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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Favour for a Friend

first-time ck3891 2018-05-19

I came down to visit several times a year, and Natalie would, once in a while, come my way. Natalie got along, day to day, quite well, with a handful of friends she'd occasionally call on to help with something specific. And at this point, I need it to be someone who likes me, knows me, isn't going to be weird about my legs, or how I look, and can help me. I wanted to balance two things: going slowly enough that Natalie was comfortable, and felt in control, but not taking too long about it, in case we lost the moment. "My lack of practice is going to show here, Matt," Natalie murmured in my ear, "I want to get into your trousers, but I'm not sure how."

Aliandre's Story Ch. 01

first-time aliandre 2018-05-19

You make me so hot Nathan, I fantasize about you every time I play with my pussy, imagining that it's your fingers touching me, or your cock fucking me and making me cum." Do you want to lick and suck Nathan's big hard cock, little Ali?" he asked softly. With one hand fondling his big balls, I sucked and licked him for a few minutes, until he lifted my head away from his cock and said, "Better stop that for a minute or I'll cum in your mouth, sweetheart. Nathan kept a hard grip on his cock as I played with his balls, rolling them gently in my hands, and sucking them into my mouth one at a time.

Shanti - A Vixen Adulterous Ch. 06

first-time shanti2010 2018-05-19

Madhavi swallowed my cock until the head pressed against the upper reaches of her throat and her bright red lips were curved around the shaft halfway down. She put her arms around my waist and began gripping my ass, tightly squeezing my cheeks and pulling my body forward to meet every mouth-thrust she gave me. I started pounding my hips forward, thrusting into Madhavi's open mouth as she clamped her lips down tightly on my shaft. When I was naked, Madhavi looked at me approvingly and lay on top of me, spreading her legs and pressing her panty-clad cunt against my cock.

my first time part 3

first-time longnthick2001 2018-05-19

i gave no response, then i felt him pull the blanket away uncovering my breasts, my heart was about to jump through my chest, pete touched me very gently cupping my boobs, then his hand found its way down to my wet cunt, and he played with my big clit, i pretended to be asl**p but i opened my legs wider and i moaned quietly, pete gently kissed my open mouth and whispered " im going up stairs everyone is asl**p nobody will know" then he stood up and went upstairs, i still pretended to be asl**p, but 5 minuets later i got up and followed.

Educating my innocent cousin

first-time thegreatone123 2018-05-19

Finally, after more than an hour of talking, Sylvia said, "Do you think anyone would believe that me and my girlfriends are going to go through high school just giving hand jobs and letting guys touch our boobs? I started to think...of seeing Sylvia's breasts and nipples when we set the table a couple of years ago...of her in her blue panties last summer...and now of our conversation about sex and how she had hardly done anything and was so prudish and inexperienced, but was also so curious.... "How big are her nipples and what do they look like when they are hard?" "Does she have a big bush?" I tried not to think about these things, but I couldn't help it after our talk and what I now knew about Sylvia.

Friendship Gone Wild

first-time 2018-05-19

Whenever we were hanging around in his pool and having fun by touching each other, I realised that I wanted him to touch my naked body. However, I thought that he just saw me as a friend, because he never tried to go further.I realised that my pussy started to go crazy in his presence. He sat back up and said "I've been waitinf for this so long." He started running his hand up and down my leg while I was still trying to realise the fact that he had just kissed me. I told him that I wanted him so badly and he kissed me again and this time I gave into it.

I was 30, she was 44 !!!

first-time y107 2018-05-19

After a while, my s****rs friends mother ask if I would like to come over as well and I said sure, so she suggested that I get a ride with her s****r that was at the party, she was getting ready to exit and could see I was more then ready as well. After some casual conversation she went to bath, when she was done she came out in her bath-robe, and said the bathroom was all mine if I would like to shower. I said nope, and with that she lowered my shorts and took my cock in her hands and bagan to stoke it.

iStartLife, chapter 1

first-time bobcox69 2018-05-19

She, nor anyone else, would have ever dreamed that Sam Puckett and Freddie Benson would be dating. She remembered how much Carly had freaked out when she first learned about that time when she and Freddie kissed out on the balcony. 20 minutes later Freddie walked into the dorm room that Sam and Carly shared with one hand behind his back. There was that one out on the balcony all those years ago, and there were a couple of kisses when they first started "dating" right before they, along with the clueless about their relationship Carly, came down here to start college at The University of Southern California. Sam was glad that Carly had an earlier class this morning because she would probably have told her about Freddie right then and there.

