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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Pushing the Envelope

first-time Glorious1Goddess 2018-05-06

Looking at him finally, I couldn't believe I was actually going to touch him with my tongue, but I did and soon my lips licked his head slowly. It was at that point, a guttural groan took him over and he began to shake and then begin to sputter and then spurt a great geyser of whiteness up into the air like that resembling "Old Faithful." I felt my neck stretch to witness as much as I could so I could then place my whole mouth over his head above where his hand finally stopped and I then began sucking hard on his dick.

She Screams for Me

first-time TheUrbanCowboy 2018-05-06

Jess would just make up a lame excuse, but I could tell she knew how bad I wanted her body, to be the one making her scream. Early in the week I heard the blissful sounds of Jess in the throes of a screaming orgasm and I was wondering how much studying I would get done for my exams next week. After we had finished eating I felt like being bold and asked Jess about the fight last week. "God, I feel like I am back in high school again," Jess laughed. As I was nearing my last reserve of will, I felt Jess start to tense up and picked up my pace, wanting to finish at the same time that she did.

Beautiful 30 yr Old Mexican Virgin

first-time Pultoy 2018-05-06

Senor Quernado was anxious to get back to Moctezuma, so he could take his prize, the lovely Carmen back to his ranch and enslave her, rape her and maybe even sell her. My grandparents had passed away when I was just coming out of my 4 year marriage, and left me 5 feedlots, 60,000 acres of cattle ranch a bunch of rental properties in the towns of Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Trinidad, Walsenburg and Limon. Sally and Victor are second generation Americans, their parents having come from Hermosillo, Mexico, (also part of the Mexican state of Sonora) so they really found many things in common with Carmen and they became fast friends, confidants and Amigos.

The Best Birthday

first-time Ingrid11B 2018-05-06

The third morning in my new home was the day I visited Russ' apartment over the four-car garage, which was connected to the main house at the end of the upstairs hallway, on the opposite side from the elegant master bedroom. I was beginning to feel like everything belonged exactly where she placed it, and Russ either followed her suggestions or left everything the way it was four years ago when he moved in. Gently, he undressed Linda as he did Ruby many times before, but this night he entered the woman he loved and explored her beautiful body in ways she never even dreamed possible.

The Best Week Of My Life Part 1

first-time redbeardsley 2018-05-06

I opened my eyes slowly, smiled, and found Stephanie standing a few feet away from the porch on our back lawn. Both of her older b*****rs had moved out a long time ago, one, Mike, away with his girlfriend's boy at their grandmother's for the week and another, Josh, happily married.Her dad passed away when Stephanie was in 4th grade and her mom away with Mike. Her little b*****r, Justin, a year younger than her was also away at his best friend Ian's for the night, leaving the house totally empty as her mom had long since trusted Stephanie to be home alone since before she was 16, except for their old border collie, Buddy, who came running through the kitchen, barking.

Andy Ch. 01

first-time Pseudonimo 2018-05-06

He was very good at it too and was able to give her multiple orgasms, so she was okay with not having penetrative sex, but sometimes she felt like there was something wrong with her, because he didn't want to do the most natural thing a man and a woman who loved each other could do. One night they were at Andy's place, making out on the sofa while watching Netflix, and all of a sudden he stopped kissing her, took her face in his hands, looked her in the eye and he told her "I think I love you". She was way beyond horny now, his big dick was too inviting and she wanted to know what it felt like inside of her.


first-time gusset67 2018-05-06

I stood in front of the young lad who eyes had now gone from watching me as a whole to looking at my semi erect cock. At this point in a d***ken sort of state I realized that Amy was half way on the stairs looking down at us in disbelief and was just staring. I looked over to Amy who was still sat on the stairs with her leg to one side and showing me her open pussy was sat there playing with her self. Looking over to Amy her head was back and she was rubbing her clit hard and fast and came on my stairs. Amy walked from the stairs and stood behind James looking down at him sucking me off.

Gloryhole Addiction

first-time Brittni4u 2018-05-06

Heading to Shay and Dawson's house, like I had previously done dozens of times, we pulled into the parking lot under the sign that read, "The Power of Love." From driving past it so many times, it didn't look as big as it did right then. Additional reasons I imagined for each guy that I had sucked off at the bookstore ranged from that unattractive high school boy my age who had trouble getting a girlfriend and needed to shoot a load just to keep from having wet dreams to a college athlete who needed to get ready for practice or the big game and needed that blowjob for a better performance.

