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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Day at the Beach

first-time KatR 2018-11-16

I think I was in my late 20s or early 30s when I first got the idea in my head that I wanted to make love on a deserted stretch of beach with nobody else around. The lover I had when I was 37 liked the idea, but we were in a small Midwest city a long way from my native California and its many beautiful beaches. I told him my Saturday was suddenly free, and I asked him if he'd like to spend the day with me at the little beach we had found, where nobody ever seems to go. I told him I'd had a fantasy for over 20 years to be taken on a beach, right where surf meets sand, as the waves gently lap at both our naked bodies.

A Sex(t)ual Experiment

first-time JDandCoke 2018-11-16

E: We’d leave the bar and I would gently put my hand on the curve of your arse as I open the door and guide you through, giving you an almost imperceptible squeeze, feeling the lace of your knickers through your tight skirt. When the taxi stopped, we’d get out and, as you hold the door open for me, I’d whisper in your ear, telling you how wet I was for you. V: I’d be breathing so sharply, I'd barely manage to utter the words ‘I want you’ before you'd pull my soaking wet knickers to one side and slide two fingers inside me. As you jerked my cock hard you'd begin lapping and sucking at my swollen balls, all the time moaning as your hand works rhythmically in between your legs.

College Teacher Chapter Five

first-time 1941aaa 2018-11-16

‘Well you get the honour,’ Thomas said, giving me a slap on the back which was also a bit of a push that made me move a bit, but I gave them a wry smile and went down onto my knees in front of Edward who smiled at me and moved in close till the head of cock touched my lips. As we saw that the other two had now moved and were sucking on each other’s cocks, we did the same as we both now had another erection and I sucked on Edward as he sucked on me until we both came and grinned at each other from opposite ends of the sofa as we swallowed the sperm of the other and licked our lips to show that we’d enjoyed having the come in our mouths.

Along Comes Mary - Part 1

first-time gossamer 2018-11-16

She gave a little smile and wave as she approached, her shoulder length auburn hair swaying as she walked, shining with sunburst hints of blonde and red. I held her in my arms and we kissed for several minutes, my mind reeling at the sensation of this beautiful woman’s breast pressed against my chest, her groin rubbing against my erection. Just like your cock, when a woman gets aroused her nipples get hard,” and she ran her hand along my erect penis. “Kiss my breasts and let your tongue tease my nipples,” she said. I wanted to touch her face, her hair, her breast, her belly, that wonderful place of secret delight between her legs which I’d heard about but never before seen.

Regina shows me how...

first-time Melodies-and-love 2018-11-16

I said cool, and went to my room. Later that night, the three of us were in my sister's room, talking about school, and people we didn't like and what not. I got really hard, really quick, and said I needed to go finish up a paper that was due Monday. My sister said she was going to bed, and Regina was too. I went to my room, and I kid you not as soon as I had my door closed my hand could not have left my dick. She came in and said she wanted to know what my paper was about. Then she said, "The next lesson, Randy, will be how to love a girl from the inside". 

Duped Myself Into Becoming a Cock Sucker for My Black Boss

first-time edlangston 2018-11-16

Then I wrote about the same situation that happened to us in real life, where Malcolm explained to Mike why he was reading stories about white men sucking black cocks. After seeing Malcolm at the urinals and watching him masturbate in bed while reading, Mike comes to a point where he thinks he would like to suck Malcolm’s cock. After what seemed like about the right amount of time to finish my story, Kevin looked back at me and asked, “I’m just curious about something, Ed. Have you been reading any of the stories on the web site I told you about?” Maybe I’ll look for a story on your site about white husbands being cuckolded by big-cocked, black men that will convince me to get Linda to try it.”

Dousing The fire within

first-time dark_god733 2018-11-16

"Its alright Jane, hmm by the way who is this?" asked Ashley with a curious tone as she ogled Ron's masculine black as coal body. After Ron left, Ashley whispered softly to Jane "Damn, he is one real man, he would be a real good date, you know". On reading each line, she felt the urge to envision Ron’s immense dark hands on her tender pale flesh, Jane felt excited as she kept thinking about Ron, at the same time also surprised that she had such strong feelings for him, a man she just met at the shopping mall a few hours ago.

Madeline's Introduction (II)

first-time agant 2018-11-16

As soon as her mum shut the door Madeline grabbed my head with both hands and gave me a swift peck on the lips. I laid her down under me and began to kiss up and down her neck, taking a little longer to suck on her ear lobes which I noticed made her gasp every time. Just when I was barely a centimetre from her lower lips I pulled my hand away and stopped kissing her. With my other hand I felt up her body finding her perfect, soft boobs, and began teasing her nipple in my finger tips. "Definitely, everybody needs a helping hand some times." Jasmine said.

