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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Babysitter On Camera

first-time Ashson 2018-05-07

Now there was no way that I would have forgotten looking at pictures like that, so that left either the kids, who were too young to worry about that sort of thing, or Marlene, who I would have thought was too straight laced. From the look of it, Marlene had been taking time for some photo sessions a number of times while babysitting for me. You're not going to coerce me into bed with you?" Marlene seemed to have a hard idea understanding this little fact. "As soon as I opened that folder and saw the pictures I just knew you'd attempt to use them to get me into bed and I just wasn't going to do it.

Topless Photos

first-time Ashson 2018-05-07

Mike went around the house with her, taking shots of all the rooms with Mel indicating the defects for the photos. "Oh, I think you'd better keep it and back it up, Mike, otherwise I'll just lose it," said Mel, and then grinned and added, "and that way you'll be able to keep your extra shots." Not wanting to drag the session out too long, Mike made sure that he took enough photos to keep Mel happy and then suggested that some set pieces would look good. Let me show you." He moved over to the bed, gently repositioning the way Mel sat, his hand accidently brushing her breasts a couple of times. Mike felt Mel pressing back against his touch, knowing it wasn't resistance but acceptance.

My First Threesome

first-time asianlily 2018-05-07

It was awkward checking into the hotel because there I am standing there with two well-dressed attractive men, and when the hotel clerk asked how many beds we needed our new friend paused and looked back for a second, and said "just one." I remember feeling like a dirty little slut and I liked it! Turned on that our new friend was watching, I went after my husband's cock like a crazed woman! I was screaming like crazy as the two of them took turns shoving their cocks in my pussy and mouth. My husband took turns on my pussy and mouth until he exploded on my tits...and the cock we borrowed for the evening did the same thing shortly after.

Fucking Mom and Daughter at Church

first-time Jack_Fetch 2018-05-06

Instead Hannah buried her blond head in my lap, taking my cock deep in her mouth. She paused, looking confused for a moment, then comprehension dawned on her pretty, freckled face (the pot had clearly dimmed her reaction time a bit). She, also like her daughter, wasn't wearing a bra and soon my hands were mashing her big tits together. I began to pound away, pulling on her tits with both hands to leverage my cock into her with each thrust. The service was long and tedious (like I said, Catholics love beating ceremony to death), but soon enough the kids to be confirmed were shuffling up one at a time to get their blessings.

He wears panties too

first-time BeeJay69 2018-05-06

He looked in the mirror and nearly fainted at the wonderful sight of his smooth, tanned chest peeking above the lacy slip, the black underwear showing through: the shaped padded bra, the shiny satin of the garter belt drawn tight around his waist, the fastenings running to the wide dark edging on the charcoal stockings, their seams running down his long shapely legs, and his cock straining against the panties. He couldn't look at her and think of what he had done, wearing her private personal things, standing in her bedroom strapped into her bra, constricted by that satin garter belt, running his hands up his legs in her stockings, his cock confined in her panties.

My Chosen First Time -PART 4

first-time milf4bbcstretch 2018-05-06

In a most theatrical gesture, Aunt Susan took Carl’s already hard cock, pulled the foreskin back and with her mouth engulfed just the head and sucked it’s the pre-cum. Let me feel your juices inside me!" I was beginning to lose it, in the ecstasy of these two wonderful men taking my body and pleasuring it in such a way that had every nerve ending screaming for more. But then he said, "OK Carl, we'd better give the lady a break." The boys slowly withdrew their hard cocks from me and I rolled over onto my back, my legs spread wide with cum oozing from both my holes.

first time

first-time karen62 2018-05-06

I was at the gym and there was a black man about 40 working out near me he saw I was doing one of the exercises wrong and came over to help he was very nice and did help me after work out he ask if I like to go to lunch I though a minute and though that would be nice and we did I had said sure if you don't mind an old woman with you he smile and said honey you are a long way from old. As I got in my car my dress came way up show my panties which were sheer Jerome smile as he got a good look and said I see you are a natural blonde I didn't know what he ment right then I just answer sure am.

Dirty dream of bil and s****r

first-time 2018-05-06

I was still watching my k**s but this time through a window from inside a small white room. Then my wife came into the room wearing a small white T-shirt, no jeans, and no panties. I woke up to my b*****r in law sitting against the other window that my wife was at earlier. I told her that she needs to go get dressed cause her big ass was in her b*****rs face. By now the room was nearly dark and I could hardly see my wife or b*****r in law. I saw my wife's big ass first so I went to grab it. I tried again and this time grabbed her fat ass and ran my hand down to her pussy.

