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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Spring Break

first-time Slickman 2018-05-19

Julie felt his hard penis pushing up against her stomach and realized tonight was going to the night she would loose her virginity. "That's only the second one I've ever seen," Julie giggled as she pulled Robbie into the bedroom and closed the door behind them. "I had to do some necessary shopping." Her eyes saw Robbie's hard-on when Erica moved off the bed. They heard the door close behind Erica and Julie bit Robbie's ear. "Thank God," Erica said when the door opened and Julie walked out. "Old enough." She saw that he had finished his sandwich and quickly turned her body until her soft pubic mound pushed against his face.

The Blonde and the Dark

first-time 2018-05-19

Dark pulled my t-shirt up and over my head, I raised my arms to let him remove it completely..the evening was warm and the air on my torso felt good..Blonde unzipped my pants and tugged on the waistband, struggling slightly, he eventually got them down to my ankles. Dark ran a gentle finger down the middle of my chest, licking his lips, he reached my boxer shorts and hooked the finger into them “Let-me-see..” He pulled the elastic trim away from my abdomen, I felt a cool gush of air breeze into my pants, my erect shaft twitched as it was released from its confines “Hmmm..look at this..” he hummed when my excited penis swung up and pointed to the sky.

First Internet Meet!

first-time Hot38dd 2018-05-19

I have very big, sensitive nipples and Alan began to tease them through my bra and the thin material of my dress until they were rock hard and I was desperate for them to be released. My big 38DD's were now out in the open, but I didnt care, I just wanted to feel Alan's hot mouth on my nipples! He rubbed my hard clit while his finger worked away inside me, and before long my legs started to shake and I had the most wonderful orgasm, bucking my pussy against his hand until he was covered with my juices. He lifted up his face to look at me and his mouth and chin were dripping with my juices - I smiled at him and pulled his head back down between my legs - I wanted to cum some more!!

My Virgin s****r

first-time adel5000 2018-05-19

Picturing my s****r being touched by Tony and her pussy getting hot and wet to the point where she doesn't want to stop, my cock starts to move and I slide my hips back a little so my s****r doesn't notice. "I will lick your pussy, Lisa, but you're going to have to earn it." I pinch her nipples again as I move up the bed and straddle her body, sliding my cock up between her tits. I like to lean back against the side of the pool and stretch my legs out in the water while Lisa, with just her swimsuit top on, straddles my cock, sucking it deep inside her tight, young pussy.

Good times to mend a broken heart

first-time dreamythoughts 2018-05-19

I didnt care, i figured it would make her uncomfortable becuz her shower curtain was see thru. I had my back facing her at first, and when i turned around i seen her sitting on the toilet in just a tshirt. She said its not like im gonna suck it-i just wanna see it grow, but im no dick diver. I asked her whats a dick diver? She explained in short a lesbian that likes to service dick every once in a while. She looked at me in the eyes until she massaged my dick hard. She looked at it and spit in her hand and started to pay more attention to the shaft of my dick.

The Best Birthday Ever

first-time Andara 2018-05-19

Your cock touches the back of my throat and my eyes begin to water and I try to back off because I am starting to gag, but you hold me there for a moment, not wanting to relinquish the sensations my mouth is giving you. Your eyes are closed as you lose yourself in the feeling of my tongue on your flesh, and the sounds of my mouth sucking your achingly hard cock. You hold my thighs as you begin to lick my cunt and I close my eyes with a sigh of pleasure, my fingers grasping your hair. The pain in my cunt begins to subside as I feel the pleasure of your hard cock thrusting into me.

Kinky reunion between two former lovers

first-time XXXNoBounds 2018-05-19

Holding me in her soft hand, Tara then lowered her head and extended her tongue to press into my balls, her dazzling blue eyes still staring from either side of my wet cock. Driving my cock hard and keeping it planted deep inside her sweltering pussy, I reached down and let my wet fingers trail across the soft flesh of her ass before coming to rest at her tight anal opening. Turning back, I saw Tara's face, pressed flat against the bed and smiling back at me as she reached back, lightly stroking one finger over her asshole as she buried two fingers of her other hand into her swollen, wet pussy.

My first ever masturbation experience using a pair

first-time _illustra_ 2018-05-19

Day 3 came around and i saw her at my local supermarket, even though i knew i got away it i was still on nerves and i thought "shit if she does know this is the moment of truth" i smiled at her per normal and once again i was stone faced and ignored as she continued to walk pass me. Knowing she once wore these only a few days ago and now there mine covered in my spunk & doing a great job of holding my hard cock in place, I called out to my neighbour "good morning neighbour, i think today is going be a great day don't you think" She didn't responded as she had her crash helmet on she heard nothing and went about her business and proceeded to push her moped out of her drive way.

