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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

4 Inches Pt. 02

first-time StriderJohn 2018-05-16

I just couldn't let you sleep with me and then the next day when everybody asked me what it was like, I pretended that we had had sex and I imagined what your cock would be like, I'm sorry I didn't mean to give you a reputation or embarrass you like this, I know a lot of the girls you've been with think you've got a really incredible tongue and so many of them have been desperate to get into bed to feel that cock of yours inside them or even just to feel your tongue again. I licked my lips as I realised she was a very pretty girl, but if I was going to have to work with her in school, was she really somebody that I wanted looking at my naked body?

Neighborhood Buddies

first-time tankengine123 2018-05-16

One day while Sal was still learning to open Arm’s tight asshole with his fingers, tongue, and peter, I started to see how Kitty would react to some attention from me. (She could only take the first two inches; God only knew how I was ever going to fuck her minuscule asshole.) She did not want me to leave her in the company of Sal while I went off to push my cock up Arm’s little asshole. I told Arm to let me and Sal entertain Kitty today and I would be able to start spending more time with him soon. Sal and I watched Arm fuck Kitty’s little pussy and then we explored all three of her love holes.

Allyson the Sissy Whore 1

first-time 2018-05-16

He went to the barman and said that he had no money and the barman smiled and said it wasn't a problem 'you are a glory hole whore...drinks are free for you lot.' Kevin or was it Allyson? She has to pay for your rent in the glory hole and she's been in here all night sucking cock so you can sell blowjobs tonight -- you must be grateful.' Kevin had to watch her finish sucking off her latest punter before the bouncers said that he was next up and promptly she started sucking me off.

The Nastiest Tale: Puking & Gagging

first-time 2018-05-16

That thought made her feel horny, and she also had to take a leak, so she stood and headed toward the alternate ladies' room, the one with the live human toilet slaves, to piss and get her clit sucked on at the same time. Female CUM-SPONGE wanted: Using a two-part harness joined at a cock ring, I will wear one part on my hips with the cock ring held tightly in place at the base of my cock, and you will wear the other part over your head with that same cock ring pressed tightly against your mouth. She dropped to her knees when he entered, and he strapped her head back into the harness, returning his cock to its rightful place inside her mouth.

Sex Education & Single Parents Part 6

first-time Sugardaddy6969 2018-05-16

"I think you are because I'm the first fuck you have had since mom left." Elly said as her tongue licked under his cock head. Ron watched as Elly worked his cock with her mouth as her right hand worked her pussy and her left pulled her nipple. I know you said I was not allowed to date because you are afraid that I would reveal that we are lovers but I don't think that would be an issues with her." Brad said what he had been practicing since he returned home after watching Ron fuck Elly. "Mommy wants you to fuck her now baby!" She moaned as she stopped him from licking her sperm filled pussy.

Camping Adventures Ch. 02

first-time ladedumme 2018-05-16

I do not want to know, but I only came in here because I can hear you all the way from my tent and with all the groaning...I thought someone might be hurt," she glanced down at Sam holding the blanket over his crotch and quickly moved her eyes back up to mine, but not without stopping to glance at my exposed breasts first. I felt like it was just me and Sam. We had chosen to do the thing that would probably turn out better for us in the long run and go to flag down, even if we were both still horny and just wanted to go to the tent and fuck like rabbits all week long.

Cindy, Back Seat Slut

first-time arlene548 2018-05-16

I am going to get laid on Friday night, and I’m going out every Friday for the next year. I set my best laid plans. (Some months later he told me he knew I was under age, but hot chicks were what filled this place with guys buying drinks. Finally, after several minutes a cute guy asks if he can buy me a drink. I simply opened my knees sending a message for his hand to move up. I’m fucking his hand! I didn’t think everything totally through in my best laid plans. That night I learned that getting laid, for a girl/women is as easy as 1,2,3. I got laid three out of four weekends for the next year.

Caught with s****r in laws panties part 1 (humilia

first-time flynn888 2018-05-16

A very strange feeling started to stir inside me I felt flushed with excitement, I opened out the small soft knickers they were a black cotton thong. The scent was awesome and as it filled my nostrils my cock swelled till I thought it would burst, I couldn't resist I unbuttoned my fly and took my hard cock in my hand and stroking it I continued to sniff my s****r in laws dirty knickers. Amy placed her knicker back into my hand and said "I want to watch you wank into my panties" she calmly turned round pulled over a chair and sat down in front of me.

I was his Slut Again Gay

first-time 425olds 2018-05-16

I wanted nothing less than to grab my own cock and jerk myself off until I cum, but by this time Mike had retaken control of my arms. He moved me up and off his cock, and I wanted to yell at him "WHY!!" But then, he moved me forward, onto my knees so that I was knelt over the side of the jacuzzi, ass presented to him. Once again, that moment of pushing the threshold of pain and enjoyment, followed immediately by a large cock filling my whole ass with pleasure. Once inside the room, I was met by the visage of Mike standing there with his large hard cock pointed directly at me.

