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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Meeting Ivana -by CD[/\

first-time cdanielk1976 2018-05-17

Her hand was soft to his callous grip, and he held it for slightly longer than he should have, letting his finger graze hers as they pulled apart, seeing she did not have a ring on. He moved his hand down between her legs and under, letting his fingers run the length of her smooth thighs, closer and farther up till he met her panties, soft, brushing lightly against her heated bush with his forefinger as it pushed against the delicate cotton of her undergarment. He felt her hands on him again, pulling him towards the heated delight, closer till his tip brushed the slightly open lips, wet and hot with desire.

Life with Aunt & Uncle p 8-10

first-time VictorL4fun 2018-05-17

“Well now that is all out of the way,” Aunt Beth said as she cleared the table, “Why don’t we go over to our bed and fuck our new c***dren.” She said it so naturally that it took a second for the meaning to sink in for Josh and Mel. Aunt Beth started to pull some things out of a cupboard while Uncle Richard laid a couple of towels on the floor. Grab hold of your knees." When they hesitate Uncle Richard reached out and gave Josh a stinging slap across his stomach, instantly raised a red hand print and a yelp of suprise. Aunt Beth was filling to bags with warm water while Uncle Richard greased up a pair of plastic nozzles.

Unrequited Love

first-time fotisampini 2018-05-17

It’s all just a bit sad that we’ll all be moving on soon, don’t you think?” Leah’s eyes started to water and she leaned in closer as the bus pulled away. “Leah, wait!” She turned and looked, “would you like to come back to mine and watch a DVD or something until it stops raining?” Leah grinned and hurried back towards me as I held my jacket aloft as a makeshift umbrella. After a few thrusts Leah moaned, “I’m on the pill so it doesn’t matter if you come inside me Max.” That was probably the sexiest thing I had heard her say ever and it pushed past the point of no return as my cock started to twitch and I let off my load inside of her.

Oktoberfest Sex-Geschichte

first-time cbsummers 2018-05-16

He replied, "Look dude, here's the deal I'm gonna fuck a lot of girls in this room, so we need to work out some kinda arrangement. I guess I'd gotten used to living with an even nerdier nerd than me, because I just couldn't imagine any girl who'd be willing to 1- have sex in this pathetic, low-rent, prison cell of a dorm room, or 2 have sex with a big dumb, cocky, idiot like Troy. I could tell that they liked me just fine, but by the end of the night Troy would be the one making out next to the restrooms, and I'd be the one sitting alone, watching the girls I'd chatted with earlier in the evening leaving with other guys.

Touch Class Ch. 01

first-time Uzi_Johnson 2018-05-16

While I was working one finger inside a little, Shiri stroked Christine's left breast, then leaned over and started sucking it. I disengaged from Christine's hand, seeing Shiri's naked hot ass asking for attention, and got behind her. I obliged, Shiri completely engulfing my dick with her mouth and throat, keeping herself free to grip the dildo with her right hand while frigging her clit and pussy with her left. Christine now took her turn sucking me and showed how quickly she had learned how to give me pleasure, clenching tightly with her mouth, working the whole length of my cock slowly, from the base to the tip, and licking the head, flicking her tongue around it.

Lucky Jim and the Virgin

first-time seekingred 2018-05-16

I am coming clean and declaring, loudly and publicly, that all the good things in my life came to me because of my luck, not hard work. I know there are more accurate words than 'reaped' when talking about sex, but this story is about high school; let's keep it clean as long as we can. She took her keys from her purse and leaned against the car and said, "I am sorry I got upset earlier, Jim. There is so much vicious gossip going around here. I am happy to upgrade my vocabulary to your liking but I want to be clear about one thing: I am not going to shove, ream, ram, thrust or in any other way introduce a ten-inch cock into my Sicilian Mafia virgin.

My first night with a man

first-time 2018-05-16

I could hardly think of anything else that day, and mostly just counted down the minutes until it was time to leave and check in to my room for the night. He unzipped and then removed his pants and boxers, revealing his long cock which was semi hard, I began stroking it slowly for a few moments until he took his cock in his hand and put it between my lips. He picked up the pace and I could hear and feel the slapping of our skin as he began pounding me good and hard like the slut I was becoming. After awhile he pulled out completely and layed back down on the bed before telling me to get down between his legs and suck him again.

Am I An Angel Or A Devil – Part2

first-time 2018-05-16

I took my t shirt and went down to the bed room while shyam followed me. He got very angry and said that if I wont remove my bra within 5 mins he is going to send my videos to the whole college. The tea shop owner came near me and told me to remove my sari and cross the road nude. I went inside the car and watched shyam sitting in the driver seat. Shyam then took some pics of both of us in different poses and gave the phone to the man and we went to leave. I took a nice bath and slept in my room when shyam went home taking his car.