Fun with the PC repair man

first-time kycouple265 2018-05-19

However, this time when I discussed this fantasy with my wife I used the pc repair man to fill the stranger part and I began to tell her how I would like to watch her tease him and then take advantage of him while I was sitting on the couch watching and enjoying the show. Once it was ready to I began to rub some of the astro-glide on her sexy little asshole and massaging it as I continued to watch and listen to her moans of pleasure from riding Travis’s cock. Then as Travis and I began to work both of our 7 inch cocks in and out of her pussy and ass her moans also began to increase and we both could see her muscles beginning to tighten up, and we knew she was fixing to cum.

The First Move

first-time Isolarbell 2018-05-19

Cassie on the other hand fit the definition of the girl next door, 5'5 with shoulder length blond hair, blue eyes and an ample bosom that had a healthy tan on her pale skin. Cassie gasped surprised, her hands covering her mouth and her eyes wide as they took in his massive naked form that filled the double bed. After a few minutes, moans and rubs later his hand slid from above his head to rest gently at the small of her back causing her to flash a look to his face. She pushed her hair away from her face as her small mouth enveloped the head, her tongue flicking over the tip, her hands grasping the stem.

My first threesome (names changed to protect the

first-time Ace_of_Pents 2018-05-19

Then i saw veronica come up behind kelly and cup those big breasts and slowly pull them out taking the time to rub each nipple and give it special attention. All she did was talk, by this time kelly just sat next to touching herself and watching completely silent.she was inches away but did not join in, veronica wanted me to get the full 8 inches so she started talking asking me how tight she was, saying all my other bfs said my pussy is as tight as a glove and makes them cum fast does it for you?

My First Time with Another Man

first-time slh1234 2018-05-19

but I felt like if I stopped, and he started sucking again, it would not stay up, so I kept stroking until I reached that last 3 – 4 seconds where you know you're about to cum, and you know that no matter what happens, you're not going to stop it, and then I announced to him I was about to cum. I know it was a bit frustrating today that I had so much trouble giving him what he wanted, but it was so nice that I was able to so easily stimulate him to orgasm like I wanted.

Halloween Fun

first-time andros14 2018-05-19

Sheila thought that was absolutely hilarious, because she knew how much I had fooled around with my previous boyfriends. Sheila had to call her parents (they weren’t home) to let them know that we all got home safely, so Rob and I were left sitting on the loveseat in her den. So I tried to unzip the zipper and get the snap undone (with one hand) without making enough noise to let Sheila know what was going on behind her. After I came down from my orgasm-high, I started kissing my way down Rob’s body. When Sheila came into the room, Rob and I broke our kiss and I looked up at her.

Money Matters

first-time BlewWater69 2018-05-19

Beth wished she and Teisha could afford good clothes like other girls in school. "Yeah, it sure is embarrassing that we have to walk home, huh?" Teisha said. I sure as hell don't want to be a fuckin waitress like our moms!" Teisha said. "Well, we can stop anytime but we both agreed to wait until we graduated or met the absolute right guy," Beth said. "Yeah...better...Mindy says her orgasms before were nothing compared to those from a cock inside her," Teisha said. "No, I want to wait for the right guy but I'm just saying is all, we may be missin somethin good." Teisha said. "Yeah...well like I told Beth, it was bound to happen, so now is as good a time as any," Michael said.

First Holiday

first-time tony090909 2018-05-19

On the Thursday we went out for an evening walk on the seafront and two lads, who introduced themselves as Tony and Dave, came up and started chatting to us. Then Tony took Trudy by the hand and said he wanted another look at her room. He began to fuck me with slow, deep strokes and as his prick slid in and out of my cunt I started to respond and my love juices began to flow. He groaned and pushed deep into me and for the first time I felt a mans prick jerk inside me and the lovely warm feeling as he fired his load into me. His mouth clamped onto one of my breasts and as I tried to push him away his hand went between my legs.


first-time fukkerguy 2018-05-18

After few min of fingering her see released some liquid from her pussy and then suddenly she stand up and leave the theatre her friend was asking her what happen she said I am going to washroom and leaving from there and after reaching near door she looked at me I can’t see her face in dark but I understood she was calling me. I moved to her and hold her from back and gave her a strong wild kiss and I opened my pants and pushed my underwear downwards and lifted her skirt again and pull her panty downward she was surprised that I am still going for it she then grabbed my dick and start shaking it got hard.

