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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

компьютерная леди

first-time ariy_rusi_hypeboreyskiy_vedicheskiy 2018-05-15

were going away on vacation, a month-long cruise, but that Jim "I think these stockings make my legs and ankles look really Yates!" Jim gasped, ogling my stocking-sheathed sliding my hands over the glistening nylon covering my legs. "M..Mrs. Yates," Jim stammered, getting to his feet and Jim had no idea what to do, so he slowly began stripping began to slide my finger tips along the shaft, touching the He began to slide his middle finger in and out, and I loved down my legs and off, then knelt next to Jim on the floor. Slowly, shakily, I stood up, straddling Jim's flat,powerful heels, I put my hands on my knees and began to raise and lower

Taking Maryam Ch. 03

first-time MisterGoneFL 2018-05-15

I knew I would make her come from fucking - obviously not now, not this time; she was mine now - and I momentarily imagined what it would be like when she's actually ready for me. Feeling the stretched depth of her cunt, knowing that this gift was mine and only mine, that not even Maryam had touched herself where my thick cock was now plunged... After maybe ten more pumps of this, I held my cock deep inside of her, hurting her inside and smashing her hips and ass into me, coming in wave after wave as I emptied myself into her pussy...

Virgins No More

first-time Joanmcarthy 2018-05-15

As he got enthusiastic and started jackhammering away from underneath as well I just forgot about timing bounces with the wave, closed my eyes, laid my head back skyward and soaked up the pleasure, feeling my body being pushed about by his thrusting, his cock slowly inching its way deeper as it stretched my bikini bottoms further and further, an orgasm building. And them KABOM; moving almost instantaneously from its source in my clit, through my pussy and from there throughout my body, my orgasm exploded, forcing me to throw my head back into the water and my hips hard against his stomach, jamming the hand down my pants in place.

The Interview

first-time kevinc69 2018-05-15

His head went back on to his wheelchair's head-rest and he started to pant slightly as her rubbing got more insistent - he released her second foot having completed his massage and it moved to be Sliding her bottom forward to the very edge of the bed made it easier for Tom's limited reach and soon the fingers of his right hand were tracing along the edge of her purple panties, brushing over the odd wisp of pubic hair that had crept out from under the garment's restraint. Her knuckles were clearly visible again the panties as two of her fingers rubbed her clit furiously and after 10 seconds of this combined sexual stimulation she panted and gasped and started to wriggle furiously under his and her own touch.

Sexy and tasty Erin comes home.

first-time petdyke 2018-05-15

Arms of her love and that funny local Pete and his poking meat to meet her. Erin left Tiger to his pervert dreams and tried the shower. Erin really likes her new place. Soon the streaming hot water gets the better of Erin, still hot as a dog Erin came so loud that she woke up Erica, who suddenly realised where she was. Erica escaped from the arms of Pete, who stil sleptb like a c***d. Erin welcomed her blond beauty blue-eyed best friend with a kiss. Erin slapped Erica on her beautifuls bums. Wrapped only in her towel, Erin welcomed Erica. Erin wrapped Erica in a towel as well and hugged her dearest, as sexy as shy.

My first lesbian encounter

first-time englishdirty08 2018-05-15

When i was walking out of the exam i was stopped at the door by the invidulator who'd stunned me earlier, her eyes scanning my body. She walked over to me and gently moved her lips 'well there was something, i like it dirty, do you think you're ready?' 'sure i am, i want you to do whatever you wanna do to me, i'm not fussed.' she then planted a kiss on my lips and started to raise her hand up to my face. Not before long she started to lick and suck my nipples biting them a little, i felt the pleasure mounting in my body and without thinking i slipped my hand up her skirt.

Gf uses Strapon on my virgin ass

first-time 2018-05-15

Alyson grabbed my cock through my pants as we hopped out, and I knew I was still going to get lucky. Alyson licked my shaft then began to suck on my balls, and I moaned letting her know I approved. Alyson continued to finger my hole, then lubed up a 2nd then a 3rd finger and inserted them, slowly stretching my virgin ass. As my arms got tired, I took her over to the bed and pushed her face down on the sheets, right where I shot my load when I was getting fucked. Guess I'll have to clean this up." Alyson began licking the cum off the sheets as I slipped my pussy-juice lubed cock into her ass.


first-time expatriate 2018-05-15

I,d had a stroke of luck on the fruit machines at the hotel in West London then leased by the US Department of Defense and I felt it had been due to meeting her, but when I asked to take her out as a thank you she refused saying her parents had warned her not to date american servicemen as the two girls who had her job before had married americans and moved to america. "Thought you might like to play with me" Then she leaned over and unzipped my flies and carefully released my stiff cock so she could start to stroke up and down my shaft. Meanwhile I felt soft lips on my cock and soon Sarah was giving me one of the best blow-jobs I,d ever had.


first-time LusciousLet 2018-05-15

He asked me if I liked to suck cock and I told him I didn't have much experience. He told me to start with slow, gently slurps and intensify the sucking with each stroke. I got up off my knees and sat on his lap as he slid his cock inside my pussy. I rode his cock like a cowgirl and he kept telling me how good my pussy felt and how much he was enjoying fucking me. I then felt the tip of his cock teasing my pussy lips, sliding in just the head then slipping it out. He rammed his hard cock inside me and started fucking me fast and hard.

