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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Erica, Pete´s pet #7

first-time petdyke 2018-05-11

Well, what really happened with Erica might remain our private secret. High time to dance! Soon we noticed Erin. She had a good time, dancing with all the great looking guys on the small square of Main Street And dancing. Erin seemed glad to get to know her new locals and sort out the guys, who could dance well. And had a good time together. The locals were amazed I seemed to know both new teens. The other teen will fly away soon. Especially those hot dances with Erin and ol´ Pete. Serious studies awaiting Erica down in LA really soon. Erica wondered what the future might bring to her. Erica dreamed this sexy series to last a bit.

Julia's Skin

first-time Balrog 2018-05-11

"I'm glad," I said, and I sat on the bed, pulled her standing in between my legs, and continued undoing the buttons of her shirt, looking first at her stunning cleavage, then seeing more of her shapely breasts. "Now," she said, "back to pleasure!" She came forward and wrapped her arms around my neck, her lips finding mine at first ever so softly: sweet, flitting kisses, with occasionally the merest suggestion of tongue for only an instant. "That's okay, Julia," I replied softly, "We have all afternoon and night to practice." She looked at me and smiled just a little, and then pressed forward to hug me hard, breasts in my chest and nipples against my skin.

Found – A Treasure from the...

first-time Sailor1 2018-05-11

There were some good dozen serving girls that evening waiting tables in the large, crowded dining room open on one side to the cool sea breezes, but to him Maili's cheerful smile, her lithe, feminine movements, and exquisite beauty stood out from the others like a lone candle in the window on a dark night to a sailor's heart seeking refuge. The opportunity to observe had been somewhat limited in the dining room setting, yet this girl with the attractive flowered headdress – she said it was a lei po`o, a new Hawaiian word for him – like unto a princess, and matching leis about her neck, both with bright flowers and glossy green leaves, and her sweet smile and dancing eyes...


first-time shotguner 2018-05-11

A couple day go by and Jenny thinks things are back to normal when she opens the bathroom door and Steve is getting out of the bathtub Jenny sees his half hard dick and is froze to the spot Steve holds his hands over it but she still sees it after a few she turns and leaves to her room sitting on her bed head in her hands she can't understand her thoughts Randy always seemed big to her but, his cock was all she knew they first made love at 14yrs and no one else then a knock on her door Steve opens the door MOM ARE YOU OK?

Me, Jezebel, & Alicia(Story 2) Part 1

first-time EbonyLust 2018-05-11

Alicia had some on to, Jezebel shifted her way to my feet and started sucking my dick. A couple minutes went by and my girl Jezebel is making me cum so hard as she's sucking my dick. Jezebel got up and told Alicia to come suck on my dick. Jezebel got on top first and started slamming that phat ass on my dick. It felt even better with my girl sucking my balls and Alicia's fucking huge ass titties looking amazing slanging around the fucking place. Jezebel and Alicia at the same time said Tyrone! Jezebel laid in bed and had Alicia suck on the the strapon, I got on my knees opened up Alicia's ass cheeks and started eating that pussy.

First Time in a Hotel With Tom

first-time 2018-05-11

As Tom started to work his way to my pussy, I stopped him when he got to my tummy and pulled him back up. Then I slowly worked my way down his body to his cock and licked the precum off the end of it while holding his balls in one hand and gently massaging and squeezing them. After I got the precum, I put his cock in my mouth and started to go up and down on it with my face, Tom groaned and said he couldn't hold back too much longer. His cock felt so good against my skin, so hot and smooth, I was just about to orgasm when Tom started to groan and grunt and shoot his cum all over my pussy.

A Dark & Stormy Night

first-time Pokerman 2018-05-11

The Masons were around my parent's age, with a daughter, Emily, who turned 18 on Valentine's Day. She was kind of shy if you didn't know her well -- a pretty face with long brown hair, dark brown eyes, and a beautiful body that she usually kept well-concealed under her clothes. I gently rubbed and squeezed them in my hands as we kissed, causing Emily to moan in my mouth as she arched her back towards me. I started kissing and licking her sweet pussy as Emily thrust her hips at my face. My cock pressed against her virgin hole as we kissed, the head trying to push its way inside.

A gay bar

first-time uniquet 2018-05-11

After buying a drink and standing near dance floor hoping a man would come up and take my head and put his cock in my mouth it wasn't happening. I've never had been with a black man before so I was hesitant to walk to the bathroom after him when he whispered you looking for a big black cock? I did end up gagging a few times but worth it because I felt his big cock go down my throat after he face fucked me for a while I felt every drop of cum shoot out of his mouth and sucked him dry. I realized when he wasn't going to that he just used my dirty cum dumpster mouth and was a straight man!

