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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

First Time

first-time 2018-05-14

Marion placed one of her hands on my knees. Marion, being older by fifteen years and heavier by fifteen pounds, became the aggressor and pushed me against the sofa we were sitting on. The woman took one of my nipples into her mouth and started sucking hard. I opened my mouth and started sucking one of her nipples. Marion slipped over my body so that her bush was just above my face. When she brought her vagina down I buried my mouth between her legs and started performing cunnilingus. The woman mouthed my vagina and we sucked away in utter abandon. I slipped my hands over her large, soft rump as I continued the oral act.

Erotic man from the library

first-time 2018-05-14

After a few minutes of this I turned around and laid on my back spreading my legs, he crawled across the bed leaning over me, I held his perfect big cock in my hand, feeling it tensing as I then guided it to my aching pussy, feeling it brush against my clit and then my hole made me wriggle and moan and then I got him to my hole and pulled his cock as he lent down sliding so deep inside of me.

My Survival guide

first-time 2018-05-14

My First Time survival guide for people who are well not me, bear grylls or well anyone with the And i thank the One and only Bear Grylls for helping me pick up thoes skills needed to pass through the hardest times i have Bear Grylls i have watched your shows beacuse your the best i like out of the other lot i have seen through out these years beacuse even thoe you First of all is A Natural Torch the best way to do this can be very hard make sure when making this you have a secured handle, I my self had this problem once i thought of making one with out any handle well that never

b*****rs Boyfriend pt.2

first-time 2018-05-14

Bill lifted me off of Bobby and said "I want to feed him my load, watching you two has got me on edge" I moved and Bill took my place , he shoved his cock in Bobby's mouth,Booby was going to town slurping and sucking,and Bill was pounding his face, Bill reached behind him and grabbed Bobby's cock, for the first time he spoke out "Jesus Bobby" "you must really like this " Benny come down here, and look at his cock,and all of the precum leaking out of it.

Trevor Meets His New Doctor

first-time alan9 2018-05-14

The nurse leaned slightly around to the boy's face, "Trevor, first I'm just going to open up your gown and adjust it on your lap so the doctor can begin the exam." The nurse leaned in and reached across Trevor's broad shoulders with her right hand and grasped his gown on both sides of his neck, pulling the gown forward, away from his arms and down across his chest. The nurse slowly reached forward with her right hand and gently brushed her fingertips across Trevor's right jaw and on to his throat where her fingers lightly tickled his neck and adam's apple, mirroring the doctor's feather-like touchings on the back of the boy's neck. As Nurse Landry continued to touch, tickle and stimulate Trevor's stiffening, engorged nipples, Doctor Taylor softly tickled the boy's ribs, continuing on down to his waist just above his hip bones where she lightly tickled the soft, sensitive skin there.

Sex Club for College Students Ch. 02

first-time RaleighBoy 2018-05-14

Calie turned a little red, as she was not used to sharing the details of her sex-capades to her girlfriends, but went on to explain, "Since I hadn't been with a guy in over a year, it was so nice just being naked next to him and feeling his skin against mine." Calie lowered her voice to a whisper to make sure no one close by could eavesdrop, "This was the first time I ever had sex, where the guy wasn't wearing a condom. "Matt is a really great guy and I have to admit I am a little disappointed that the rules don't allow us to date again for another two months." said Calie, "But, maybe I just feel that way because he's cute and he caused me to orgasm several times. With his hands still on her shoulders Peter spoke softly, "Calie, you know I am studying and plan to work in sports medicine and therapy.

Special Gift for Dominick

first-time dominick76 2018-05-14

Once they got back to the car, Dominick took her other hand also and kissed the wrist and her arm all the way to inside of her shoulder as he watched her dreamy looking sultry eyes. Dominick put the car into gear and started off as Jackie pulled out his 6" cock, lowered her face to the shiny knob and flicked her tongue out and against the tiny slit on the end of her indulgence. "Jackie, honey, if you don't slow down, I'm going to be at a point where I will not be able to avoid cumming in your mouth," Dominick shouted. "Dominick, I can feel that big, beautiful cock trying to drill through both of our pants to get inside of my pussy.

