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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Halloween Party

first-time mnshyguy 2018-05-13

Figuring out soon that we were role-playing, I replied "Frankenstein like ass of secretary. Her dancing against me didn't stop, and she pressed her ass firmly into my hands. I got the hint and started moving my hands around, going from holding to caressing to squeezing. Are you going to answer me or just stand there looking like an ass?" I was still speechless, for the most part on purpose, and she continued. "Good, back to the questions- am I pretty enough for you?" I nodded my head enthusiastically up and down, which was the right answer. Seeing that I nodded yes, she reached up and grabbed hold of her straps and pulled her dress down to her waist.

Elf Angel

first-time Trimpostinger 2018-05-13

Dan had been dating Mindy since High School, and so she introduced all of her friends (Susan, Rebecca, Erin, and Cindy) to Dan's friends and the group had been together for the past two years. As Susan turned back to the math bee at her table, she regarded Greg for not the first time since the friends had been together. And, if it wasn't for the fact that Kevin was super hot, and most of the girls wanted to get in his pants, they probably would have tossed Greg to the side a long time ago. When Susan retreated from the noise enough to have some quiet time to herself, she found her thoughts turning more and more to Greg.

Mr Jones

first-time spankingjenny 2018-05-13

I said that I had already thought long and hard about it but didn't tell him about how many times I had masturbated thinking about it, and then said that I would accept whatever treatment he felt was necessary and had dressed like this today in preparation. First he said, drop the Mr. Jones and call me Mark, next I want you to reach under your dress and remove your panties because you won't need them and bring the strap with you into the living room. The next day I hurried over to Marks house and on the kitchen table was the heavy strap but also he had two lovely outfits, one was a nice school girl outfit and the other was a wedding dress.

A Funny Thing Happened...

first-time XXXNoBounds 2018-05-13

She lay there and said all breathless "Fuck meeee please" I pushed myself into her again, held my weight on my arms and toes and drove my cock into her like a pile driver, the tension in my muscles was incredible, but I had to stay controlled which enhanced the sensation and tension even more. As we trod water holding onto each other Anna looked at me with pure lust in her eyes, and asked me "have you ever fucked a girl in the butt?" I said " no". As the pressure in my balls increased I fucked Anna's arse hard and fast with long firm strokes, with drawing to just having the head of my cock in her arse to right up to the hilt.

Losing My Virginity at 20

first-time Sensual4u22 2018-05-13

I decided to go online and post an ad on an adult personals website asking for a man that would be willing to teach me everything I wanted to know about sex, someone who would let me live out every fantasy I ever had (and some I had yet to think of.) My only requirement: he must be VERY experienced, and between his mid 30s to late 40s. Turns out my night of hard fucking left me with what the doctor called “honeymoon cystitis” and (I quote) “severe vaginal trauma” – not uncommon, the Ob/Gyn told me, in women who engage in strenuous sex for very long periods of time, even when experienced…I just got a double hit because not only was that exactly what I had done, but I did it while losing my virginity.

my mother's friend

first-time Sexuality8484 2018-05-13

But with me.She always came to me and started hugging me and even kissing me on the cheeks. I noticed she was wearing very tight pants and while she went upwards I got a good look of her ass. In the living room I needed to reach high up in the cupboard to get nice glasses and she got a good look of my hard on. Apparently I said something funny and she laughed real hard and touched my leg. And while she was jerking me she looked at me and said,you like it don't you darling. She looked at me and said darling now I want you to fuck me. I really started to enjoy fucking her in the ass.

My Sexual Awakening

first-time 2018-05-13

As much as I had resisted shaving all these years, the look and feel of my bare pussy turned me on and I played with my clit and finger-fucked myself to a screaming orgasm. The pain had not subsided and it looked like my once-lovely pussy had been baked in the hot sun. I unzipped my skirt, removed my panties, and laid down on the examination table while Jen looked at my bare raw pussy. I nodded, my heart racing, as Jen unbuttoned her lab coat and removed her skirt and panties to expose her pussy. I waited anxiously for my next appointment with Jen, fantasizing every day about what it would be like to be with her.

Indian - Housemaid Lakshmi

first-time Bandra 2018-05-13

Lakshmi pulled down my foreskin and exposed the glans, which looked like a mushroom, and ran her fingers over the tip of my cock using the massage oil. She looked ravishing with her curly flowing hair, firm perky breasts, erect nipples, and luxurious bush with the most beautiful pussy lips nestled within, and the bud of her pink clitoris trying to peep from under its hood. After a few minutes of licking her cunt lips and running my tongue at the opening of her vagina, Lakshmi reached over, pulled the hood of her clitoris with her fingers, and exposed her tiny, but hard, pink love button to my full view.

