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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A High School Relationship (Part 2)

first-time seangeldart 2018-05-14

She was wearing a sexy red bra, with matching knickers which looks so good on her. 'Oh yeah, it's sort of a...pyjama party.' Chantelle walked in, 'The rules apply to you Sean.' 'Chantelle' Molly said 'Truth or dare?' 'Have you ever kiss a compete stranger at a party?' Molly dashed me a look. 'Right, Sean...' said Molly 'Who is your crush?' Molly dashed me another look. 'Err...' Molly was secretly pointing at Chantelle. My mind raced from one girl to another, saying Chantelle was not an option. Molly gave me a dirty look. Chantelle gave me a quizzical look. More truth's later and Chantelle stood up. 'Sean, maybe you didn't understand, Chantelle is only here for one night.'

Loving You, Making Love to You

first-time raven18 2018-05-14

As he gently licks at my neck, a small moan of pleasure escape from my lips as I feel his gentle moist and warm kisses trial down from my ear down to my collarbone. I moan gently, wanting him to touch me, to feel me… I felt my wetness flowing he continues licking my stomach and massaging my thighs. His tongue felt so good… so soft and wet… I feel the warmness building up more and more… I gasp out as I breathe loudly, feeling my body moving without under my control, feeling myself shaking so intensely that I feel his hands gripping onto my thighs so that he wouldn't lose his place.

Sexy Lesbian Gets My Wife at Resort Bar

first-time 2018-05-14

My girls were in full makeup, wearing the skimpiest shorts they could find, small bikinis and sexy white gym shoes and socks that accented there gorgeous young bodies. Well Susan knew I was bi sexual and every time she walked by me to ring up a bar tab she bent over exposing her perky tits and nipples to my unbreakable stare. Susan’s pussy was very small and my mouth and tongue began working its magic. We rested and then I said to her “this is going to work out fine, you get to parade around my bar all day with almost nothing on making a fortune in tips and my husband and I get to fuck you whenever your old man is out of town.

Happy Fucking Birthday Frank

first-time fotisampini 2018-05-14

He was tempted to let go of his cock and her hair and scoop them up in his hands, or turn her around have Fiona wrap her tits around his throbbing erection. Fiona kept one hand on the shaft of Frank's cock, just in case he got excited and started trying to fuck her mouth. Fiona felt Frank's hand slide along her body until they rested on her breasts. Each time he pulled his cock all the way out, he could not get enough of the way it felt when the head of his dick penetrated Fiona's tight ass. Fiona was pleased that her body had accommodated Frank's cock more quickly that the last time he had fucked her ass.

Mrs. Smith {Part IX}

first-time archer_p 2018-05-14

Not wanting to leave Ponte alone since I promised his mother I’d watch him, I said, "how'd you like to spend a couple of nights in the city with me?" As if on cue the girl got up and I heard her tell her parents she was tired and going back to the room. Pulling her top over her head she pushed me against the wall and grabbed my now hard cock through my pants. “FUCK” I moaned as she looked up at me with her deep blue eyes as she slide my cock out of her mouth. I reached down and picked her up pulling her close to me for a kiss and to keep her hot mouth off my cock.

The Night My Wife Was Blacked!

first-time Cuck4black2 2018-05-14

I told my wife why don't you ask that black gentleman to dance so she immediately went up to you and ask if you would be so kind and of course you did and must of knew that I wanted this also because you bumped and ground up against her the whole time getting feels. She then got up from sucking your cock and said I have to have that BBC in my pussy as she pulled her skirt down and off and laid on the living room floor totally naked with her legs spread at which time you got on the floor and began to eat her married white pussy.

Not a Librarian Anymore

first-time VeryDirtyMind 2018-05-14

Mrs. Ryan must have been the librarian since the school was built, and since I liked to read I ended up spending a lot of time in the school library, probably reading half of the books in the place. The more I looked at her breasts which hung down close to her stomach, I figured out that they weren't as big as I thought they were when I first saw them but had probably started to droop like my Mom's had, although that brief glace I got at hers led me to believe that she had the lowest hanging boobs in the world.

a day in the life of a farmer

first-time bobbyboyrobert 2018-05-14

Her pussy was shaved and I could feel the warmth of her juicy pussy in my hand, I didn’t need asking twice, I began to rub her clit her pussy getting wetter whilst my cock was getting harder. I was so turned on she said I worked her well and now It was my time she pushed me back into the chair and unzipped and removed my hard cock which had pre cum oozing out of it. Her small soft hands made my cock look and feel so big I knew she was going to suck me off my heart was racing as her long blonde hair fell infront of her face as she lowered her mouth onto me.

