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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

From Essays to Ecstasy

first-time branda 2018-05-10

Alice started to walk back to the kitchen to start cooking the pair something, but Matthew grabbed her hand and pulled her down on the couch and told her to just hold off a second. Moments later, she started sucking hard and licking quickly on Chrystal's nipples as Matthew took her skirt and panties off and began fingering her dripping pussy. Once again eating her pussy, Alice was experiencing the same intense pleasure from before, but this time, Matthew was fingering her with one hand while working his cock with the other. As Alice continued eating Chrystal's pussy and Matthew ate hers, they were both just seconds from spewing their love juices all over one another.

Hot fuck outside

first-time Teddyburrr 2018-05-10

I answered and across my phone came a soft sweet voice saying "Hey baby..Im When we started I was familiar with kisses so I tried to impress her with squeezing her ass and stroking her hair at the same time. After a while I could tell she was getting bored so she grabbed my hand and ahoved it down on to her soaking wet pussy. In no time she grabbed my dick squatted down and shoved it into her mouth. Up and down she went on my rock solid dick squeezing one breast while the other giggled on time. She cuffed that hand and made the other do the same as we both squeezed and off went a huge load into her pussy as she cleched tighter.

It's a Daily Thing

first-time thclck 2018-05-10

I had fantasies all the time about licking big cocks and feeling the veins and the beautiful heads. I wasn't sure what the proper thing to do was but I thought that he would let me know if I did something wrong so I just leaned over and began to lick on the head of that cock. I licked his nuts and separated them as I felt the stubble of his scrotum and then I went back to the cock head and licked the glans all around feeling the small bumps on it and getting a reward of a bit more precum which I played with for a moment but swallowed because it make my own cock leak.

My first Crossdresser - Part Two

first-time 2018-05-10

We walked through an open lobby and entered the Sahara casino side by side, but a group of oriental tourists rushed past us and she stepped ahead of me to get around them. As she walked in front of me I once again saw just how sexy she was, and for the time being my discomfort took a back seat to lust. She had a long term pass but I had to buy one, and feeling all the eyes looking at us made me clumsy. Ever since the first time I wore my mothers silk panties to high school under my jeans, being a woman in public has made me feel so sexy and pretty.

Shares me with his son

first-time smokeabowl 2018-05-10

Steve, my husband, recently told me that David had taken one of our swinger videos (me fucking two guys) and was watching and masturbating to it. Steve asked him if he wanted to be with me, sexually, and he said yes. Steve asked me what I thought about that, and I admitted the thought of David lusting for me was a turn on. A week later, Steve told me we were going to meet and swing with a guy he met online. Steve asked his son if he wanted me. Steve asked if David could kiss me and if I didn't want to do anything after that, I didn't have to. David put another finger in my pussy and started banging me. Steve told David to eat my pussy.

My First Time!!!!!

first-time slostin 2018-05-10

I started telling them that my next set of pictures I post, I want it to be of me using a pussy pump. As I was talking about it I could feel my pussy swelling up and getting very wet. One of my close male friends looked at me and said " I'll go buy you one right now if you let me take pictures of you using it. We went together to get it, as soon as I walked into the store I went straight over to the one I had wanted for so long and picked it up and said this is it. I could feel it pulling on my clit, and the next thing I know as they are taking pictures I squirted right into the cup.

evil thing

first-time sdutchy 2018-05-10

u c me wrapping a condom around my hard cock while u lay back...butnaked on the big bed....ur legs spread...u start touching urself as i close in on u....udd grab my dick....directing it between ur leggsull spread ur lipsand ur other hands on my ass to direct me......;dont worry eveling....u know u want this...and i wont hurt u i promise;.....ur look tels me enoughand gently and real hard dick enters ur wet kitty.........ur hand tells me i can move alll the way in filling u up till my balls.

Taboo Trio (Part II)

first-time shadoham 2018-05-10

In awe I watched the slow pace of mating accelerate, Brian's powerful thrusts driving his cock into Kimmy's pussy, lifting her with their very f***e, while she rode him like a bronc in a rodeo, out of control, her cries and gasps mixing with his deeper moans and breath, a chorus of passion that held me spellbound. I felt the first moment of contact between his fingers and the fabric of my bra, and it suddenly struck me at that moment how, through all of this amazing intimacy that had entered our lives, his hands had never touched my body in any way different from the way any other son might embrace his mom.

how i lost my virginity to my best friend (MUST RE

first-time robinlax12 2018-05-10

"Alright k**s, were leaving now." My dad said to me,Ann, and my best friend Ethan. "woah, you have god damn beautiful eyes" he said as he strong hands cupped my face. Ethan laid me on the bed as he stripped me of my shirt. a slide of my panties and Ethan said, "holy shit Ann! he replaced his fingers with his tongue and spread my pussy lips. "yes squirt in my mouth!" he said while deep in my pussy. "aaah yes baby" ethan said with pleasure. "im close babe come on dont stop the blowjob," my hot best friend said. "HOLY SHIT YOUR GONNA MAKE ME CUM!" i screamed louldy.he released his warm fluids into me which only made me want him more.