Playing Doctor

first-time ShareTheLove 2018-05-11

She was fine with going out in a t-shirt and with her hair pulled back in a ponytail, and looked as beautiful without makeup as she did all done up for an evening out. Lindsey came down about 5 minutes later, wearing khaki hiking shorts, boots, a pink t-shirt, and her hair done in a single braid that fell between her shoulder blades. "I had that same thought." After a few minutes, Lindsey opened her eyes and rolled her head on the headrest to look at me. "I've, um, checked everything that I can see on my own." With that, she dropped her towel and sat there on the bed looking at me and breathing more quickly than normal. She took my hand and placed it lightly between her legs, looking right into my eyes.

The Forbidden Pleasure

first-time SF_dizzle 2018-05-11

My mom, boyfriend and the guys would just be in the living room playing loud Mexican music and drink like if beer was going to be discontinued. Late that night I remember hearing Pelon coming home. I felt his hot wet mouth on my cock and at first I didn't like it. He gently pulls back my skin and begins to Put his mouth on my hard cock. I remember thinking of what if my mom or the guys walked in on us finding me this way with another man. I rest my head on his right shoulder with his mouth next to my ear I can hear him breathing hard and it turned me on even more.

The man of your dreams

first-time 42gary 2018-05-11

I slide under your desk and start to pull at cables testing connections, I don't need you to help but ask if you could pull your chair back to the desk and press some keys for me to see if it is working. I place my hands on each of your knees and slowly part your legs, you stop typing and allow me to move your legs, I can see the top of your stockings and the soft White skin just bellow your black lace panties. I move your chair out and ask if you will help me with something in the telephone cable room as I think this is the problem with your Pc, you know that this is just so that I can get you alone and away from everyone in your office.

At Your Service

first-time 2018-05-11

She was a 32 year old attorney, single, living at home, didn’t want to marry a Mexican, and her biological clock was ticking. The bell rang, I opened the door naked, and pulled her inside, and immediately started kissing her and running my hands all over her petite body. She came straight from the office, dressed in her power suit, I opened her blouse pulled up her bra, freeing her tits, and pulled up her skirt and pulled down her panty hose, didn’t even take them off, and put her on the carpet, right inside the door. This went on for about a month, and during that time she introduced me to two of her friends, another attorney, and an Air Mexico pilot.

Summer at the River

first-time fadedgiant 2018-05-11

As the university moved into a new academic year, I invited Amie to talk with new student groups about tech applications and how to use them successfully. "Amie, I am having a final summer party on my property at the river, would you like to join in? Most everyone brings tents or campers; however, you could stay in the spare bedroom of my fifth wheel." Suddenly, I realized I was being too forward and saw that reaction in Amie's expression. This time, we did break contact at the hip, Amie leaked a flood of cum from deep in pussy, and I saw a tiny bit of virginal blood staining the mix.

Married Men Slip Away For Gay Sex

first-time john1195 2018-05-11

Greg just how much pleasure a man's body was capable of feeling and it was 'But why go to a gay bar?' Greg was a little unsure about Bob's reply. Greg felt slightly seedy as he followed Bob upstairs, aware that all eyes Bob came off of Greg's cock and smiled up at him before gently licking and Greg felt weak in the knees as Bob's tongue danced over at Greg's firm ass cheeks, massaging the smooth flesh and making Bob feel a 'I'm going to do more that,' Bob replied, suddenly at Greg's ear. and pressed his five inch cock into Greg's hand, letting him feel what he ass was intensifying the feeling Greg felt in his cock as he stroked


Meeting with MistressAngelLuv pt2

first-time sabre72 2018-05-11

Mistress took my cock back into her mouth and continued giving me the oral sex that I so desperately wanted and needed. As she continued to suck my cock, I hear the buzzing of the Hitachi and soon felt the vibrations on my balls and shaft. From the minute my cock slipped between her pussy lips, Mistress was moaning. Mistress lubed up my ass and took my 2.5" thick dildo and proceeded to slowly fuck my ass with it. After 15 minutes of nearly taking 16 inches of the 18, and having my balls and cock hit with the vibrator, Mistress asked if I wanted to cum. Mistress left the vibe under the head of my cock while she fucked my ass.

Avery Screws the Virgin, Sage

first-time Cutiecat 2018-05-11

"So, which subject did you want to study first?" Sage asked, facing away from Avery so she could rummage through her bag. Sage turned to look at Avery, but he appeared to be deep in thought. Avery handed the letter to Sage, who looked confused. Sage hesitantly rested her hand atop his pants and the slight movement of fabric caused Avery to groan. Sage, wanting to help more, decided to put her hand on his bare skin. "Is this the only way you can feel better?" Sage sounded a bit sorrowful, but Avery could tell the girl felt guilty for giving him a hard-on. Sage quickly moved her hands down to protest as Avery began trying to add a third finger.

