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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Twice Blessed

first-time ainu 2018-05-08

"Let's get these clothes out of the way, Rob and let me show you what a professional blow job is." She's kissing my legs, my thighs, sucking on my balls, licking my cock, jerking me off with her hand. Finally her grunts start getting louder and running together until she lets out a moan/scream sound and I can feel her insides sort of rippling on my cock, squeezing and letting go, like it's milking me, which makes me cum and I shoot everything I have left into her. We get out of the tub and I grab a couple towels but as she's drying me she says, "Lay down, Rob." I do and the next thing I know, she's atop me and her pussy is coming down on my mouth and I can feel her mouth on my cock.

Dirty Sissy Cock Whore dreaming

first-time Dwtlust 2018-05-08

The one in my mouth now grew to a real monster, easily 10 inch long with the girth of a large salad cucumber, I had difficulties to accommodate my willing mouth, thinking 'I want to feel this b**st in my anal love hole', the one on the left spunked me full, the sperm started to drip down my face, make up smeared, in between all these cock stumbling "I need more", the one behind me pulling out of me and the condom and shooting his load over my back, all the way up to the wig, I made clear to the big fella I was sucking that I wanted him to do me, by laying down on the picnic table with my arse on the edge, two guys holding my legs spread open my slut hole glistening, slightly open inviting his pole in.

I'll Never Regret My First

first-time Angel5522 2018-05-08

But I couldn't help it and when he began to touch my other breasts with his other hand I didn't resist as he kissed me deeply. On another point I couldn't help but want Juan to keep massaging my breasts. As I laid there staring at his head buried deep into my sex I realized that at some point Juan had taken his pants off and his huge penis was protruding from his tight underwear. I felt a sharp stinging at first but once I looked up and realized Juan's huge cock was now inside my tight pussy the pain went away completely. A white thick liquid began to trickle out of my pussy as Juan took his cock out of me.

First Love

first-time JonahanSweat 2018-05-08

Drew didn't mind dating a tall woman because he was would turn their heads to look at her. "O.k. How will I know you?" He said that he is 6" tall and weighs 180 pounds and has dark brown hair." "You'll know me because I'm black!" (Drew is white.) Before they got into Drew's car, she said, "I guess you are not a serial killer." While driving, she told Drew that she grew up in Alabama and "lost her cookies" when she was 13, and "never looked back." And, that she had been married to a white guy. Mary said, "Join me in the bedroom." Drew cleaned up and shut off the lights. One day, Mary came over Drew's apartment for dinner.

Talk To You After Class Ch. 02

first-time Quenton2123 2018-05-08

Just as Jake was starting to think that he couldn't handle any more without exploding he felt Mary shift slightly, her hands silently sliding around his waist and undoing his jeans, he could hear her breath coming in raggedy gasps and her hands were shaking slightly as they reached in and pulled his dick out from his pants. It was at this point that they heard the sounds of Ms. McPhillips turning off the shower, dressing and leaving, after which Mary, no longer worried about getting caught exploded with a tirade of moans and gasps, her breathing coming in short ragged pulls as his tongue slid up and joined his fingers on her clit, while simultaneously sliding the index finger of his other hand up and into her tight hole.

Black Bred

first-time 2018-05-08

He tells me it's long overdue that I should be black I love the way wind feels on my body when I'm naked, He tells me how sexy he thinks I am, runs his hands up My pussy feels like a vacuum, pulling the rest of my Tonight, the dominant one wants to breed me- and I will "I want to drink from your nipples and watch you squirm, down, moving to sit between my spread legs, leaning over He is as hard as a rock, I can feel his black cock "Tell me what you want," he says, stilling the motion of He smiles, motionless, and I know he wants to hear it

Naked in the woods

first-time need2try 2018-05-08

There was a hand mirror in the bathroom at home and I would use it to look at my hard cock while I jerked it. Tim laughed and said it was time to change that and, besides, I might hurt my cock having it cramped in my pants all hard like it was. I was finally starting to feel relaxed when Tim grabbed my hand and put it right on his hard cock. Tim's cock jumped a bit and his hand rubbing my back felt great. Tim then reminded me how I had said I liked the way the head of a cock looks like it is built to spread the lips and work its way into a pussy.

Roommates, I Guess.

first-time KatieKitten 2018-05-08

She sighed, "Okay mom." She pushed out her chair with her palms. She walked out towards the car as her mother called after her, "Use protection!" Her brother, Ryan, was only two years older than her, but still very protective. Katie smiled and walked outside slowly, saying good-bye to her, kitten Lucy, who her brother was supposed to take care of while she was away. With his bags by the bed, he smiled as he wondered what his roommate would be like. As not to wake the boy, she carried her bags in instead of dragging them. "Yeah, how many bags are left?" He wouldn't have been so nice if he wasn't tired. He dropped the bag and looked up to see a small, fragile looking girl.

