Brien and I'm looking to get my bust re-measured and to buy some new bras," Kimberly said. The measuring tape dropped and Preston's hands cupped the enormous bottoms of Kimberly's bare breasts. I've never fucked a big-tittied virgin before," whispered Preston as he squeezed giant handfuls of Kimberly's new 38F cups. "I'll gladly be the first," whispered Preston as he rubbed his hard cock against Kim's ass. "Sweet Jesus!" moaned Preston as he cupped one giant tit in both hands and licked on Kimberly's fat nipple. Preston kept his mouth full of Kim's tits while pulling her jeans down to her ankles. After Preston finished eating Kim's cunt, he crawled up beside Kimberly's head an slapped his cock across her face.

Master's Double Subbing Part 7

first-time 2018-05-20

She did not speak at first but once she stopped and stood at the end of the bed, she looked at Master and told him, “Oh I am going to have fun with Your little slut tonight Sir.” The slave was surprised by the lady calling Master, Sir. The slave closed its eyes as the the lady’s lips slowly started making their way down its body till it found the slave’s very hard erect nipples. Then the slave felt the lady’s mouth move further down and could feel the lady start to pull the slave’s thongs down. The slave just felt its legs open as the lady’s tongue moved closer to the slave’s clit.

My New Found Obsession with Cock.

first-time tonibbw 2018-05-20

As in the start of this story I go into his room and see his cock, he is totally naked and in a deep sl**p, I find myself going back to his room a few times just to have a look at his cock, like I said he is not good looking, ugly even but his cock is so different to the rest of him, it is beautiful, so clean and smooth, I would stay there all day looking at his cock if I could, but all good things come to an end I suppose.

My Hot Colleague

first-time rocky1072 2018-05-20

She took my hand and said if i can stay few more hours as she still feels not ok. I started kissing her like mad. She went down and kissed my penis, it got tight and erected. She started blowjohb and i feel like heaven. After some fun she said she really need a hard fuck. She made a doggy position and i started fucking her like hell......Oh my God, what a Christmas gift i got. I started fucking her hard for 3 minutes and suddenly i cummed on her ass. Then she started sucking my cock again which makes it harder and more tight in next 5 minutes. Yes now i am fucking her hard and she is happy like someone got a heaven.

The Hardest Kind To Be Ch. 03

first-time Joe Wordsworth 2018-05-20

"You look great, you're drawing attention away from your incredibly hot, non-lesbian date--which is an accomplishment, Ginnie my dear, because I've got these puppies up so far I can hardly breathe." Tina thumbed towards her chest--her almost too-perfect-to-be-real breasts pushed into dramatic cleavage with the black bra faintly visible through her one-size-too-small white blouse. Ginnie couldn't tell one song from another with so many different stereos going on at once, but it hardly mattered as Tina made a beeline for the next room where people were dancing (and awfully... Ginnie got up from the couch and went to the doorway as she saw Tina casually walk up to the nearest guy standing by the dancefloor.

Always hard: the beginning / Chapter 3

first-time vicvitale 2018-05-20

That’s probably why Vic didn’t hesitate in going into his room and locking the door before lying down on his bed with the pictures of Mrs. Doyle in her sexy two-piece suit and a sock wrapped firmly around his big hard cock. The fact is, the sexy Mrs. Rooney was definitely there and Vic wanted to tell his best friend what he was thinking about when he looked at Eddie’s real nice mother. On this one particular day at the beach, all Vic was wearing was a bathing suit that did little to hide what he got from gawking at the prize goodies of Lennie’s two good-looking cousins.

Cheerleader Chronicle Ch. 03

first-time tk5555 2018-05-20

Nancy leaned forward so her breasts brushed against Rick's throbbing cock. Nancy gently pressed her lips against the head of Rick's cock. Nancy leaned over him and dragged the riding crop down the middle of his body, stopping when it rested against the tip of his half hard cock. Nancy slowed her pace, and after each stroke she dragged the flogger all the way down Rick's body until the leather was tangled around his throbbing erection. Nancy leaned forward, and the cool evening air rushed over Rick's penis, sending a chill up his spine. Nancy began to ride up and down on his swollen cock, pressing her tits against the inflamed skin on his chest.

My First Black Cock

first-time LustyLyn 2018-05-20

This little routine went so for a few months once a week or so and as the time passed I found myself fantasizing about him and on steak house night I would dress a little more provocatively short skirts with black stockings sometimes bra-less with an extra button undone just the usual flirty things to get a man's attention and boy did it work with him. The shots were flowing and the bar was very crowded I felt hands on my legs, and ass I think they were both coping feels so I coped a couple myself as I would rub my arm or leg into the black men every time I would get up to go to the restroom, the last time I left my panties in my bag.

