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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Hannah and Helen

first-time yesterdays 2018-05-10

"Hannah," I said, looking away from the drawing of Helen's pussy and trying to think about ice bergs, "this is So, with all that out of the way, as you'll recall I was now in wonder that Mike had posed nude for Hannah to draw, showing even his formidable cock, which I'd had hints of and even felt through layers of clothes, but had never seen. "Sure," I said, lamely, and now it was my turn to avoid eye contact, as I added, "I'll go ask Hannah to show me those drawings of you." "Yeah, nice to see you," Helen said in a knowing way as she stepped closer to me, "I hear from Hannah that you have a very firm appreciate for art!"

My Chosen First Time -PART 3

first-time milf4bbcstretch 2018-05-10

"Do you want us to teach you how to make love and enjoy the incredible feelings of uninhibited sex?" My lips trembled a little, but answered, "Yes." "Good." She refilled our glasses and took my hand, leading her to the bedroom and closed the door behind me. This time, when she laid the cotton strip down; she put her index finger just inside my pussy with her thumb on my clit, while she ripped the waxed hairs off. With eyes closed and head tilted back, I began to soap, starting at my shoulders I worked quickly downwards over my breasts paying particular attention to the nipples that hardened slightly under my fingers as they gently massaged the protruding buds between thumb and forefinger.

To be 13 again

first-time hydroxis 2018-05-10

she looked at me and nodded a sexy ass nod i kept licking she pulled me up to her mouth and said i wanna taste we started making out and she went down on me sucking just the tip at first she got more courage and deepthroated it and came back up and started laughing as she put her hair behind her ear and said this is fun i smiled she continued and i said to her ready?


first-time 130260 2018-05-10

She wore a man's double-breasted jacket in black pinstripe over a man's white dress shirt with turned back collars and silver cufflinks, beautifully cut and styled black trousers that seemed to flow and shimmer around her legs as she walked and gave brief glimpses of her feet, on which she wore over black tights black velvet ballerina pumps that looked like they had been covered in glitter, a silk scarf that covered her skin behind the open neck of her shirt, a crimson cummerbund around her waist and black lace gloves that left her finger ends exposed.

Tease those Guys

first-time virginblood 2018-05-10

I help Frank cock swell up just be my submissive actions that made him feel like a MAN. Frank said to me he wanted to cum on my tits as he stroked his cock up and down slowly look like he was massaging it. He stroked a little faster as he look at my tits being massage by Derrick. I had my eyes open but barely and my pants were being pulled off by frank while his dick stood angrily hard and every vain popping out. Frank went straight for my tits His cock felt like a silky thick hot with a fat juicy HEAD that my clit kept finding. Derrick made love to my tits like no other man with his hands and Dick.

Chpt 3 Inter-relationship Training Meeting

first-time john1195 2018-05-10

and let his cock start its slow entry into Jay's nervous as hell ass-hole. just take this good and slow." Then turning to look at Stan, Darrell let "Hey Jay, my man, how you doing?" Darrell asked as he laid full Seriously man, I thought it was gonna hurt like hell Yea Darrell, fuck me, let me feel it As Darrell did, Jay let out an, "Oh shit man, oh shit! Darrell let out with a squeal as he pushed his rod up and into Jay's ass he sure as hell did not know his cousin played with guys until that Hey, the guy that was leaving, liked him and the way he played, so he

Visiting dad

first-time fengunn 2018-05-10

When he reached my dick he slid his hands all around it,and pushing under my balls. He slowly stroked his hand up and down on my dick which felt good, and caressed my balls. I felt something wet run over my dick and his hand slid without resistance. I soon had the feeling I wanted, my dick started throbbing and my breath quickened. I felt my dick pump,and he said to let it go.He sped his hand up and pressed my balls sending cum flying out of my dick. He reached down and slid a ring up my balls and pulled my dick through it And pushed It tight Against me.He rubbed my dick till it was hard and said lets have breakfast.

The Rawhide & the Cowgirl

first-time rockandroller 2018-05-10

The kids ran to the little stream and began throwing rocks while the teenage girls helped Butterscotch make sure the horses each got a drink. As we mounted up (why were those words suddenly so special to me?) I discovered that I could actually feel the wetness between my legs as Cupcake's saddle rocked me back and forth. I never felt so exposed in my life, which probably had something to do with the fact that I couldn't have pulled them back up or run away even if I'd wanted to - I was still tied to Cupcake's saddle. Chance put his hand on the crack of my ass, gently pushing his fingers towards my dripping center, but try as I might to help him squirm into me, he couldn't reach my slit from behind.

me my husband his friend and my best mate

first-time bi-wifey 2018-05-09

I walked into the living room steve was asl**p i walked over to him i whispered steve are you awake he stirred and opend his eyes yeh whats up well dave wants to know if you will fuck me he sat upright sorry did i hear you right yep i replied he couldnt take it dave walked into the room have you asked him he said his head shot round to face dave for real mate yes for real steve he turned back to face me i leaned in and kissed him he responded dave sat on the arm chair as i straddled steve on the sofa this time julie came in behind me and slid my bath robe off my shoulders he couldnt belive his eyes we started kissing and touching she licked me and i licked her then we both licked and sucked on his long hard cock.

