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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Sex with a Mature Woman

first-time xx1448 2018-05-16

The first time I saw a naked woman. Then going to the kitchen in her silk gown and sucking some guys dick. He said suck it bitch and he came in her mouth. Another guy went in the room with her and started groping her tits. Dude pulls down his zipper and plops out his dick and she got on her knees and sucked it. The same guy came over another night and told her to take off her pants. I said I saw you naked alot. I started finger fucking her and sucking her big tits. She slid down the couch and started licking and sucking my dick. She said do it and I started fucking her hard.

Cherrys extra classes

first-time Peter15 2018-05-16

She felt uneasy about it, “Ok suck on my toes for a while it'll help me take my mind off the pain and then you can push through.” he brought her beautiful feet up to his face, they smelt of lavender and they were soft, he took her left big toe into his mouth and sucked on it, then he went to work on the other four toes and then he switched to her right feet and did the same, he didn't know how much he loved feet till today as he got even more aroused and his cock bloated another inch or two.

My first gay experience

first-time Hardcumer 2018-05-16

Realizing I was alone, I removed my towel to let my cock breathe a little, and went to town on my cock, using the sweat from the steam to massage my balls while I stroked my cock (I love having my balls felt, kind of my fetish). I knew it was wrong but it felt so right, and before I knew it I was lying back moaning in pleasure, telling him to cup my balls. I grabbed his head as I thrusted my cock into the back of his throat, not even noticing or caring that I was screaming out loud as I had the best orgasm of my life!

Boat trip with cousin and his mom

first-time 2018-05-16

I didn't know anything about boats especially big ones and Diane and Jake were working to stuff it for a 2 day get away. The guys started talking and asked Diane her name and introduced themselves to be vacationing business men though they looked more like escaped convicts than business men. Finally Diane went to the three guys and told me and Jake to back off at the corner. My fears disappear as my cock stood in erection looking at Diane while the three guys took turns fondling her boobs and nipple. I could tell Diane was d***k when she started talking about her frustration with my uncle being so busy and couldn't give her time.

The Graduate

first-time RandiR 2018-05-15

I couldn’t look at him as I walked out of the room but I could feel him staring at me. He told me he thought we worked on commission when I asked him why he waited behind some lady with a two hundred dollar order instead of going through the express lane. As I licked his cock he ran his hands up under my dress. A feeling so intense was building inside me I thought I would stop breathing. I ran my tongue down his chest, down his stomach and to the top of the tuft of dark brown hair above his cock. “But I’m glad you did it.” I kissed him and held his stiffening cock.

A Fling in Florence

first-time amazingrace69 2018-05-15

But Marcello gives me a comforting look and says, "Non ti preoccupare, Laura." Hours later, Marcello brings me back to Gioia's apartment on his Vespa and we say good bye in the typical Italian fashion: a kiss on either cheek. When these electric shocks pass through me, I jump off Marcello's lap and grab his hand. I release my hand and lick up the underside of his dick, getting it wet and ready for my waiting mouth. Marcello grips the couch cushion with both hands and moans my name with his beautiful Italian accent. Marcello's breathing begins to quicken and his hands move up my arms. I know he is getting close, so I take him in my mouth and suck hard, fondling him with my hands to double the pleasure.

Sex and the Office Ch. 06

first-time sarahloveitt 2018-05-15

I felt like a lady-of-the-world, so I pretended a nonchalance I certainly wasn't feeling. After kissing both nipples, Colin gently pressed me down onto the bed, with my bottom perched over the edge. His hand stroked the inside of my thighs, each stroke slowly moving upwards until the pads of his fingers finally reached the warmth, feeling the sensitive lips, now slippery with juices. Encouraged by this, still kissing me passionately with his tongue, Colin's fingers probed softly between the lips, lingering in each of the slick folds, exploring their texture, thumb flicking over my hard clitoris. He took his time over it, planting little kisses on my belly, my nipples, and even my clitoris.

Mom and I Equal Love 4

first-time HankWilliams1956 2018-05-15

I kept pumping in and out but at a slower pace, as Linda rode out her orgasm and I saw Janet reach down toward her knees, and then put a couple of fingers in her mouth and suck them clean with a, "Mmm, she does taste good, like you said she does." With out pulling out of Linda's pussy I turned her over onto her back and started slowly pumping my rock hard cock in and out of her bald, wet, and tight pussy, "Wait a bit there Ray, Let me have a taste of my first pussy before you fill it up with your baby making cream.