My first affair at 18

first-time 2018-05-06

I felt really torn...I wanted his cum in my mouth so badly, but I was aching between my legs and I knew he could make it all better.... I think I felt so damn good...he shushed me, because while we were alone in that particular area, there were other people about, somewhere down the hall, and I was loud enough that I'm sure I could be heard from a mile away...I bit my lip hard, surprised I didn't bleed, and just took the pounding he was giving me, took the pleasure and tried not to scream.


The Lessons Ch. 22

first-time Charles Petersunn 2018-05-06

Unlike lots of other girls he had dated, Melissa actually liked to watch sports on TV and to go to ball games. As they were getting into the heat of their kissing, hugging, squeezing, and massaging of arms and backs, Jim felt Melissa's hand actually, clearly, explicitly, rest right on his notable erection, and she didn't move it away. James was not in fact a particularly big guy, but compared to the diminutive 4'10" frame of Melissa, he certainly felt powerful and strong. Seeing him get all excited; well, it excited her; it made her happy to know that she was making him happy; it made her feel like a real girl, an attractive and feminine woman, that she could make her guy get so turned on.

First time bottoming.

first-time cute_boy23287 2018-05-06

Started picking up the pace little an damn it hurt little but he was being pretty gentel once it started feeling good ugh I loved it, he was going deep an I kept getting harder an harder then we whiched up positions I rode him revse cowgirl an slowly put it back in my once tight ass after he spilt on my hole to ease It. It felt so damn good an see I'm not a bottom type I'm more of a top but I got couris an wanted to bottom well it was amazing I rode him over an over I felt myself turning little sissy with the moaning an I was so hard I blew so much when I took it all.

Maya Loves Boys -= Part 1 of 2 =-

first-time 1superhornyguy 2018-05-06

He asked about you and I said you were bisexual." "Fucking Hell Maya, now he's going to spread that around and I'm going to be known as your gay husband," I said, a bit disgruntled in case he took this back to our friends." "I gave him my mobile and suggested he call if he wants to talk more," she continued, oblivious to my embarrassment. We trailed in silence to the bedroom and Maya held Daniel by the cock, towards bed where he lay on top of her kissing her lips, her breasts then back to between her legs. "Let me fuck Maya while you watch Daniel," I said. I climbed on top of Maya and slid my cock easily into her wet, cum coated cunt and started to fuck her

Sexcapades, Part 3

first-time Sexylongcockfromaff 2018-05-06

As she crept up to Glen's bedroom, in which the door was ajar, and in which it was obvious that's where the slapping noise was coming from, she quietly and slowly peered her face around the corner to peek in on him, and her jaw suddenly dropped in amazement as she did, for she could not believe what she saw! With his head turned away towards the wall, Glen was sprawled out on his bed, completely naked, with his hands around his big hard penis and was rhythmically moving it up and down, which at times was making a slapping noise against the big tip of it! Looking at his big hard dick, she pushed her middle finger up inside her mushy wet hole.

Young James is Seduced

first-time FitJim 2018-05-06

"My name is Jayne," said the blonde woman, holding out a hand to shake mine. "We should move away from here, someone will see us," said Jayne, removing my hand from her pussy and leading me away. "Well, I think we're both going to really enjoy this," she said, kissing me one more time on my cock. Her legs eased open and I felt my cock pushing against the fuzzy hair of her groin. "I want to taste those tits of yours." Jayne reached behind her back to unclip the fastening, and helped me slide the pink material off her shoulders. "So fucking good Jayne, your body is heavenly, you feel so hot and tight around my cock," I said, my voice catching as she held me tight.

First TIme with a Guy (True Story)

first-time datballer08 2018-05-06

He didn't get what I was talking about so I said, we watch the porn but we have to keep out hands on our chest or stomach or sit on them and the first guy to touch his dick loses and the other guy gets to tell him what to do. He said fair enough so we went to the bathroom and it felt so good I moaned. We both let out a huge sigh and a laugh and the kissed passionately, our cum covered hands rubbing the others body. Without hesitation I said your turn and he laid down on the bed and I went in between his legs.


first-time hottscott40 2018-05-06

If the girls had to do it, then surely they’d dare the boys to do it, and there was no way Matt was going to suck Andy’s dick, and he was pretty sure that Andy felt the same. Andy didn’t reply either, but his breathing soon turned to short grunts, and he started going harder, holding tight onto Matt’s hips and driving his cock into his arse. Matt could feel his arse start to pulsate, and he felt a tickle growing inside his cock, and after a few more thrusts he heard Andy scream out “oh fuck I’m gonna cum!”, and he felt his cock grow thicker as it prepared to empty itself inside his arse.