Next Door Neighbour

first-time Aprodom 2018-05-18

I stood petrified, she moved back up and then wrapped her apron around my hard cock, I can still remember the smile on her face and the sensation going through my body,she started to kiss me again and slowly began wanking me, she asked if I was a virgin, which was stating the obvious,she told me that she would be my first, we went to my bedroom, where she stripped me, i can still feel her lips exploring my body, as she took her clothes off, the image of her large tits falling out her bra just like y'day, she told me what I had to do to her, I began sucking her huge nipples, following her instructions, she then untied her apron, took her skirt off to reveal a corset type suspender belt with stockings, she then retied her apron on, wrapping my cock in the material and wanking me,we eventually ended up on bed , I was instructed what to do, the first taste of her fanny, not pleasent but I got use to it, and then the instruction of the fuck...

open wide (fiction) part 2

first-time O14a3351 2018-05-18

“i have never felt like this in forever” he said with a laugh I looked with fascination as he took his time cleaning me up but the more he wiped the more wet I got “Mr Nathan your wife is on line 3, and she want to know what time you will be home” “well well well look who showed up” she said in a smug laugh “i have it all on tape, my husband doesn’t know I have a video camera in his office to keep a eye on him.” “ I myself like to have a little fun” she said rubbing one of the mans chest

Richard's Education Ch. 04

first-time l8bloom 2018-05-18

For the second time that day, she bounded off the bed and ran a hasty scavenger hunt for her robe. The carousel of her mind wouldn't turn fast enough. She closed the door, turned and froze. Okay, she wouldn't just stand the guy up. "I hope you don't mind my asking if you're attached." His gaze flicked to her bare left hand. The escalator could not get her upstairs fast enough. En route to the second session, Louisa crossed paths with Mark in the hall. Down the escalator they went. Richard held her and soothed her until she ran down. "Ahhhhh..." she responded. Her responding trills made a feedback loop to his own nervous system.

The Secret Pact

first-time Svenskaflicka 2018-05-18

Like I said, I've known Lukas since we were kids, and I've known Audrey since she was in diapers. Seeing as I'd been more or less like an adopted son in their house, I'd come to see Audrey as my little sister, too. "I don't know how to ask you this..." she said, looking a little awkward. "Like, OK, I won't tell Lukas if you want me to lend you my car, but I'm not gonna help you bury a dead body!" "Do you have any idea how many crazy ideas have flown through my head since you told me you wanted to ask me for a favor?" I said. "I want my first time to be good," Audrey whispered.

Daddy's (New) Little Girl

first-time JRob 2018-05-18

In any event, like any good psychologist, she merely took notes, asked a few probing questions, then looked at her watch and said we'd pick up the conversation at our next session. She began slowly stroking my dick, smiling as I groaned, then bent over and gave my cock a long lick around the tip. Tara increased the speed of her stroking my throbbing cock, and tightened her lips around the tip of my dick. Tara sucked on my cock, a girl on a mission, as I stroked and gently smacked her ass. I wasn't sure what she had meant by ruining things, but I do remember whacking off that night while imagining Tara sucking my cock.

Spending Quality Time with s*s

first-time Colleeto5 2018-05-18

As I sit on the floor of the shower, leaning against the wall, I whisper: "I can't believe this is happening. May I join you?" I sat there speechless, not even trying to cover up my still hard dick. "I don't think so." she says, almost like a dominatrix. "Dont worry." she says stepping into the shower. "Do you think I care?" she says, grabbing my dick. She stops sucking and says "You're gonna hold it!" then slides my dick back into her mouth. "You're gonna love this" she grabs my shoulders and slides me down so I'm laying completely flat on the shower floor, then she turns the water down so it wouldn't get in our faces.

Kenzi's Sexy Older Neighbor

first-time SexxySelina 2018-05-18

But it didn't matter, because today, little baby Kenzi would be the one with Mark's cock in her mouth, not his stupid whore wife Dianna. He left the dildo inside her, and, sitting on her legs so she couldn't move at all, he brought his monster cock to her wet pussy opening, rubbing his meaty head against her opening, all along to her asshole, making Kenzi scream in pleasure. Mark- no, Daddy- looked his daughter deeply in the eyes and said, "It's only right that your Daddy gets to fuck you first." Before grabbing a hold of her tiny hips and thrusting his giant, hairy, thick, throbbing cock inside little Kenzi.

I Cheated My Hubby Ch. 01

first-time achiever_12 2018-05-18

Initially i used to get embarrassed by his looks but slowly i too started liking it as i felt proud that even at 38 i was able to attract a young man of 28, who was younger than me by 10 years... I didnt know how to react, my body became very unsteady, i started breathing heavily and Milind noticing this suddenly slid his one hand upwards and caught hold of my right breast above the blouse and started caressing it. However, my hubby's thoughts made me aware that i was doing sumthing wrong and as I was just getting ready to break away again from Milind, he began to gently stroke my left breast through the soft material of my blouse.