What a f****y to Live in #2

first-time HankWilliams1956 2018-05-13

Then I was about done peeing, Sandy reached down with her hand and held my cock against her clit, as I finished peeing, then she started rubbing and using my dick to slap her clit, and then just rub it back and forth sideways on her clit, “Oh fuck, that feels so freaking good.” Every time I reached across to get a bite of the food on my plate, I rocked my hip and butt cheek up off the chair on one side, which caused my dick to slide outward, and when I sat back straight, it would push my dick back into Sandy’s pussy, which felt good to both of us, but it did make it hard for me not to just start fucking her fast, and make the food last and get cold, till I shot my cum up into her pussy.

Christie's Summer Job Ch. 02

first-time unlucky266 2018-05-13

After a couple long minutes Nick took her by the hand saying, "Come on hun, its ok." Nick was the first to make a move like always, he began kissing Christie; ramming his tongue deep in her mouth and touching her tits. She brought up her right hand and started playing with Christie's nipples saying, "It's been a long time since I did this." She sat there for the longest time until she was told to touch Lynn so within no time the two ladies were playing with each other's tits letting out little giggles of excitement. Lynn was having an incredible time touching and kissing Christie's aroused body and decided she needed to go between her legs and taste her.

Ms. Williams & Me

first-time Mr. FeelGood 2018-05-13

Her hands rested on the desk, palms flat, keeping her stable as she looked me right in the eye now. Ms. Williams, Stacey as she now wanted to be known, had noticed me day dreaming about her breasts. She started to kiss all over my stomach when I felt a jerk near my very hard cock. I looked down again and now saw Ms. Williams' mouth on the head of my cock. I felt her tongue moved all around my head and slip into the slit in my cock. I started to kiss down her stomach and as I was doing this my hands moved down and pull off her red panties. Her hands pushed harder on my head and I began to swirl my tongue inside of her cunt.

Step Daughter's First Fuck

first-time captjim51 2018-05-13

She was lying sideways on her bed and said in a very sexy little girlish voice “come on, you promised you would fuck me, and now is a good a time as ever, I really need some cock, let me see it?” No one could look at this baby doll in that outfit and not get a raging hard on. Angie let out a loud moan as I withdrew all but the head of my cock from inside her and then eased the entire eight inches into this doll’s tight little cunt. I slowly began to fuck her, she changed positions to get more cock in her by wrapping her legs around my back and pushing her body upwards to meet every downward thrust of my large organ.

Let's Go Fishin'

first-time bassbelly 2018-05-13

I start to feel pretty grim when suddenly, I hook a fish. Shoulder length blond hair, 38, 24, 36, great legs, beautiful face, and a sweet personality completes the package. We start up a small trail away from the lake toward a little creek that feeds the lake. "Then you will become my love slave, at least until lunch time." I whisper with a smile. "Here I thought I was pushing you into an unbeatable trap and all the time, things were going exactly as you had planned them. "Yeah, but the first time I want to be deep in your pussy. "Let's get dressed, go back to the cabin, eat lunch, do it some more and plan our next fishin' trip," she says.

Atep Mother

first-time nana414 2018-05-13

Then I went to bath room and eject my sperms remembering the kissing time few minutes ago with her. She said ok and we started kissing each other like crazy. Chalo ab soo jao Lover Boy “.For continuous 4 nights we kissed and do some other sexual jobs like masturbating, tit squeezing etc. inch rod and said ” Tumhara to apnay Dad say bhi bara hay” and she started sucking my rod..Ohhhhhhhh I felt the warm mouth of a lady first time in my life giving me a suck job and I am in heaven.. She replied that ” Kabhi kisi na es ko choda jo nahe ” and I felt so excited and said ” chalo aaj main es ki enogration karta hoon” and I started fucking her ass with my rod fully inserted in it.

Billy and Vicki

first-time BillandVicki 2018-05-13

Vicki began to show signs of beauty early on and I found myself being attracted to her and all through our teenage years I had feelings that, at the time, I thought was love but looking back at them now, they could be described as lust. “In fact,” she admitted, “when I told them I was coming over to see you, everyone began giving me a hard time about we might wind up kissing again.” Vicki looked at me with a smile that REALLY began to turn me on. “Well,” I said with a smile, “we might as well not disappoint everyone.” I leaned forward expecting nothing more than one of those it’s-good-to-see-my-cousin type of kisses, but I was shocked when I felt Vicki’s soft lips separate allowing my tongue to slide inside her mouth.

Ski Encounter

first-time Miss Julia 2018-05-13

Pip started to look quite worried as we advanced towards her together, and was visibly shaking as I reached out and unfastened the zipper of her ski jacket and helped her out of it while Lisa went behind her, turned her around and began to kiss her again. Before she had time to recover from her second orgasm we turned her over onto her front and made her raise her cute little bum in the air, then Lisa got beneath her and began to work her mouth against Pip's cunt again while I slapped her raised bum, holding her face hard into the corner of the chair to muffle her cries.

