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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Brandy's Deep Throat Adventures: Part 1

first-time trumptight85 2018-05-09

Bonnie had put up pretty pictures of Brandy on all the tables in the room, so I could see what she looked like, and I could see from them how pretty Brandy was… a real sweet, next-door-girl type of face. Later, Bonnie even told me that the real key to the harness, in fact, was hidden on the floor under the couch. “We wanted Brandy to get used to having cock down her throat before all the guys arrived at noon,” she explained, casting loving glances towards the girl she’d almost come to consider her daughter. Does Brandy know that all these guys have been invited to fuck her face?” I asked.

House rules

first-time purendevious 2018-05-09

I sit naked on a wooden kitchen chair, I becon you over and you come, your head down for the shame and contrition you feel. You sit accross me like a naughty daughter, your small round bottom pressed onto my lap as I begin to reprimand you for you breach of the house rules. You feel that my cock is now hard and with a tensing of my thigh I raise you up on my lap just enough to slide it in, with no resistance from your sopping fanny. Then the heat bursts from your crotch and rides the waves of your orgasm down to your head where it is boosted by the bl**d pressure, filthy thoughts and your active brain and sends you on an awesome sexual rush.

My dilema about the coffee shop

first-time maturemancock 2018-05-09

I looked at James's lap and his cock seemed to be bulging, as Donna unbuttoned her blouse and was feeling her nipples I put my hand on James's knee slowly moving it up his thigh. I pulled down James's boxers and his cock sprang upright, I looked at Donna and she nodded with approval, as I bent down and started to lick up and down his cock, he looked at me and sighed, I got onto the floor and spreading his thighs put my hand on him and started to slowly wank him as I put my lips over his helmet, he was moaning.

The Schoolroom

first-time WickedWench13 2018-05-09

Her muscles gripped his cock like a dozen skilled hands, working him, pulling him in, and he felt the rhythm of his thrusting growing in her, as he plunged in deep, again and again and again, short powerful strokes that made her moan and lift up off the desk. He checked the desk; apart from a small damp patch on the front edge, it was clean, and he raked his fingers through his hair as she gathered up her books, then giving him a saucy smile, sauntered out of the room, pulling her skirt down as she went - but not enough to completely cover the shiny wet skin of her inner thighs.

NFL Season Opener

first-time faggyboi 2018-05-09

The cute little sissy, named Torrance, shook his ass as he walked in. Marcus fucked his face while never removing the gun from Torrance’s head. Torrance headed into the bathroom of the one-bedroom apartment after pulling off his wig. Marcus walked in and hollered, “That shit looks good.” He kicked Torrance once more making him fall onto the bed. When Marcus reached out to put some money on his cousin’s books, the mature sissy who was locked up for life told him his boo was getting out. He and Marcus met up the week prior to fuck Torrance. The sissy boi visited, starting in June, and would always watch when Shawn went to take a shower. Anton stuck his seven-and-a-half-inch dick in Torrance’s mouth.

Can I fuck your Ass?

first-time gapelover561 2018-05-09

I couldnt help but notice, this woman's lovely accent, she must have been from greece: 5'5, perfect olive skin, perking b cup tits, and the sun dress she wore; d****d perfectly on her well shaped ass. you dont know how much this means to me" To me, her eyes only said, Thank you, you dont know how good I am about to fuck you for helping me out. She was told me to press play on the dvd and we watched the compilation for a few, seeing that she was into it just as much as me got my cock hard enough to have my shorts moving. Thinking about the question so much made me lose focus, so I maned up on my last deep thrust, I pulled out and asked "Can I fuck your Ass?"

Exploring with Jenny

first-time JeanDauvere 2018-05-09

Immediately the warmth of the water on us started to revive the feeling in our bodies and Jenny stood with her head in the crook of my neck and wrapped her arms around my waist, holding me tightly searching for warmth. Jenny laughed too which diffused the situation, "My god you are beautiful Mrs D" she said and reached behind for the soap, she rubbed it in her hands and then slowly started to soap her own breasts, I watched transfixed as her nipples stood to attention and she squeezed each one gently in turn. I had to pull away for air the feeling was so intense, our bodies had come together and I felt her nipples hard against me 'Jenny, we can't do this' I blurted out, "Do what?" she said.

That Always Happen's with a BBC Gay

first-time 425olds 2018-05-09

Then he said he was ready to cum and pulled his cock completely out of my pussy, and he ordered me to tighten up my pussy and squeeze his shaft, make it all tight so it felt really GOOOOOD, and I obeyed, I clenched my asshole while he shoved inside me, grabbing my shoulders now, while I pushed my butt back in rhythm with his thrusts forward, giving in and enjoying being fucked, enjoying being this rough stranger's bitch, and he groaned and said he was cumming and made that masculine growling noise deep in his throat and I took his lust, let him fill his condom with the cum my body and tight ass had coaxed out of him. 

