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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Making a Baby by Stephanie Sarg

first-time sachgupt88 2018-05-17

When he was finally naked, standing proudly before her, he told her softly, “For the first time we don’t have to use a condom, I can feel your pussy like it was meant to be felt!!!” Apie, now growing increasingly wet, slid off her own things until she was down to her bra and panties. “God, Apie,” he groaned, while taking his meat into his hand and fisting it savagely, “every time you do that just about makes me shoot!” She laughed lightly, thrusting them up to her now panting husband and said, “Come to mama and make her feel good!!!” Hank released his cock and slid down on the bed next to her, and then gently took a large nipple into his mouth and sucked on it like a baby!

New Adventures Ch. 02

first-time Starkraven 2018-05-17

Heading into the house to use the phone, Scott gave Audrey a quick nod to follow him. Scott headed out toward the front door and slapped Audrey on her nicely formed bottom as he passed her standing at the window staring out as she watched her father load the tools into the old International pick-up truck. "We should be able to just beat the sunset if we hurry." Waddling quickly to the back, Butch grabbed an old railroad tie and tossed it on his shoulder like it was made of balsa and headed toward the bank.

My Last Summer at Home (Part 3)

first-time stifleurself 2018-05-17

As Wasted Time by The Eagles drifted from my clock radio, I slowly "The autumn leaves have got you thinking about the first time that you hours go by like minutes and the shadows come to stay So you take a little I started to doze off, and began to dream of escaping my little hick Jill walked over right away as I climbed out of my pick up. Rickey just nodded as we walked in and said "Hey Tanya". My head started to pound again as I walked to the checkout to greet my He sat down and started to sip his soup, and looked at me He looked around quickly, and quietly said "I don't want you to feel


first-time fukkerguy 2018-05-17

She must have known that I figured it all out, as I started to remove her silky panties, but then paused to look at the erotic site before me; a beautiful shemale in hot red silky panties with a hot and hard cock about to be exposed to my eager gaze. Her beautiful small tranny cock was hot as fire, as I again kissed the swollen purple head and took it into my wet mouth, swirling my tongue around it like a snake after it's prey. The silky texture of this hot beautiful cock in my mouth sent waves of ecstasy across my body as I sucked her hot shemale tool in and out, deeper and deeper until she screamed with pleasure. I returned the favor, and got to feel my hard cock buried deep into her hot, sexy shemale fuck hole.

Vintage Champagne

first-time charlieboy2262 2018-05-17

I tease you by licking around your pussy lips but not actually licking your super hard clit ,, god you want to feel my tongue inside you ,, i put my thumbs either side of your lips and open you up as far as i can and just burry my face in your wetness ,,you taste incredibble ,i eat you out rubbing my teeth hard over you clit sucking and biting on it making you come over and over ....while i bite your cunt i reach between your legs and pull and twist your hard nipples ,pulling them towrd me..

A Boater's Paradise

first-time 2018-05-17

I asked him what he wanted for the place, and he said 13) said, "It sounds like she got fucked good." meant by hands on, and she said, "I will let Tom fuck me Karen then told our son Tom; "I am going to teach you That evening, at bed time, Karen told Tom, "When you are said; "Good night Sarah." That night at supper, Karen said that she wanted me to Sarah looked at Karen and said, "Are you and Tom going Then Karen said, "Tom you're getting hard again, and Sarah got red in the face and said, "Are you going to Holli got a little red in the face, and said, "I didn't

Tim's First Time

first-time Evil Princess 2018-05-17

Kristin moaned softly and put her hand on the inside of Tim's thigh and she started moving toward his now hard throbbing cock. Kristin began to hum while sucking on his cock, by this Tim almost blew his load into her waiting throat, he wanted to make love to her he didn't want it to go this way his brain was screaming, "Don't you cum in this girls mouth don't you dare!" He let out a breathless "Stop Kristin, stop I want to make love to you." She stopped and lay down on the bed and took off her remaining clothes.

Something Different

first-time trumpetwasher 2018-05-17

While showering at my boyfriend's house recently in preparation for going to bed, I was surprised to pull back the shower curtain and see him standing there holding a red rubber bag with a long hose attached. He clamped the hose a little to slow the flow, and began rubbing my stomach with one hand, and my pussy with the other. The next thing I felt was a butt plug going in "just to help you hold it". Now he bent over me from behind and rubbed my pussy and played with my titties, occasionally checking to see how my stomach was sagging under the weight of the water. Finally he said he would remove the butt plug, but I wasn't to expel any water.

my first blowjob

first-time kittylickeryumyum 2018-05-17

I wanted him so bad I pushed him to the floor and climed on top of him, my s****rs boyfriend jerome threw him a condom as I zipped his fly open to reveal his semi hard dick. He was groaning now something that turns me on like a light switch and his dick stiffened I opened my my mouth as far as I could awaiting his cum it was so salty and good I swallowed it all then I fell asl**p later on my s****r awoke me slapped me across the face and told me I was a slut and could get more of sterling later we ran as fast as we could to the bus and made it the end