The Coast is Clear

first-time Oxfordlad 2018-05-15

Below us ran a cycle track, stretching under the bridge and far off into the distance, it forked on our side of the bridge and ran alongside the bank before disappearing into a small clump of trees beside the road. I munched contentedly on my sandwiches while my friend was crunching down a bag of crisps. We were waiting for two more friends. A man came out from under the bridge and sk**ded his bike to a halt. We looked on curiously as he dismounted and began furtively peering up both forks of the cycle track. She shuffled off her bike and, moving next to a tree by the side of the path, yanked down her trousers and pants, squatted down and began to pee.

Waterfall fantasy

first-time mj8319 2018-05-15

You offer me your hand for support—but this time you don’t let go. (Operation fuck has officially begun) I don’t know about you but I am going to go stand in that waterfall. I give you a big smile and start to make my way to the waterfall. I am surprised to see you standing on the bank watching me as I climb up onto the rocks…aren't you going to follow me?? I turn around quickly and kiss you passionately on the lips…my hands grasping your ass not wanting to let go. I feel my pussy clench around your rock hard cock. As we are walking hand in hand back to the trail I break the silence and tell you that that is now my favorite hiking destination as well.

Not Gay But one Taste of Black Cock

first-time 425olds 2018-05-15

“Wait Dave, if you massage my cock I will pay you an extra 50 bucks just like I do with the masseuse.” I found I liked the feeling of his cock touching my lips, so I opened my mouth and let the head slide in. I felt Mike’s legs tighten I knew he was close to cumming so is started to pull my face away but he kept his hand on the back of my head, keeping his cock in my mouth. I am going to fuck you.” “Oh god yes, I love your cock, fuck me good. As Mike is talking I am picturing his big cock fucking my wife and it sends me over the edge and I explode all over Mike’s stomach.

Hail to Hayley

first-time Gallusguy 2018-05-15

In the firdt few days I saw the parents and a couple of young daughters, but one day on my way home I saw a 15/16 year old girl going into the house. He told me the girls' names, and that night I drifted off to sl**p with thoughts about Hayley. Her lips pressed against mine, and we started to kiss, our bodies moving together in the water. My heart was racing as I brought my hand up between our bodies, and gently squeezed Hayley's tits. I was rock hard from what was happening, but when Hayley saw this she just smiled at me. Hayley solved my dilemna by reaching her hand to the front of my shorts, and taking hold of my cock.

the girl in my street

first-time 2018-05-15

well one day i was walking down my street and walking the other way was this girl she had long red hair and short jeans she was looking beautiful. in the next couple of days i was talking to her on hotmail we started to get to know each other well so i asked her out. then she stopped talking and left. late that night she calls me and says " im out on the street come and meet me" so out i went. then she ripped her shirt of and stuck her tits in my face she pulled down my pants and she sat on my dick and fucked. ever since that day we have stayed friends but will still fuck on a daily basis.

Loving Moondog

first-time sack 2018-05-15

Frank and Marvin laughed so hard they almost knocked over their flimsy food trays, as Eddie deliberately knocked his chair into Moondog's. As the study group got underway, Scott dutifully answered sample test questions in a mechanical voice, being far more interested in staring at Moondog. Scott sat down quickly next to Eddie, who chucked a small stapler at Moondog's cowering form. At the same time, Frank tried to lunge toward him, but Scott turned at the last minute and watched in glee as Frank careened into a row of dinner trays, wailing in pain as his back smashed into them with amazing force. Scott quickly gathered Moondog up and escorted her to a study area off of the cafeteria.

Late Night Ride

first-time jasonroddy 2018-05-15

He jumped up and stepped down the hall into his roomy's room again, I heard some grunts and what sounded like a few smacks, and then he came back out, stopping by the fridge to retrieve the beers. He pulled his tee shirt over his head, and glad for the feel of his bare flesh under my hands, I said kind of low, "Yep, that just happened..." He giggled a bit at that, then held a hand over his shoulder, "Gimme your beer dude, mine is empty." I handed him my half bottle of beer warm from being between my thighs and right next to my ever hardening cock.