Totally Unexpected Too !!

first-time DancingBanana123 2018-05-16

When I went back in the living room Linda had spread herself on the sofa and once again took my breath away by having pulled her white panties to one side and slowly working the head of the bottle into her soaking pussy. I pulled my fingers from her and her ass hole remained slightly gaping and so I took my chance and place the head of my cock into the entrance of her forbidden tunnel. She stiffened like she was stretching and held herself firm, ready for my thrust.Within minutes I was balls deep in her ass and got my rhythm going. I made my way back into the kitchen and got some more ice before pouring another drink from the cum covered bottle.

Mature whore Toyboy

first-time oralman12 2018-05-16

I grabbed her head and pushed her down onto my cock as she sucked it choking but didnt stop ,another wife came over and knelt down and wanked me as the other was sucking me ,they passed my cock between there mouths as Mary stripped other wife of her black dress giving it to her husband as Mary put his hand on her cunt as she was naked except for stockings and black patent Hi heels all looking at her pierced nipples and her tattoo "Your Whore" as the husband was fingering her cum filled cunt as she got his cock out and sucked it then pulled him over to the bed and stripped him as he watched his wife now nude and being felt by other guys .Mary said "you love watching your dirty slut wife sucking his big cock ,you want him to fuck your slut " he just mumbled yes ,Mary told me to bring her over next to her and fuck her while I fuck her husband .

Richie's First Time

first-time ltmepoz4u 2018-05-16

"Hi, Magda," he said, smiling and looking at Carol. I turned to Richie who was blushing slightly, his eyes moving toward and away from Carol repeatedly. "Richie," I said, "some models will let a serious sculptor like you get close to them so you can get a better idea of their form. "Okay, Richie, put your hands on her shoulders, close your eyes one more time and work your hands over Carol's front. "Richie, I know you want to and I think that it would be best to get this out of the way; you know, lose your virginity." I grabbed his left hip with one hand and his thick cock with the other and pulled him in the right direction.

Writer's Reward

first-time mindvomit 2018-05-16

I moaned and she giggled, sliding her lips down my chest and stomach before yanking my boxers off and running her tongue up and down the shaft of my penis before putting it in her mouth. Kenna must have sensed it too, because she put my dick back in her mouth and began sucking until I felt the pressure build to its maximum point. Her tongue invaded my mouth and I could feel wetness through her panties as she pressed up against my thigh. She grabbed at my penis, but I stepped away, pulling her hand and leading her to the bed. I pulled out and she fell to her knees in front of me, lightly caressing me with her tongue, licking off her wetness and my semen until my cock slowly returned to softness.

Deep And Rough Evening Sex With rajni Aunty

first-time cuteb0y25 2018-05-16

She initially moaned Mmmm mmmmmm sssssssss hhhmmmm and in a few seconds started screaming aaaahh hhaaaa hhaaaaa hhhhhooo grabbing my back head tightly as I thumped my dick hard and rough inside her wet and sticky pussy hitting my waist against her waist. She had got her breath back by that time and she slowly turned towards me and said “I really enjoyed having your dick inside me especially the second time because my intentions in having sex with you were different when we did it for the first time.” I smiled, got close to her and with my hands on her belly said “But I enjoyed our intercourse thoroughly both the times aunty.

The Shoot Ch. 02

first-time TLMorgan 2018-05-16

Having his cock deep inside his first pussy and Connie's humongous soft breasts draping down heavy across his whole upper torso was the greatest feeling Glenn ever felt. "My nephew sure is enjoying himself," stated Jane, as she observed Glenn kneading Connie's soft supple ass as her assistant rode his cock. The sounds of her tits flopping down hard and heavy and slapping against her skin was sweet music to Jane's ears and that tone was once again playing as Connie bounced on top of her nephew with the full intend of taking his virginity. After Glenn's balls were completely drained and his cock fell flaccid, Connie lifted up her gargantuan breasts off his pasty thighs and showed Jane and Ellen the average-size sticky puddle of spunk Glenn made between her tits.

sexy with a black guy in usa

first-time manfed 2018-05-16

and i met this big tall black guy (6'6") who was standing in the middle of the dark hall. he was real nice and said hi and started to invite me into one of the booths and we could he had me turn around and he started to suck my dick again and pull me down onto his nice big cock. on his lap with his big cock up my ass. see the look on his face as i was getting fucked and holding guy had huge lips and i really wanted to feel them and suck so i started to say things like i wanted his big black cock day for me being my first time with a black guy.


first-time john1195 2018-05-16

have been some good smoke last night. I started looking for my clothes and he said what's your hurry? know but I've got to get out of these panties. You worked that sexy ass last night. said, I told you to prove it and you got right down and started sucking You asked me if I was good, and I told you hell yes. of me dancing in the panties and me begging to suck his cock. So why don't you suck my cock he asked? Damn you sure got a tight ass Mark He held me tight and I kept my ass moving on his cock. Finally he pulled me off of his cock and told me easy tiger.

college freshman roomates

first-time pleasureseeker420 2018-05-16

As the hot water flowed over my body as Ella watched, I couldn't help but wonder if she noticed my nipples had become rock hard and completely erect from our d***ken shower. I must have come three or four times, till you walked in that is." Then she laughed, "Too bad he didn't get the chance to get his." We both giggled as Ella began to trace a finger around her belly, "That was the first cock I've gotten since coming to school." Turning slightly red I said, "Why didn't you say something, you just let me do it with you right next to me?" She had just watched as I feverously fingered myself and brought myself to orgasms thinking of the stories she had told.

