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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Our First Night

first-time naturegirl25 2018-05-07

My cock was only 6.5 inches but Eric didn’t mind and kissed my shaft and rubbed me hard but gently. I begged for more and said “I love you too.” He kissed me and rubbed my balls and ass gently. After he got onto the bed and straddled my stomach I put his cock in my mouth and sucked him deep inside, cupping his balls with one hand and rubbing his ass with the other. I found his rose colored ass hole and poked in just a little and he moaned loudly and pushed my head further onto his throbbing cock. He rubbed lube all over his cock and my ass hole (we had eventually decided that condoms weren’t need sense we were both virgins).

Finally get to enjoy his cock! MMF threesome.

first-time Gamingcouple2925 2018-05-07

He continued, "Yeah, I mean, fuck, I've been coming over here hoping that you'd mouth me before I banged your wife, but no...I was beginning to think you weren't going to." "It's fucking amazing...really..." Back up now maybe an inch, and down, this time I felt my sagging balls hit rest on top of his, "ooooh gooood. Every time his fat balls bounced forward, they hit my now-tightening sack, "Yeah, blow that load inside me." A second later, a hand went over the head of me, and my wife's face showed up next to my arm, "No, that'll stain the wall." She dropped quickly, enveloped my dick in her mouth and took the last three shots I had in me.

How Cocktease Heidi Fucked The School Janitor

first-time fillmeup2 2018-05-07

She was in no hurry for the long walk home today.She had finished track practice and she went into the gym to start her shower.She began to undress as she peeled the sweaty clothes from her body. He would love to be throwing his cock inside a hot little cunt like Heidi. "Max did you watch the water run down my hot little body and over my ass and pussy?" she said ever so sexy. She knew that she wanted to feel this filthy janitor's cock deep inside her tight teen pussy.She had never seen anything like this in her life and she wasn't about to spoil the opportunity. Max got a little anxious and gave his cock one big thrust inside her mouth.Heidi fell back on her hands and pushed herself back up.


first-time lexxie_mckenzie 2018-05-07

There's a look of sadness upon her face when she finds him limp, but he just smiles down at her, wraps her fingers around him and understanding dawns in her eyes as she begins to stroke at him, caressing him to hardness. He feels her relax, feels the shift of her body beneath him and he moves into her, out of her, long and smooth and unhurried and she whimpers at the way he draws outward and groans with his strokes into her. I promised you breakfast in bed, didn't I?" He smiles in the darkness, she can hear the way it flexes his words but she knows it's false, full of a failed attempt at humour.

Halloween Deception

first-time NymphWriter 2018-05-07

The night before he left, Dwight got his hand into my jeans and made me cum hard simply by touching my pussy and clit through my panties. Dwight promised he'd get a devil costume so we'd be the perfect couple, an angel and a devil, but for some reason, he showed up at my door wearing a black tuxedo and a Phantom of the Opera mask that covered most of his face. I felt him untie my left ankle and my legs were moved together so I was now on my side with his cock still in my pussy as he fucked me. I felt him pull the gag from my mouth as his lips clamped onto mine as I came a third time and it was then I realized, this wasn't Dwight fucking me.

Gym workout

first-time 2018-05-07

I look at him and couldn't help to notice that his cock was hard, I didn't really pay it to much attention because guys in the shower room sometimes walk around with full on hard-ons, hell I've even gotten it a few times myself. I turn back to my shower and then all of the sudden I feel a hand grab my dick from behind and starts stroking it. He turns me around, my back leaning up against the wall to help me stand, he continues to stroke my dick and then leans down and licks the precum from my head, I moan louder, the words “Oh Fuck!” escapes my lips. He removes his had that is on my shaft and starts to deepthroat me, using my hard black dick to fuck his on throat.


first-time drift69king 2018-05-07

Slowly, circling her dripping wet virgin pussy with my tongue, I moved my hands up her body to her tits, squeezing them hard. She moaned loudly, and just as she moaned, I moved my tongue between her hot, juicy, wet pussy lips. I moved my head in closer, tongue ready to assault her virgin pussy, ready to lick her wet juices flowing out; I pushed my lips on hers and moved my tongue inside her. I moved my hand to her face, ran my fingers thru her hair and leaned forward for a kiss. Kissing her neck, I started fucking her not so virgin pussy again. Stream of cum flowed out of my cock inside her recently virgin pussy, filling her up with my seed.

Child of Nature

first-time icehead 2018-05-07

She remained still for a moment, luxuriating in the warm, furry cushion of her pack brother's body that her head rested against, but gradually she began to move. Blackmane didn't much like members of the pack running off hunting on their own, but Nightsong had been doing this for her every few days for as long as the girl could remember. The girl slowly began backing away, keeping her gaze on the man steady as she kept her spear pointed at him, warning him not to follow. Most of the pack was still on edge when she returned; Blackmane, Frostback, Tailchaser and a few others were tensely standing watch outside the den, while the pups and their mothers had retreated inside.

