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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Oral Sex And Squirting Orgasms!

first-time godawgs 2018-05-12

Through this time we have experimented often trying to do things to satisfy the other's sexual needs. During our playtime I discovered quite by accident that I could buzz her clit with my tongue and lips and bring her to a very satisfying orgasm. As time went on I began to hear about the "g-spot" and tried putting a finger in her pussy and massaging her g-spot as I buzzed her clit and labia with my lips and tongue. If I don't bring her to orgasm with oral sex we oftentimes use a wand vibrator on her clit while we finish our session with a good fucking with her having a squirting orgasm much of the time.

What Now?

first-time babygirl1987 2018-05-12

Sarah didn't want to stay so Matt and Alex said they would drop her off on their way to the store. "Thanks" Sarah said to Matt and Alex as she started walking away from the car. This helped Sarah relax and she open her legs and could feel Alexs' pants were still on and that he was obviously hard inside his pants. After Sarahs face a body relaxed Alex began to slowly thrust in and out of her newly woman hole. Sarah felt pain at first but as time went on and as Alex continued to thrust in and out of her she started to feel a new sensation that was like no other feeling she had ever felt before.

Please Tell Me That You Can Stay

first-time Exakta66 2018-05-12

Just another poem of love and romance...inspired by my girlfriend Nancy... I watch you lie so quiet and still, You really are a lovely sight, As the morning sun begins to rise, I watch you lie silent on the bed, The morning sun bathes you in light, As I think of the love we can make. Though we loved the night before, I wished it would never end, At the sight of you I yearn for more, To make love to you again. Your touch releases my inner c***d, My inner c***d wants to play. It's in these quiet times we spend, That it's you I'm thinking of, Times I wish would never end, I will never tire of your love.

The Gift

first-time sambush 2018-05-12

I got a text a from Kelli a few days later. Kelli wanted to meet for dinner the following Friday after work. "You know Kelli the thing about sex is that you have to be naked to enjoy it." That got a giggle out of her. Kelli got on top of me and started to play with my penis. I got a text from Kelli saying that she was at a family dinner on Christmas Eve that she couldn't get out to see me. Later I got another text from Kelli asking if we could spend New Year's Eve together. I awoke on New Year's Day to Kelli laying naked on top me playing with my penis.

Big Girls, part one

first-time eusabiana 2018-05-12

When she saw that it hurt but I wasn't resisting, her eyes got brighter and her other hand came up and started pinching her nipple through her sweater like she was my cock head. She howled loudly, one hand gripping my head to her clit and the other digging into the blankets with tremendous f***e, her hips thrust upwards into my face, her pelvic bone nearly breaking my nose and making me see stars, but as she had done to me, I reached up and grabbed both of her wrists and pinned them to the mattress and I began working her clit exactly as she had my cock, copying the moves she had made on my dick just minutes earlier on her clit now.

Total Seduction

first-time Olive_Jucicles 2018-05-12

It was wonderful, relaxing, stimulating...his cock, which had been hard since he arrived, was now pressing firmly into her belly, and the warm water soaking her shirt and running over them made his whole body melt into relaxation and pleasure. A gentle brush of the fingertip on the head, firmly stroking his belly and thighs, reaching the base of his cock but stopping just short of the shaft, cupping his balls quickly and firmly then immediately releasing them but only once or twice the whole time she was on his face.. “Clean up time?” She asked, and then proceeded to run her tongue over every inch of his balls and cock and her pussy, licking up every drop of cum.


first-time john1195 2018-05-12

"Yes, Sir," he said as he took the tissues, blew his nose loudly, wiped his He nodded his head, eagerly and said, "Yes, Sir!" "Yes, Sir," he said, turning, opening the door, and leaving the office. "Now, lick your hand clean, boy," I said in a calm voice. "Yes, Sir," he said and began removing his clothes. "Yes, Sir," he said and moved to get into position. your ass, boy." His eyes got wide and his face whitened. "Yes, Sir," he said as his face contorted and he worked to get in inserted. His mouth opened to object, but then he said, "Yes, Sir," and I wondered if "Thank you, Sir," he said, and then added, "I will be a good boy and so you


Don't you dare cum...

first-time mkmcr85 2018-05-12

As we walked down the road into town, she whispered "We so have to do that again", and after a Big Mac meal each, so we did, starting with a couple of hours later back at her place, not having had a chance to shower in between I gave her a sloppy seconds over the edge of her bed, which seemed really filthy to both of us at the time as I had recovered enough to be able to fuck her again but her pussy was still messy from the last time I had cum.