The English Project

first-time bigdarryl 2018-05-14

I looked on in amazement as Cate began to rub herself through her panties as she stared at Megan’s bare bosom. Cate sat down on the couch next to me as Megan whipped out my cock and moistened it with her tongue. Cate was more and more aroused as Megan began rolling my dick around in her mouth. When Cate reached down to caress my balls it was too much; I shot my load into Megan’s mouth, not for getting to jiz in her eye. Nevertheless I began to slowly massage Cate’s clit, every so often reaching up to feel Megan’s also dripping snatch. With all this help, it was no time before Cate came in a shower of juices that Megan greedily licked off her fingers and mine.

Indian Summer Ch. 1

first-time daana 2018-05-14

"What the hell is wrong with you?" I all but screamed & tried to pull my hands out of his. He held onto my hands tighter, and asked me "Just tell me, damn it!! "Tom this isn't right!!", my voice was weak with an emotion that I hadn't ever experienced. "Does he touch you like this?" his hand lowered to my neck. His hand went a little lower, into my panties. I want to take it slow & easy!!" he touched my neck, then started sliding his hand down. His mouth enclosed my left breast, and his hands started a journey to my core. "Can I taste you there?" he asked in a husky voice, his hands spanning my waist.

The Steamy Chase Ch. 06

first-time adjoaq 2018-05-14

"Hey come on let's dance." Dean said drawing Kayla onto the dance floor. Kayla's gaze which was fixed on his, flicked down to his lips and she let out a sexy little whimper that went straight to Dean's cock, making it jerk. "No, thanks." Dean said tightly and got out of the car, taking note of how shaky Kayla looked. Not wanting a repeat of what had happened the last time she had gone straight to open her door to Dean from the shower, Kayla pulled on a pantie, bra and a long clingy t-shirt and went to open the door. Now pack your stuff into the bag and let's hit the road." Dean said dropping a quick kiss on Kayla's lips before stepping back.

Big vs. Small

first-time Ashson 2018-05-14

The man heaved himself out of his car and strolled over to Cheryl, looking concerned. "He merely pulled me over to let me know my speed was creeping up and to be more careful," Cheryl said sniffily. "I said I will do it myself," Cheryl told him, knowing the time had come to be very firm. To demonstrate how helpful he could be Andy took hold of Cheryl's top and lifting it up and off, thereby demonstrating that she definitely didn't have a bra on and that her breasts had been somewhat constricted. Cheryl opened her mouth to let Andy know just what she thought of him and his assumptions and then closed it again, looking startled.

needed to pass highschool

first-time wowOHwowslut 2018-05-14

While he was there he just tried to tune him out and all his yelling then all of a sudden he stopped ,looked at Jimmy stood up closed and locked his office door then sat back down and said this “ since you really need to pass sophomore year I’ll offer you this.” As he said this he leaned back in his chair put his hands behind and finished his sentence. While I was sucking on his dick he put his hand on the back of my head and stuffed it on his cock and when he began to facefuck me he came in my mouth I looked up and swallowed all of his hot steamy cum.

Working At The Car Wash

first-time Starbug360 2018-05-14

"Here," she continued, handing me a flyer, "The high school cheerleading squad is having a car wash this afternoon in the student parking lot to raise money for new uniforms." She jumped up and down enthusiastically, "Go Cougars!" As I took the paper from Kelly, my finger ran lightly over her small, soft hand, "Anything I can do to support a good cause." I assured her; my head was already swimming with images of tiny, wet t-shirts and short-shorts clinging to perfect 18-year-old bodies. My chest pushed her so she bent over the open window of the car door, and I tweaked her nipples rather roughly and saw one of those now familiar shivers run through her young, shapely body.

my fantasy part II

first-time nebraskasissypussy 2018-05-14

I stood in front of my mirror thinking if I wanted to go to the street where the other girls of the night hung around or the local truck stop. I pulled my dress up and freed my cock from it's tuck! He is really going to town on my hole and I orgasm right as he pulls his hand out of me and immediately replaces it with his massive throbbing cock balls deep inside me!! I looked back at him as I pushed his load out of my hole catching it in my hand. He said ohh my fucking gawd as he pulled another $100 out of his wallet and smiled as he handed it to me!

Four for the Handyman Ch. 03

first-time spikysex 2018-05-14

I wanted to peruse her collection, see what she was into, but frankly, with Tatiyana's side deal, and Marie's 'rule' that I wasn't to touch the other women until after I'd succeeded with Suzy, I was growing a bit desperate for a release. Karen got to test me to make sure I was good enough, Tatiyana gets to tease me, to keep me motivated and ready to go whenever the time comes.... To be honest, I think a hard fuck over the counter was a perfect way to get started, but Marie does know what she's doing I suppose." I heard the girls, not sobbing now but talking quietly and rapidly, moving away from the kitchen.

the way i do her..

first-time bliebent 2018-05-14

first i would start out on licking her lips and licking the clit.. than i would go from there and suck on your clit lightly and finger her gspot.. i keep doing that than i would rub on her clit or sometime suck on her clit with fingering her gspot.. once i know she is ready and had at least one oragsum i would put my cock into her and rub her clit while i slide it in.. lay on top of her and feel her breast and kiss her neck while going in and out slowly.. i would rub her clit and push up when she gose up and down on my cock..

