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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Oddball Ch. 07a

first-time JimBob44 2018-05-13

"Okay, full tune up, I'll throw in the oil change for thirty five; you also need to change all your filters, they're damned near rotted out, let me guess, you have no idea when the last time's they've been changed either, and I'll also go over your transmission, let's say, three hundred?" Violet said and handed Oscar the written estimate. "And speaking of that, have you decided to turn your back on your duties as Mary's parents?" Reverend Smith pulled himself up to his full height of five feet four inches, hoping to bully John, who in his opinion was a weak willed man anyway.

Kayla's First Big Cock

first-time tpgprn 2018-05-13

"I can't believe how tight you are." he said, "Man you were right, she has never had anything big at all." Her eyes locked into mine, as she moaned out in short grunts. As I felt her little body rocking against my chest and lap, she said staring into my eyes, "tha...tha...thank you", in between heavy moans and grunts. Our eyes locked again as we heard him blurt out, "here it cums Kayla, I'm about to fill you up." "OHHHHHHHHHH yessssssssssss", he moaned out as he began cumming in my wife's young pussy. With her beautiful face and big brown eyes, she said "thank you so much for letting me experience a real fuck." "Your welcome baby", I replied.

The making of a submissive cocksucker

first-time jlm108 2018-05-13

The first time I sucked a cock I was 21 years old in an adult book store in Charlotte, NC. All this hot cum on my face was an unexpected pleasure which has been repeated many, many times over the years by many different men in numerous adult bookstores and adult theaters. I had completely forgotten about the glory hole and it excited me knowing this man had been watching us the entire time. He told me that I was a good little whore and all the cum on my face and his cock in my mouth made me look so pretty. I started leaving the door to the booth open just enough so the men could see this submissive sissy girl when they walked by.

first time with retracted foreskin

first-time 2018-05-13

I was suddenly hugely embarrassed and asked what am I doing, June said it was quite OK, we were both adults, we would not be disturbed, and with that she started to examine me she was straining the foreskin foreward then slowly back as far as it would go, there was a bead of precome emerged as she strained the skin down with her finger she made small circles at the tip of my cock massaging the precome in, with the tip of her finger she probed the hole at the tip. June had returned her attention to my cock, and was holding the skin down as well as putting her finger between the head and skin, then she pulled the foreskin up and with both hands put her two little fingers into the skin and held it, stretching it open It felt amazing By now I was lying back just enjoying the sensation, a mix of pain and exquisite pleasure.

Self Control

first-time clodia_metelli 2018-05-13

"Sorry" she offered "this can stop now, if you want" He closed his eyes and shushed her, then placed his hand behind her neck, bringing her to him again. The kissing and the touching were frenzied now, hands stroking, nails scratching, nibbling and biting his bottom lip as he fondled her hips and ass, forcing her harder upon him. She moved her mouth to his cheek, then neck, pulling at the deliciously sensitive flesh with her lips, suckling and kissing, breathing in the intoxicating scent of his skin. He was gasping, moving his hips in time with his suckling, his eyes closed in agonized pleasure; she was certain he'd never notice where her hand was or what it was doing.

The night we met up

first-time craigus44 2018-05-13

Sitting up a bit; replacing his hand with his tongue he looked at me and said "And why are you so wet?" Leaning forward I kissed him deeply, grabbing and pulling him to be up closer to me. Looking around I watched and enjoyed as Craig worked on my second squirt for the night. Craig started to get more intense with his hands and his tongue quickly bringing me to orgasm a forth and fifth time. During the finger fuck he slipped another finger into each hole, leaning in to lick my clit, sucking it into his mouth and biting it, the biggest cum exploded over his face.

can I watch?

first-time merlinnz 2018-05-13

So the boyfriend said that she wasn't to watch, and according to Angela she hadn't thought about watching until that point, and then said, fuck that, she wanted to see everything! I asked Angela if she played with her self whilst she watched this and she denied it, but her telling me this story had got me excited and I couldn't imagine watching your best friend being fucked there in front of you wouldn't make you horny enough to wank as well. When the boyfriend tapped the window for Angela's best friend to get back in the front seat she said that they were staying in the back seat and he was to take them home.

Ashley in Amsterdam - #4: Moon-lit love

first-time petdyke 2018-05-13

Pete had enough of the student audience watching his making love to Ashley. Only lit by a partly clouded half-moon. Soon Ashley got real hot and offered no resistance as Peter stripped her bare. Pete pulled out his largest armchair unto the terrace. Smiled back to the moon. stuff the T-shirt up her mouth, as soon as Ashley started to moan as well. Ashley immediately got the message. Threw her arms around Pete and kissed him deeply. Rode and rocked his rod hard ... Pete was glad how wet she got during her pole-dance on his lap. Inside, under the cover of some nice steady funk-rock with jazzy horn-solos ,-) What would Pete do to poor Ashley, behind a sound curtain and locked doors?