Pt # 2 of The Muslim Sexy Encounter

first-time pm1942cr 2018-05-15

covering her entire Pussy up completely and it goes almost up to her navel too ?...I love looking at it and my Cock does a shudder under the water as I run my hand down to gently stroke along my hard shaft's length.... After what seemed like a few seconds I pulled out of her and then....went UNDER water and started to LICK her Hairy Wide Open Pussy Lips as best that I was able to while trying NOT to drown doing it ha ha ha ha, She of course loved it all, and just stood there in the chest high water cooing like a baby when I came up for air.....

The professor part 1

first-time coopnukemall 2018-05-15

Every time she would get close, I could smell the sweetness of her breath ( like she ate fruit or candy but i cant narrow down a distinct type) as she exhaled and the faint smell of lavender coming from her neck, Needless to say, I had a super intense boner, my heart rate was elevated and I had to keep my hands on the desk and lean forward so nobody would notice. Once we stopped, i kissed her neck again, then moved down fondling her breasts with my hands as i gently nibbled on her nipple, at this point she's taking deep breaths and letting out these soft mellow moans.

History 231

first-time romantagirl 2018-05-15

He moved back slightly and cleared his throat and replied, "Diane, you may think that you want to be with me, but I can assure you that it just an" I stopped him again, this time by putting my hand to his lips. Then, while looking up into his eyes, I slowly lowered my mouth down his cock until the hairs at the bottom tickled my nose, and I held there for a moment then released took my much needed breath. As he exposed my breasts, he moaned again and gently pushed me to my back and began to kiss my right breast and flick his tongue over the nipple as his left hand fondled the other one.

the book store.

first-time 2018-05-15

It took no time for him to find her bare pussy and his hand rubbed as his mouth devoured the tits. He then started to finger fuck her pussy as he chewed and sucked her large nipples. He pushed his tongue deep in her hole and tongue fucked her without mercy feeling her cum many times. He put his hands under her ass to raise her to get more depth in her hole then he began to thrash and fuck her hard. He loved fucking a wet slippery cunt so he was pleased every time she flooded his cock with her cum. He pounded her pussy over an hour knowing she would be sore from his monster cock but he loved fucking her hole.

My Wife and I Come to Terms

first-time iPeg 2018-05-15

I rose from the sofa, turned off the television, locked all the doors, brushed my teeth, and slid into bed. Again my eyes began to close as my mind walked through the events of the past few weeks. So...we can either live out the rest of our lives like it has been for the past two weeks or you can let me get my feelings out for the next twenty minutes." Once it got past the initial opening, I felt a sudden rush of lust. With another "Oh god", my cock spasmed relentlessly and I could feel the cum that had been building up for two weeks spray the bed. I could feel my wife slowly stop thrusting and then inch the dildo out of my ass.

The Repressed Librarian Ch. 02

first-time Tdisk 2018-05-15

I've been very open about my secrets; tomorrow at lunch I'd like to learn of your secrets- including your sexual proclivities." With that Sally returned to her book cart and pushed it to the other side of the floor where she resumed her work. Just that little bit of cloth seemed to accentuate your chest and gave you an all-over very sexy look." Sally blushed but was smiling as she visualized herself walking around his bedroom and sleeping next to him naked except for a thong. Bill moaned and said, "You don't need a black leather corset; you've got some Dom genes buried in your repressed librarian's mind." As instructed Bill stared at Sally's mouth as it varied its touches from kisses to saliva drenched tongue baths while her fingers occasionally trailed up his shaft but largely caressed his balls.

My first paid sex without condom

first-time kinkyguy1000 2018-05-15

Guess what, I chose the second one :) of course apart from her ass, another reason is my preference for slightly darker color (its not that i am racist, but somehow in my psyche I have this embedded that a darker girl would be better at sex I dont know why, please excuse if I offend anyone by saying this)... It started feeling good and she also realised this from my completely different moans :) In a min or two she picked up gusto and her fingers (either 1 or 2 I really dont remember lol) reached my prostate. Before she could cover my cock with condom I decided to finger her first and see if she could be open for taking 1-2 in her ass too (I always try that..

Business School lover

first-time Longstretch 2018-05-15

One of the interns was Kathy, who had graduated from Vassar and was headed to Harvard Business School. She asked me to let her know where I got into graduate school. When I got out of the car with my duffel bag, Kathy met me and we went back into the house. The box went on the table next to the bed and my hands went to Kathy's hips as I pulled her to me. Kathy showed no hesitation as I moved for her pussy but she pulled back slightly when I put my finger inside. Kathy went to the bathroom and I waited for what seemed like a long time as water ran and toilet flushed.