Late Starters

first-time fatbastard01 2018-05-07

David paused in his rubbing, and became riveted on the sight of Judith's body relaxing, fascinated by the way her fingers slowed their rhythm and became almost lazy as they moved from between her folds to stoke and rub gently and slowly around her sparsely furred mons and clit. David sat down on the edge of Judith's bed, and his hand moved back to his still rigid cock, while her fingers were still probing her wetness. Judith realized with another little shiver that she wanted David to shoot his cum inside her; Not just to put his big hard cock in her slit and slip it in, not just to take her bloody virginity and make her a woman "that way", but to actually shoot his sperm in her.

First time with my Aunt

first-time Instig8 2018-05-07

My aunt married into the f****y and everyone really liked her because she was my uncle's first love and they married immediately after college. However one day i took it to far, i knew she would be home within 15 minutes but I just felt the urge to smell some of her underwear for some reason. I don't claim to be any marathon man when I'm masturbating but for some reason it took me forever to cum, sadly I didn't even notice the door open or my aunt watching me until I was finished, that was when she spoke up. "Put your big dick inside of my pussy" she said in a very seductive voice, not that it was needed.

A Hard Road to Happiness Ch 1

first-time 2018-05-07

Her girl friend was already late and she didn’t want to wait any longer so she asked me if I’d walk her home. She asked me, “Have you ever done it with anybody?” I hadn’t been on any dates and walking her home was the longest time I had ever spent alone with a girl. She took my arm in hers and laid her head on my shoulder and said in a kind voice as we walked, “Don’t worry about it everybody starts off as a virgin, if you want I’ll do it with you.” When I saw her in school I smiled at her but she didn’t smile back at me, she just said hi and kept walking.

First-Time Cocksucker Outs Himself

first-time MagnaCumLiterate 2018-05-07

So, skipping past the cock-sucking experience for now, I want to show you the revealing email that I thought I had sent to a woman I grew up knowing, the only person I imagined myself confessing my new secret to at this time. Okay, I know I blushed like crazy at that point, and she made eye contact with me, and for a few seconds, I felt a rush go through my body, and then she smiled and said, "Didn't you tell me you always thought your mouth was kind of small, like the last time I did work on you?

Gal-Company Part-II

first-time hotrod140870 2018-05-07

Anjana at this was excited enough not to let go this opportunity of going ahead with the encounter…..she later told me, that it was a point of no return for her…..she awfully turned on and wet. The fellow not only watched on the sly, Anjana playing with her clitoris, he demanded that they “fuck”, she said. “Having watched so many porn videos with males with nicely shaven clean cocks and ball bags, it was a big turnoff for me” she said. “Just as he was putting on his shorts, I held his shaft and the ball bag so hard that he let out a cry and begged to be released as I managed to wrench some of his pubic hair before I loosened my grip of my clinched hand” she said.

Jessy's Diary, Part 2

first-time goddess23 2018-05-07

„We went here for a drink, didn't we?“ Karl remembered and somehow I was happy, he didn't push me right into the bedroom ( though my body would have been ready instantly ). I enjoyed his looks, ran my hands over my body, feeling that hot feeling rise inside me I always felt, when I laid in my bed masturbating. so..“, I stuttered, as Karl's hand moved closer to my pubic hair and finally stroked through it. Karl rubbed my breasts and then gently sucked at my nipples, while I grabbed his butt and pulled him even deeper inside, until I could feel his balls smashing against me with every move.

little pussy

first-time LmpB 2018-05-07

His hands were warm as he pulled back the covers and looked at my young body. I felt the bed sink as he sat on it and continued up my legs finally reaching up under my little nightie feeling my panties. I heard his moan as my nightie went up and felt his breath on my covered pussy, hot and wet and I waited. He ate my pussy every night and had even tongued my tight little asshole. He would catch me in the hall after I had a shower and my aunt would be in the kitchen cooking and pull off my towel and suck my pussy right there. My uncle wanted to put his big dick in my tight little 17 year old pussy.

I meet the EX BF Cuckold

first-time 425olds 2018-05-07

"My husband will be home soon to join us, I'll suck his cock while you fuck me again, then you can watch him clean all your cum out of my pussy." This was too much for me, I got up removed my cloths, walked in the room and said, "Not soon now. My wife started to cum again and Tyrone's balls tightened in what I knew would be an orgasm of his own, he kept pumping and I kept licking, more on his cock now than her pussy since she was orgasming and oblivious to much of anything other than getting fucked.

Me and scott

first-time Ilikestroking 2018-05-07

When he grabbed me his hands wrapped around my waist, as I wiggled his hands went lower and ended up touching my dick. I felt something building up in my groin and he asked if I was getting hard, I let him go and said don't tell anyone. I asked why,he said he never touched anyone else's and wanted to know how someone else felt hard. I said I heard some older boys say they shook theirs and asked if he wanted to do it.He said yes and we pulled back and forth. He asked if I wanted to do something else, I said what .He told me to lay down on my stomach.