Grandad Goes Plumbing

first-time Withitgrandad 2018-05-13

My late wife had dug me in the ribs and told me to close my mouth when son Steve had first brought Nicole to meet us. I came to minutes later with my head cradled in Nicole's lap on the kitchen floor and found myself looking up at two beautiful breasts almost spilling out of the bra and wondered if I was in paradise. 'I think you heard me first time' Nicole said.' I am serious and want to know your reaction'. Nicole saw my expression and said 'I know what you are thinking but remember I am a nurse and your semen must have been inside you so long it was most probably dead.

Phileas Fogg - A Memoir Pt. 13

first-time Paris Waterman 2018-05-12

Thusly encouraged, when we were fully out of sight of the house, I turned and embraced her; and she pressed closely to my chest, pushing her delightful budding breasts into me as I leaned down to bestow a sweet kiss upon her waiting lips. Nicole laughed at the initial touches; then moaned mournfully as they continued in their seductive ways; and then a scant minute later she reached a decision and uttered a wanton, "OH!" as the sexual arousal from my discreet caresses took control of her senses. I knew opportunity when it came round and with a nipple firmly clenched between my lips, I slowly rose to my knees beside her and began moving my slippery hand in tight circles against her inner thigh, moving it slowly towards the small leg opening in her pantaloons.

wife takes bbc home

first-time 2kinkylovers 2018-05-12

She text back and said no, I'm getting fucked by bbc tonight. I'm serious, I asked a bbc to fuck me and he said yes. Dawn said he is following her home, going to park his car up the rode and he is riding to our house with her so the neighbor doesn't notice someone else there. Ever since we started talking about her fucking bbc, she would get really wet and would often say she wanted it for real. She had to start slow with allowing his black cock inside her and she could feel her pussy stretching to the much bigger size. She said she loved knowing his black cock and cum was being pumped inside of her where only her husband use to be allowed.

Landlord Cuckold's them ALL!

first-time 425olds 2018-05-12

They seemed happy together, but on a couple of occasions I'd walked into the building as Maya was leaving our landlord's apartment, much like Jess. "Come on, babe," she said, "why do you think I was gone so long when I went to 'talk' to Jethro about the rent check? They fuck me whenever they want, and they want it all the time, isn't that right little missy?" he said, and Jess nodded. "Fuck my pussy with that big cock of yours, Jethro, you own it now." And she came hard on him a second time, while he leered at me. "Maya says Tom loves sucking her pussy when it's full of Jethro's cum load, and I want you to give it a try, too."

Neighborly Love

first-time goinstrong 2018-05-12

"Oh, I could NEVER do that - it's dirty!" I responded with "That is a bunch of B.S. There's a reason our bodies are so responsive to touch - for yourself, and for others!" I took her hand and said "Trust Me!" Guiding her hand to her cunt, I instructed her to finger herself. "That's in, Linda - do yourself - take what you want in pleasure - you deserve it!" She picked up the whole technique, continuing to ask "Is this REALLY O.K.?" I pointed down at her cunt, and asked "Does SHE like it?" She had a dreamy look in her eyes, and said, "Ohhh, Yesssss!" I then pointed down to my cock - now fully erect - and I asked her "Do you think HE likes it?" She looked, giggled, and said, "Well, apparently!

Class Cut Cuties Get Crash Corse In Cum Catching

first-time Johnnytames69 2018-05-12

you?" Melissa smiled and said in a sweet little girl Melissa turned to Alicia and said, "Why don’t you wait Melissa grabbed her hand and said, "Shhh, we’ll stay low Melissa pulled her friend into the porn shop. "Nice." Alicia looked at her friend and asked, "Have you Melissa took the man’s cock back into her mouth and As Alicia applied Melissa’s lessons, Melissa sat on the asked, "You…and your dad?" Melissa took the cock in her Alicia thought to herself that what Melissa just said sure looks like you girls had fun today, huh?" Alicia blushed rolled her eyes and said to Alicia, "Okay, I’ll be right Melissa looked at her friend and studied her face.

Priests Seduction by Sister

first-time MrRusty2000 2018-05-12

Sister Joanne stood head bowed trying not to be noticed and walked on unsteady legs to the confessional. It was the young priest, Father Adams, the 25 year old from the next village. Sister Joanne went through her seduction, reliving how the gentleman had masturbated into her mouth and she had let him. Peering through the grill the nun could she that he had pulled up his robes and was pumping his cock with one hand and cupping his balls with his other. "Father Adams, is it a sin to let semen out and it not enter a woman?" she whispered through the grill. "Did you want his fingers to be push in your anus Sister.", asked the priest. The nun wiped these across the young man mouth, dropped her gown and left.