The Truth About Swinging....

first-time 2018-05-16

If youre having to "beg," or,"talk her into it," you'd best stop right here,and resume rules and roles of the conventional marriage, and never bring this up again to her.Here's why...In 98% of all swinging couples,its the male who brought it up in the first place.Thats right,MOST of the time,its the man who wants to try this.Most women DO NOT want to share her partner with another woman.Most women only get into swinging,because the husband brought it up,and rarely do they bring this up themselves to their spouse.Most women who are swingers, are doing it just to "go along" with their husbands wishes and desires,for a lot of reasons,like out of fears that if she doesnt go along,he'll do it anyway,or she's afraid to lose him in many ways.If you had to talk her into it,its gonna bite your ass later.The second question you need to ask yourself,is this...Two)Do I realize that my wife and others, are not swinging just for my own sexual desires,only,and do I realize that others will be involved??

How it Happened.

first-time 2018-05-16

So on that hot late summer’s day, began a change in our relationship, shielded from the house by a tall thick privet hedge he moved behind me, I sense his bulk, I leant my head into his bare sweating chest and felt his strong arms wrap around my body, one arm supported my around my waist while the other with his thick knelled fingers soon had my trousers belt undone then the trousers’ hook and eye then the fly zip was eased down a enough to cause my trousers to fall just as far as my hips, reaching into the opening Andrew pulled the elasticated top of my underwear and hooked it under my scrotum, which caused my cock to gain extra rigidity, although I doubt that it needed it, as my erection was forming as soon as Andrew mentioned my frequent masturbations.

Yolanda goes to Jiffy Lube

first-time kholoblicin 2018-05-16

I'm not going to be able to take my time with Michael like Ron took his with me.' She pushed the thought of her fifth lover out of her mind and returned her focus to the man who had her in his muscular arms. He placed his hand over her left breast, palming it, then gently lifted it up and outward before relaxing and reaching down to her jeans. 'He's so much bigger than me, could probably snap me in half like a twig, yet I made him groan in pleasure, and almost fall.' She reached under him with her other hand and gently cupped his sack.

Rebecca And Best Friend's Brother

first-time AveryTomDeaconHarry 2018-05-16

‘Oh, I didn’t know she was going as well, I thought she meant just your parents would be gone,’ Rebecca said, a look of disappointment on her beautiful face and not giving away the fact that she knew he would be on his own. Martin looked up and down her naked body, her smooth pussy inches from his face, and was tempted to just stop work right there but knew that if he didn’t finish his jobs now then they would drag on, and he knew what he would rather do, what he was certain he would be doing, for the rest of the weekend.

What I Gave to Meredith

first-time frezrevup 2018-05-16

I forgot Sarah and getting pussy for the first time in my life and anything else but seeing that tiny waist and hot little ass again. Sarah never looked me in the eye like Meredith did. Wasting all my time with Sarah, I'd lost contact with any of my few nerdy friends and was too young to go out with the guys from work so Saturday night I stayed in my room and thought about the softness of Meredith's skin, how it felt to grab her hair, how it felt when she shuttered out her orgasm and me being able to feel her body pulsing over my cock as it was inside her.


first-time EdMarcgrave 2018-05-16

Harry was worried Heather, Bob's daughter, would be angry with him because he came to see her, as she had refused his offer to do their homework together, saying she had other obligations, without pointing them out. "And as he saw I was serious about it," Barbara added, "Bob shortened the grounding to two weeks on the condition Heather and I spent the time naked in the lounge, whoever might drop by." She stood and greeted him, introducing herself as Barbara Thomson, Heather's mother, and asking if he was a friend of her daughter. "Sir, Madam, I think I should be as supportive to Heather as her mother is," Harry gave his opinion, "I wouldn't want to embarrass you," he continued speaking to Barbara directly, "Having to be naked in front of Heather's friends.


first-time redgryphon 2018-05-16

Kat grasped Ian's large hand and placed it on her breast, needing no more words to express her feelings. He kissed her slowly and rubbed her back with one hand while the other grazed down her ribs and cupped her ass, tilting her hips so she could feel the full length of his hot throbbing erection. Kat's pants and gasps turned into low moans when he sucked her icy nipples back into his mouth, the heat of his tongue feeling like fire. Ian knew she would feel pain this first time and wanted to make sure he didn't hurt her any more than necessary. Her pleasure was building higher and when she was just about to climax he removed his hand and pressed the engorged head of his aching penis against her dripping wet opening.