The Boss's PA

first-time stuntman1960 2018-05-17

She soon took to giving me little flashes of her pussy or tits when I went into her office. I worked on her, kissing, licking and sucking and she came quickly, so I grasped her big ass and sucked her clit. She was trembling and shaking, trying to pull away, but still I worked on her pussy. I stopped, stood up and kissed her and she licked her juice off my face hungrily. She then sunk to her knees and pulled out my cock, which by now was rock hard and oozing pre-cum. She licked the tip and I thought I was going to cum straight away and told her so. She then proceeded to suck me and expertly flick and lick her tongue over all my cock, teasing.

Enjoyement In Goa

first-time simranrajpoot4 2018-05-17

She started by asking me if I had difficulty in finding the place and on she went, after a long talk, we then ate a fantastic scandinavian meal, which she had prepared and by the end of it we had finished one bottles of expensive crystal white wine. I told her that it had to be cleaned, she then brought me a razor and some cream and water, I applied the cream and water to her pubic area and lathered it properly and shaved her pubic area and cleaned it with a damp cloth, I then took her right hand and placed her palm over her pubic and she was pleased to fing it very smooth and clean, she then said

Giving Oral For The First Time

first-time StaceG 2018-05-17

"We haven't got long Stace," you say, "You've got to get back to your mum." So I moved my head faster and faster, and as I got used to having your cock in my mouth I could take it a little deeper each time. When you'd finished pumping I pulled my head back and looked for somewhere to spit the load of cum swilling inside my mouth. You handed me the package again and said, "This is for your mum, tell her I said hello." I headed for the door while you pulled your trousers up. "OK Mr. Greenbourne," I said looking over my shoulder, "I will." I went home with a mouth full of your cum.

Inmate Succumbs After Seven Years

first-time faggyboi 2018-05-17

Damon took the folded note and headed back out. I’m Tony,” replied the six-foot tall dark-brown man. And you’re built like all man,” intimated Tony. Another scowled, “I’ma fuck dat bitch ass!” He inquired of his cellmate, “Do you know Damon. Tony made it to the cell where Damon was located. Damon asked, “You ain’t got no nigga yet?” As Damon and Tony marched to the library, inmates were musing aloud about how they wanted to snatch up the effeminate newbie. Ain’t nobody up in heah got a ass like dat. Tony worked his head in huge circular motions as he delivered the blow job. Damon spanked the punk’s incredible ass and remarked, “I caint believe I’ma bout tah do dis!”

My First Masseur - Part One

first-time lovearub 2018-05-17

As he rubbed up my thighs, he began stroking my ass and slipping his hands between my cheeks which felt so good - and hot - on my very tight, dance-trained ass. He then spread my legs wide and his oiled hands began stroking up the inside of my thighs, his fingers touching my scrotum. As his oil-covered hands grasped my standing erect cock, he continued "Massages are to release tension and there is nothing sexual about it, so don't be afraid. And now very heavy breathing, slowly sliding my legs and arms back to my side and his assuring voice: "Just relax and let me clean you up." I felt a wet rag on my genitals moving all over my torso and face to wipe up the jizz.

The Hijabi And The sl**pover

first-time Mr_MiohX 2018-05-17

I've always been shy and had never even thought about boys as my parents were from a strict background and they bought me up with a fear of god which made sure that from a very early age I started to wear the scarf and hijab, so it's with some bit of shame and forbidden belly trembling excitement I'm going to talk about that day where I had my first almost sexual encounter So I followed Jane up the stairs however I could feel Lawrences eyes on my ass as I walked up and for the first time in my life I felt my guts tighten and tingle, I had never looked at boys never mind one from another race, I started at my own thoughts, shook my head mortified at what my parents would think and followed Jane into her room...

From my HOT friend Keivi

first-time pussycat_xxx 2018-05-17

I wrapped my hands around your ankle and started to twist and turn a little, moving on to your heel and soles, firmly pressing and moving my fingers in a circling motion. I smelled a little bit of the sweet perfume you were wearing and I start to kiss your neck, gently licking a few drops of sweat you took my hand and pressed it on your breast. Gently licking it and sucking your big toe I heard your soft moaning and released your legs and put my hand on your clit and started to rub it furiously while my moving my cock inside and out.