I Have To Pay For It?

first-time Icemancummeth 2018-05-06

"Chemistry?" Clarissa's eyes squinted almost completely shut, seeming to be momentarily blinded by Zack's nonsense. Instead, Clarissa took my hand and stood up, pulling me with her. Zack's face turned so red, it looked like a blood vessel had burst in his head. I had planned to wait for her by the buses, but as I passed the auditorium, Clarissa and Zack walked out. That was the furthest I got with a girl throughout my entire time in high school. I heard what sounded like two people kissing and then my roommate said something too low for me to hear. I took my cock in my hand and imagined I was on the other side of the room pushing myself into the redhead under the sheet.

The Favor

first-time beefjerkey 2018-05-06

Then he said, " put your hand here like this and move your fingers like this." He rubbed her a little then pushed his finger into her pussy and started to move his fingers in and out of her real slow. After a few second of demonstrating he pulled his hand away and said "Now you finger her pussy like I showed you." She said we have to take care of that now and pulled my hand out of her pussy and started to lick my fingers clean! As soon as I started to suck her nipples she positioned herself over my cock and in one quick move forced her pussy down on me slamming her ass against my balls!

My Best Friend's Mom

first-time Creeox 2018-05-06

After she left, I leaned over on the couch to my friend and whispered, "Damn, your mom is hot." He swung at me playfully and I leaned against the side of the couch and kicked my feet up as we switched the TV to ESPN. "I have been fantasizing about you for years and seeing that was like a dream come true." She laughed, "I thought so, I saw you looking at my ass, but that's fine. After we had been screwing for close to five minutes, my friend walked by and saw us. Then my friend came in again and pulled me away, "Break it up, come on." We walked downstairs and once we were in front of the TV, he whispered, "So, how was it?" I chuckled and said, "Why don't you go find out yourself.


first-time PrincessErin 2018-05-06

Leah and Johnny had spent many afternoons in the cottage playing Monopoly and Scrabble. The only way for Johnny to calm his girlfriend down was to bring her into the double bed and hug her tight until she relaxed. Leah was four feet ten inches tall with dark red hair and pale white skin. It was no surprise when, on Valentine's Day, Johnny had proposed to Leah. Johnny turned Leah away from him and began to undress her. His muscles were bulging and Leah had a look of both apprehension and need. Johnny kissed his bride as he guided his cock inside her pussy. Leah placed her dainty hands on either side of her husband's face and looked into his eyes.

A Lesson

first-time softride 2018-05-06

She gave me a long look up and down, then added "I think you just need some lessons." As she said this she parted her legs slightly, and sitting on the bed as she was, exposed her pussy to me. "Good" she said, then "to begin with, a blowjob is a complete misnomer, it's all about sucking, not blowing." and with that slid my cock into her mouth, giving it a firm suck and running her tongue around it. "Now" Linda said "you have to learn the other part of oral sex - giving head, or cunnilingus." She leaned back on the bed spreading her legs wide.

First Time For Everything

first-time PDumbledore 2018-05-06

After what seemed like a few minutes, Lauren felt her body finally come down from it’s high, and Steve was kissing down her stomach. Lauren soon felt that feeling go through her body again, and when Steve softly bit her clit, she threw her head back, screamed, and went rigid again as her second orgasm raced through her. Before Lauren straddled Steve, she grabbed his cock, feeling the hard muscle in her hand for the first time, and then she bent down to lick the length of it and taste her own juices covering it. When Lauren felt like he was ready, she got off Steve, and started to pump his cock as she sat on his legs.

women love big dicks

first-time 2018-05-06

Stan asked me my size and I told him that I help but notice both my wife's glances at Stan's crotch Rachel asked Stan how big on average a penis was. Stan walked near my wife and just let his cock dangle Stan told her that he liked her little Stan pulled away and told my wife to go back to licking his cock but Stan pulled away I could see the hurt in my wife's eyes as she told Stan Stan picked up my wife into his arms and began to kiss Stan throw my wife onto his bed and walk back to me. faithfull wife told Stan. Stan gave in to her demand and began to push his cock

My first Sex : a whore

first-time 2018-05-06

but as soon as she squeezed my cock inside her pussy,i cud not control...I began fucking her deep while the dick almost out of her almost 5-6 strong dick started blowing the cream inside her pussy...while cumming the dick keeps on sweeling and back to normal many times,anyone who have enjoyed fucking pussies would have surely observed this,then she came to know that i was cumming in her...she slapped me slowly in the face and was on fire but she understood that she would not get pregnant,then she told me to leave her and called the driver...then they told me to go back...and I started to go by the roadside to catch another rickshaw to go back to the station,I don't know whether she kept on fucking with the driver after i came back...I didn't even bothered about it,I was just very happy as it was the very fist time I got a real pussy to fuck and made a self-promise not to fuck another before my marriage'I knew it was a hard decision,which happened to break many times till now :), after coming back to the station,my senior asked whether I got the magazine and why it took so longer.

