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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Jeanine - Part two

first-time mike8253 2018-11-16

I continued to pinch and pull and tweak her hard nipples while Jeanine made all those wonderful noises that let me know that she enjoyed the rough play. Jeanine came with a long, loud moan and grunt, her body shaking and jerking as I continued to lick clit and finger fuck her pussy. I lay back and enjoyed the wonderful pleasures of a lady making love to my manhood, licking, sucking, stroking and milking pre-cum from the head. Jeanine ran the head of my cock along the inside of her wet lips to coat it with pussy juice, all the while dangling two large breasts in my face and smiling.

It was time

first-time LauraLee_sugah 2018-11-16

They pulled off each others shirts and touched and kissed every inch of skin as it was uncovered. He captured her hands in one of his and slid the yoga pants down kissing her stomach and running a hot, wet tongue over the edge of her pink lace boy shorts. He began to sing Leonard Cohen's “I'm Your Man” in his gravelly voice as he unzipped and peeled off his jeans and underwear like a strip tease and lightly maintained the touch of his lips on various parts of her body. Every time she tried to touch him he pulled away and laughed. He teased her body with his erection without allowing her to touch it, rubbing it on her as he leaned over her.

The Headmaster's Office

first-time blin18 2018-11-16

“But Sir, I blurted, Mrs Bingham measures the rear hem.” I have no idea where I was going with this; I could hardly duck-walk around on my knees and anyway, there is no way the rear hem was anything like four inches from the desk. With my mouth now pressed hard against his body, I snaked out my tongue, bringing his balls closer with the hand cupping them, I licked them mercilessly while I swallowed, closing my throat down hard over his bulging knob. My body lost all control; my back arched and my legs clamped together like a vice over the base of his cock; the entire nine inches now trapped in my flesh so completely that it felt as though it was all inside me.

The night I had waited so long for

first-time shewhodares 2018-11-16

I put my hand on her face as I opened my lips slightly and continued kissing the women of my dreams. I sat on the edge of the bed watching as the dress fell slowly off her back, she turned around, Unhooked her bra and for the first time I saw her beautiful breasts. I kissed her neck and chest as she had done mine and slowly rubbed my pussy against hers. As soon as they were off I kissed her lips again, as our bodies were entwined I could feel her wet pussy against my thigh. I kissed my way back down to her wet pussy, her wetness excited me and I couldn't wait to taste her.


Business Man-On-Man (Part 5)

first-time JayR 2018-11-16

Rob is standing at the edge of the bed with his cock sliding between my spread ass cheeks, pushing gently and deeper into my virgin anus. With a deep breath and a steady movement backward, I feel his cock slowly easing into me once again. The image is amazing… I am on my back, my legs spread wide, a beautiful naked man covered in the sweat of erotic sex is between my legs, his firm hands holding me widely open, his body pushed against mine and his cock is sliding into me. Rob withdraws his semi-rigid cock from me and slowly pushes away to stand at the foot of the bed.

A Chance Encounter

first-time esteven 2018-11-16

Steve was managing to fondle her boobs while he kept them pinched tight around his cock and his head was leaving pre-cum all over her chin and lower lip. Steve leaned in and began kissing the exposed area while continuing to pull her pants down. Taking his sweet time Steve finally reached the top and as his tongue traveled across her waiting clit Cathy moaned. Steve pulled away long enough to lower his head, then repeated the process, this time pushing his tongue in even further. Cathy began to pant loudly and her legs were starting to lock around Steve's head. "Holy shit, you really do like going down, I think this is harder than it was before," Cathy said as she reached out and grabbed Steve's cock.

Her Post Prom Experience

first-time Stoneypoint 2018-11-16

“I know I’d like to be with her if she really wants to be with me” the 29 year old substitute teacher said aloud as he headed on home to his apartment. “I really didn’t know how to get a hold of you outside of school but if you’re willing I’d love to invite you over on Saturday afternoon, say around 1:30?” he told her. She said no while feeling all the sensations a young woman feels in hopes of having a sexual relationship with a good looking older man, like Chet. But she soon realized she needed so much more at this point and before even he knew it, as they kissed, she took hold of his hand and put it inside of them so he’d feel her boob.

The Candy Stroker Part 7: Trading

first-time Paddler 2018-11-16

Tom stared at me and whispered, “What a beautiful rack.” I grinned at the compliment, then gasped as Jake felt me and pinched my nipples. If you rub my clit I can cum, but it takes your big cock in my cunt to make me cum from inside.” Lois, it really turned me on to talk so dirty and look right at Tom at the same time. But how would you feel, Adam, if June got as dressed up as she is tonight, went out on a date, and shared her lingerie and beautiful breasts with another guy your age? Adam, with a dazed expression, slowly stroked himself, looking at Lois sprawled on the floor, breasts heaving, her slick lips dripping.