Tales of Travelling and Trolling: The 7/11 Teens P

first-time 2018-05-20

She moved herself down next to her friend and now both were between my legs with Dana's two hands stroking my cock. "Mmmm, ladies this feels fine." I said as I looked down at the two of them there, between my legs, playing with my cock and balls. I was lost in the pleasure of the feeling when Dana said, "You want to try his cock, Kat?" I though Dana was going to start massaging my balls, but she moved her head and positioned herself so it was her mouth, not her hands, that was close to my balls. I leaned back and let Dana work on my balls while Kat stroked my cock with her hands.

Saturday Morning

first-time hunglo567 2018-05-20

"Uh, yeah I guess so", is what came out of my mouth, the voice in my head was saying, "Oh fuck yeah, I'll massage that sweet little pussy too!" I knew that wasn't going to happen but still the scene played out in my imagination right up until I felt her leg settle down across my lap. With what I hoped was a resigned look to Sarah I squirted some oil from Tammy's belly button up to her breast bone and started to work it into her silky smooth skin. Sarah leaned down and kissed her on the mouth and began rubbing her hands over Tammy's nipples as I gently fucked her.

Teaching Tara: Part IV – Sucking cock

first-time jessiikt 2018-05-20

If you want you can rest your mouth, but use your hand like this” He said wrapping my fingers around his cock. Most men like women who lick and swallow cum, but since this is your first time, I’m going to let you just rub it all over my cock. “That’s it Tara, you are learning fast, now look up at me.” I looked up to see him holding his phone and snap a picture of me with my mouth wrapped around his cock. “It’s time to go faster Tara, really suck.” He held my head and pumped his cock in and out of my mouth. I must have smiled because he said snapping another photo “That’s it Tara, that smile tells me you like having cum on your tits.”

The night of my LIFE!

first-time DrLoveMonkey 2018-05-20

She walked inside my room, I look up with a scowl on my face because I front that I really don't like her yet I day dream about her breast ever since she got them."What do you want?!" I say removeing my Skull Candy ear phones."Where is your s****r?", she ask acustom to my brut remarks."uhh I don't know leave me alone and close my door behind you!" I say turning back faceing the computer replaceing my head phones without waiting for her to reply. Rather satisfied with what I done, I jump up and walk out the room and continue to watch porn on my computer. I slowly started to pull her shirt lower and lower till I finally saw the aureole.

The Making Of f****y Slut – Part 4

first-time 2018-05-20

I like you so much now, and of course you wont make me mad about anything”, biting my lip, I asked him, “Do you still want to fuck me?” Rahul let out a small laugh and said, “If the tent in my pants is any indication” he said pointing to his crotch, “the answer is a big hard yes, sweta”. I put a hand on his croch over the tent his cock was making, and leaned to his face, kissed him on his lips and said, “Well, then, I want you to take me to your house and I want you to fuck me senseless”. I opened my eyes to see that Rahul was laying over my body and it was his condom clad cock already hard that was rubbing over my pussy.

My first BBW

first-time blkinematographer 2018-05-20

I just wanted to make a distinction because this is the story of the first time I was with an actual BBW and I see too many videos on here where a woman is like 135 and labeled as such. I'm sure you didn't click on this to read about her psychological profile, so I will just leave this part of the story at, we talked a lot and she got flirty now and then but in a friendly way that seemed to be without actual intentions. The lightbulb kind of went off and the next thing my dick was starting to feel mighty cramped in my pants as I imagined what it would be like to handle that much woman.

When I met my wife

first-time DrunkenOhioWife 2018-05-19

Later that night when I fucked my girlfriend I was thinking of my future wife and I fucked my girlfriend hard that night and I didn't pull out as usual would since she wasn't on birth control but instead I exploded inside her, luckily she was d***k so she actually loved it so the rest of the night I came i her. Needless to say I took her back to my place and fucked like crazy and she even asked if I fucked my girlfriend earlier that day in the same bed, I said yes. I kept up this girlfriend and mistress think for at least 6 months with my wife knowing I was fucking them both and many times both in the salt day, one in the morning and one at night

Truth or dare?:))

first-time dianneforbes16 2018-05-19

I said "no Derek cum inside me" so as he thrust his cock inside my virgin tight little pussy he then heard me scream so he went more gentle while kissing me.. I got a text from lassie saying " guessing u haven't hook up with Derek eh?" Derek saw the text of lassy he got mad and said "you girls had a bet about me?" he was kinda mad so what i did was I talked to him and suck his cock.