Wife ruined

first-time dwtkatja 2018-05-15

With each thought of those big dicks and how they were going to fill her tight pussy, each thrust of Mark's cock deep into her throat, and Barry's fingers thrust deep into her well lubricated snatch she felt a pressure building between her legs, and finally she snapped back into reality with a scream of complete excitement around Mark's cock. Her eyes shot open as she started to pant, Mark and Barry were now alternating thrusts stimulating her stretched pussy constantly with their hard black cocks. I need your black cock inside me UUUUUUH GOD" and with one final tug Reginald's 12 inch monster sprung forward from his pants, Mark and Barry continuing their barrage on her sopping, stretched pussy.

C is for Clitoris

first-time Many Feathers 2018-05-15

Bree finally managed to lean up on her elbows, vulnerable, slightly embarrassed, but comfortable enough to continue to sit as she was without making any effort to dislodge Alice away from her. Alice planted one tiny soft kiss on the very tip of Bree's clit before looking upwards into her friends face. "Tell me," Bree said gathering her knees against her breasts, wrapping her arms around herself although very much aware her sex was no doubt winking at Alice as she caught her glancing briefly down in that general direction before lifting her head to face her. And as long as the guys where getting what they wanted, I was happy, as I was invited out on several dates," Alice said emphasizing the word, giving it a whole new meaning.

First Time (Fictional or is it!)

first-time 1superhornyguy 2018-05-15

Let me tell you his mouth was so good I had trouble thinking of any thing else, but the way he was sucking my cock. Another occasion I went to a peep show just to make money here the gent just pull my pants down and started to suck a way. Joe started to slide his bare foot under my balls, when I did not stop him he just reach over and pulled my zipper down where he reach in to grab my cock. I wasted no time I was there and getting our cloths off forgetting the drinks, I just wanted to suck Joe off again. I got into sucking on his cock that I wanted to try other men.

Marcy's Playground 12 by loyalsock

first-time loyalsock 2018-05-15

But before we sat down, Evan said in a voice that was so super casual it wasn't just off-the-cuff it was off the whole suit, "So Marcy, you feel ready to go from pee wee football to the NFL?" Evan took my left hand and Jean-Luc took my right and they very gently led me over to the tall wooden fence at the edge of the deck. Evan tap-kicked one ankle where he wanted it, and Jean-Luc gently kicked the other, and pretty soon I was standing spread eagle against the wooden fence wall, a criminal in a play of my own doing. At least, I think it was Jean-Luc at my breast and Evan at my back, wasn't it?

Pound Yon Virgin

first-time sarahhh 2018-05-15

Finally, that Christmas Eve I finished and lugged the shopping bags filled with presents all the way through the mall, heading for the far side where I had come in. "Would you like something for yourself, from Santa?" I shook my head, indicating yes. Santa likes to make people feel good. He rolled his tongue into a tube around the shaft of my clit and slid it up and down, making his tongue like a little pussy for me to fuck. I began to suck Santa's cock like I done to the cucumbers I had practiced on. Santa pulled a condom with red and white stripes on it from his back pocket and quickly put it on as he muttered, "I hate these fucking things.

Getting Lucky (part 2 of 2)

first-time pleasureseeker420 2018-05-15

Sarah continued to watch as she pressed her lips against Kirsty's neck and captured both tight nipples with her thumbs and index fingers. She continued look Sarah in the eyes as she leaned back and spread her legs wide, giving her a really good look at her pussy as she felt her orgasm hit her, her hips thrusting furiously as she let herself go. She licked hard pressing into Sarah's skin as she gently pulled the pussy lips away and flicked her tongue quickly against the clit, delighting in the feeling of Sarah's legs shaking with excitement. Kirsty realised Sarah was close as she took the clit into her mouth and started sucking gently, she continued using her fingers fucking both holes, again and again.


first-time The Collector 2018-05-15

Jill started crawling after the ball, and I continued the game, grabbing her ankle and pulling her in my direction. I moved so that I could see her pussy, and the combination of seeing such a beautiful pussy along with Jill's soft hands gently milking my penis sent a shiver up my spine that told me I was going to come in about ten seconds if I didn't do something quick. Jill began to scream my name as her orgasm hit, causing her pussy to clench around my penis like a vise. I began squirting my cum up inside of her pussy, thrusting like mad and screaming "OH JILL" for all I was worth.

Be It a Fairytale...Fuck?

first-time RuskaBridgitte 2018-05-15

An interlude with a gorgeous woman for a brief moment in time, where neither party expected anything more than a laugh or two, good company shared and bodily pleasure indulged, without concern for judgement past, the need for explanations or inhibitions. Eventually he couldn't help it anymore and let out a grunt so animal-like in sound, it shocked his ears, not believing it came from him and just as he thought he could no more, his pulled back cock, that seemed longer and thicker than he could ever remember it to be, was surrounded by a soft warmth and then the sharpest of something, bit into the middle of his shaft.