The Loneliness Tree

first-time Ruthie 2018-11-16

He pushed my skirt up a little at a time, touching my legs and panties, rubbing me through the satin and lace until I let him slip them off. One day I turned around and said, “You know something, Joey, you really gripe my guts.” I meant that he was beginning to piss me off by never asking me out, but it came out wrong, and he never talked to me again. I’d thought the hard part would be to get the buttons open, but even with his fly open wide, his jeans didn’t want to come down over his hips. During the day, while he worked for his dad and I idled away the time of my last summer vacation, I sat in the swing under the loneliness tree and wondered how to talk him out of going to Yale.

The Android Lover (PART TWO)

first-time shinyman 2018-11-16

The android moved his gaze downward and his fingers touched the wide waistband of the smooth red briefs, he ran his fingertips over her tummy and felt the spandex, moving his fingers down they stroked the slight mound of her sex and she whimpered and closed her eyes, her legs starting to shake slightly…she looked down and saw his penis, it was larger than she had made it the previous evening and almost stood straight up, she could see it pulsing as the large round head touched her breast.

Losing my virginity

first-time coripie 2018-11-16

He started rubbing my pussy through my shorts, not to rough so his sister didn’t realize. I’m sure he felt how hot and wet it was through the shorts. After a little while, he pulled his hand back to start going up the leg of my shorts. He sat up on his bed while I stood in front of him as he started running his hands up my legs, towards my ass. In a heartbeat I pulled out his cock (an impressive seven incher) and started licking the head. I went up and kissed him, while I still stroked his hard wet cock in my hand. Between his cock and cum in my mouth there was almost no room so I slide back on it, gently sucking the head while he filled my mouth.

Well trained husband

first-time woreout 2018-11-16

The next morning after seeing hubby off to work I got the laptop out and went on the net looking for stories. After the waitress brought over our check my husband said lets go buy you something easier to show your pussy off in. I saw my husband standing behind him so I " accidentally" spread my legs wide enough to cause my pussy lips to part. OH hubby I cooed at him, you are making me horny telling me you want to see a thick cock stretching my little pussy. I called hubby at work the next day and told him I was going out shopping for a thick cock to fit in my hungry pussy.

Candy Stroker Part 2: Adam and I Explore

first-time Paddler 2018-11-16

It flashed through my mind that he wasn't grabby like other girls said guys were, but after that I just closed my eyes and felt how good it was. "Spray on my tits, Adam, spray on my tits!" He was still rubbing my clit and pinching my nipple and I started to cum again, excited because I was going to watch him squirt. Tuesday night when I went to bed, and again in the morning, as I played with myself, I couldn't stop thinking about how much I liked holding Adam's cock and wondering how it would be in my mouth. I want to feel you squirt!" I moved back to my pillow on the floor and Adam scooted forward, his cock pointing right at the ceiling.

Virgin Summer

first-time Skinidippa 2018-11-16

I struggle, automatically gripping at her wrists whilst at the same time trying to hang on to my modesty, but she's too strong for me and my shorts are unceremoniously yanked down around my knees, exposing my pearly-white male bits to the hot Cornish sun - and to Bella... This first sexual experience with a girl makes me draw back in embarrassment as I feel myself hardening, but Bella, her hands on my buttocks, gently, yet determinedly, pulls me back towards her until my lengthening shaft is pressing against her soft cheek. I harden even more, which seems impossible, and Bella squeezes her tits around my imprisoned shaft, working it up and down until my mind is spinning and I am groaning in sheer ecstacy at this wonderful bombardment of sexual feeling...


Service with a smile

first-time KJessica 2018-11-16

He immediately pulled off her tiny little bikini bottoms, exposing her wet and very swollen lips and, barely able to speak, he told her just how sexy she looked. He started kissing and licking her smoothly shaven wet pussy, very softly teasing and tasting her sweet juices now flowing like a fountain. He continued kissing her swollen lips and then moved to the inside of her legs, not allowing her to touch her clit. He pulled off his shorts, allowing his thick, hard, throbbing cock to spring out with the purple head against her tight little opening. As she started feeling somewhat better about having it inside her, he pushed it in a little more, going a little deeper each time and getting her extremely tight pussy filled with his thickness.

Taking Cindy's Cherry, Chapter 1

first-time Master_Jonathan 2018-11-16

Cathy felt a little awkward having sex with her in the house, so she would make sure Cindy was gone or just come to my place when we wanted some “adult time” together. Usually, when I got together with Cathy, she was already fairly horny and after kissing her face and throat and licking and sucking her breasts, I would eat her pussy until she came. I could smell the delicious aroma coming from her juicy pussy so, after giving either of her breasts another minute of being caressed by my mouth, I started licking the valley between them, and then trailing my tongue slowly down her soft belly.