The Beauty Within

first-time Taverner 2018-11-16

Ashley turned her head to the left, towards the wall between the granny flat and the rest of the house, and with a little smile, she said, “I don’t think they’ll be missing us in there for a while.” Then, she turned back to me, and said, “That was good, but if you stay here with me for a while, round two will be even better, I can assure you.” Then, she pulled my face down, kissed me again, and said, “Only, next time, I want to be on top.”

Dull Video Games Can Be Dangerous

first-time spinneroftales 2018-11-16

Matt let Bert’s cock slip out of his mouth and Bert pulled his boxers and pants down to his ankles. Bert said, “Oh yeah, try your finger Matt. Bert flopped over on his back and Matt got between his legs and slurped Bert’s cock into his mouth, going down until his nose was nestled in Bert’s pubic patch. Bert resumed beating his cock, the taste of Matt’s cum making him hotter than he had ever been when jacking off alone in his bedroom. He said, “Let me taste mine,” and leaned forward and sucked his cum from Bert’s chin and nose. Matt moved down to Bert’s stomach and licked up the remaining cum and then back up to share it with Bert.

A first touch of silk

first-time Ghost 2018-11-16

However, as the sounds emerged from those closed bedrooms continued, I was envious and wished it was me feeling the touch of a college girl's naked body. My penis had already been aroused by the on again, off again, sounds emerging from the bedrooms, however, as Erika slid under the blanket with me it hardened almost painfully in my jeans. I began to feel a pressure and warmth throughout my groin region that had nothing to do with needing to urinate. Of particular interest to my virgin hands was enjoying the soft-firm feel of them and the striking harness of her erect nipples. As she took off my jeans she took a second to slowly cup my balls through my briefs and slowly stroke upward, over my covered penis, to my chest.

Forever Connected

first-time jimyzgrl 2018-11-16

Something wonderful is starting to build inside of me.  A tightening I have never felt before.  Louder I begin to moan.  My hips are moving with you now, as this is pure enjoyment.  The pain completely gone, only replaced by pure pleasure.  The orgasm starts at what feels like my toes, and rips through quickly.  Tears through my legs, makes my stomach bottom out.  I suck it a deep breath and cry out loud.  Scream your name.  I feel the contractions of my walls.  Your body is becoming tight.  I know that you are going to cum.  I can feel your cock becoming even more rigid deep inside of me.  I feel your first contraction, you cock jump inside of me, and can feel the warmth.  You are softly sighing, as you expel your warmth inside of me.  You lean down and take deep kisses from my mouth.

First time in a new life

first-time rcflyer 2018-11-16

Inside this room I came across Sasha, she was the female part of the couple, after chatting with her I found out they were from Rochester NY and came to Canada occasionally, staying at a hotel in Niagara Falls usually for a weekend away. I climbed the stairway to the meeting spot we had decided on; John and Sasha stood by the door to the casino waiting for me. We walked to the hotel with Sasha arm in arm with both of us, entering the elevator in the front lobby; John again suggested I become intimate with Sasha so we began to kiss while John looked on, every kiss becoming more passionate, tongues entering each other’s mouths, and hands beginning to wander across each other’s bodies.

My wife plays cuckold mind games

first-time woreout 2018-11-16

She said this little thong isn't doing a good job of holding in the load in her pussy. I said you want me to lick your pussy with some guys cum in it? When we where about to leave she told me that she was afraid that her pussy might leak on the dress while setting in the car so with no one looking she pulled it over her head and laid it in the back seat. She said she wanted to have a thick cock in her pussy and at the same time have one stretching her asshole. She said I told him to bring a friend that she wanted to do a double penetration. She said they both fucked her pussy and came inside her.

Pianist Fingers

first-time TheLadyOfShalott 2018-11-16

"Shouldn’t and can’t are two very different terms, Mr. Tait,” and I kissed him, letting my tongue slide into his mouth. Mr. Tait slowly licked from the bottom of my wet pussy up to my clit, flicking it a few times before sliding it back down and thrusting his tongue inside my tight, virgin cunt. He pushed the head in slowly and said, “Look at me as I give you the first cock of your life.” I looked straight into his eyes as he slide two inches inside of me. I felt myself building and building until I finally came around his large cock, crying out into his hand and closing my eyes tight.

I like you in your bikini best

first-time sesssyme 2018-11-16

Jason laughed as he pulled Steve towards him and whispered, "You think the world of Ashton right?" It's kind of like a fantasy of hers and we've been having trouble in the bedroom and she thinks this will fix it." Jason was lying, hoping Steve may be more accepting if he thought he was helping me out. As Steve left Jason's game room and walked out to the front door, I let him out. "I told Jason I'd do it Ashton." Steve looked really embarrassed as he said that. Steve sent me a copy of the video first since I said it would be best if Jason got it from me. Steve tried to look over at it but then got a message from Jason as well.