Banana fun!

first-time mahi789 2018-05-14

Think its funny to tell and show you all how experimental I was with sex! Took a banana and went back to the half stript boy, how was undressing im self in the meantime! I went on my knies, next to the bed and pull pablo’s legs so that I could eat his ass on the correct hight! After playing with that, I came up the idea to peel it… So I took of the skin from the banana and stick the complete soft banana up his but and starting eating (literally) the fruit out of his ass! And I, like a real men, fall a sl**p after sex and dream about the next creative ideas what I could do, private or in films!


s****r in Law’s Power Goes Out

first-time g43 2018-05-14

Us three guys fucked Barbra for two hours and she was like her s****r my slut wife, when our cocks would not get up any more she sucked our cocks clean and said I guess that will do for now. Barbra and I talk a little and she plays with my cock to hopefully get a little more I think or a lot more depending on how you look at it, which she does I fuck her in her ass but pull out and push my cock deep in her pussy and cum for her giving her the seed she asked for.

Carols e****t adventure

first-time griffen1 2018-05-14

She lay full length on her bed beside him now enjoying the amazing sensations of his smooth naked skin against her own – She had imagined many times what it must be like to be naked against the smooth body and now it was happening for real; She caressed him and kissed him some more and then later, as if knowing that it was the right moment she drew him on top of her – opening her legs to feel his hardness against her very wet and waiting pussy lips.

Something About Veronia

first-time leftist 2018-05-14

I thought, "Do you expect me to sleep on the couch in my own apartment?" But her reaction seconds after she said this illuminated the fact that she meant this as an invitation to sleep in the same bed, for the first time. I had imagined what she looked like in her underwear 1000 times before, while I abused my cock with my right hand, but the real thing, with the way the tank top fell at her breasts, revealing more than a hint of cleavage, and showed off an ample amount of her midriff. She had teased my lips with her mouth earlier, but now that I was in control, I probed her mouth with my tongue, pushing the envelope further than it had been in our year and one half relationship, officially declaring my intentions to ravage her body.

Easy like Saturday Morning Ch. 02

first-time CyranoAndersson 2018-05-14

I opened my mouth to ask why she said she had everything else and then realised I had forgotten to list that in my specialty dish on the phone, so I merely said, "OK, that part is optional, but we need to get the tarragon, ginger and water boiling, then add the pasta, then the salt later." I offered to use my fingers to which she replied, "I am not marrying you for your finger-fucking skills, good as they are, I want your manly heterosexual cock inside me!" Using my left arm to hold my weight off her and my right elbow, I managed to slide two fingers inside her and apply pressure to her front wall, effectively tickling her tummy from the inside, whilst getting a rhythm going with my mouth organ.

My first blowjob

first-time mistermonday 2018-05-14

At first I thought he had problems to pee so I said "takes time, huh?". He said "no, I am not here to pee, I am here for dick watching". How dares he, I thought, and said "okay, then I'll do the same" and looked provokingly at his dick. Thank God, at that moment the door opened and another man entered. We both left the restroom and I started heading towards my car, when I saw that the man turned around the corner, entered into a single toilett box next door and left the door a bit open. I was hypnotised by this view, fell on my knees, and without the slightest hesitation started to lick and suck his cock!

"You can make love to me," she whispered

first-time catmandew 2018-05-14

"What did you think of Karen?" Mark barely lifted an eyebrow but I could tell that his was a deeper question than just my impression. "Dave," Mark called out from his office, "Karen wants you to come down to the office again. Karen lifted her head from my shoulder, turned and looked deeply into my gaze and said the words I never thought I'd hear. Karen spread her legs, looked back over her shoulder at me and smiled. Placing the head of my penis right in the center of her little pink rosebud I pressed forward feeling the warm grip of Karen's sphincter on my cock as it slowly disappeared into her ass.

Satin Panties

first-time Gehld 2018-05-14

As it was getting closer to 10 pm the girls were making their way in, along with the four bachelorette groups. She stood about 5-5, natural silky soft brown hair, sexy shoulders, gorgeous face, crystal blue eyes, large natural breast with nipples the size of your pinky finger tip, an ass that said ride me, legs so soft looking and sexy painted toe nails. This one song came on and it pulled us together as we started to dirty dance. She now had both hands on my cock slowly stroking me on the dance floor during a slow song. She turned around bent over and reached back pulling my cock out and slipping it under her dress and put me right between her cheeks of her tasty ass.

My first time

first-time Pennis17 2018-05-14

A few days later I went over to my neighbors house to play but he wasn't there. But he asked if I wanted to play some video games in my underwear with him. I had no video game system and desperately wanted to play, so I stripped down to my underwear and started to play some games as a couple of plumbers in the pipes. This time I knew that my friend was not there but I just wanted to play video games. In fact the last time I was there it seemed like I had an erection before I went over there and it stayed hard all the way through until I left. He got me in a position where he could grab my ass and play with my cock.