Come in from the rain...

first-time Wetsilk 2018-05-09

His mouth felt so warm on my cold body. He spreads my legs wide open exposing my wet dripping pussy and devours it with his mouth. I feel my body riding his tounge as he sticks it deep into my pussy. I feel like I am about to cum and he can sense it, thru all this I did not realize he had taken his pants off. I can't believe this is all happening and I feel my body shudder..Oh baby I am about to cum I whisper in his ear. He pumped faster and harder..I cried out one loud moan as I shot my cum all over his dick.....All I can say is every time it rains we look at eachother and smile....

"Friends" Ch. 02: Truth or Dare

first-time SylentWriter 2018-05-09

"You know the routine," Trix said to Kris and pointed to the massage table with an open palm. When Jane giggled, Kris said, "Wine of course." When Jane knocked, Kris came out from her room to open the door. While we drank our second glass, Kris would reach out and touch Jane: first her arm, and then her shoulder. I sat on the left side of the couch, Jane rested on the right, and Kris crawled into my lap. I put my right hand on her inner thigh, in view of Jane, and massaged up her leg. "Okay, Kris, truth or dare?" She got off my lap and sat on the table in front of the couch.

Lovely Linda

first-time TSpank61 2018-05-09

As I walked in, I saw Linda in her tight red Christmas dress holding some mistletoe. About this time, the boss came up and asked if I could give Linda a ride home as he didn't want her driving drunk. She nodded and said, "I'll teach you honey." I thought I might be dreaming, when she set our drinks on the coffee table, stood and removed her dress! Linda sensed this and squeezed the base tightly, winked at me and said, "not yet, sweetie!" As the crisis was averted, she started to slowly lick my cock from the base to the tip! I thought I would cum again, but again Linda squeezed the base hard.

Soulmates Find Sex

first-time lenguaplata 2018-05-09

When the last movie had ended, Kara took Cal's hand. Cal couldn't believe how full and plump her lips were, and Kara was caught up in his passion that she could feel through the kiss as it deepened. He pushed aside the fabric, already wet he noticed with pleasure, and slid one finger into her tight little pussy. After a while of sucking the shaft, licking the head, and cupping his balls, Cal told her to stop so he could cum inside her. Cal sucked real hard on her clit, making Kara nice and wet, then aligned his throbbing head just between her swollen lips. A silent tear rolled down her cheek, but as Cal pushed deeper, Kara only felt pleasure.

Old Friends, New Flames

first-time heyyouitsme 2018-05-09

"Oh…I'm sorry, but really any guy who would do that to you doesn't deserve you." I said honestly as fleeting images of Michelle engaged in sexual activities raced through my mind, causing me to get just a little uncomfortable standing there talking to her, since I was able to look down and see her breasts straining against the tight blouse she was wearing. Now we were both just plain horny and I took off my shirt and kicked off the pants and boxers before pulling her back to me and feeling Michelle's naked breasts pressed up against my chest, her hard nipples rubbing against me and causing some great sensations.

Quit Stalling

first-time meloout 2018-05-09

She took a deep breath, exhaled, and moved her open mouth toward his dick. His hand moved to the back of her head forcing her to remain still as his cock slide back and forth in her mouth. "Damn baby you're doing fucking fantastic!" he said as he increased the speed in which he moved his dick. Her fingers rubbed back and forth on her pussy as she tried to keep her mouth firmly around his cock as it slid between her lips. She took him in her mouth and moved her head back and forth, pressing her lips around his dick. He placed his hand behind her head and started to gently push as he slammed his dick deeper in her mouth.

I came on my friend's wife

first-time sixtypixies 2018-05-09

After the game we head out back to refill our drinks, me in nothing by my boxer briefs, and Whitney in her black satin bra, and black booty short panties. We quickly pull away from each other in a brief moment of awkwardness before I chime in which " sorry didn't mean to grab you like that, I thought you were gonne hit my nuts, so had to protect myself ya know?" as if she didn't somehow couldn't feel my fully erect man meat digging into her left ass cheek. I am getting so close to cumming that I have to stop periodically, when I stop I rub my hard, now throbbing cock against her tight ass, feeling her body through her panties.


first-time 2018-05-09

I was in kitchen then Begamsab came in kitchen asked me that today we are going to make a special dish which probably need me her help. The musky odor seemed to drive me mad as my tongue started assaulting her cunt frenziedly and at the same time I inserted a finger deep into her anus and started moving it around. I asked her what to do she said me come inside in my cave she pleaded in a scream, and pressed me as tight as possible, squeezing my hips. I plunged as deep as possible into her cunt and felled her pussy cave after a hard 40 minuets long fuck.