Slightly, Once Ch. 01

first-time Balrog 2018-05-07

Kim was quiet, just watching me, all the time with this little smile on her face. "Because I'll have to go up on tippy-toes to kiss you!" She was inches away, her eyes staring straight into mine, with a huge smile. This time, let's put a little more into it." With that, her lips moved to mine and we pressed them together a bit harder. So she hadn't dated, either, focusing instead on a basketball career destined to earn a college scholarship, which was rare at that time for girls I felt completely inadequate, but thrilled to be enjoying her company. I kissed her cheek, her neck, her shoulder, slowly working my way down, completely unsure of what I was doing, but getting what sounded like encouraging sighs and moans from Kim.

Sam Meets Her Neighbor

first-time Theakston58 2018-05-07

"Hi Sam. I'm Robert, but you can call me Sir," he said as he turned to walk back to his yard, not taking her hand. Scott had told her he had met Robert and liked him right away. Lifting her to her feet as he d**g her towards her house, Robert sat down on a chair by her deck and pulled her onto his lap facing the ground. He placed his left arm over her back and held her tightly in place as he pulled her bikini bottoms down with his right hand. His large thick hand came down hard on her right ass cheek. Robert stopped and said in a low confident voice, "You won't tell him." Sam stood motionless as she watched Robert walk away.

Cocking a Virgin

first-time kenya_tree 2018-05-07

As I parked, I caressed her thigh and said, "Go pick up the bra and panty you like. She took some time in the changing room and returned and handed a bra and panty to the sales woman. She sobbed, "Please don't." I caressed her mound and traced a finger along her pussy slit. Let me feel the fabric." I caressed her stomach and moved my hands up and covered her breasts. How does it feel here?" and I caressed her mound, my finger tracing her pussy slit. "Where is my hand, sweetheart," as I said it my finger went inside her panty and rubbed her bare slit. "Does my hand feel nice on your pussy, baby?" I pushed my finger in a little bit more.


Night at a strangers house

first-time 2018-05-07

I ask him if I could take the dishes...he smiles and says yes...I take his body so close too him...ohhh God ....I'm nipples pointing through the under armor...I walk to the sink..he moves slowly behind me....his hands on my waits...I his breath is against my neck...“ wait we just met" I moan....he doesn't stop..he's kissing my neck...groping at my ass...he turns me around..and kisses me hard...he and I moan in each others mouths....he picks me legs wrapped around his waist and my arms around his neck..he walks slowly to his room...leaning me against the wall...then he drops me against his bed...his eyes swimming over my body...hour glass shaped big tits...up to my ticket lips..then to my big brown eyes...he takes off his shirt...and unbuckle his pants...I see a bulge against his boxers...he removes my shirt and sweat pants...seeing me naked makes him harder....he kissses my neck then down my nipples “ohhhh daniel wait....ohhhh " I moan....hearing the thunder hit the roof...he moves down to my wet pussy..I feel his breath against it.

The Dean's Lister

first-time agent_declan 2018-05-07

My older brother, Keichiro, six years my Senior, who also happened to be the perpetrator of the tragic incident that befell our small cottage (which is now officially ashes and cinders as of this moment, burned to the ground!), hastily dropped me back off here at Browning, where he picked me up just hours ago (I had to stay overnight at the campus because some of my group mates decided to finish our project before the upcoming Spring Break. Now, as Keichiro sped away enroute to the police and fire stations, as well as the insurance company at the city; I made my way towards Browning, which is situated in a huge chunk of land with a concrete perimeter, on foot, crossing my fingers that Uncle Jonin, the ancient school custodian, whom I am close friends, since third grade, with; was already awake, and would let me go inside.

Coimbatore Masala

first-time Bnice2rambo 2018-05-07

had a craze for her since the day I saw her in only her petticoat and her bra changing her dress in their bedroom usually go to their place to get the magazines(movie, stardust).It was for the same reason I had gone there the other day, finding no one in the front room I went in to check. But I gave the books, which I had to her and said I will come in the evening. For about an hour, I kept pumping and pumping and then loaded all my cum deep in her mouth She again gave a loud moan ooohhh....I just lay on her boobs for sometime.

An Indian wife’s desire – Part 2

first-time 2018-05-07

I managed a weak “Ram, I am sorry, you are right, I should not have teased you in such a manner, I was just playing and really did not mean to upset you or anyone else or plan for things to get to where they are now.” Ram seemed to relax a bit but then in a somewhat rough manner, shoved my legs off his shoulder and commanded “Get your legs on the bed, turn over, I want your knees positioned close to the edge, your butt over the edge facing me, your head and hands resting on a pillow.