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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Best Friends

first-time meibuo 2018-05-08

Austin went on, only caring about the moment and probably forgetting that he's fucking his best friend. Jackie had done it plenty before, but she was NOT expecting her best friend to lose his virginity to her, in the pool. Sliding it inside Jackie's hole, he hears her moan slowly, her body trembling as she pulled him closer, bring his tongue to hers. Only after about 10 seconds of awkward silence did Austin reply, "You're right, that was a stupid question." She didn't chuckle this time. This time, Jackie walked up to Austin and slowly put her hands into his. Jackie swallowed hard, not knowing if she said the right thing.

my hot pussy reshu09xxx

first-time reshu09xxx 2018-05-08

One day Aunt told me - Aunt Anita (Arun uncle's wife) has remained a bag beside me, come get it! I went into the room, then suddenly began to find bags Arun uncle went to the bathroom, she was wearing only Anderviyr. And I brought food uncle told me to hold my hand - Reshu in the day that you see me smiling Anderviyr was why? The next day I told Aunt - I'm going home to Uncle Arun, No Problem at his computer, he called me to fix. I felt a lot of pain just above my late Uncle began to love me, kissed my lips and my Urojh pressing.

Cliff and the Boss's Wife

first-time Aussie_Teacher 2018-05-08

Over the next few weeks I would go and have a few drinks during the day when my mate was working, and soon the owner (Barry) and I were chatting away like old friends. It turned out that they had a sick relative back in their town (about 5 hours away by car), and his wife and kids only came out west once a month for a few days to give him time to relax. I can roster the girls on to cover for the two days, but I really need a guy around in case there is any trouble like the other night." he said. I will stay for the week, and Barry wanted to know if you would like a permanent job as his assistant manager," she asked in a 'matter-of-fact' voice.

My First Time

first-time 2018-05-08

so i just relaxed and then i felt him grab the very center of my cheeks by my ass hole and spread it. He slapped right above my belly button and said those insides are hungry. He then said ok time to really make you feel good. I went you've got a fucking long tongue! He then went in his drawer and grabbed a condom and the lube and said that butts ready you do know that right? I started to feel him rub the head of his dick from the crack off my ass down over top of my asshole. He pulled me closer and said you know you want it.

my travel

first-time GlamorBaby 2018-05-08

What impressed me a lot were the buildings in London like the buildings along Regent Street & Oxford Street which are of typical British style.Even the common residential houses were so nice.But houses looked similar,it wasn't easy for me to find the right way every time. When people are talking about U.K.,talking about London,they have to refer to Buckingham Palace,Tower of London National Gallery and the British Museum.Luckily,I visited all of these great sights.Now they are not only big names to me,but also a part of my experience,a part of my memory.

fucked at a party

first-time smalltallboy 2018-05-08

i took that cock like the fucking whore iam after a couple of mins of him giving me the face fuck of my life, he turned me over and started slapping my ass HARD. he smiled and then started jacking it off, it felt amazing, with him fucking my ass and my cock, it didnt take me long to cum, it went allover his chest. he then started face fucking me again, his breathing got heavier, he fucked harder, i was gaging, crying and moaning at this point, he finally moaned and shot his huge warm load into my mouth, it tasted better than my cum.he then got dressed and left me naked on the bed with cum on my face, neck and mouth.

Julie's Sex Saga Ch. 02

first-time toynwithwords 2018-05-08

I knew he was going to be one very lucky guy because when we were getting ready Pam had told me that she was really horny and needed to get laid. I took a look at my watch and told Brad it was late and I had better start to head back to my room. Finally, I looked at him and said, "Why don't we go inside where I'm sure we can be more comfortable?" Being a normal male, Brad was not going to turn down such a golden opportunity. While he stopped to give my breasts some attention again, he continued to head further down my body with those wonderful little kisses. Brad continued to lick and suck while I pulled his hair, and tried to push his face right inside me.

Teacher's Pet

first-time baldman4u 2018-05-08

She walks over to me and softly asks if I'm going to come by her room after school to help her start packing her things up before summer break. She stops, bites her lower lip but smiles as she walks back to her desk, looking back at me with a strange sly grin. "Hmmmm" she softly says as her hand goes down my chest and she says in a low sultry voice, a smile and raised eyebrows "Does THIS give you a woody too?" Before I can answer she gazes downward as her hand eases right to the painful bulge in my pants. I close my eyes as I feel her tongue glide up and down my shaft, around the head, and then takes my balls into her mouth and massages them with her lips and tongue.

