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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Bookstore pickup

first-time RichVaman 2018-05-18

She was wearing a red silk blouse, black skirt, stockings and 3" heels. The store doesn't have video both or any on site hook-ups, so I was worried we'd get tossed out. I slowly stood up, dragging my hand up her leg to the edge of her skirt. I nodded slightly and headed for the door. She nodded and we headed out. She told me that she had never been with a man and was a little nervous. She laid back slightly and and kicked off her heels. She was nervous and unsure. She said she wanted to please me, so I pulled down my pants and underwear and laid back on the floor. She proceeded to rub my hard cock with her stocking foot.

Doctor Iris Goes Out For The Evening

first-time lexdepenny 2018-05-18

Iris watched her go, half her mind on the blowjob she was giving, a little more on the sensations from the dildo buzzing inside her and the rest furiously digging into her memory to recall where she thought she'd seen this woman before. Time to intervene, before this gets out of hand.) Iris took off her bra, got out of her car and strode to where the woman, stood, visibly frightened and trembling at the centre of a ring of some dozen or so men, all eyeing her with barely controlled lust. (Fantastic...a mouthful of a woman's sex and a good, hard cock fucking me!) Five minutes later the man shot his load and pulled out.

Giving the BBC to the rich man's wife

first-time MIKEBBCBULL 2018-05-18

Once he got home he said he wanted to run something by me. My roommate's girl explained that she had a friend who lived around the corner. After a few minutes of the movie I said, "Turn this off and lets just listen to some music". She said, she often invited some of her friends to stay over night so she didn't have to sl**p alone in the apartment. I sat up and asked, "Why did you turn the music back on?" "I wanted you to hear me sing", she said. "OK, then please don't cum inside me", she said, and she took off her pants and panties. "Grab some pillows and lets go to the kitchen", she said.

The Summer of 76

first-time bluecobalt 2018-05-18

"Ok, then I think I found the right man for the job as this tree looks a bit heavy. The tree began to slide and as it gained a certain momentum I was able to keep it going until it finally was clear from the back of Karen's car. My new neighbor then leaned over to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek putting her left hand on my right shoulder to pull herself in closer. Karen looked at me and smiled: "Ok, Michael, thanks again! I felt a little twisted knowing that I was turned on by a woman who was so much older but I thought this would be a one time thing.

The Free For All

first-time MissAyda 2018-05-18

She probably thought I would be disgusted by it, but to be fair: sure, Jenni was a bit promiscuous, and I was still a virgin, but I didn't really find sex disgusting - and definitely not sinful. Rob's cock was right underneath my pussy, and I could feel it slightly twitching as I started to gyrate, caressing it with my wet pussy lips. I felt Rob's cock starting to grow, slowly pushing its way inside of me. It felt as if Rob's cock had grown even larger, as he lifted my thighs up slightly and started to slam his cock inside me, now reaching even deeper than before.

Batavia bang for four #1: Ashtyn

first-time petdyke 2018-05-18

Booby black-haired beauties almost my height are the two tall sexy s!sters: Sasha and naughty Natalia Blonde baby beauty awesome Ashtyn is still a teen, she looks as lovely as in my dirtiest dear dreams! Blonde beauty sweet shy awesome Ashtyn now slowly strips for me at the corner of the big brown couch Blonde beauty sweet shy awesome Ashtyn feels protected from view as the two s1sters cover the window Both sexy s!sters frig their tasty foxy fannies ferociously from watching Ashtyn's first fuck ever Boy-o-boy someone plays my balls and licks my sphincter, while I bang blond beauty awesome Ashtyn! Banging a blonde beauty is only the opening of a lustful lovely long nice naughty night for us four

Pick up in Seattle

first-time fotobr 2018-05-18

He walked around behind our car, and over to Jim's side, the passenger side, and asked what was going on and he and Jim started to talk. "You know, most people think that if you're from there you gotta have AIDS and no one will even talk to you, let alone have sex with you." As Jim and I talked later, we realized he wanted someone to talk to, and to spend the My cock quickly got rock hard and Jim was moaning and gasping and about to cum in Charley’s mouth. I was fucking his ass with hard strokes, and panting and jacking Charlie with the other hand on his cock and pulling on his nuts.

Hot Older Lady on the Boat - An Adult Story

first-time 2018-05-18

Herb I think a cat got is tongue." she said in a sweet southern accent. I heard a big..."Whoa baby...lets move it Herb..put the metal down...air out this bitch." Valerie said. I smiled as she sipped her big drink in her small hand. So Herb bought the boat and the rest is history." Valerie said. Let the fish do the work." Herb said. Yank his ass in the boat." Valerie said. Herb come with me." Valerie said. I am sure Buck will do some more fishing." Valerie said. She used her small left hand to guided my hard cock into her hot pussy. "I need to try out your big fishing pole again honey." she said.