Me My Girlfriend and My Ex-Girlfriend I set them u

first-time 2018-05-12

Squeeze Em Girl Angel was squeezing Janine's Tit's while licking her nipple and pulled on my Cock that was hard as it Put my Cock in her as the head touched her wet pussy lips angel bit Janine's nipple and she moaned and jerked then told Angel closer Grinding Hard they both were close to cumming I was in Janine's Ass Fucking like Mad and sitting up pumping made me shove my cock all the way up inside Angel's Ass with one stroke Janine pulled me into Angel so hard and fast that her clit when I went to pull out because I was about to cum Janine said to angel he's ready Girl tell him what you want Tell him

Paying the Debt By Durango Dan

first-time vladtk 2018-05-12

”Fuck Jason, suck my cock and make me cum” Harry groaned “Hurry Tony went over to Sue placing his dripping cock at her lips. watched as my wife opened her mouth to let Tony slide his hard I sucked and licked his hard cock head moving one of my hands “Fuck Sue, you suck cock really good but I want to stick it in “I’ll tell you what Jason, you let Harry fuck your ass and I will “What about having a hard cock in your mouth Jason, do you like hard as soon as Tony buried his cock all the way up her ass. ass hole as both cocks pumped their sticky cum deep inside of my

nerd and a jock

first-time mrsmalls1234 2018-05-12

Jake walked back in as the page loaded and the skinny guy was cumming all over the big jock’s face. I watched him he couldn’t stop staring at the guy pumping cum all over the guys face in the gif. It felt so good having someone else grab my dick, I reached over and slowly rub his cock as well. It didn’t take long before I was ready to cum and he knew it, he sped up faster and faster until I said I couldn’t hold back anymore. He pulled his mouth off just in time as my cock shot cum right into his face, spurt after spurt he kept his mouth open.

First time cheating on husband "complete vers

first-time micjones 2018-05-12

To the nearest night club please mr taxi man I said, the excitement was getting to the point I could of offered myself to the old taxi driver He smiled at me but walked past me, he turned his head so again I opened my legs wider my heart was beating so hard, I could feel my pussy getting wet. He buried his head between my bum cheeks licking my ass first while he penetrated my pussy with his fingers, I pushed back hard on his tongue and fingers within seconds I was squirming and I came so strongly my legs gave way and my body fell on to the table.

First Meeting!

first-time 2018-05-12

As soon as I lifted the drink to my lips I felt 2 strong hands run down the sides of my body. Your drink comes and when you lean in to pick it up you straddle my right knee and you slide your hand around my waist. But your hand starts to slide up my thigh, revealing that I am wearing a garter belt and stockings. Our hands start to wander over each other’s clothed bodies. During this kissing and disrobing frenzy you lead me to the bed so when we get there you are totally naked and I am just wearing a nude bra and garter belt with stockings. You take this opportunity to run your hand down my body to my stocking thighs.

The Red Baroness

first-time MungoParkIII 2018-05-12

Jacob gasped and looked over at Andrew who shrugged and answered, "Yes sir, the Baroness del Rojo please." "You know boys, it was my first time at the Baroness you know," the old man said, looking at them through is large mirror. Laughing, the driver turned back and began driving and said, "We'll it's true, or let the Lord strike us down in this cab." He paused, looking around. "Her body then commenced to quaking, shivering and squeezing me from the inside and me, I'm now dizzy from lack of air, but also feeling this sensation of pleasure like ten thousand feathers rolling up and down my lovely cock and suddenly a bright light shines and...

Accidental First Time Ch. 03

first-time engagemind 2018-05-12

You lean in and softly kiss my lips, tasting your own juices on my face, and whisper a thank you in my ear, looking into my eyes we share that special moment of closeness, trust, care that neither of us has ever experienced before. Your flash that impish smile and note you had better clean both of us up without making any more messes, take a long look at my semi hard penis as I take in your thin lithe body, then take the pan back to the bathroom, draw more warm water, and return to clean me up for the third time.