The lead-up to a first experience

first-time dlcalguy 2018-05-14

I was married, and straight, and the occasional wank looking at men fucking each other didn't change anything. I came up out of my sl**p, feeling Keith's hand on my cock. I felt just a little ashamed every time I'd wanked off looking at men. In a little while I felt Keith's fingertips, just faintly, touching my back. I felt Keith's hand touching my erection again. I didn't know what was going to happen next, but this - this stripping bare and lying close to Keith with my cock as stiff as could be - it was the final admission, to myself and to him... Keith also quickly took off his pyjama bottoms and then lay close to me. I felt my hard cock touching his.

Sharing in the Library

first-time Hopperdoggy 2018-05-14

“It’s got an article I need to pull some references from.” Again her face lit up into a veritable sunshine of a smile and I was lost somewhere between the sunlight of her green eyes and the night-time shadows under her teasingly half buttoned shirt. I think I whispered something like “Oh God” as she started sliding her other hand up and down my cock. Suddenly her mouth slid over the end of my cock and before I knew what was happening, again I started to cum, this time in her mouth. I felt my dick begin to get hard again as she started rubbing the end of my cock over her pussy lips between her hard little clit and her arse.

The Ritual

first-time Merlinslair 2018-05-14

At almost the same time I hear a soft voice behind me say, " Hi, is that for me?" Startled, I cover my lap with my hands and look around to see that I had forgotten to lock my door, and Angel was standing in the doorway, bare as a newborn, still teasing the soft hairs between her legs. Her hands are still massaging her breasts and pulling at her nipples as I slide my tongue along her tender lower lips. As she starts to cum I lift her hips and sit up so her legs are across my shoulders, never stopping the tonguing I am giving her clit. I pull her very close and tight as I push in hard and feel her flesh open and let me past.

Static In My Head

first-time Dani Meadows 2018-05-14

Slowly, I worked my way to his crotch and began to massage his member until I felt him bulge under my hands. We got in and I informed him that we'd have to let the car warm up or it might die on the way back to his apartment. He smiled and said "Good." Not even a second later, his lips were pressed to mine in the most romantic, sexual kiss I have ever had to pleasure to enjoy. As he kissed his way over each breast and nipple, biting and sucking and biting again, he mumbled, "No way." Our conversation ended there for the time being. I unbuttoned my jeans and slid them down to my knees, not wanting to move and pull away from his mouth on my nipples.

Late Bloomer

first-time GardenOfCindy 2018-05-14

Midway through, one of the party guests had gotten a little too drunk and rowdy which made Lyle a bit uncomfortable. Instead, we looked through the crack of the door near the hinges to see Leanne naked, bouncing on top of one of the party-goers. If you see Leanne, can you let her know I took Lyle home?" I said. probably." I said, looking at Lyle. "I can't think of a better way to spend my birthday than to be here with you." I said. We started kissing for about three or four minutes later, when he said, "I think it's coming... "I'm sure it will be fine." I said, leaning my head into his shoulder.

Slightly, Once Ch. 03

first-time Balrog 2018-05-14

She made me feel proud taking my arm in hers as we walked to classes, but that was long before really public displays of affection were tolerated, so there wasn't much beyond squeezing my arm or holding my hand. "Mom knows we've made love," Kim said. "If ever there was a time in my life when I needed to hear that from you, it's right now." She held me close as I buried my head in her shoulder and sobbed like a baby. I hold you and I feel like I have sidestepped time and we will hug for all eternity, with the world frozen. I love the intensity I feel when we do that." She looked at me, those beautiful blue eyes boring in.

My very first anal

first-time JuliaBlue 2018-05-14

I was begging him to screw me but he slapped my pussy lightly and said: “I told ya to sit still.” His fingers touched my clit. Scott had big fingers and they made my desire even stronger… My pussy was all leaking lubricating my anus. I didn’t really care, all I really wanted was his big dick inside me. Scott turned me round and made me kind of hang over the armrest making both of my holes totally accessible for his fingers and penis. “Fuck my ass….” Scott lubricated his dick in my pussy and started entering my asshole. I spread my hole with my fingers: “I want it harder babe….” It was probably really hard for him to control himself….