Just a fantasy

first-time dormuda 2018-05-18

You slide your finger in me rubbing back and forth making me whimper and moan, you break from my mouth and take my nipple back in your mouth and suck it, when you rub your finger across my clit I scream out as I cum hard, you can feel your finger washed over with a new wetness, my body shaking against yours. I scream out feeling your balls slap against my clit, you pound my tight cunt from behind for a few more minutes making me moan in pure pleasure, before I feel your fingers dig into my hips and hear your almost growl before you pull out and let your cum hit my back and down my ass.

The Truck Driver

first-time jkendale 2018-05-18

My wife looked over at me with shock and a little bit of fear, and before I could even say anything, the truck driver said "I'll take that as a NO"! "That feels so good!" and she used her free hand to grab the truck driver's wrist and started thrusting his fingers into her pussy. It only took 3 or 4 strokes and the guy blew his load into the air His cock was pointed up and towards the two of them and his load landed mostly on her stomach, but the first shot actually went up past her face and drops of cum were on her cheek and neck.


first-time wuffylodge 2018-05-18

He could not help himself he found her hard clitty and closed his lips over her, gently sucking and flicking her making her gently moan with pleasure as his sucking and flicking made her want to cum, she could feel his fingers touching her lips, gently opening her wide her pussy wet with her cum, his fingers slowly started to slide inside her, just tickling inside her lips she felt him pushing harder into her, the feeling of ecstasy and sheer pleasure as his tongue flicked at her clitty and his fingers starting to gently rub inside her.

Good neighbourhood. Chapter 1

first-time naughtyrusguy 2018-05-18

The girl got flushed when the dream guy took her hand that had recently played with her pussy. Like an a****l, the guy was devouring the girl, sticking his tongue into her mouth as deep as it went. Kate flushed at the thought that she was jerking off the cock and JD’s hand didn’t guide hers any more but it was too late to stop. However, one day Kate even managed to swallow quite a portion of hot cum when her ex-boyfriend got carried away with sensations and he was too slow to take the cock out of her mouth. The girl squeezed that hard meat in her hand and her tongue did its way along the underside from the fly to the head of cock.

The Dance Floor

first-time CuriousLittleBird 2018-05-18

"Maybe it's the dress," I thought as the DJ put on a sultry, sexy rhythmic song on and I started to sway my softly curved hips seductively back and forth, like I'd learned from my middle- and high-school friends. "Hey. I saw you dancing and I thought I'd say hey." His face blushed and I couldn't resist smiling big. "I thought it was...kinda sweet." His shy voice had taken over again, and he said softly, "Would you like to maybe ride around with me for a little while? There are plenty of men in this world who love women like you," Chris said, and I thought I heard him add under his breath, "Especially me."

Making Out With Mom 1

first-time 2018-05-18

She let go of me, and I grabbed the coffee cup off the nightstand and walked out the door, feeling my mom's eyes on my ass as I left. As usual I jacked off in the shower, but this time as I did it I was thinking about how my mom's eyes had been glued to my erect cock. Mom's hand stopped its jacking motion, and her thumb moved over the tip of my cock, smearing my cum all around the head. Mom pulled her mouth away from my dick and looked at me, and I could see a little trail of my cum dribbling down from her lower lip.

Put it up my ass…

first-time rbeto99 2018-05-18

Then I started to concentrate on her ass, kissing, running my tongue around it; again taking the syrup soaked strawberries and tracing the outline of her ass, almost trying to push it in, and then eating them, and of course pouring champagne on it. Slowly I started to push, I could feel the resistance of her ass against my cock, I could hear her moaning in what sounded to me like both pain and pleasure, he face seemed to show pain, but she kept saying –fuck me in the ass please.- As I kept pushing, I eventually felt her hole relaxed, and I moved my whole 10” inside of her in one stroke, she screamed but instead of pulling away, her ass pushed against me.

First Time

first-time Axeplayer 2018-05-18

Anyway I went to her and started helping her dig her car out, by the time we were done I was chilled to the bone so she asked me if I would like to come in for a cup of hot chocolate. Then I got the surprise of my life, my fantasy was starting to come into reality, she placed a hand on my leg and started to rub my thigh. I kiss her outer thighs and slowly work my way to her pubic hair and I nuzzle my face into it and I bring my hand up and place it between her legs and rub all the way up till I can feel her wetness.