Taking Her Virginity

first-time ravi979959 2018-05-19

Then I kissed her again on her lips and sat on the bed while she still lied and I pulled off my shirt and we started kissing again as she was sitting in my lap facing me and her tongue played mine and I was like in heaven and my hand's moving on her breasts and pressing them slightly and then I took off her t-shirt breaking the kiss for a movement and then she unhooked the bra as she could not wait for more and was pressing her own boobs very hard rubbing her tight and erect nipples vigorously and she wanted me to hold them.


first-time sirhugs 2018-05-19

Barry, and every other guy in the crowd, played little attention to what Lola had to say, mostly focussing on how he chest jiggled as she giggled at canned scripted lines like "I'm glad to be here with all my friends at WGC, because the animals are our friends." Even from the middle of the crowd, Barry could see Rex's insincerity displayed in the form of a dramatic winking leer, and that Lola's professional mask slipped just for a moment to prove that even masses of plastic surgery did not prevent a disgusted frown when one was called for. Barry noticed that the director also looked disgusted, and grinned, thinking that perhaps Rex might get his comeuppance.

Graduation Ch. 01

first-time member9458 2018-05-19

It wouldn't be the end of the world for the guys in her class to know that she had big boobs, but it wasn't the way Penny liked to present herself -- especially on her first day. She certainly called on him more often than she otherwise might have -- and she may or may not have added the orange dress that got her noticed into the permanent rotation -- but despite Caleb turning out to be a bright, funny, positive voice in the classroom, each of his answers chipped away at his beefcake mystique and helped Penny see him more as the student she was responsible for.

Intimate Inquiry #1: First Feelings

first-time petdyke 2018-05-19

This INTIMATE INQUIRY interrogates into the first feelings and erotic experiences of female friends It will be the first of a few further intimate investigations into the development of dreams in real love life I remember one answer in particular from an earlier Sexual Survey I conducted into my friends' love life I enjoyed a prolonged private exchange of erotic intimate information with a woman in a submissive sex-life 8: First Feeling of Falling in Love and Longing for Lust: Fourthly, feel free to add some more information about your love life or number of partners (M/F) in sexy actions Feel free to see my many series of short sexy stories, some sex surveys - also at my account Poet-PETER!

Forced Enjoyment

first-time Lesbian101 2018-05-19

Carrie was out of breath, so Katy stepped back and pulled off her black top, revealing her braless breasts. She then moved her mouth to Carrie's breast and began to nibble on it, going faster and faster on her cunt. Katy reached into her shorts and pulled out an expensive phone, taking pictures of Carries cunt, breasts, and entire body. She kissed the back of Carries naked body and moved her fingers underneath, pushing them in and out. Rachel then pulled her hand out as Carrie let her cum go all over the floor. As Carrie lay down, Rachel pulled pushed her fingers into her cunt and pushed hard.

Mom was her first

first-time wsgy411 2018-05-19

We got out of the shower, by this time we had finished my pussy was soaked and wet, we sucking on my clit then, running her tongue up and down my inner pussy lips! “Oh, God, suck my clit, feels so good, stick your tongue in my wet pussy, that‘s it right really loved that, she teasingly put the tip of the vibrator inside my wet pussy then quickly My body was thrusting with hard and heavy rhythm of the vibrator, I started tease her with my tongue; I started from kissing her breasts gently, sucking on her kissing her pussy, moving my hands up to her breasts and pinching them hard, twisting

Jiv – My Official Pussylicker

first-time 2018-05-19

He hopped down from his bike and said he won’t leave without me in this condition and would drop me in his bike or would wait till bus arrives as people around me are not good. The caring voice of athletic Jiv, those hungry eyes of men around ogling at me, my wet body and the rain made a tickle under my panty. I grabbed his palm moved it inside my t-shirt and pulling my t-shirt bit upward left his hands to explore my soft boobs. Counting with licking and biting he started squeezing my ass cheek and squashing my boobs from sides with his right hand. I positioned our body in 69 and placed my pussy near his mouth to lick and with my hand I caressing his tool removing his shorts.

I sucked my first cock.

first-time prince_12 2018-05-19

Since the garage needed to be cleaned out I decided that this would be a good time. I put on my favorite pink boy cut panties along with baggy shorts and a too large tee shirt. A really nice ass that I have been looking at every time I get a chance. I did not think about the panties that I had on or that he would be looking up my shorts. I looked up and saw what I had been fantasizing for quite a while. I went up to him and started to pull down his shorts. As I pulled his shorts down I was very happy with what I saw. He started to push back on my finger.