Teaching Love Pt. 01

first-time dachscfc 2018-05-08

As she got in front of him, walking back to her office Dylan couldn't help but notice her hips swinging side to side on her petite frame and her cute butt perfectly shaped. "Is this what you want Dylan, to have your body embrace a beautiful woman?" The vast majority of Aurora's partners either took her clothes off aggressively to see what she would be like naked as soon as possible, or intentionally spread it out to reveal her flawless body one by one. But Dylan, like the inexperienced boy he was, wasn't even sure how to take off her bra. She smiled and kissed his lips, then gently bit his ear again, liking the reaction she got the first time.

Carnal Curiousities

first-time vamplover422 2018-05-08

She had chocolate brown hair long enough to cover her nipples, eyes like sapphires, a soft sensuous mouth that looked as though it always needed kissing, amazing breasts, a tight perky ass, long beautiful legs, and a lusciously tight pink little pussy. Thinking about her rubbing herself, moaning for me, wanting to cum for me, was more than I could handle. Her hips thrusting into the air, my name on her lips, and her sweet juices covering my desk had me pounding mine with my fingers as well. I began furiously rubbing my clit as I thought about her sliding off the desk to rub our pussies together, our nipples grazing each other.

My First Time With Amy Ch. 02

first-time buzltyr 2018-05-08

Amy's eyes were glued to my now exposed hard on and as if in a trance she reached her right hand out and lightly touched the head near the little hole. I scooted a little closer giving her better access and she took full advantage as she reached lower and wrapped her dainty little hand around the shaft just below the head. My cock was as hard as it ever had been as this teenager strained to suck my dick deeper into the hot wet cavern of her mouth. I was so close to cumming that it was all I could do to keep from grabbing the back of Amy's head and pushing my cock all the way in her throat and dump my pent up load there.


good progression.

first-time forhornyredheads 2018-05-08

my right hand circling around you, grabbing a handful of your wet hair, close to your scalp, pulling down slightly, raising your chin, exposing your neck, taking physical control of you. you're desperate for me to kiss you, to want you, need you, to fuck you hard, to make you come, to make you feel like the sexy desirable sexual creature that you are. i tickle around the edges of your pussy, taking care not to get my fingers wet before the time is right. around the curve of your cunt as it goes under you, parting your vulva, sroking briefly over your clit before coming back upward, hand still following the sexy curves of your womanhood, up still, until my middle finger gently strokes over your anus, lubricating it with your own fluids.

UK Uni Freshers Week - Popping my Cherry

first-time lush2222 2018-05-08

On the Saturday of Freshers week our hall decided to go out in fancy dress and meet at the Rose. As I looked up at the footy again thats when I came face to face with Gav. Fucking hate uni students boys' He told the answer to his mates and they all responded with 'damn' 'fucking hell' I then felt my asshole become wet as Gav started to dart his tounge in and out. Gav its not the time and place I hardly know you. He smirked and just pushed my head down as he fucked roughly my asshole. 'Dont fockin sit in our seats...fucking hate..*grunt* students' I started to wank my cock as he fucked harder and harder.


first-time vintage9999 2018-05-08

geodei *verified Really cute girl – love her portrait pics - even got a new intro now :P 'just here for the porn and like Asian men' though she was amusing when I messaged her. Hadesfrates Verified couple - longish time users with a fair amount of self content - want me to take a look at their stuff when I find the time. rionmoon Verified Reviewer M 42 - Great profile (that is also not gif overloaded) Uploads and pics - not really me but whatever. andy000 A pretty good profile (love most the uploads) - vids of a more cam theme - pics great. Dave571 some great pics/vids mostly cams or amateur ((I should take a look through new galleries))

First Time - Maurice

first-time Millstone 2018-05-08

We unloaded the van and then she stood in front of me the sexy sexy person she was I took her in my arms and kissed her and in seconds we where undressing each other I caressed her breasts so good she moaned as I touched them I hand moved to caress her legs, I picked her up and carried her to the bed and gently laid her down I moved and kissed her breasts slowly moving down her body kissing as caressing as I went, soon I reached her honey pot the juices out of this world as I kissed and caressed my finger slowly made its way in as I finger fucked her she was moaning and bucking against me then she said please please don't make me wait any longer.