Re's first time (Chines s****rs stories)

first-time MorePeter 2018-05-18

Xiao looked up for a second only to look down at Wei's pussy and smile. Wei wanted to look inside, but Xiao turned the opening away. Xiao let go of the dildo and my cock got even thicker inside Re's pussy by the sight of that dangling dildo. They were both nearing orgasm but at the end Xiao came first squirting her juices all over the floor and Wei. When we both finally subsided I looked down at Wei. She was still licking Re's pussy. without letting her know I motioned Xiao to take hold of the dildos and use them on Wei. it didn't take long before she came too and rolled on the floor hugging her legs.

House Mother's Toy

first-time 0ra11yfix8ed 2018-05-18

She finally said I looked cute but I needed some stockings and shoes. She took me by the hand and walked me down the back steps to her suite. She told me to get on my knees between her legs and start by kissing her feet. She spread her legs played with her pussy lips with one hand while the other played with first one nipple and then the other. Once or twice a week I would visit her rooms and show her a new set of panties or eat her pussy or sometimes just jack off for her. I think she like to have me eat her out after her boyfriends fucked her but I never asked and she never said.

Secuction Ch. 05

first-time BigZeke13 2018-05-18

Mandy pushed herself into Mike's crotch, more to escape the probing finger than to feel the hardness of his cock between them. OOOOHHHHH FFFFUUUUCCCCKKKK." Mike grabbed her hips and pulled himself into her hard and pushed back until my cock-head rested for a moment on her labia before pushing back in to the hilt. Mike smiled at her as he fucked his cock past her fingers into her incredibly hot pussy. "It looks like he is down for the count." He stood and lifted one of her arms above her head and said in a boxing announcers voice, "The winner and still champion, MMMMMaaaaannnnnddddyyyy." She laughed and playfully swatted his arm with her free hand.

Sandy Loses Her Cherry

first-time mary0256 2018-05-18

Suddenly, Sandy's legs locked around his neck and she started to pull the back of his head so hard into her crotch that he thought for a second that his whole head was going to end up in her pussy. It was quite a sight as the two of them started walking toward his bedroom; Sandy dressed only in her short skirt that was so bunched up that it looked more like a wide belt than a skirt and Larry pulling his shirt off with his fly open and his semi-hard cock flopping in the open. Sandy the picked up the phone and dialed, then after a few seconds said, "Lisa, can you get over to Larry's apartment; I've got something important to talk to you about.

Charlie and me

first-time Cumlovingolderguy 2018-05-18

He pulled my shorts down and proceeded to blow me as I stood in front of him and after daydreaming all day in school I began to thrust into his mouth, effectively face fucking my new older friend. Johnny came over my house after school on Friday and practically begged me to go to Charlies, "lets get some beer and get our dicks sucked". I had now sucked Johnnys cock twice and a seasoned pro...LOL....and wanted to see what it was like to suck Charlies thicker cock, hoping that I would get the chance, before he got me to cum, cause I knew if I came first I wouldnt be interested for a good while.

Something to Offer Ch. 02

first-time Penelope Street 2018-05-18

Lynn and I managed to convince Denise that she was more than pretty enough to attract any boy worth having. "Did you really expect every boy to want to go out with you?" Denise asked with a self-satisfied smirk. I leaned across the table and asked in a hushed tone, "Why do you want me to go out with the boy you like?" On the way home, I determined to put my hands to much better use and took Mark to one of the parking spots I'd discovered with Billy. "So what'd you see?" Denise asked first thing Monday morning, her smile so wide I thought her braces would surely spring from her teeth.

My forst tome.

first-time guylove102 2018-05-18

It played out in my head days before i agreed to going " im going to suck his dick and fuck him " " im going to be a little bitch for him " " hes going to fuck me and suck me off like i want him too ". Pops open my buttons and pulls my pants down and starts sucking my cock like never before. " did i just make a grown man moan while sucking his cock " in my head thoughts are flying. I start to shake while im orgasming " im going to cum " i yell one final time as i blow my load into his mouth.

Kate Lets Loose Ch. 01

first-time bigjerseyguy 2018-05-18

And everyone knew Kate wasn't good-looking. They didn't like her looks, and even when a boy would ask her out he wouldn't hold her hand while they were on a date. She let them touch her body and she liked it when they did, but usually the boys only wanted her to give them a hand job. She was plain looking, like Kate. Laura was gorgeous, yet the sex was better with the plain looking girl. Maybe, sex would be great with Kate like it was with Donna. Then Kate let out with a long moan and collapsed on him as she came. Kate decided Andrew wasn't leaving that night, even if she had to chain him to the bed.