Mommy makes me feel good - Part 2

first-time mr_spinalzo 2018-05-09

I put my lips on one of the nipples and open my mouth, start sucking it very soft and carefully, just like a baby. But at that moment mom stops sucking my cock and releases it out of her mouth. My mother lifts her body and brings her hot pussy in position right above my straight up standing cock. She gets down carefully and lets her little sons cock slide into her wet pussy. Mom lifts her body, releases my cock half way and gets down again. At that moment my cock ejects and a heavy load of sperm shoots deep into my mothers soaking wet pussy. Let me have all your hot cum inside off me.“ She squeezes her breasts with her hands, her wet body is shaking,...

Mystery Girl

first-time snaillover69 2018-05-09

She had said she wanted me to continue to live life and enjoy myself. I could feel myself getting close to cumming, she started sucking my cock even faster, and when I started cumming in her mouth she just swallowed every drop, milking my cock of the very last drop. I took my middle finger and slipped it inside, and I was shocked to find she was still a virgin, I could feel her Hyman. I slowly pushed the head of my cock inward until just my cockhead was inside. I looked her in the eyes, she smiled and I eased my cock out slowly until just the tip was still inside. I pulled my cock out, and brought my cock up to her waiting open mouth.

My First Penis

first-time Sierra9572 2018-05-09

She said she loves to relieve her boyfriends of this issue, and has a tried and true method of saving them from such spillage: She takes two fingers, and presses the muscle on underside of the penis, between the scrotum and the anus. And he started to shuffle and said, "I have to pee really bad, just a sec." And he stood and went around the bushes. "You take two fingers," I said, "and go like this." I pressed my two fingers under his scrotum, and pressed forward, and sure enough, a few drops of pee came out. I kept moving my hand up and down and felt his penis start to soften.

Lost in Turbulence

first-time titania123 2018-05-09

I watch you march to your car and drive away and then just like the ticking sound of a clock that rises in and falls out of your consciousness, the blur before me converges to a single page and I realize I've spaced out again. The heater was on, and as the ferry cut through the fog, its monstrous horn blasting anytime a watercraft cut across its trajectory, Finn and Gemma sat in one of the booth-like benches and watched the whiteness passing outside. Finn's jaw was still working, but as he looked out his window he begrudgingly agreed with at least a little of what she said.

Steve and Mrs. Adams

first-time RedBaron60 2018-05-09

"Well then come to mommy, my sweet boy," she said as she again gently lay him across her lap, cradling his head close to her big maternal bosom and offering him her nipple. She could feel her orgasm building as she pulled Steve's head up, kissed him deeply and said, "I love you, my sweet boy, fuck me!" Pumping faster and faster, he said, "I love you too, Mrs. Adams," and with that he exploded, shooting jet after jet of spunk deep inside her, and she simultaneously shuddered with a climax of her own. "Come to mommy and fuck me, my sweetheart," she said as she guided his rock-hard throbbing penis all the way inside her wet, quivering pussy.

So I had my cherry popped? Who could fucking tell.

first-time 2018-05-09

Now I could do nothing but grin like a fool, it sounded so silly, like something a villain would say in a 1940's movie to the good-girl seductress, but one look at the arching mustache, the sincere mood of the man's eyes, and I knew the corny comment was rooted in genuine feeling. Doug's hand moved up the center of my spine, which I could tell was sweating slightly in some tingly thrill; up till his thumb felt the hard resistance where the muscle of neck met the base of my skull. It hit the side of my nose, and I felt the tremendous f***e with which it had left Doug's cock slit, then more and more; time after time, over my lips, my closed eyes and into my hair, and each time I loved it.


first-time vosmou_vrot 2018-05-09

The door swung open and standing there in front of me was Mickie, still in her Cat Woman costume, tears streaming down her face. We were back home by the end of the weekend and 'Mickie' started being female full time by throwing out her male-non androgynous clothing. The two of them talked and worked together preparing dinner every night and after dinner Mom cornered me and suggested that since Mickie was my girlfriend that I should try and be a little more romantic than I had been lately. "Looks like you and I get to bunk together Baby." Mickie gave me a saucy smile. "It's Okay Rick," My Mom intoned, "Mickie told me that you share a bed down in Lansing.