Making Scents Ch. 05

first-time Boratus 2018-05-08

"Are you sure you want to save yourself for Carol?" Tyson asked. Carol went red at first, wondering how she must look with her shirt and bra open and her naked tits hanging with hair clips on them, her naked bottom impaled on the stick shift and cum dripping out from under her, her hair messed and snagged on the sunroof window, and a "just fucked" look in her eyes. "At least I came before she told me that" Tyson thought, but as he looked down at the little sex kitten, he knew he needed more. "You look like you're going to fall down any second." Kevin told Donald. "If I need anything, I'll wake up Kevin," said Donald.


first-time milf4bbcstretch 2018-05-08

Another man positioned himself between my legs and said “I lick you white pussy”, masterfully he spread my thighs and worked his way up my legs. The man in my pussy suddenly sped up to a quite staggering speed before stopping dead, buried to the hilt inside as he pumped what feels like a river of spunk. I felt someone grabbing my round, spreading my ass cheeks and positioned his cock-head at the rim of my asshole. The warm feeling of cum trickling down and around my pussy, where a cock was still lodged in and worked hard, going further down and tickling my thighs.

The walk in park. The real story.

first-time Natasha98 2018-05-07

At some point I felt myself not a chick from the 21st century, a rich heiress, already having sex with a lot of males, but a young lady from Turgenev's novels and verses of Maykov and Fet. Sasha already a year patiently courted me, and at last I wished to add to my list of victories this boy virginity. Then Sasha feverishly lifted hem of my evening dress, probably going to fuck me right here on the bench. Sasha passionately kissed my face, gasping with excitement, and whispering all the time: "Милая! And me, disheveled, picturesquely sitting in an expensive evening dress with its hem lifted up highly, fragrancing with exquisite French perfume, supported myself with both my arms behind, the legs in black nylon stokings wide apart, without panties, showing the wet pussy to all the world...

Alexandra #2 [1]

first-time Poet-PETER 2018-05-07

Alexandra only is a little bit brighter in short blue jeans: Alexandra only is a little bit brighter in the setting sun: Alexandra only is a little bit barer in the last she sent: Alexandra only is a little bit barer the way she looks: Alexandra only is a little bit barer the way she sweats: Alexandra only is a little bit barer, but much more: Alexandra needs sometimes a man to hold her hips in a special way while he looks her deep in the blue eyes. Alexandra needs sometimes a man to hold her wrist so she can see how much time is left for a quick bit of love.

Bought & Paid For Ch. 01

first-time CharmingVixen 2018-05-07

Ivory closed her eyes as Risk continued to thrust his fingers into her. Risk took advantage of the disorientation and frustration he knew Ivory was feeling, and lowered his head over her and began to suck on her clit. Ivory came up off the seat in her pleasure, clasping her hands behind Risk's head and urging him on. Ivory turned her head away in shame, but could not control the small shutters that continued to wrack her body as Risk continued furiously nibbling, sucking and stroking her cunt. Ivory continued to hold on to the column and move with Risk as the pressure and the pleasure inside of her built. Before Ivory could work up a protest, Risk slid back between her legs, and began fucking her hard, deep, and fast.

Right or wrong?

first-time almute 2018-05-07

I was not understanding, I was think is some game and then the dog jump on my and his pennies start puss in my pussy. The dog start licks the cum from my pussy and is come two more orgasm and now I am lying on me back in the sperm some was on the floor. I find the men’s cock with me ass and puss in my ass, he fucks me ass where I are sucking the dog pennies and having so much cum in my mouth. 30 cm cock) and then the dog pennies and knot is bigger when it is in my pussy so maybe like size of 33 - 34 cm cock

My Aunt is a Helluva Teacher Ch. 01

first-time WiseArms 2018-05-07

A long deep kiss as our tongues wrestled within my mouth. She sucked my tongue into her mouth and gave it a gentle bite, I almost came right then. Rubbing the right one I began kissing around her nipple teasing. With the tip of my tongue I circled her left tit in a spiral till I got to her nipple. She lowered her head down to my puny cock and gently kissed the very tip. She took my cock from her mouth and said, "Don't worry about cumming," with a wink and went back to work. I pulled her nipple into my mouth as she slammed against me and it was about thirty seconds before we came together again and were completely wiped out.

First Meeting

first-time gopack85 2018-05-07

I will have to lean over and kiss your neck to let you know I am wanting you. I start to rub your cock through your pants while I am still kissing your neck and sucking your ear lobes as you begin to drive. I pull your hard cock out and spit in my hand as I lub it up a little to start stroking it. Your cock starts to get a little dry so I put my mouth on it. I let my spit flow down the sides of your cock. You finally push and hold my head down as you let your cream flow. I take the time to clean your cock, licking every drip of cum and spit off of it.