Dear Dirty Diary - part 7

first-time AdorableLaura 2018-05-16

I blushed from head to toe when I read aloud about your peculiar little pastimes after your husband ignored you on New Year's Day. When I recited your first encounter with Louise, Amy gave me the silliest look of disbelief you could ever imagine. I felt really uncomfortable when I realized the vibrating sensations of the shaver had also caused Amy's clitoris to poke up out of its bald little hood. As if nothing special had just happened, Amy plopped down on the opposite end of the couch and rubbed more skin cream into her arms and legs. She has just finished moisturizing her feet with lots of skin cream and curiously, I feel what seems to be her warm smooth big toe press against my pussy!

The Loving Kriti

first-time Romeomaj 2018-05-16

As she got into the car she brushed her breast against my arm and said "I will get you back for that" she then closed the door and smiled at me through the glass, following me, and keeping eye contact as I walked round to my side of the car. She kissed her way down my neck and onto my chest, slowly undoing my shirt, as she licked and sucked every inch of my upper body. As I rammed harder the car began to rock with our thrusts, every time I pushed into her pussy, I twisted my hips, as she wrapped her legs around my ass, and pulled me into her.

Tokyo Health Spa

first-time TrueMouse 2018-05-16

"Ahhh..." I gasped softly with pleasure as she slid her hand all the way up my penis, gripping it firmly between her thumb and middle and index fingers, traveling from the base to the tip of the head and back again. I loved watching my head disappear in her hands and feel the pleasure shooting all the way through my body. You shoot lots of cum!" she said with a laugh, then asked, "I get all of it?" and with her thumb applied pressure to the underside of my penis, squeezing it up to the top. Then she held it stationary in her hand, squeezing my dick, my cum dripping down her wrists and in between her fingers.

Daugher needed her father for so long

first-time adel5000 2018-05-16

I lay the soap bar in the dish and began rinsing the soap from his cock and balls, getting excited myself as dad palmed my breasts, cupping them and rubbing them with his slippery hands. I made him turn and let the shower spray finish rinsing his stiff cock and heavy balls. I could feel my father's knees quiver as I held his legs and sucked him, making his hardon slide in and out of my mouth. It wasn't long before my knees shook, and I began to have my orgasm, with my father's tongue pressed hard on my cunt. "I want to feel your hard cock deep inside my cunt.

My first time

first-time 2018-05-16

I didn’t answer, I just hanged up the phone and marched fast to the inside while holding to my chest the sign and looking left and right trying to spot anyone who would respond to the name on the sign. As I said that she turned as if she heard me, looked at me, gave a slight smile like if she knows me and started to walk to my direction. I didn’t take a shower neither eat, I just went in my bedroom took my cock off and started to touch it. Thinking of her hands touching my cock, I stroke it couple of time with the image of her mouth surrounds my well shaped mushroom. “I’ll be there in an hour sir” I said and started to walk to my car.

Nose job - a teen story

first-time petdyke 2018-05-16

If an insecure young teen feels she has a weird nose A lot of young girls who enter amateur paid porn look like models, but their nose. 2. The first thing an insecure teen sees, since she started to look in the mirror at ten or eleven. An amateur porn producer specialist - lovely looking herslf - told her how good she looked, when they bumped into each other on main street. The young girl had been dreaming of how good she might look with a proper small cute nice nose. The wiser woman had recognized the look in her eyes and bumped the dreamy teen with her tasty tits. None of those pretty ladies had even looked at her nose!

Gazing in the Mirror

first-time Posocco69 2018-05-16

Looking slowly up my bare, soft, glistening legs to my waist, I slightly turn to see it from a different view, glancing at how my shaped ass cheeks show beyond the string in my baby-blue thong. I turn to face my mirror once again, to proceed up my body, continuing to look at it, realizing that maybe that guy at school had been right about me being sexy. Our lips separate and I release a soft moan as I close my eyes and allow Chris to fully remove my thong. I laugh at his expression that says, “Goddam, woman!” I kiss his lips and then I loosen my grip on him, opening my legs further and then using my fingers on my right hand to spread the outer skin of my pussy.