Ethan and Carrie Ch. 09

first-time jallen944 2018-05-06

Debbie watched Ethan's hand stroke his cock while she licked the drool from her lips. When Ethan stopped thrusting and plunged his cock into Debbie as deep as he could get it to go, Carrie knew he was filling her with fresh seed. Debbie watched Carrie wince and squeeze her eyes shut when her body jerked with the sudden thrust of Ethan's hips. Ethan watched Debbie's tits, occasionally spotting a bit of her nipple and gazed at Carrie's bare thighs, occasionally getting a peek of her ass or pussy. Carrie laughed and reached out for Ethan's thigh to keep herself from falling out of her chair and put her hand on his cock.

me being a pet

first-time hunknextdoor 2018-05-06

So i was sitting right next to my mistress bed, like a loyal dog, still having anal plug inside my ass and my dog collar. I wanted to stroke myself very hard and move that anal plug which would have satisfied my quench, but my mistress have given me hard instructions not to touch or get fucked until she tells me to. Than i turned her around because i didn't want to miss the main course i spread her ass cheeks wide and starting to eat cum from her ass, it was like i am in heaven. She was sitting at the corner looking at me being fucked like a good little bitch. then i inserted my fingers in my ass pulled out her cum and ate her like a good little bitch that i was becoming.

My first Cock

first-time 2018-05-06

Well one day we were out running around on a hot July day when we went into my basement to cool off well we both dozed off and when I woke up Eddies legs had separated and his cock and balls had fallen out. Calling his name one more time and no response I got right up close and was getting ready to stroke it when I looked up and noticed that I was looking him right in his eyes. And he slowly started to fuck my mouth and it felt so good that I began to moan and then he started to fill my mouth with his hot and sweet cum that I enjoyed greatly. So there I sat enjoying the taste of his cum but afraid he would tell my friends what I had done.

Kiyomi's First Taste

first-time Anythingcanhappen 2018-05-06

"yes, please sit down, but before you do I am going to need you to strip for me." Mako said this while she looked seductively into Tatsumori's eyes. "Oh, you're so wet Kiyomi, Tatsumori lick her clean" Mako said this as she stoped rubbing his erection. "It feels good though, right?" Mako said this as she groped Kiyomi's breast, and put her mouth on the other, licking small circles around the nipple. "Yes, Yes, it feels so good, ah, I feel so good." Tatsumori looked at Mako as she took her mouth off Kiyomi's breast. Kiyomi do you want to taste a women's cum?" Tatsumori said this knowing Mako was getting excited just by watching.

Fairgame part 2

first-time SuccubusDreams 2018-05-06

“Oh i don’t know, maybe the one between your legs.” As he spoke his eyes focused on the place between the towel opening and i felt another drop of moisture drip out. “See you later guys.” I tried to make my voice sound steady but I swear it quivered slightly as I spoke, my legs certainly didn’t feel like they belonged to me as I walked away. Taking his cock out I looked at it and then at Neil before slowly licking it from base to tip; tiny little licks that barely touched the skin. My jaw ached as I held onto his cock with my mouth, stopping suddenly I heard Neil cry out in anguish and glancing up at him I smiled.

My Wife caught with older man 1

first-time cuteb0y25 2018-05-06

I looked back and the old man had stopped fingering Ritu and had stood up behind her and as I watched he reached out with his left hand and squeezed Ritu's left breast, I heard Ritu moan again as he pinched her erect nipple through her top. The old man then took a step back and grabbed the bottom of the back of Ritu's short pink skirt and he pulled it upwards and tucked it into the waistband, Ritu's ass cheeks came into view and you could clearly see as he slipped his fingers back between her pussy lips and continued to finger fuck her, with one hand while squeezing her left breast with the other, he continued to do this for what seemed like hours but must have been only a minute or two.

Keith's Subversion - The Meeting

first-time pantiman 2018-05-06

At the time I had, and still do have, a panty fetish. I just love to see a cute sexy body in panties. He'd got a pair of her worn panties and had been sniffing them and thought he would see if there were other men who liked doing this. He'd found several sites where men displayed pictures of their wife's and girlfriend's used panties, but they were just pictures. I had had no trouble in finding males to chat to about their wife's panties. But I suggested he tried a pair on and that I was usually online at the same time every night if he got the opportunity to chat again.

Shannon Becomes a Woman

first-time Lanham22 2018-05-06

As class ended, Shannon began to make her way across campus to the cozy apartment that her parents provided for her. She opened it to see him standing there and took pleasure in the look on his face as he saw Shannon Heller looking as beautiful and enticing as any woman he had ever seen. Her heart pounded with excitement as his hands found her breasts, played with her nipples, then moved down her belly, and caressed her thighs. Her legs spread wide and she strained her hips toward his hand, praying he would find the wetness pouring from between her legs, praying that this would be the moment that she would be touched there by a man for the first time.