Sharing the first time

first-time sexy_sindy 2018-05-15

One night we were watching TV and Joe called and said he was coming by for a little while to hang out so hubby started in again about me being shared. Hubby could not believe it but I reached over and kissed Joe. Then Joe started rubbing my tits through my T- shirt, I loved it. I was getting so wet, and to my surprise Joe moved his under my T-shirt and was rubbing my tits nude hubby did the same. I tried to hold back as long as I could but I came all over Joe's lovely tongue and then hubby pulled away from my mouth and shot warm cum all over my tits, at the same time Joe got up between my juicy wet gash and jacked off all over my pussy!

Nasty Boy Creampie

first-time 425olds 2018-05-15

After she gagged afew times and spit saliva and pre-cum back on his cock, he guided her up onto the bed and kneeled before her and began sucking her gushing pussy. She continued, "O, yes, god, yes, eat me up, suck me off." I am sure she was not trying to cum from his mouth because the whole idea was for her to experience a vaginal orgasm. She followed with a banter of stuttering, "God, yes, fuck my married pussy; sink your huge cock into my stretched cunt. I looked at Cynthia's ravaged cunt and she was starting to flow a thick ooze of white marbled cum from her reddened pussy lips.

first voyeur experience

first-time peteash 2018-05-15

I don't know what they were up to just having lunch or something, but I definitely wasn't invited as younger b*****r and was made to walk the dog. One of the older girls at school who I fancied was standing up facing away from me. Frozen I stared at this beautiful sight standing still for an instant, then thrusting her arse toward me a little as she pulled her black g string up. I loved saying goodbye to her that day and looking into her eyes having seen her exposed and had one of my first wanks and many since over it. Needless to say I spend a lot of time inviting girls I fancied over and suddenly having to let the dog out after that day!

Becky's Marine part 1

first-time derdevil2015 2018-05-15

I heard the screaming of my fellow Marines and was about to begin searching for the source of the noise when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I swivelled around in the bar stool and saw Carl chuckling at me, his face turning into a slight frown as he saw the look in my eyes. My name is Andrew, I'm 28 years old, stand 6'3 and weigh 200 lbs, though most of that is muscle. Carl was waiting outside by my truck with a few of our coworkers and several women. She was a local girl about 25 years old and was a regular to Smokey's bar, which was the best local watering hole.

Fucked My Girl Friend And Her Mother Fucked Me

first-time 2018-05-15

One day one of my girlfriend’s houses, Kusuma (mother of girlfriend) dressed up and came into the hall. Okay mom, no boys will come for me, said Suma. We went inside and later we fucked for half an hour and we both lay on the bed and I asked, “Where is your mom? She said, “You were asking to leave you and your dick was asking to fuck you. I will count 10; if your erect dick didn’t calm down I will fuck you but if it cooled means I will leave you. Later from that day I used to fuck Suma and Kusuma simultaneously without their knowledge

Merry Christmas to One and All

first-time Ian56 2018-05-15

But in a small bungalow way out in the middle of nowhere recently wed Ted and Alice were enjoying their first Christmas morning together opening their presents... Alice gave him her best "Oh, you shouldn't have!" look as she bounced up and down on the spot with excitement, "Oooo honey, what is it?" she giggled with girlish enthusiasm before ripping off the brightly colored wrapping paper on her oddly shaped surprise. Ted soon discovered the delights of spanking and as the last one fell, Alice bounced up, rubbed her red ass vigorously for a minute or so, then turned quickly around to give him a smoldering look that would make lesser men run a mile and hide.

The New Girl

first-time luvfulone 2018-05-15

She looked at me with her cow eyes almost in tears and said thank you so sweet I grabbed her and hugged her close and whispered "Its alright" just like a mother hen. She just looked at me and smiled and asked, "Do you feel better?" I just stared with my mouth hanging open and nodded yes before going back to work. I stuttered as I asked "What made you give it to me?" she simply said "You looked like you needed it and I thought it would take your mind off of what ever had made you cry." "It sure did that!" I replied and I took a quick sip of coffee.

The Train Journey – Part 3

first-time yachtmasteruk 2018-05-15

Picking up the soap I stand behind her and start to rub it all over her back, my hands running up and down her spine, occasionally sliding around the front to soap her breasts, my fingers playing with her nipples as they move over them. Resting my hands on the wall I wonder what she has in mind, when suddenly I feel her fingers on my ass, running them all over me and soaping my tight orifice. I can’t hold back for long and with a huge groan, I suddenly start to ejaculate a never ending stream of cum, shooting against the wall to be washed away by the f***e of water from the shower-head above.