Little Red

first-time qudduse 2018-05-17

He let go of the cloak, and bl**d came rushing and pounding back into Red’s head – almost at the same time, the Wolf spread her cunt wide with two fingers of one hand, and his long, dripping tongue sc****d over her from ass to clit. Heedlessly the Wolf buried his face in her cunt, his tongue lapping at her eagerly, until drool, sex fluids, Red’s own ejaculate and bl**d from her sluggishly leaking cuts were dripping down his muzzle and the junction of her thighs. The Wolf barked out a hearty laugh and pulled his dick out of Red. His pre-cum gushed out of her widely stretched cunt, and Red moaned in displeasure, thrusting her hips at him uselessly, begging to be filled with cock once more.

Irish Exchange Student No Longer A Virgin

first-time captjim51 2018-05-17

I really liked Kathleen, she brightened up our household and to make a long story short my wife was getting boring and having a beautiful young women in the house was quite a turn-on. She continued massaging her pussy as my hands roamed around her body caressing her breasts, inner thighs and the soft nape of her neck until she had a second orgasm. I wanted to make this night special for her so I kissed her entire body from head to toe, concentrating on her perky tits, long legs and her neck. I fucked Kathleen for several more minutes and I could see the feeling of pleasure was taking her over by the look on her face.

Her Desires

first-time Resee321 2018-05-17

'Well, I think about you a lot...and...I was wondering if you would like to come back to my place with me tonight.' I get nervous, but still keep a smile on my face, 'I don't know about that. "He'd kiss me again, longer this time and put his hands on my hips.' When he would start pulling me closer, I would pull back and say, 'I think we better slow down.' I can tell that he wants to do more than just kiss, but he would say, 'Ok,' with another sexy smile. His hand would caress my body, from my face to my neck, to my chest, over my breast, down my stomach...and would stop right before he got to my panties.

Doing Dad's Girlfriend Ch. 07

first-time fuzzyb2 2018-05-17

My most recent experience with Alexa and her daughter Adrianna had been via their most amazing birthday gift of two 18-year-old virgins, including the sweetest little Japanese exchange student, Mei. When we parted company, Brooke was still inexperienced having only lost her cherry to a jerk of a boyfriend just before we met, but I did not have the pleasure of showing her how a gentleman treats a lady. I must have said something right because Adrianna grabbed my cock in one hand and starter to suck on me like a wild woman. Alexa was staring right at her daughter as she continued, "we are all beautiful women here, Brooke, and I am honoured that you would let me be with you, you know, like this."

The Attorney

first-time Gerrick 2018-05-17

"This is fucked up." She turned away and put her left hand on her hip and pinched the bridge of her nose with her right. "And when you feel like you're gonna cum, make sure your dick is all the way in cause the carpet and chairs have just been cleaned." "Geez, when's the last time you whacked off." I laughed and she shook her head, looking down at our crotches, which were still completely covered by her wrinkled up and now, sweat and pussy juice stained, dress. "No!" Laurinda looked up just in time to see the first thick stream of jizz headed her way. "You're a fucking asshole." Laurinda made me wipe my cum off of the carpet while she cleaned herself off in the bathroom.

Tantric Massage Pt. 01

first-time Mist2Rain 2018-05-17

Based on my reaction to gay porn, I've determined that I'm a bottom and that I want to suck a cock and be penetrated. My thoughts of seeing another guy nude and touching his cock continued and flowed like ocean waves. I had previously thought that tantric sex was a female massaging a guy for forty-five minutes, followed by a hand job. It was surreal to correspond with another guy, saying that I was interested in not only seeing his cock, but touching it as well. Penetration was out of the question, but I did let him know that I did want to experience anal touching. I loved sex with my wife, why did I have thoughts of sucking a guy, being held and penetrated?

110 Louise’s First encounter.

first-time alibodge 2018-05-17

Sid had an errand to run and so it was Polly who greeted the first arrived at about four, a big blousy blond woman with a real hunky chap that introduced themselves as “Bonnie” and “Clive”, they seemed a little surprised to see Louise and while Louise made tea, Polly explained probably to their relief, that the girl was staying and would be with them till just after teatime. Louise wondered if she had dreamed the encounter but deep down she knew she had not, she felt different and fixing her uncle with a f***eful stare, then the young woman began to remove her clothes, she was no longer a girl and she would be proud of her body now and for evermore....

Jenna from the pool

first-time jaimie49 2018-05-17

One night a storm came up and cleared most of the pool.I stayed at the snack bar with Jenna offering to help her clean up so she could get home early for a change.Her response to that was not what I expected.She explained that being here was a break for her, compared to what she was going home to.Six k**s and a husband who doesn't help much.She went off on a tangent about how he wanted her to handle all the housework since he worked 60 hours a week.She works here to get away using the excuse they needed the money,which was a lie.She knew because she also paid the bills.It turned out he wasn't doing much in the bedroom either because he was to tired.I took this opportunity to comment on how he must be a real moron to turn her down in the bedroom.She said that she really didn't blame him because she doesn't really do much to make him want her.