Ex-Girlfiend's Revenge

first-time 425olds 2018-05-09

There was no one left in the store except the four of us and Shelly told Stacy, "I think Marty wants to see his performance." I started freaking out when I saw the video showing from above and from the side of me, sucking a cock. You are going to do what we won't do which is let them cum in your mouth and fuck your ass." I started to protest and Denise just pointed up to the camera and said, "Don't forget to smile." and handed me a condom. I started to suck and as soon as he was hard, he said, "I want to put this up your ass honey." I was freaked out, but knew they were watching, so I pulled my chemise up and panties aside while quickly lubing my ass.

American DV part 1

first-time RockHollywood 2018-05-09

I know it sounds silly but me and Lauren were talking about this the other day while we were fucking, and we both think- SHE thinks that having two guys in her pussy at the same time would be the best way to push her over the edge and give her the big O. I'd eat her pussy for hours, keep my dick hard and fuck her like a champ for just as long… it didn't matter. That doesn't even begin to describe what it felt like for me and Tom… Both of our cocks were rocks hard, and we could feel the soft, fleshy, uneven pressure of each other's shaft with every stroke, along with the "tight openness" of my girlfriend's talented vagina.

Where It All Began

first-time four9twelve 2018-05-09

Lee moved his thumb back to my lips, spreading the moisture around my mouth, and Steve resumed his long slow strokes at my slit. He continued watching me as I felt two fingers push my slit wide open, and another dip slightly inside my wet hole and circle around the rim, before all fell dark again. I moved my left hand, and held Lee's palm to my face, moving the thumb from my lips and replacing it with his index finger. Beneath the blanket, the heel of Steve's other hand held my shorts up and my panties aside, as his fingers stroked at my slit and dipped into my hole.

Summer Ch. 16 Sue and I

first-time TheTyke 2018-05-09

"Like what you see?" I asked and she smiled, her eyes following my hands as they moved across her breasts, pulling gently at her nipples before moving on down her body, grazing briefly across her pubic hair, drawing a sharp intake of breath as my fingers found the lips of her sex. She rested her head back against my shoulder, her eyes still following my hands, one at her breast and the other between her legs, looking like a live original, a warm and breathing illustration for Botticelli's Venus. "Open them," I instructed and she obeyed, "you're going to watch yourself cum." She looked into my eyes in the mirror and her face took on a wistful, dreamy sort of smile.

The week I lost my Virginity 4 times

first-time 2018-05-09

'You like having your cock sucked', I asked him, slightly worse for wear having d***k change all night at his expense, 'I fuck you', he kept saying over and over, 'Sure', I replied every time he said it, finally getting up and stripping off, I was the only one naked at that time, and I got up and put my pussy onto his mouth, standing with my legs straddling his, his tongue rasping my clitoris, my moaning mingling with Jilly's sucking, she really was eating his knob end, it glistened with her saliva each time it popped out of her mouth.

First meet. First thoughts

first-time satellite186a 2018-05-09

(Well, it looks like she chose a nice place to meet. Certainly, she still looks more relaxed than I am and I think she knows the power that she is wielding. I mean; here we are in this lovely place, in public, which is probably just as well because I have been embarrassingly, acutely aroused from the moment I set eyes on you. "Look; I understand that this is not going to go any further, at least not today but I'd like to ask a naive, perhaps impertinent question." It looks as though you've got as far as you're going to get this time. Remember; you'll have all the time you want in that drive home to run this one through your head again.

The Vine

first-time DuckieRhode 2018-05-09

But when I crept with leaves to hide Those parts which maids keep unespied, Such fleeting pleasures there I took That with the fancy I awoke, And found (ah me!) this flesh of mine More like a stock than like a vine." Kara had gotten wrapped up in reading the poem that she did not hear Travis enter the library. Travis knew what Kara's eyes were like from staring in them through out the evening as they discussed a sex poem; they were a soft blue that appeared grey in some lights. "Oh yes let me feel your vine, find that place that maid keep unespied," Kara said as she wrapped her hands around Travis's neck.


first-time Gundolier 2018-05-09

After I swallowed all of his cum, I slipped his still-hard cock out of my mouth and looked back at him and said, “Lick my pussy, I want to cum again, this time when you lick me.” Rick looked a little surprised, like he didn’t expect this and like he’d never done it before, but he went down on me like a trooper. We were both really into it and I could feel my pressure building again and I started sucking his cock again and we both just kept at it, licking and sucking and sliding and when Rick started to experiment and sucked my button into his mouth and flipped it back and forth with just the tip of his tongue, I saw stars again and my body shook and convulsed and shook until I thought I really would die this time.