My First Time With A Friend

first-time ShyGirl42 2018-11-16

I take extra care while shaving and pack my best underwear set, ‘cause really, I don’t own a real lingerie set, but I’m working on it. So I visit my friends and I see him for the first time since I moved. Yes I'm turned on at the time, but again, it’s just slightly awkward. I kiss his neck as he pulls away and takes off his shirt. It makes me feel better to know he’s just as nervous as I am. I have masturbated with a brush handle a few times before, but that doesn't prepare me for the real thing. I feel like I’m losing my breath and I start to pant as I moan. To me it’s awkward and his dick isn’t inside me enough.

Blog 3

first-time CumGirl 2018-11-16

 Which is what he is going to do; so I’m gonna have to dash because I’ve got a virgin who needs their cherry popping, arriving very shortly and I do want to look my best … but don’t worry I will pop back and tell you how it went. I drove myself down on his splendid cock, my pussy muscles clamping fiercely around him, wet squelching noises accompanying every descent, my lovely little bottom jiggling as it crashed against his thighs, my tiny breasts bouncing wildly beneath my blouse, my hair stuck to my face by a light sheen of sweat and the remains of his cum, my hands gripping the back of the chair, my face inches from his, eyes locked on each other and my mouth screaming, screaming, screaming … “Fuck Me.”

Alone In Her apartment

first-time bava12 2018-11-16

I had to start on a Sunday evening to Chennai ; she asked for my mobile number while we met on Saturday morning at the stadium. I put my hand inside her t-shirt from bottom to feel her silky tummy and round deep navel, pressed her boobs over the bra cups. Again I rubbed the clit in high pace and put my left hand inside the bra to press her melons and she came with a few drops of hot fluid. She kissed me and told that her pregnancy was stopped and no problem in coming inside. Before she left, we got two full days at my apartment and we enjoyed like anything.

The Candy Stroker Part 6: Melinda and Me

first-time Paddler 2018-11-16

He was gonna cum, I could tell, so I let my fingers fly over my clit and I just threw back my head and we both came at the same time, wave after wave going over me as I felt his cock surge in my cunt. When she bit my nipple and pulled and twisted it, I went right over the top, moaning and crying out, “Oh, Mel, I’m cumming!” But I really wanted Mel to cum, so I forced myself to pull away from her face and started squeezing her ass, reaching so my fingers were near her cunt, pulling her pussylips and licking her clit with more tongue pressure.

A Happy Coincidence part two

first-time Zeebud 2018-11-16

He started squeezing my breast with one hand and rubbing my clit really hard with the other whilst he pushed in and out of me, my hips caught onto his rhythm and soon I'd forgotten about the pain and just wanted more of him, I was going to cum I knew it, there was juice running down my leg but before I knew it Tom withdrew, I didn't know what was going on and it was the first time that I'd even thought about a condom, it had all happened so quickly but instead of what I expected to hear he told me to turn over and get on all fours so that he could have a good look at me before he came deep inside of me.

Jill - The Beginning of her Career As a Nude Model

first-time CommunicationDirectr 2018-11-16

She asked if I did private photo shoots and I said that I did, but only on location. Janet said she was familiar with my work through several acquaintances and said she felt like I would be the right person to help Jill develop a portfolio. I agreed to come by Janet and Jill’s house and shoot a few photos so that I could best determine how to proceed in building a modeling portfolio that modeling agencies would like. Jill said that her mother had to work until late and that a Saturday would be the best day to shoot. Jill said and her mother had discussed birth control, but that she had promised to remain chase.

Amy's First Time

first-time SuccubusDreams 2018-11-16

He turned the page again, and again the back of his hand brushed my breast as he pulled it back. Cameron pulled his gaze away from my mouth and looked at me. My breasts sprung free of their restraint and he lost no time pulling a nipple into his mouth. I was so lost in the kiss and the amazing sensations his hands were producing as they rubbed over me that I barely noticed when he unfastened my jeans and slid my panties down. Cameron groaned as I shifted and I opened my mouth to say something but all that came out was a gasp, then a moan as he withdrew and thrust back into me. “No.” Now totally self conscious I slid off the counter and started pulling my clothes back on.

Claire: Part 1. My First Time

first-time AGreyFoxxx 2018-11-16

Only, it was not buttoned to her neck, but opened generously down the front, showing off ample cleavage I couldn’t help but think how different she looked, just by unbuttoning her blouse and letting her hair down. I felt her hand on my head, pressing downward as she added, “The nipple, silly, kiss the nipple.” As my lips came in contact with the dusty rose colored flesh, she hissed, “Yesssss! I brought my free hand up to her left breast, and kneaded the ample flesh, rubbing her nipple against my palm as I continued to finger fuck her and suck on her clit. Grabbing my face in her hands and pulling me up to her waiting lips, she whispered, “Make love to me!” and kissed me as my cock slid effortlessly inside her tight, wet sheath.