A Boring Summer Holiday

first-time trindriver121 2018-05-14

Sam started rooting in his mother’s drawers, pulling out a pair of her silky panties, he sniffed at the crotch, which just smelled like washing detergent. As Sam felt the shiny material between his fingers, and gently rubbed his face with the silk material, ha asked his s****r, “Do you wear panties like these, I wouldn’t mind sniffing your dirty panties” Jo lay there for a couple of minutes, her denim shorts around her ankles, her knees spread wide, one hand up her T shirt and the other stuffed inside her tight cotton panties. Sam was stroking his own cock, inhaling the panties in his hand and staring at his s****r’s sex mound.

Face f***ing my s****r's friend

first-time jackingofftocelebs 2018-05-14

I just imagined her giving me a boob job and it turned me on so i right away took her bra and panties. I went closer to her face and started jacking off more but then she moved so i quickly knelt down then i knew i had to stop cause i did not want to get caught. that right away turned me on i quickly thought about jacking off right there on the spot and that just made me really nervous cause i knew i had a chance to see her boobs. her breast were exposed and i didnt know what to do so i started massaging them and they felt very soft.

Discovery Ch. 02

first-time artmp3 2018-05-13

Figuring that the girls had finished their showers by now, I was going to be able to pretty much jump right into the shower when I got back to the room. Even though my strokes were not that fast, my over heightened state of arousal and just the pure taboo nature of what I was doing with my mom and sister in the same room and in the bed right next to mine, it would not take long for me to finish. Reaching the point that I would now cum regardless if I continued or not, I stopped my stroking and just held my cock as I began to feel the first torrent of jizz snaking its way up the shaft to release.

My first handjob experience

first-time nayborsydel101 2018-05-13

After I was done cleaning myself I would get aroused and start masturbating in the tub thinking about girls, and having sex with them. So I slowly and quietly started to masturbate myself to orgasm, after a few seconds of masturbating I must have woke up The Maid or something because I was moving around a lot, but I didn't know she was awake so I continued to masturbate when all of a sudden She reached over and hug my body. Then she stopped and said "I'm gonna make you have a better orgasm honey. She said "That great" But remember that was a one time deal and you cant tell anyone.


first-time john1195 2018-05-13

I asked him about this, he said that he worked this part time gig that going to suck cock, fuck ass and shoot as many loads as we can work up. slipped his other hand down in my jeans and cups my ass. of his other hand finds its way back inside my ass and he begins whole shaft,at the same time jamming two fingers hard up my ass. mouth, stands up and unleashes his hard throbbing cock. his dick down my throat, he sucks my balls into his mouth and rolls them head away and says that he wants to fuck my ass. When I feel him shooting into my ass, I pump my cock and spray

Sex Club for College Students Ch. 03

first-time RaleighBoy 2018-05-13

"The other date I had was with Andrew." said Calie, "We went to a dance together and we had a good time there, but afterwards when we went back to my room it was like I didn't know what to do. Chris and I arranged a dinner date for the four of us, and then we all went over to Virginia's house where the club holds its meetings and had a training session there. It was a good learning experience for me too and when Virginia talked to the two students a month later, they both said the training class had made a big difference in the quality of their dates. One thing Heather hadn't told Calie is that Chris was the first boy she had dated in the club.

Welcome to the Jungle

first-time sultrylove 2018-05-13

Dark hair fell over the bluest eyes she'd ever seen, and the smile surrounded by stubble he flashed nearly made her faint, not to mention the fact that he hovered over her at a height of at least 6'2" with a long, hard, lean body. Alice sighed, knowing she'd spend every single night for years to come getting to see his face across from hers at the dinner table, whether it was out or at home. He looked at her across the table, biting his lip and sighed, "That's actually why I wanted to see you today, Alice. "Yeah," she said, not turning to see him yet, "I was actually wanting to see about buying...." she trailed off as she looked up at him, his grin growing wider.

My First Older Woman. (First Time) (Anal cum) (Gap

first-time 2018-05-13

When he got there I handed off the k**s and just hung around the room I had ridden with Annie so I really didnt have anything else to do, and hadnt brought anything that I could really wear to a party. As I wa stroking slowly and getting near my peak I heard a rather d***k voice next to me "what are you watching down there?" Annie said, luckily enough not noticing my hand in my pants. I began kissing her deeply as I reached behind her and unzipped the little black dress and slid it to the floor. We got to the bed and she slowly sat down as I slid her panties off to reveal a nice looking pussy with a small trimmed patch of black hair above it.