Mom and I

first-time 2018-05-12

Now I am bi and I do love big breast on an woman and looking at my mom’s breast were giving me nasty thoughts of just what those would feel like cupped in my hands where I would then use my tongue to tickle her nipples. Mom rode my dad fast and hard, I know it had to feel so good as I love riding him just like she was. Dad got into bed and I saw him put those lovely big arms around my mom and pull her tightly against his body. I looked up at mom and threw my red tearful eye I asked her " Dad is going to be OK isn't he?" I sobbed uncontrollably as I continued with " What if dad leaves me like Lisa did?"

Conversations with Manny Ch. 06

first-time Pontuis Kack 2018-05-12

Avril smiled as opening her legs slightly she reached down and took hold of it firmly. Avril smiled as she reached down and placed the head of his cock firmly at the entrance of her vagina. His penis softened and plopped out of Avril as Manny reached up and turned the water off. “The reason I have to talk to Mom and Dad is quite simple” Avril looked a little sad.” They only just got used to the idea of me being gay”. “I don’t think I’ve seen you before” Avril looked at the pretty young woman, instantly liking her. “I’ll give you my address” She smiled at Avril who was sitting looking from one to the other.


first-time 2018-05-12

But I have never done anything like that. My husband followed me into the huge tent, with all the windows and door wide open. People were everywhere. He knew I was going to shut all the windows and zip up the door before undressing. Instead, he pulled my shirt up over my head, leaving me in my bra. I didn't protest - probably for the first time. Next he unhooked my bra and let it fall off. I don't know how many people walked by and watched for a few seconds. My heart raced the whole time. I have been nude in front of many people before, but in a professional setting. I didn't feel like they even noticed my nudity.

Expanding Horizons Ch. 01

first-time sleeplessgurl 2018-05-12

Nico told Keira all about how he met his wife, Melissa, during his last year of university and fell head over heels in love. Keira cried a few tears and her heart went out to Nico as she read his long, emotional account of what he'd been through. Two days before the kids were due to start arriving, Gus, the weathered old camp manager, had gathered all the counselors and CIT's together and had introduced the newest member of the management team, Nico. Keira knew she was sexy and she loved the attention she was getting from boys since she developed, especially in a bathing suit that barely contained her full round breasts, but no one had ever looked at her the way Nico did.

Little Black Skirt

first-time damonX 2018-05-12

No sooner had the door closed, than I was bending Kari over placing her hands on the edge of the sink.  I dropped to my knees and reached up to pull down her panties.  My cock was aching as the white underwear slid down her smooth legs, but I knew that the longer I waited the more satisfying it would be.  I began by kissing her calf, then moving up to the back of her knee.  She turned out to be quite ticklish and squirmed a little as my tongue traced it's way up the back of her thigh.  I pushed her skirt up over her hips and soon found myself staring into her lovely pink pussy and tiny brown anus.

A Party Surprise

first-time FunwithLC 2018-05-12

She reached down and adjusted my cock to her bare cunt, rubbing it up and down along the wet slit, covering the head in her juices. She let out moans that were filling in air, her hands running over her breasts, pinching her nipples. I began to pull my still hard cock from her wet cunt, thinking she was probably spent for the night, but as I came out, she reached down and grabbed it, lowering it slightly and pressing it against her ass. Her hand went to her cunt and she began to finger fuck herself as I fucked her ass, teasing her clit with her thumb.

Bi George!

first-time suaveliso 2018-05-12

I thought I could detect some swelling in his cock, and I certainly felt a little excitement in my modest one, only six and a half inches fully erect; although a lovely shape, as I had been told by several ladies, including Arlette who had had experience of a good few male members in her long porn career. I sat next to him, caressed his balls and rubbed his cock, running my fingers over the head. I got on my knees between his legs and took his cock in my hand and wrapped my lips around the head, sucking gently at first, running my tongue around it. George was so beautiful and girlish-looking that I hardly felt I was with a man, despite his massive member.

My First Time

first-time cutecoed05 2018-05-11

As we rolled around in bed kissing, I felt him becoming aroused and I took his cock in my hand and started stroking it. James put his hands in my hair and guided my head down to his cock and pressed it firmly against my lips. James held his cock and pressed it against my pussy. Ohhhhhhhh James, your cock feels so good inside of me!" I moaned. Cum on my cock!" James thrust himself deep inside me. James collapsed on top of me and lay there for a few minutes before he pulled his softening cock out of my pussy. I looked down and saw a tiny bit of blood around the entrance to my pussy, which had begun to hurt again, without his cock in it.