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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Masturbating mom

first-time showoffmybod22 2018-05-11

image of my son lying back on his bed, cock in hand, fisting it while he I began to wonder what Jim and I looked like when we made love. roll as I moved my right hand over to my left breast. I used my right hand to caress my breasts and allowed my left to remain I began to use my right hand to feel what my left was doing to me. I resumed the thrusting of my fingers in my pussy, watching the look on lubricate my thrusting fingers; all the while continuing to fuck my son's released my grip on my son's cock and used both hands to open myself as

My Buddy's Girlfriend

first-time captainjohnspencer 2018-05-11

The best part is they'll still be there in the morning so that they can pee in you sink and throw-up one more time on your floor; and just before they leave suggest that you clean your place up because "it looks like shit.". "Pack it up!" I shouted "Let's go back the apartment," The lady John yelled at had a husband that did NOT look happy and while he was going to be in a bad spot trying to pick a fight with all of us I didn't want the cops there or an eviction notice. I didn't even notice John, Ted, and Amber leave the bathroom; I'd been thinking about Myra too much. Another game of 8 ball started between Amber and Mark so I took a seat on the couch next to John and Billy.

You're In My Seat Pt. 04

first-time JaneSaysIt 2018-05-11

Ally puts her hand over my mouth like I've said something naughty, then whispers in my ear, "Breath deep Carter, let me know if you can figure out what I've been doing." It's a little unnerving being half naked in the school with Ally where she's not supposed to be, but the fact that she wants me this bad is so incredibly hot, especially knowing she's been sneaking off to rub her wet pussy. Standing without really thinking, I walk right over to Megan, "You have no clue what you're talking about, but before you slander Carter any further, take a fucking peek at his package." I trace my baby finger across the edge of my mouth in a really dirty gesture and walk away.

Francine's First Time

first-time mochaleeshus 2018-05-11

She walked to the fraternity house and opened the door just in time to hear the sounds of Ciara's "Oh-no." This party looked quite interesting; the dance floor was already filled with boys and girls dancing. Francine looked at the tall, naked, sexy black man in front of her and the size between his thighs and thought how was his big thick penis going to fit. "Relax." Vincent said as he kissed Francine from head to toe. Vincent then opened her legs and used the tip of his tongue to lick the skin in between her thighs and then, moved his lips to her punnanni and used his fingers to spread the twat and bury his tongue on her clit.

My Best Friend Stacie Ch. 02

first-time sensuallystricken 2018-05-11

Your parents must have heard us!" Stacie said quickly crawling up the bed and underneath the covers. "Why'd you have to cum so loud, Stacie!?" I said quickly pulling the covers over us. "Holy shit that was so fucking close," Stacie said throwing the blanket off of her and getting out of bed. I think I'm over Karen now." I said looking at Stacie. "Hey...I wanted to make good on the promise I made last night." Stacie said getting out of her desk. I just want to feel it blast straight down my throat." She said stroking my dick fast in her soft hands. "Does my mouth feel good on your cock?" Stacie said.

My first time!

first-time adamadam83 2018-05-11

I must have been having a good time, becuase after about 10 minutes of him sucking my cock, I came so hard I almost gave him a bl**dy nose from bucking my hips so hard. When he pulled his cock out of my ass again, he started to finger fuck my asshole again as he stroked his cock, ready to shoot a huge load all over me! Fuck, there is nothing hotter than watching a big black guy stroking his cock with lust burning in his eyes! Unfortuanly I only got to have his cock in my mouth one more time, our schedules got pretty crazy, but we still keep in contant and I've jacked off many times imagining him fucking my ass again!

The School Sick Bay

first-time Slowandeasy47 2018-05-11

He was a particularly tall boy with a mop of curly dark hair and as a recent widow of thirty something, missing out on the physical pleasures I had been used to, I confess I started to wonder what it would be like with a young virgin. Actually I knew he had been getting more than just a little excited because a few minutes later I went in to prepare for lights out and told him to go and do his teeth. I am a little ashamed to admit that I took the hanky to bed with me and buried my nose in its sweet pollen smelling dampness while I went to work with the hairbrush.

Breaking Babysitter Rules: (5) Shower sex

first-time blu3rthanu 2018-05-11

I felt Janice get on top of my legs and started cleaning up my cock with her lusty lips. "What if I get pregnant?" Emily blurted out and Janice choked on my cock. My tongue explored her mouth and we both turned our heads left and right. The taste of her mouth ran unto my tongue and she bit my lower lip. I grabbed her breast and sucked on her nipple, water from the shower went into my mouth. Her tongue brushed against the tip of my cock and I began to fuck her mouth. I arched my back and I felt her jaw drop and her tongue push my cock, she probably came already.