first-time kingzeu5 2018-05-10

I felt ashamed I was lookin but couldn' turn away and I knew he saw me, but for a minute he said nothing till he nutted and then turned around to me and said "if you keep looking like that Im gonna think your a fag and make your nigger ass suck my cock dry!". He tells me to crawl over to John and beg to suck his cock till he cums in my mouth. Then he pulled out, grabbed my shoulders and squatted me down and told me to shit out his cum like a good nigger bitch. He told me this is between us now, your my bitch, I want my cock sucked every night, my balls drained every day, and now your the whites nigger bitch.

Wank meet sucess: London hotel one-off

first-time 2018-05-10

We continued chit chat for the next 20 mins or so when Lawrence told me straight up that came over to me as he liked the look of my 'big brown uncut cock' (as he put it) as soon as I had it out on display. For what seemed like an eternity, my mind was all over the place and I wasn't sure completely what to do, the other guys around were chatting, drinking, watching porn etc at this stage with the atmosphere getting my hornier and lusty. With the door shut, Lawrence said he developed a liking for Indian cocks a few years ago when he had a one-off meet with an Indian man via work during an audit.

Sex History and Profile - for more sex and more fu

first-time JeffM1 2018-05-10

Good sex requires that you have more than “sketchy” knowledge about the sexual preferences and sex history of your partner. If you know what your partner likes to do right from the start, you can explore a range of possibilities. In the heat of sex, you don’t want to be asking questions, you want to have a good time. Frequency you like sex (times per week): __ or month __ Are you Verbal (like talking during sex) Y/N __ If Yes, Reporting on feeling and instruction on how to do it better __, Dirty talk __, expressions of pleasure __ OR NO chit-chat person” (its distracting) __ For sex (when RECEIVING) I like (A,B,C,F) (answer all choices): For sex (where I am GIVING) I like (A,B,C,F) (answer all choices):


Christening our New Caavan

first-time yorknudecouple 2018-05-10

I stood up and indicated to Frank to move across to the other side of the bed and took his place – the scene was now all set for the full swap to take place and I lay next to Den stroking her, full tongue kissing her on the mouth and feeling her massive breasts – her breasts, plump body and such different shape (apart from colour) was a total contrast to my wife and though no-where near as attractive I was enjoying the experience of exploring her intimately. I kept an eye on Bernice and Frank, in part as I always enjoy seeing my wife with another man but also anxious to let him in particular set the pace, though I very much wanted to slide my cock up the hairy hole of his now relaxed wife.

L at Midnight

first-time hardyalex 2018-05-10

Before long, he slowly moved in for the kiss, and when their lips met, the girl let her tongue wonder into the boy’s mouth, exploring every part of it, as the boy did the same to hers. When she couldn’t take it anymore, she pulled his body up further up hers, and pressed her lips against his, giving him long, wet kisses, where she licked and sucked his tongue, to try to take her mind off the pleasure. She moved both of her hands up to his cheeks, and gave him a long, sensual kiss, as she let his throbbing penis rub up against her body.

Jerking for the Boss: Part II

first-time ouchfrancisco 2018-05-10

My swollen bigger cock gave me an incredible sense of confidence and I felt like a naked ginger king. As I worked my cock with my right hand, the left aggressively rubbed my body before grabbing my red bush and pulling for dear life. I pumped like a fucking madman while cumming making sure to decorate anything in the area in the process. With both our eyes fixated on his furious pumping, he let out a long loud moan followed by a series of frantic "I'm cumming!" cries as his dick stiffened up and erupted all over the comforter. I had never been in a room nude with another guy, let alone hard, horny and jacking my naked dick for him.

A New Love in My Life 1

first-time louise7033 2018-05-10

I think a lot of sex has started with the f***ed touching of knees or thighs on a tightly packed jeepney. When I used to be coming home from college it was always crowded, and with the movement of the jeep over the rough road, and sometimes the feel of a handsome boy's thigh rubbing against my thigh, the sensations that I used to get were so good I didn't want the ride to my village to end. Well, I guess I shouldn't call this new person in my life a "boy", because I think he must be at least ten years older than me.

Surprised by a Friend of the Family Ch. 02

first-time Kevin1974 2018-05-10

Lauren entered first, lifted the glass from my hand and started to look around as Jenny lingered just inside the door. As I closed the door, Jenny looked into my eyes and then moved closer, and as she closed her eyes she said, "Play along okay?" and planted a very, emotional kiss - not gentle but certainly not sloppy or exaggerated. After almost 10 or 12 loooong seconds of staring, she suddenly moved closer and said, "I think this is appropriate first," and she leaned even closer, lifting her chin to kiss me. I offered, "If you've talked this through with Jenny, and you understand and respect my need for secrecy, and I guess recognize that this probably can't evolve beyond a shared curiosity, I think I'd like to know more.