The Swimmer by loyalsock

first-time loyalsock 2018-05-16

girl just a bit older than Laura powered up and down the pool, length 'Here, let me show you,' said Carrie, slipping a hand under Laura's Laura felt an embarrassing swelling in her crotch as Carries hands times Carrie's hands slipped over Laura's mons and breasts causing her Carrie jumped up out of the pool and turned to face Laura. Carrie put a hand either side of Laura's head. Carrie slid her hands under Laura and this time there was no Laura let out a loud moan as Carrie's hand slid down to her young Pulling Laura's legs apart Carrie lowered her until the water Slowly Carrie helped Laura out of the water, and led her, legs


first-time laceysgirl 2018-05-16

Now I was the one getting the cock and was nervous about being able to satisfy him this way I hoped he liked it...He pushed into me slowly while kissing my neck and feeling my back and shoulders I liked that a lot and groaned with pleasure his cock rode up inside me and filled me completely I felt so full yet it felt good to me I liked this and I hoped he did too...He began to fuck me harder and my ass was bouncing up and down with the f***e of his strokes I was urging him on with her voice telling him I loved it and to fuck me harder he responded and began to really give it to me I saw why she cried out those times that cock was amazing he got even harder and harder his cock took on a life of its own and I was begging for his cum and he gave it to me moaning and groaning he filled my well fucked ass with cum then he pulled out and shot loads onto my ass and back wow I thought my man can really cum oh yes he can!!!

like mother like daughter

first-time bigcityguy 2018-05-16

The young girl slipped over my body rubbing her tits across my chest as she latched on to her tit with her mouth and began to suck like a small baby. I was lost in the work of excitement and now the older woman pulled the young girl off her tit and bent down over the head of my dick. With sureness in her moves she toke the head of my hard cock into her hot wet mouth and began to suck the cum from my balls. The young girl had placed her head deep between our bodies and was sucking the cum from her mother and my balls.

Vacation, what Could go Wrong? part 2

first-time naliaopo 2018-05-16

He wanted to answer Amy that her mom, and Beth for that matter, were probably the two sexiest women he had ever seen, but instead, he tried to quickly come up with an acceptable response, "Yeah, you look .well what I mean to say is , .that dress is.well.. As the plane touched ground, Beth looked over at a still obviously sheepish Ron, saying to him, "Don't worry Ron, I won't tell Amy or Pam those nasty little thoughts you were having earlier.



first-time RowanElizabeth 2018-05-16

As Adelle and I sat pressed together on a too-small couch with too many people, I felt her hand caressing my lower back. A new toy was passed our in direction and I felt chilled as Adelle removed her warm fingers from my body to examine it. We were on our way to have a few drinks with friends, and Adelle wanted to stop to pick up cigarettes at her office. Adelle's lips were full like mine and they mingled deliciously, even through the shadow of cigarette taste in her mouth. Adelle grabbed my hand and pulled me to the carpeted floor of the adjacent meeting room, flooded with moonlight through a large window. Adelle sat in the large chair at the head of the table and enjoyed a smoke.

"My Aunt Bev" by Peterpeterx

first-time peterpeterx 2018-05-16

As my fingers parted Bev's nether lips further, her mound of hair parted wider, as my eyes were treated to a large fleshy gash, with dark flesh framing the edges, and the most deliciously smooth pink flesh in the center. And Bev taught me everything about what pleases a woman during intercourse: the thumping of the cervix with the head of my erection, …the side-to-side movement of my hips to, she termed it …” touch the corners,” … holding still and letting her go on top when she was just "too sensitive" for regular intercourse, … how to pump when her feet were on my shoulders, … every technique of inverted intercourse, … what to do with my fingers when she desired to have me do her from the rear … and on and on.

I See Brucey Knickerbocker's Dick

first-time EllenMelville 2018-05-16

No. And if you don't believe what the princess tells you, then she may hike up her short navy blue skirt, so you see right up her long legs, from where you are lying, to the tight small curls of her cunt, where a golden stream is starting that pisses all over you. I sat three rows behind him in class, to his left, and he could not—could NOT-help, five times an hour, revolving his fine head almost 180 degrees to gaze with dumb longing at my pretty gamin face, stern brown eyes, faintly discernible tits, and long pale shapely legs, often crossed. I watch Bruce's face and realize that like a goddess I have power over another person's soul and right then I become a cock teaser.

Young and horny work place fun

first-time wanker5269 2018-05-16

Great tits, prefect pussy, wonderful curves and did I mention she had an young c***d? We fucked the night away and in the wee small hours cumming multiple times, then I went home for a couple hours of sl**p. The great thing was that after the first fucking, I could call her any time and come over and we would fuck all night. Great looking, hugh tits, sweet pussy and a very nice person. Fucking 3 women during the week and one on the weekend was my dreams come true. After 30 years, I'm still fucking that sweet pussy and playing with those great tits and still get out to do all kinds of kinky adventures.