The Pawn

first-time Beckia2013 2018-05-13

As we sat looking over the guests, Jon took my hand and placed it on the growing bulge between his legs. I orgasm and Jon held his penis deep inside me as he spilled more sperm into my cervix. After my second orgasm, Jon shot his hot seed so deep inside, I swear I felt it hit my eggs. The morning came too soon as I woke with Jon coming from the shower. As Jon penetrates me from behind, he lifts my legs from just above the knees, holds them apart, and thrusts, and thrusts until I climaxed then he came again. Did you know Carlos kept your sister naked for a month on their "honeymoon?" He fucked her brains out."

Target Heart Rate

first-time fromtheback31 2018-05-13

She squats down with her face in front of my cock and says how she has thought about this since I joined the gym and we started working out together. I lean her head up and tell her we do not have to do this if she does not want to. There are work out bands hanging up beside us and I tell her to rig them up to the spare pull up bar. It felt like a very soft car door slamming on my cock the way her pussy clenched onto me. She can only raise and lower her head as I hold her up by her arms and continue to bury my cock in her up to my balls.

Secret Panel - Noah

first-time tankengine123 2018-05-13

Noah raised his head just in time to see Jack lick the cream from his pants and swallow it. Jack licked Noah’s peter and balls until Noah climaxed again. The dog pushed his tongue between Noah’s ass cheeks and licked the boy’s ass hole. The next time, Noah did not wait to be nudged, as soon as his penis had been licked erect, he rolled over. Jack not only licked the boy’s bottom hole, a doggy tongue went right into that tight hole and up into Noah’s guts. By the time Noah’s cute balls were empty, both boy and dog were exhausted. At the same time, Jack was screwing Noah’s boy-hole with his doggy penis.

Halloween Ch. 02

first-time Khira 2018-05-13

Crunching gravel underfoot as he walks up the drive, he thinks of Lily in the gravel car park. Pursing her lips to the head of his cock, James has a perfect view, even though his vision is a little fuzzy. Now he was angry at Kaitlyn too, looking up at him wide eyed with his placid cock in her hands. Sliding it into her pussy he lets it get wet, slowly in and slowly out, he rubs her clit the way he knows she likes it. She keeps going until she comes, thinking of the two of them tossing about and touching in a sweaty mess, tangled in sheets and the funny game of sex she was learning how to play.


first-time pussynbloome 2018-05-13

The old Watts house was at the end of a cul-de-sac, on a lot that was probably worth at least half a million dollars it the owners had wanted to sell. I fantasized about going there by myself and being captured by a group of guys who would strip me naked and make me do all sorts of things I liked thinking about but didn't really want to be forced to do. It wasn't that it was understood that if a girl went to the old house at night with a guy that she was going to get fucked. I wanted to explore the house and have a little fun with Tommy, not get a flesh eating virus or some kind of bacterial infection that would leave me needing an amputation.

Kitty's First Time

first-time KalKasar 2018-05-13

Carbon Flint's name had enchanted Kitty from the first time her dad invited the handsome young executive to their home for dinner. She hadn't expected it to feel alive, and hot and so wet in the palm of her hand, but she closed her eyes, wrapping her fingers around the shaft and threw her head back with a soft cry of delight when Carbon's fingers found their way to her pussy, edging inside. Kitty let go of Carbon's cock and pulled away from him, quickly adjusting her jeans, and pulling up the zipper on her shirt. "I'll let mister Flint know you're fixing coffee, I think he's in the study." She pulled her head back over the railing and turned to look at Carbon with a giggle.


first-time txbiker 2018-05-13

He thought back to the time he had taken his little sister's girlfriend to his bedroom and introduced her to the wonders of oral sex, just before her first experience of being filled with hard, hot penis. Writhing beneath the face of her `knight in black leather', Caren's body came off the couch as her peak reached its pinacle. She grabbed his head and pulled him tight to her hot mound as it started to spew girl-cum into his mouth. She felt Lance pushing thick fingers into her vagina and curled her body to take them as deeply as she could. He wanted to be the first to plunge deep into her tiny little body and fill her belly with cum.

My Friend's Panties

first-time Uni_Student 2018-05-13

Just thought i'd share this with you... Went round to my friend's house for dinner this week and i was horny as i'd gone without internet for a few days... I am now in possession of a pair of my friend's used panties... I'm not particularly into pantie sniffing nor do i particularly fancy her but the smell of her crotch gets me so hard and the fabric feels so soft and good against my dick as i rub the two together... It was quite a thrill to sit there with her dirty underwear in my pocket through the night but quite scary at the thought of being caught...