Kicker Gets More Than The Game Ball

first-time DanielB3579 2018-05-19

Her eyes were closed and her hands were on her breasts as she slowly rode up and down on my cock. Angela guided me into a 69 and slowly sucked my cock as I ate pussy for the first time. I was pounding her hard, trying to think of anything but how good her pussy felt wrapped around my cock. Angela's eyes closed tight as I felt her pussy tighten on my cock, her orgasm was too much for me and I followed her into ecstasy. She started to wash my cock and needless to say it grew very hard in her hand. I slowly stroked in and out, hands holding Angela by the hips and pulling her to me as much as I pushed my cock into her.

Hands To Yourself

first-time 2018-05-19

He says “That’s gonna be hard to keep my hands to myself but if I touch her then the dance is over.” She replies “So you think you can handle it?” He is pretty sure of his self control and he is aching to see this girl without her shorts on, to see if that sweet pussy is everything he imagined. She asks if he likes a shaved pussy and he says “Oh god yes!” She says “You are being such a good man, keeping your hands to yourself, you haven’t even tried to touch me once.” He feels a little guilty for slipping and coming so close but it’s not worth it to end this show early.

[True Story] My friends Mom.

first-time Force36 2018-05-19

I probably should give you a brief run down of what she looked like, shes a brunette but dyed her hair dark red at the time (my best description) she was about 38 years old, blue eyes, of slight build with nice curves and of fair height. Now, I wasn’t sure if she was doing this on purpose since she didn’t give me any hints or eye contact, but it felt like she positioned herself in the best spot for me to take full advantage whilst looking like she was going about her business and I just happened to be there at the right time and place. She jumped up and headed to the bathroom, I scrambled for my clothes and managed to make it to the living room in time and hide my now deflating shaft, thankfully they didnt suspect a thing.

first-time jaiamor 2018-05-19

I looked around for any place i could spend some time till the rain stopped.Luckily there was a theatre just on the next lane, so i ran towards it, bought a ticket and went inside. i kept sucking the strangers dick., rubbing his balls, and even licking them one by one.I kept spitting on it and licking it and sucking it till my mouth hurt.It was my first time after all. I looked at him, didnt know what to say.I had just sucked a strangers cock, in a public place and it was also my first time.


first-time harshigggg 2018-05-19

We bought mobile phones with the advance manager gave and then after 10 days all three of us got moved to different places as bed side assistants. One fine day when I slept down, Uday asked me to sl**p on his bed along his side as it was so cold on floor. Daily, he eats on his own as his hands were very well working but that day he asked me to put food in his mouth. I am sure he got the proceeding and immediately said – “Why shouldn’t I ask you anything more? he asked me to wear those dresses when I am in front of him for next 2 months.

Church Lady: Sunday School Surprise

first-time 1sickbastard 2018-05-19

Like I said, she was every bit as attractive as Cherry; long brown hair, full lips on a mouth quick to smile, cute nose, freckles, though neither Cherry or her younger sisters had nearly as many of those. Anyways, when I would masturbate at night, or in the morning, or in the shower, or when I could (come on, I was a teenage boy in high school with raging hormones and would jack off at every opportunity), I would often fantasize about Cherry, but at times Mrs. Taylor would appear in my imagination, with her hourglass figure, ample breasts and the hints of cleavage I'd been able to sneak looks at every once in a while.

Max Directs His Revenge

first-time henryo 2018-05-19

Julie's fake smile faded as Max began setting up his camera. Max suddenly recalled back during his freshman year how Julie stood by and laughed at him as a group of senior boys took his pants off and tossed them over a limb of a tree behind the school. As Julie began to work her skirt down over her hips Max could see that her silky white bikini panties matched her bra. Max's eyes almost popped out of his head as he watched his cum land on Julie's sexy face. He also began to think about auditions and how Olivia would react to the possibility of Julie beating her out for the role.

The Conference

first-time 2018-05-19

my hand strokes your cock as it gets bigger, as you run your hand up and down my thigh, teasing your fingers against my pants to feel my pussy get warmer your cock starts trembling ready to cum, but you want me to tease you more, I feel your hand run between my ass... opening your mouth wide, as I dribble my spit and your cum into your mouth....your hand is rubbing between my pussy, feeling my juices drip I hold your hands over my ass, feeling the point where your cock is deep inside me, rubbing my pussy lips and feeling my juices and teasing my ass with your finger