My Dear B****r

first-time seityn 2018-05-06

I still had some of those clothes that those girls dressed me in years ago buried deep in my closet (I had kind of liked the way that they made me feel, plus, I did look good in them), so I made myself up as cute as I could, and, while my b****r slept, I crawled into his bed next to him and fell asl**p practically in his arms. Then he put a second finger into my boi-p**y and my back arched, and I came, my little cock shooting hot cream onto my chest. I told him then that I wanted him to have sex with me like I was a girl.

how i met my wife

first-time hornyanalcouple 2018-05-06

i pushed her against the wall as lifted her skirt i could feel the heat between her thighs as my fingers worked there way up her thighs i realised she was wearing stocking my had went higer ang she let out a soft moan as i rubbed at her pussy through her silky panties, she began to push her hips forwards as i pulled them to one side and found her hot wet clit with my fingertip, she undid the buttons on my jeans and grabed at my hard cock slowly wanking me geting a load of pre cum on her fingers, i got down on my knees and lifted her skirt over my head and put my tounge on her soaking wet clit she grabed the back of my head and ground her pussy into my face as she started to cum.

Confession Of A Teenage Pussy Eater

first-time Stormbringer 2018-05-06

Melissa had given Brad her virginity several months earlier and the two were screwing every chance they got. Melissa's nipples grew hard as she pictured Brad's muscular body covering her own. He rolled his eyes thinking it was his sister, but when he turned around to look his eighteen year old body nearly had a heart attack. Suddenly, Gil remembered what he had been watching and Melissa's complete disdain for all things sci fi or fantasy. Melissa couldn't call Brad to sneak over in front of skinny little Gil. "Ooo, he looks like my Bradley." The man crawled between the woman on her back's legs and started licking her pussy. Melissa turned to look at him and realized what she'd said, "Not you, nerd.

Thanksgiving, Came on Thursday

first-time BogartsBoss 2018-05-06

Nearby when Rehab Specialists helped him relearn the use of arm and fingers, she became his focus. She stood before him, filmy lilac bra encasing conical tits, nipples hardening against the thin material, and lilac panties, wrapping over her hips, sweeping down between her legs, damply enclosing prominent lips. Her hands slid slowly down, the panties sticking to her wet lips, then finally dropping free. She grasped his cock stroked it twice, then lifted a leg, swung over his hips. Placing his head at her entrance, she sat upright, then let herself slide onto his cock. Grabbing his hands, she lead them to her tits, forcing him to squeeze, harder then harder again, She began to shake, her insides clasping and quivering, her rhythm broken.


The Adventures of Andrew Ch. 02

first-time jklazarus 2018-05-06

I wasn't sure if it was the beer, or what happened in the closet, or the party atmosphere in the garden with the music and the coloured lights on strings hung around the place, but I felt somehow very relaxed in her company. I couldn't take my eyes off her pert little ass moving with each step beneath her short skirt or the smooth flesh showing just above her striped stockings. It felt like things were moving too fast, and I was scared about messing up, but I wanted it so much I didn't care. He knew how he felt about Melissa, but he couldn't just let me do what I wanted. 'Don't feel bad.' I held her close and stroked her back as her sobbing slowed, and I thought about how I was going to get my revenge on Paul.

My Seduction of Steve Perilli

first-time Bazzza 2018-05-06

Most times he would stay until my brother dragged him away to do boys things, but his compliments would have me squirming with pride and adoration causing my love for him to prosper. The vibrations floated nicely through my body, and after checking driveway was still clear, I undid my jeans and slipped them down just enough to get the plastic head under my panties. Less than thirty minutes after my parents and my brother John left on that Friday night, Steve's car was hidden from our neighbours in our garage. Seconds later I walked up the stairs towards my bedroom the last time as a virgin, my heart divided between my love for Steve and sexual excitement.

The Rainbow Lounge

first-time charlessmythe 2018-05-06

After about an hour or so of bullshitting with me, he told me his name was Nelson and asked, "Would you like to go to my house and have a beer?" Nelson went to turn out all the lights in the house and when he got back to the bed room, he found me lying on his bed, still in my clothes. After coating his mushroom head with baby oil, he used one hand to spread my butt cheeks and one hand to guide his cock into my ass. Once he eased the head past my sphincter, Nelson gave a hard push and drove it in all the way to his balls. Nelson liked to screw my ass, then pull out and finish in my mouth.

Kathleen's Story

first-time rhdwp 2018-05-06

She knew the Squire quite well as he spent a great deal of time with her mother and so Kathleen looked upon him as a sort of Uncle. This felt like more than she could take … suddenly everything exploded within her … lights seem to pour out of her body … stars flew around in her brain … her hand became a blur as she pumped faster and faster into her pussy … her back arched pushing her tits high into the air … she felt a great crescendo peaking inside of her as if all the instruments in the world playing a symphony at the same time.