Linda's Web of Seduction #2

first-time trisexual69lvbbc 2018-05-11

When I thought I couldn't handle anymore without coming Linda sat up and straddled me, sliding my hard cock into her warm wet pussy. Soon I could feel that nut fixing to blow again and Linda sensed it, thrusting her cunt harder and harder onto my cock, her fingers banging my asshole, until suddenly it happened; my cock exploded deep inside of her and she started screaming, cumming on my cock as it rapidly pounded in and out of her wet hole. As we started to drive away, Linda told the girl, "I might want something else later, sweetie; you gonna be here?" But the girl blushed, laughing and covering her mouth with one hand as the window closed.

First Time

first-time Machine_girl13 2018-05-11

She pulls it out and sucks on the head like a lollipop that never losses its flavour, she continues sucking the head, each time moving a little more into her mouth, pumping the shaft with her hand and sucking harder and harder, making him moan in great pleasure, and she can then taste his sweet juices running down her throat. She turns and faces him, and leans down and puts her big breasts in his face, while she continues to ride him, his cock penetrating her, getting deeper and deeper, making her scream out in pleasure.

The Realtor

first-time zimabean 2018-05-11

So I went with my gut and dropped my pants and got behind her and pushed my virgin cock inside her. My cock was still hard and I thought that maybe I would not get this chance again so I got on top of her and fucked her again dropping another large load in her. Dad told her to fuck off as he never said they would buy the house and that she got two hard cocks and her pussy was full of cum she should be happy. He said he had fucked that little tramp several times over the last week and he was glad I got some pussy too.


first-time Domwoolf 2018-05-11

He walked to the center of the tiled shower room and began to adjust the showerhead and water temperature just the way he liked it, steaming hot. "Freshie, if you could tear your eyes away from my ass for just a second, I could use some help washing this!" With that she unbound a thick cascade of long black hair that bounced down her back and quickly became soaked with the hot streaming water. He lay back against the shower wall with a warm soft body curled up in his lap, enjoying the aftermath of a fantastic fuck, feeling the tension slip from his body as the hot water rained down on him.

Boys first sex summer

first-time jmsseal46 2018-05-11

Wasnt too bad so sometimes i do it now, because i like the feeling of my head in my mouth when i cum." Freddie got another finger full and put in his mouth, then he kissed me taking his tongue and pushing the cum into my mouth. “Freddie, fuck me hard, give it all to me and don’t stop no matter what I say” Freddie did as I ordered and began ramming his horse cock all of the way inside of me, I thought I could feel it behind my navel as he shoved deep and grunted with each push.

Two Lovers' First Time

first-time SouthernWomenLover 2018-05-11

After I found that my fingers were adequately wet with her saliva, I eagerly stuck my hands back into her hot panties and began working my magic fingers. I enjoyed every drop of her cum and was hard-pressed not to stop licking at my own fingers - a sad plea to try and sate my needs of her delicious pussy juice. We were in the kitchen, after we finished the first batch of cookies and put them in the oven, I pushed Alanna up against the counter, and dry humped her ass hard. I pulled down her small shorts and panties with one swift motion, and placed the head of my cock at the entrance of her waiting ass. "Oh, Devon, I love you, it feels so good, baby," she said, half-moaning her words.

Mentoring My Son... A Mother's Story

first-time DizzyD427 2018-05-11

I quickly realized what a mistake I had made, and as my son glared at me with angry, hurtful eyes I said, “Paul honey, you and your dad had the ‘sex talk’ before he left, but since then you never talk about girls, you don’t seem to show any interest in them… and, well, even though you’re a teenager I’ve never found a girlie magazine hidden in your room, or caught you looking at porn, or…” and then I tried to stop myself, but it was too late. As his face flushed he said, “Sorry mom… you just really look sexy” And then almost without thinking about it, he wrapped his hand around his hard cock… a cock that just minutes earlier was pumping a fountain of cum into my mouth… and began slowly stroking it again.

Touched for the Very First Time....

first-time StephyX 2018-05-11

I told him no but he said he didnt believe me because I was way too good looking and cute not to have done anything. I said yeah and he moved in and kissed me gently on the lips. I nodded my head and he told me it would be good just to finger, wank and maybe try oral sex on thsi occasion and leave the heavier stuff till when we were more comfortable. He moved up close to me and his cock rubbed against my stomach as we kissed. He started rubbing me and I had a feeling like i had never had before, He moved a finger and pushed it in slowly and began to finger me.