Breaking Her In

first-time NorthernFlicker 2018-11-16

Heavier breathing, sighs, and when I leaned down and kissed them, sucked and lightly bit her nipples, she moaned and said my name again and placed her hand on the back of my head, holding me to her breast. As I caressed her body she placed a hand on my thigh and, with her eyes still closed, in a breathless kind of voice started with, “Oh Martin, I love your touch on me. She let out some short panting noises and opened her eyes, and with her face very close to mine looked deep into my eyes and started to rock back and forth, riding a cock for the first time.

Alex Teaches Eva the Importance of Sharing Part IV

first-time Zafia 2018-11-16

I heard the door open but I felt powerless as I was still blindfolded and tied up at the wrists and ankles to my bed.  I suddenly heard more then one voice and I was alarmed to realize that Alex was not alone.  I started to panic because I did not want anyone to see me like this.  I felt a hand touch my stomach and it sent shivers through out my whole body.  I knew Alex's touch instinctively. With those words he held my held my clit between his teeth and bit down hard, the sensation hit me like a bucket of water to my face as I screamed and realized that Alex was really going to let David fuck me.

Weekend Fun

first-time xoxo1496 2018-11-16

A loud moan came out of my mouth as he grabbed my nipple in between two of his fingers and started to rub it back and forth. He started to trail his hand along my inner thighs, and across my pussy lips, ocassionally brushing my aching and swollen clit, making me moan loudly in pleasure. All I could do in response was moan as he slipped a second finger into my pussy and starting pushing them in and out faster. Jordan started jamming his fingers into my unbelievably tight pussy, going harder and faster. I started to squeeze my nipples, and not even two minutes later, I let out a moan as I squirted all over the bed and Jordan's fingers.

My First Time

first-time justalilfun 2018-11-15

They were so much like my nipples, hard and I was enjoying feeling them as she worked a second finger into my eager pussy. I gasped as she slid a finger into me, Karen giggled, “ I have always wanted to eat your pussy, ever since we first met,” she said. Karen just told me to go slow; “Lick my pussy like I licked yours, and it will feel good for me too” I did as instructed once again, little by little deeper and deeper into her. I watched as he pounded her pussy, her huge breasts swinging all around, my god it looked so hot, the sound of his balls slapping against her had me wet and wanting my turn.

First Love

first-time sahebji 2018-11-15

She savoring the new feelings with her eyes closed. This is what she wanted to tell him as she felt him on top of her but no words came. Stop I don't want you to do this she cried beating her fists on his broad chest but again the words died deep in her throat and no sound came to her lips. She closed her eyes to live this new feeling more completely. She just lay under him with her eyes closed, panting and moaning, enjoying this intense sensation she was feeling for the first time in her life. In this small piece I have tried to catch the feelings of an innocent girl, who for the 'first time' experiences the pleasure of love.

The Pool part 1

first-time taylorsam 2018-11-15

At the end of the night Scott’s dad was urging Scott to walk me home; I knew he wanted to try to get a kiss or more. “Don’t you like feeling our bodies rubbing against each other?” I asked Scott kissing him. Looking right at Mrs. Fredrick, “Tell me how good your cock feels in my pussy, did you like licking my pussy before you put you dick in me again.” “Mr. Fredrick I didn’t fuck Scott for you to pay me,” I said handing him back the envelope. “Mr. Fredrick I have to go now but we can talk later about you and your cock getting inside my pussy again.” I walked off toward my house putting the envelope in my back pocket of my jean shorts.

Annie's Little Man

first-time PAMtnMan 2018-11-15

But every time she got close to me or even brushed against me, a wonderful warm feeling would flow through my body. I was enjoying the kiss so much I didn’t notice my arms were around Annie and I was pulling her body against mine. Annie’s lips touched the tip of my cock and I thought it would jump into her mouth. Her body jumped as she felt my tongue touch her swollen lips. She kissed me wildly and at the same time she guided my hard throbbing cock between her wet pussy lips. I think I actually gasped at the pleasure I was feeling as my cock plunged into her hot wet pussy.

First Time Surprise - Part One

first-time Experienced11 2018-11-15

FUCKING YES, BABY! I'M ALMOST THERE!" I was riding Chris hard, grinding my hips into his, spreading my eager thighs more, heedless of the fact that we were fucking in a field fifty yards from my house. "Leave me alone, Allen," I say, rolling my eyes and turning away as he intrudes on my personal space. I'm standing right in front of him now, practically nose-to-nose, staring him down, willing him to back away, yet feeling the tension fizzing between our hormone-enraged bodies. I exit to the back of the store and spend the rest of the time avoiding Allen completely, until the other girl who working that night has to go home early.