Was Co-horsed at 9 to suck dick

first-time beeee 2018-05-07

we started talking and he was rubbing his dick in his pajamas and me if I have seen one hard I never hard until then he pulled his dick out I was scared yet amazed of this size difference he ask me to touch it feel how hard it felt as I went to touch it with my finger he grabs my hand and says here like this and wraps my hand around it and slow running my hand up and down it. he ask me to lick it and put it in my mouth I said no I said pee comes out of there and he said he has just taken a shower and it was clean about 10 mins went by and I finally gave in move in putting the tip only in my mouth and he pushed forward with his hip and I took more in.

Lizzy's First Time

first-time FetidFlowers 2018-05-07

Quin leaned forward and began placing light kisses against her tears, soaking them into his lips. Quin reached forward and grabbed the bottom hem of her skirt and began pulling it slowly up her body. He moved his hands around to the sides of her skirt and began to slowly pull it down her hips; teasing not only her, but himself as well. Quin lifted his head and looked into her eyes before saying "I can't wait anymore, Lizzy. He stopped moving for a moment and she looked up at him, her eyes wide and he whispered "I love you" before thrusting his hips with intent and pushing through the bridge to her womanhood.

Room with a View

first-time bbare 2018-05-07

One day she called Ruth to let her know that she was bringing a guy home. Although, knowing that you're probably a virgin and have never seen a naked woman before...other than might be...let's just say...kind of excited. I want you to trust me when I tell you that if you do the same for just 30 minutes, you will be comfortable for the rest of your time here. If I couldn't go through with it or didn't like it, I had a picture in my head of her hot, naked body that would give me plenty of jacking off material for a long time. Going home to get a few days of clothes then on Sunday, when mom and dad were at church, I'd clean out my room.

Finally Feeling Kristas Mouth From The Inside

first-time Johnnytames69 2018-05-07

My bobbing erection brushed the warm skin of her cheek and she looked up at me to whisper, "I always wondered what it would be like to suck a really big one." I stared incredulously and stupidly murmured "What?" She gave a sultry laugh and asked "Can I suck it?" and not waiting for an answer she began wetly kissing the head of my dick as she massaged my thighs with her hands. Krista suddenly backed off and slipped my spasming penis out of her mouth, wrapped her delicate fingers around my bucking shaft and held the head a fraction of an inch before her lips jacking me off in her face.

Billy's First Time

first-time DonnaDreams 2018-05-07

Billy looked down as I expertly unzipped his fly and began to gently stroke his rapidly hardening cock through his boxer shorts. Billy could feel his full four inches but he couldn't take his eyes off my hand inside my panties as squelching noises began to fill the air. Billy positioned himself behind and took his cock in his hand and tried to guide himself into my warm hole. Billy held on tight as he let himself go, letting rope after rope of hot cum shoot deep inside my aching hole. "I'll see you on Monday then, when you knock for Daniel before school," I said, then walked off leaving a smiling Billy to clean up his sticky cock on his pair of sacrificed boxers.

Wife's BBC date night plans for 12-18 9:00pm

first-time bassman30069 2018-05-07

At which time you will be getting ready for your "date". I fantasize about you taking a thick black cock and getting your pussy cream all over it for me and to tell me how good it feels. Send me a text that you will be headed to your office for proper training. The training videos are in place to make you entirely wet for the BBC. Once you've cum for the first time send me a selfie of your beautiful face and covered boobies. Once lesson 2 has been passed head to the boudier for some together time watching on the big screen. At which time your dates for the evening will arrive.

Taking the Babysitter Home

first-time Flyded 2018-05-07

I was getting close to cumming, but didn't want to explode until I get a chance to fuck, puling my cock from her mouth stood her up walked in front of my car & bent her over the hood. "Please Mr. Carson" she pleated "No not there" that's all it took I slid my cock out of her wet pussy & buried deep into her tight ass out she moaned in pain as I reached up and grabbed her long blonde hair wrapped around my hand and pulled back on it. "Take my cock slut whore bitch" I grunted being out of shape doesn't help when fucking hot little piece of ass.

Making Chemistry in Chemistry Lab

first-time deviouswriter 2018-05-07

Even after knowing that fact, she looked cute as hell, but any naughty thought I may have had about her was pretty quickly put on the back burner as I became conscious she could be one of those bully girls who used boys for their purposes. A little close to those athletic boys, lean but well-built body (thanks to the daily an hour of my extraneous work out in gym), with jet black semi, curly hair that I messily stroked back, dark brown eyes and last but not the least a cool nerd-spectacles. There is a girl who wants to meet you in boys' toilet." He uncovered the cause of coming to me.