The Reluctant Submissive

first-time onall4s2112 2018-05-11

Do as I want and I won't turn you in" Rick said and pulled Jack who faced away from him back against his chest, "It's been a long time since I had a nice little Chicken like you!" "Now just relax, I think you'll like this more than me!" Rick laughed as he stroked his spit over his cock and started pressing it against Jack's young virgin asshole. Feeling his arm was free Jack had one last impulse to try and escape, but when he felt Rick's strong heavy hands grab his hips tightly, lust overcame him and he shockingly found he now didn't want to escape! "That's a good little Bitch" Rick said starting to slide his softening cock out, "I could feel your asshole grab my cock when you came.

Stuck in bed

first-time Thor-S 2018-05-11

I mean, sick as a dog, but feeling good about myself the way only a big b*****r can when he has finally rendered his little s****r somewhat speechless. When it finally started to get hard, which of course didn’t take long, she took it out of her mouth and just stared at it for a few seconds, almost in awe. A couple times she tried to deep throat it, but like I said I’m big and she couldn’t even get half of it down. But she tried, and then she just let it go in and out of her mouth like that for a long time, sucking, jerking me off with one hand and fingerfucking my ass with the other.

A Pussy Named Amber

first-time WishFull 2018-05-11

I was in my early 40s, divorced and living alone, when I got a call from a long-lost girlfriend, Amy. She said she was living outside of L.A. with her husband and an adopted child, a teenage girl named Amber, whom she called "a handful." She just wanted to chat. She bent her knees, causing her skirt to ride up, and I had my first look at the cute little pussy named Amber, red and pouting because it had never been fucked. I keep pushing, standing up to push her across the room that way, at times even lifting her off the floor with those two fingers, my other hand supporting her back as if we were performing some sort of wild dance move.

They Owned Me

first-time bidaze 2018-05-11

I said goodnight to some friends and started the seemingly endless journey to my bed. I'd never get a girl like that in my room by myself. They just kept going at it on my bed. I've never been with a girl like that and, up to that point, I thought it only happened in porn. Then it happened, she let out the sexiest moan and I sat there motionless, knowing I would have cum in two minutes with her. I'm still not sure who he was talking to, but out of nowhere he said, "Watch me." Then proceeded to unleash of torrent of cum on my face. When he reentered my room, he removed his boxers and crawled into bed with her.

Secuction Ch. 02

first-time BigZeke13 2018-05-11

She pushed another button and the flashing images stopped and she watched the playback of the living room security camera from the moment Zach and Nicki sat down on the couch. Mandy was sitting on my chest looking down at Nicki as she had pulled my shorts down to reveal my speed-o suit. I looked down at what they both were staring at and said, "See why I didn't want to take my shorts off." Mandy knelt absolutely still. Nicki's head was still resting on Zach's shoulder and every once in a while she would lift the waist band of his shorts to see if his cock was getting soft enough to get into his suit.

Hot Love With My Uncle

first-time 2018-05-11

One night I was studying in the hall and uncle came and stood behind me, and started pressing my shoulders gently. Keeping me in lip lock, he fondled my big round boobs and rubbed my nipples which were already erect and his other hand fondled my well-rounded ass and he pinched my ass cheeks aah I couldn't help it anymore and I somehow came off from him and ran into my bedroom and locked the door. I began fondling my big round boobs and could feel my erected nipples. He cupped my bare boobs in his hands and got mad at my hard and round nipples and bit and sucked them hard.

Making My Mother Pregnant

first-time jefffinn 2018-05-11

I heard the zipper come untied as mom brought her arms back up slowly, looking dead on at me with serious 'fuck me' eyes-- the likes I had never seen before. I kept hearing mother's words echo in my mind; "Everything changes when this wedding dress comes off" as I watched in wide eyed wonder while the gown slipped past the breadth of her wide golden hips. Every nerve ending in my cock felt like thousands of tiny moist fingers dribbling across my shaft as it made its way back to my mother's warm loving womb. Finally free, I shifted mother around to plant an open-mouthed kiss to her left cheek, sealing my lips to the corpulent flesh.

Living in Cockington part 22

first-time 2018-05-11

I then nearly had a heart attack as I saw Gina sitting on the back seat with her skirt pulled up around her waist revealing her thin bare legs and completely smooth bald pink pussy that she was gently fingering. She then carried on bouncing away on my hard cock, her little round ass was almost a blur as it moved up and down just inches from my face and seeing her little asshole appearing in front of me I couldn't stop my self from pushing a finger towards it. "Oh yeah she opened her little legs and showed me her bald wet pussy and begged me to fuck her" I replied "So you fucked a teen girl, a girl who is friends with your daughter just because she begged you" said my wife before continuing to suck my now hard cock.