The night we went fishing

first-time 2018-05-12

It wasn't long before she came on my tongue her legs snapped shut on my face as her hand griped my head pulling my tongue deeper in her pussy, after a few moments of her she let go "my turn" she said as she lept off the hood pushing me back on the car. She giggled at me as she clean her face off, she was back on her she walked back over to me with her hand wrapped around my dick she looked me in the eyes and said "now do that to my pussy" laying her back on the hood of the car placing both her legs on my shoulder I slid my dick inside her awaiting wet pussy.

Not Normal mom

first-time zopri 2018-05-12

He had a lot of money and had the body and looks of a 28 year old, my mother knew he was out getting his cock sucked by some young long legged blonde, but she never said anything because she couldn’t do anything without him. I looked at her and told her to lie down on the bed, then he did something thing that made my dick get harder than it had ever gotten before; she took of her dress over her head, she took her time while doing this, which meant that I could get a very good look of her body while her eyes were covered.

Kelly Bundy Lap Dancer

first-time XXXNoBounds 2018-05-12

nudie bar while Marcy was at work, like usual. Jefferson had seen Kelly in various states of un-dress came into their bedroom dressed as "Kelly', Jefferson As Kelly started walking along the bar, a new with her thong covered pussy inches from their face. She hopped off the bar and took Jefferson by the hand. Kelly led Jefferson to the far end of the room, and sat song the Jefferson instantly recognized, as Kelly was Kelly then turned around and slid up to Jefferson. The song ended as Kelly pushed Jefferson's pants and Jefferson had the biggest Cock Kelly had ever Another song started as Kelly pushed Jefferson back Kelly ground her pussy against Jefferson's prick, but Kelly stood up and kissed Jefferson gently.

Gave my self to the delivery men

first-time Acebottom 2018-05-12

Once Steve had a couple of inches inside he just suddenly started to thrust into me and this made me go push forward on to Jakes cock almost making me choke and my eyes started to water as Steve pounded my ass and thank god he did not last long and he was soon unloading inside me and he pulled out and went to clean himself up while Jake finished fucking my throat and just as he was about to cum he pulled out and shot his cum over my face, mouth, hair and back right the way down to my knickers and he bent over and pulled up his jeans and grabbed his phone and took a couple more picks of my face, back and knickers showing where their cum had leaked out of me and they both left.

Under the Moonlight: Latina & German Lust

first-time WhiteCockWorship 2018-05-12

"Great!" I said as I got up and walked over to him, not knowing Jose was still following me like a parasite follows a shark. "Come on just follow what I do." I said as I grabbed his hand and we walked over to the dance floor. I also wanted to get pregnant by a man who was gorgeous like Klaus, not some Jose. "I'm gonna cum soon." he said breathing heavily as he plowed my pussy smacking my tight Latina ass. After 10 long seconds of him cumming inside me he pulled his penis out with a huge flow of cum pouring out of my pussy."Oh my god baby." he said panting sitting down.

A Walk to Remember

first-time likethecity 2018-05-12

I want to run and shout that I don't care, because my heart is about to pound out of my chest, it's so loud I imagine that it changes the timbre of my voice like a slap on the back. Even as my breath comes short in my chest my doubting mind asks, Why would she, how could she want me this way? Her hair is damp at her ear, from the heat, but she smells like grass and sweat and her, just Her and I want so much to kiss her, but I need to know that she is taking this step on her own, that she wants this.


My First Time

first-time MD42 2018-05-12

After a couple of drinks I could feel his hand under the table reaching in between my legs and start to rub my cock. He undid my jeans and put his hands inside and groped my bum which very quickly got me aroused. I then took his cock and licked the large mushroom head which was full of pre cum already. I felt his cock swell and a load of cum shoot in my mouth as he was grunting which I tried to swallow as quickly as I could. After he composed himself he could see my very aroused cock which he took in his large hand and rubbed.

Always hard: the beginning / Chapter 4

first-time vicvitale 2018-05-12

His dick got all big and hard and now Vic wanted Irene in the back of the car too. “If I kiss you real nice will you make him stop?” she asked, but didn’t let Vic answer. But, the truth was, he was having way too much fun tongue kissing Irene to even think about stopping Eddie from feeling her up. Let's get outta here!” he told them, and a few minutes later, Eddie was on his way home and Irene was looking at Vic like she was the one who'd done something wrong. Not long after that, he fell right on top of her, his big dick slithering between her juicy cunt lips, making Irene Lepicki the first white girl to feel his big hard one inside her.

First Time

first-time Worldandmore 2018-05-12

Next moment he was standing there in bath kissing her like it would be the first time they kissed. He makes her finish by licking and finger playing with her pussy every time and she played with his dick until he finished also. He finger fucked her juicy pussy until she almost finished but at that time she pushed him off and on his back. She kept pushing her body down and in one moment dick passed through hymen...he saw a sign of pain on her face and she stopped moving. Her body start to shake in her first finish with a dick ever, her hand was faster and faster but still gentle on her button.