first-time nightmistress 2018-05-09

I stopped him for a second and said "there's no going back from here Chris, if we do this, we both belong to each other, two lovers taking each other's innocence. I smiled back at him and said "I've been waiting for this since we turned 15, I'm ready." He pulled down the thong with his teeth and I heard him gasp again. Chris kissed my clit then in that moment and I gasped. He moaned "Oh jess" into my pussy and kept licking inside me, sending waves of lust through me, bulding every time he moved his tongue. Then he stopped, moved up and kissed me fully on the mouth, letting me taste myself.


first-time tarkatony 2018-05-09

The moan that escaped my lips seemed almost mournful and I think she thought so to because she pushed gently away and looked down at me while she slowly moved her hand along my stomach and when it crawled beneath my underwear and touched my erection I turned into her, pressing myself deep into her soft, hot flesh and I emptied myself on her hand as I surrendered myself to her body, pushing myself into it like it was a cocoon and I felt so safe, so secure that in time I gave in to my exhaustion and fell asleep.

I could use a lady to help me continue this story

first-time jez123uk72 2018-05-09

I was drawn to them, and I bowed my head to each in turn running the tip of my tongue over each hard nipple, leaving a small trail of saliva over each as I tasted her soft flesh. “Oh please, please, please don’t stop” again her voice faded away into a long ecstatic moan as my mouth drew her clit inside and my tongue started to flick easily over her. Then I watched as she bent her head, her tongue moving outwards to flick my taught flesh as she pressed kisses down my shaft, licking the valley between my balls, before kissing her way back to the tip. “Just as soon as I have prepared you to receive it” I smiled in reply, moving my hands down to her pussy once again to open those wonderful lips.

The Homely 18-Year Old Babysitter

first-time otter3440 2018-05-09

The kissing continued passionately while I slipped my hands under her summer dress to cup her tiny ass cheeks. By now I told her to pull her dress down and remove her bra to expose her magnificent, mouthful sized tits showing off her half-inch long, erect nipples. I then pulled my cock away for a brief second to kiss her anus one last time before pressing the head of my cock against that miniature slit and after countless attempts was finally able to break her forbidden seal. I took that as a queue to slowly but surly bury my cock in her ass until finally my 8-inch shaft was buried to the hilt.

Fucking Karima Ch. 04

first-time TheFaceMan 2018-05-09

Salima pressed down hard on the table and threw her head back a little, her eyelids fluttered for a moment as I began to stick my finger in her, she moved her ass forward with a quick thrust taking my finger inside her hole, wishing again she hasn't worn panties, as her pussy was burning with desire. Salima ran a hand through her hair pushing it away from her face, she licked her lips feeling Brian's fingers manipulating her cunt, his wet forefinger rubbing along the inside of her pussy. She watched my fingers rub my cock through my pants, licked her lips and she gave me a show of her own, walking to her room, stopping by the door, turning her head back towards me, and dropping her shorts, giving me a quick view of her naked ass, before she slowly walked inside and closed the door behind her.

Plump and Plain

first-time tarkatony 2018-05-09

I laughed, nervously, "Well, as a virgin, maybe you don't know that your approach isn't the normal route to sex, I mean with the line 'my goal is to get laid.'" I laughed again, "Don't get me wrong, I'm sure it'll work about 99.9% of the time." "I want you to sit there and I'll sit here and we'll start talking about things sexual and we'll go where it seems best to go and if it works, if we both get turned on, and I stressed BOTH here because I'm not just going to service you, this isn't going to be a pity fuck, so if it works, we're both going to want to go at it, and if we both really want it, the sex will have a good chance of being memorable.

Gregor's Uncle

first-time Keith_Walters 2018-05-09

There was a picture of a lady posing in front of a "burlesque parlor" I was about to open it when Sam came in and said "Whoa partner, you're a little young to be looking in there." He took the journal and handed me another from his Army Box. Here, he said, check these out." She was smiling at the camera with one hand between her legs covering her "privates." On he next page there was a guy with her, she was on her knees as he stood over her, you couldn't see his face as his head was cut out of the picture.

Help With Math

first-time heathermartin 2018-05-08

"Listen, Tom, I'm having a real hard time with Math," I said, tugging at my hair. "Um, sure, I guess I could," he said, running a hand awkwardly through his hair and adjusting his glasses. "Sure, Amiya," he said, his eyes roving down my slim body, resting on my exposed midriff. My hand slowly rubbed his crotch through his jeans. "Not yet, cowboy," I said in a sultry voice and handed him my panties. We kissed again, this time our hands roaming over each others' naked bodies. He moaned my name, every time he thrust in..."Amiya! He ran a tongue around my breasts and sucked my right nipple. His hand began stroking his dick and he moaned my name through my pussy, causing vibrations.