Court Date

first-time faggyboi 2018-05-11

Aubrey got a better look at the lady’s ass now. Dahlia received a text from Aubrey an hour later saying he was on his way and it would take him fifteen minutes. Aubrey did need to urinate, but also wanted to make sure this lady had nobody in the waiting to fuck him up. “It’s right over here,” Dahlia replied taking note that Aubrey did not wash his hands. “Glad you like,” Dahlia said thankful that he had noticed the scent of the strawberry vanilla candle and ‘Love’s Baby Soft perfume she was wearing that had also been sprayed around the room and on the bed. Dat ass feel good,” Aubrey revealed while fucking her.

Alex's First Time (with a man)

first-time speedodave 2018-05-11

Confusingly, Alex said that he enjoys watching gay porn but only if it involves speedos and admits to reading my blog religiously and evening joining this site once a few years ago. As I said earlier, I was wearing a pair of black lycra Arena speedos under my jeans, which were now off and the only thing I was wearing as I stood at my kitchen bench. As if I wasn't hard enough as it was after sucking off a str8 guy in an AussieBum speedo but Alex returned to my living room/kitchen/dinning room wearing a pair of black ADIDAS 3-stripe speedos. Walking back in the living room was wonderful, I was wearing my AussieBum Portsea's, Alex was sitting on my couch wearing my black ADIDAS 3-stripe speedos.


first-time XXXNoBounds 2018-05-11

It was with great surprise therefore that on Friday of that week he walked out of his office to find Katie crying her heart out, being consoled by the female staff members while Ryan's lead property manager had a rather loud diplomatic conversation with someone on the phone. Ryan watched as one by one the staff members left, Julie giving him a nod on the way out as an indication that she had done as he asked, and that Katie was now waiting for him in his office. Katie made a unhappy murmuring sound and pushed herself down towards his cock, but Ryan pulled it back so that it just kept lightly teasing her, brushing it against her still extremely sensitive clit.

Not a virgin anymore...

first-time specula 2018-05-11

We whispered and giggled for a time, then she felt asl**p. At this time a have had still barbies to play and I had my favorite one with me. I couldn't sl**p for a long time because it was summertime and hot. I started to play with my pussy slowly and buried in thought. I just remember that suddenly it felt better and better, my pussy became warm and I played harder, but I knew, I had to be quiet as good as I could. I put the leg of that doll slowly into my cunt. I couldn't stop and moved faster. I told that after years my boyfriend, he asked me how and with who I had my first experience.

Dinner Date

first-time Maturelover8486 2018-05-11

Brittany came around the corner of her house wearing a very tight red dress that stopped above her knees and showed quite a bit of cleavage. The last time coming back from the washroom, Brittany looked embarrassed or something sitting at the table. We continued kissing outside the car for probably 3 more minutes and said we should get going. Brittany started to jerk my cock and noticed some precum running down her hand. She said "Every time you went to the washroom at the restaurant, I started masturbating under the table. Neither one of us have anything we need to worry about anyways" Brittany unzipped her dress and I removed the rest of my clothes.

My first adventure

first-time pamalacd 2018-05-10

She asked if I wanted to be a girl like her, I said yes without thinking and she smiled at me. She smiled at me again and got my hand and led me up some stairs to another room where several girls getting dressed. The next thing I knew someone had walked up behind me and they lifted the back of my short dress and said you look to good to be a boy. I was kissing her back and as my tongue explored the inside of her mouth, she pulled my short dress up with her hand exposing my panties. As Mary pulled out of me Ralph said it was his turn and got behind me and slid his cock into me.

Sensations of the Beginning

first-time sexychik69 2018-05-10

I slowly laid myself down onto the floor and I felt Jason lean down next to me, lying on his side to look at me as I closed my eyes, a small smile across my face. I felt one of his hands touch my cheek and he leaned down to kiss my soft lips. I felt his first fingers of both hands gently touch the top of my chest and run down my breasts, finally stopping to land on my hard nipples. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensations of his wonderful touch - I just wanted to let his hands explore my body, and do that they did.

Teenage Fantasies - First Girl

first-time JiltedSavior 2018-05-10

During biology, she would talk to me that would make me so hard, asking me if she found this girl in class pretty and I said sure but she told me how slutty she was and how she gave hand jobs on the bus. I had to return the favor since I feel that I have to when people do things to me and in this instance I desperately wanted to, so I kissed her forehead and then she kissed my cheek again; now we did this over and over until when I leaned in she had looked up so our lips would touch.