First time - "Stud's"

first-time dirtyjenna 2018-05-19

Then he fucked me with it and whilst his hand was at the back of my neck he kissed me I kept rubbing and moving my hips in a sexual and seductive way keeping a hard stare at him I was so horny with him and I needed him to cum so bad I was grinding now and I could use my actions to get his dick hitting my spot I was moaning so loud the on lookers almost cheered me on, remarks were made “that sissy is a fuck toy”, “a true bitch”, “our new cum dump dogging member” “look at her go” all of those comments added to the heat of that moment, the windows steaming up in the 4x4,and even with this suspension the car was rocking.


First Threesome (Round2)

first-time stevesthe1 2018-05-19

Saddened,i talked it over with Tom who said he would call round "just by chance" later on whilst i was still at work to try to calm her. She said that Tom had called in and after a long chat she had got her head around the idea that couples could have recreational sex that involved other people and lovemaking that was just for themselves. What she hadnt told me was how they had snogged and fumbled with each other,ending with him making her cum with his fingers and her wanking his cock until he had cum all over her hands. Tom wasted no time and after quickly removing her panties he spread her legs and shoved his still hard cock straight up inside her.

This doesn't make me gay right? Part 2

first-time DerbyNympho 2018-05-19

John looked and me as he rubbed his cock and suggested that I put it in my mouth, I didn't need asking twice I was d***k, horny and inhibitions were gone. I felt Rob grab both hips and push his was into the crack of my arse through my boxers. While that was happening I kept sucking John's cock he was rock hard. I felt the pressure and pain as he grabbed my hips tight and pushed his rock hard cock into my arse. He soon found his rhythm as he made love to my mouth in time with Rob's slow then quicker thrusts into my virgin arse hole.

Ms. Puckett’s Very Private School: Cindy

first-time Collectable 2018-05-19

"I'd like that, too, Darling." And she leaned back in his arms when he moved his hand to the top button on her blouse. "And most girls love it when their men kiss and suck and lick and bite and pinch their titties." She was almost lost in her excitement when she remembered her role. This time he delighted her without any instructions, squeezing her other breast...licking and sucking and biting and twisting and wringing sobs of pleasure from her as he covered almost every inch of her beautiful chest with his lips and tongue and cheeks and fingers. "God, Cindy, I'm about to come." He might have pulled her head away, but she circled his thighs with her arms and kept her mouth firmly on his cock.

Losing My Virginity

first-time desicock6 2018-05-19

I noticed that Adrian was looking at Heidi and from the motions of his hand underwater, I could tell that he was stoking his cock. I pulled myself out of the pool, giving Adrian and Heidi a full view of my asshole, balls and cock. Adrian stood over her, one leg on each side and had his cock inside Heidi's mouth. Now, not only had I lost my virginity to Heidi, but had my virginity taken by my best friend Adrian who was pumping my man-pussy rather roughly. Adrian pulled out of my man-pussy and knelt next to Heidi's boobs. I pulled my cock out of Heidi's mouth, stroked it a few times and let my cum fly.

Brace Yourself

first-time juanwildone 2018-05-19

Diane realized that Matt's cock must have been pointed down his leg when it was limp. Looking up she saw matt’s glazed eyes staring back at her, a mouth slightly open and breath softly panting. Diane was staring straight up the leg of Matt's boxer shorts. From Matt's two blue eyes Diane was now staring directly into his one-eyed monster. Diane's hand slid calmly into Matt's boxers and grasped the hard shaft of his cock. Diane's t-shirt was powerless to resist and Matt's hand was filled with the soft warm flesh of her breast. As the kiss ended and the embrace was released Diane stepped back and looked at Matt. See you later Matt." Diane turned and walked out of the room.

How I lost my virginity to my girlfriend

first-time sidhorny22 2018-05-19

She collected all of it and swallowed it while I started licking on her nipples making her moan and then I lay her on the bed and took out her panties to reveal her virgin pussy. I was quite happy to see that my girlfriend was a squirter and started licking her pussy pleasuring her further. Then I placed my huge sex organ near her pussy lips and started inserting it slowly into her vagina. Then I started banging her pussy taking 8 inches of my penis out and plowing them back inside so hard making her head jerk forwards. I too was nearing an orgasm and I took out my penis from her pussy and started jerking it hard.

Dr. Dorhring

first-time fotisampini 2018-05-19

As she leaned on the desk absorbed in the album's contents, I lifted her dress up over her hips and pulled her thin, white panties down exposing her lovely ass; then unceremoniously pushed my hard dick deep into her. I stroked into her long and deep as I rubbed her clit making it hard and swollen and grinned to myself when she began raising and lowering her hips, on some level trying desperately to meet my thrusts, until finally, mercifully . Inserting my fingers into her pussy, I withdrew them covered in her wetness and started teasing her asshole as I leaned over and quietly whispered, "I want to feel myself inside your tight, warm ass Samantha .