Finally Eighteen

first-time Heinz57 2018-05-10

Reaching out tentatively at first Josh grasped the covers in his hand and slowly lifted up and away from the body in the bed. Josh stepped close to the bed reaching out a hand toward Linda. Taking note of her far away look Josh entered the guest room and walked over to Linda. Linda, still in shock from earlier events, slowly straightened her legs as Josh pulled her toward the edge of the bed and upwards toward him. Continuing toward the kitchen Josh 'felt' Linda leave the guest room and turn toward his bedroom. Josh walked around the table and as he walked behind Linda he placed a hand on her shoulder and said, "My friend and I will be right back with a towel."

Opening Up Jaime Ch. 02

first-time dinstigator 2018-05-10

I pulled my hand free from her teeth, and sat back on my chair, pants around my ankles, staring at her lovely pussy as my cum dripped out and down onto the blotter on my desk. "Breath easy and try to relax, this may hurt a little" I told Jaime as I worked my index finger a little way into her tight asshole. I pulled my two fingers out of her butt and before the hole could close up completely I pressed the mushroom head of my cock up against her ass, and it popped right in. Once I had a nice rhythm built up, I reached under and began stroking Jaime's clit with my left hand as I continued stroking my cock in and out of her ass.

Molly the Manager: Part 3

first-time Yubadude 2018-05-10

Molly's alarm blared at 5AM She moaned as she rolled over, hit the snooze button and said, "Ten more minutes.....please." I woke up, set the coffee going and found absolutely nothing that passed as breakfast faire to cook. "Gosh, going to sl**p in someone's arms, waking up with a dream next to me and coffee made, I wonder if this is what it is like to be married?" She closed the door, only to open it momentarily, Molly stuck in her head, gave me a little smile, winked and blew me a kiss. "My turn," said Molly, "Lay on your back." I don't remember taking off my pants, but Molly started at my knee and ran her tongue up to my very hard cock.

After 7 months friendship finally my 19 yr old fri

first-time Shybutready 2018-05-10

then I was doing her from behind, she just was worried cause I didn't have condom on that I would get her pregnant, before I shot load pulled it out came all over her lower back/ass cheeks, let her take a shower together, we stayed on the bed naked for another hour, just trying to nap, tiny kisses on lips/cheeks I got hard again wanted to do her again but it was late and her mother was texting her why she home late from work and so was her boyfriend......I swear next time if I get to do her again I am getting her pregnant

Leslie and Sue Get Assfucking Lessons Pt 1

first-time nvision 2018-05-10

Sue started moaning and told Leslie to get out of her clothes “I want to eat your pussy.” Leslie quickly complied and got in a sixty-nine with Sue.” I was rimming Sue’s asshole and fingering her wet clit, and Leslie leaned in, moved my fingers out of the way and started sucking on Sue’s clit.” Sue was moaning and I could hear the slurping that she was now licking Leslie’s pussy.” This went on for awhile and both girls were getting extremely wet. Leslie started licking and tounge fucking Sue’s loosened up asshole, then I slapped her buns a few times, spanking her ass with my wet cock and then shoved my cock back to in her asshole and told Leslie, “Eat that pussy.” I started Sue’s ass in long thrusts now and Sue said “fuck me harder.” With that permission, I started pounding her ass with my balls slapping Leslie’s face as she was eating Sue’s pussy.

I orchestrated Her Wedding Night of Sodomy

first-time 2018-05-10

We left leaving her seeping Marks cream-pie from her butt-hole, I took Mark back to my place and we slept and fucked in the morning, his reward for being a good boy, Amber was aghast in the morning, the mess and the pain met her head on, she knew she had been violated on her wedding night, the photos on her cam saw to that, but violated in her ass, well that really was a stroke of genius, no woman ever forgets her anal encounters, especially by a stranger, on her most sacred of sacred nights.

Pool Hall Foreplay

first-time DreamPisces 2018-05-10

He's going to want to know about the charges," was the response as I heard a car pull into the driveway and, shortly thereafter, a front door opening accompanied by the sound of various male voices arguing the merits of the Yankees versus the Red Sox. "Because I'm pissed off, Bobby!" I answered, grabbing my purse off the sofa and pushing past him as I reached the hallway, the group in the dining room suddenly going stone silent. "We're gonna talk about this later," he said, making an attempt to look like the man in the relationship in front of his friends. "Yeah to both," I said, attempting to sound casual and also trying not to look at his denim-encased butt as he turned around to take a cue off the rack on the wall.