A Taste

first-time vdub-guy 2018-05-08

what it felt like to surrender your mouth to another I grabbed a towel and started to dry off, I noticed some reason, in case I felt like some things didn't eyes closed, with a towel thrown over his lap. because he took a little start and looked up at me. noticed, I thought, maybe I should think about leaving. hand under his towel and searched for his length. he put the towel over my head and his lap. both my hands barely covered the whole thing. me, he wasn't leaking much pre-cum, but was moist from He told me he had never seen someone cum sorry, getting late now, and walked out and licked my

Teresa #1,, She Begged For It...

first-time sexuser22 2018-05-08

When I got my cock all the way in, I started to pump her ass and I could hear her murmur under her breath "It’s so big, so deep." I shoved my cock all the way in,, Balls Deep,, and told her, “This is what a whore like you deserves.” She said, “Yes, Oh yes, Give it to me.” I held her hips, My cock buried in her bowels and rotated my hips, which rotated my cock deep in her asshole. When her mouth was empty she licked her sperm sticky lips and looked back up at me saying, “I LOVE YOUR SPERM.” I watched as Teresa held out her cum covered tits and feverishly masturbated her clit.

Cock Tease Taken at Party

first-time dwayne369 2018-05-08

When I looked into Anne's bedroom the gal was naked on the bed with two women having a good time sucking on her breasts and licking her pussy. I am married" Bob started to slowly withdraw his monster cock from Sue's tight super wet pussy until just the head remained at the entrance. After Sue had sucked and licked his cock clean of their juices he pulled it from her mouth saying, " I had better stop now before I have to fuck that married sloopy cunt again." Bob then got up, got dressed leaving the bedroom door open as he left with Sue laying on the bed with her pussy leaking their love juices dripping onto the bed.

American Dreams Ch. 01

first-time CSLeMone 2018-05-08

How smug and complacent I was at that time in my life and how sure I was that things would always work out the way I dreamed they would. Instead, I told her about recent research which proved that the section of the brain, which becomes most active when emotions like love are involved, is also the same one less capable of reasoning at those times of heightened electrical wave impulses. In that instant, feeling like so much time had passed, I envisioned her in my arms and me holding her with the desperate hope that I would never be separated from her for too long at any time in the future.

Mr. Irresistible

first-time BartlebyT 2018-05-08

I shook it off and started to feel self-pity for going nuts at such a young age when I got up again and glanced back in the mirror. After falling over again, and yelling to my mother to shut-up again, I finally gathered myself together and looked into the mirror one more time. I reached out and started to poke the mirror and the black dude looked at me like I was a retard. It makes me late for school because, like most kids, I set my alarm to give me about 20 minutes to shower, shit, shave, and drive to school. I started flexing in the mirror and admiring how goddamn beautiful I was but my mother brought me back to reality, "Cameron, wake up!" God I hate that bitch.

Absence of Thought

first-time BackyardBottomslash 2018-05-08

She never knew the answer when asked, talked incessantly to her friends during lessons, and was always bottom or occasionally middle of the class when it came to test scores. Like I said, I wasn't interested. When a right handed person is using the creative part of the brain, rather than the memory based part, they look to the left. She seemed to think for a few seconds before standing up slowly, and moving slightly towards the door. She'd never sounded this smart before, and she'd had plenty of opportunity, what with every male teacher practically drooling over her, asking her questions just for an excuse to look at her. "I'll talk to you tomorrow, ok Toby?" she said walking away


first-time alibodge 2018-05-08

Her work was rewarded by a deep-seated groan of sheer pleasure, she heard Amy telling her silently watching husband that “she had never had her cunt sucked so well since her girl friend at school had played with her after class!” he looked crestfallen, she grinned at his discomfort and then asked; “Rob do you have to suck men for your wife`s pleasure?” he said he did, she laughed and said “then do it for my husband, I want to see him squirm for saying he had never before seen such a fine set of tits as Fiona has.” Rob was quick to comply, taking Phil deep into his mouth as the younger man sat mesmerised watching his pretty wife with his Aunt slathering at her sex like some dyke lesbian, a trait he had had no hint of before, during their whole marriage.

dressing up with my friend

first-time floyd1985 2018-05-08

at the time she was 17 so she had a pretty good selection of sexy night my parents and s****r were out and we stole some of my parents booze,got d***k and started jerking off with my s****rs bras while we watched a porn. once we were dressed up he dimmed the lights in my s****rs bedroom and came up to me and slid his hand up my skirt and started rubbing my cock through my s****rs panties. after a came i started to jerk him off i felt a little wierd about putting my mouth on his cock but i did and it wasnt as bad as i thought it would be plus he was wearing my s****rs panties and her panties always smell so good like a perfume so that made it much easeier.

My first time...

first-time Titfucklvr 2018-05-08

She looked at it for a second and then, as if only the taste of cum could save her life she started sucking my cock like crazy! Cum fountained out, the first spray got her face before she could move, the next landed on my stomach (my shirt was pushed up) and after that it pumped out and trickled down my cock, forming into little pools at the base. I fucked her on the floor until I came again while she was moaning with pleasure, I pulled my cock out and a little river of cum dripped out after it, running down between her legs and onto the floor.