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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

In the beginning...

first-time longtimewife46 2018-05-06

After a short drive we were indeed looking across a lovely view of my new home town and we started to talk. He eventually put his hand on my thigh and said that next time we were swimming, he would ask if I wanted to go for a drive afterwards and that if I said yes, we could explore each other a little. I was so nervous by now, and asked him to take me home, reminding him that we were both married and this was not good - and I didn't like him that way at all. As he pulled up to drop me off at home, he said that if I wanted to, I could look at cock number three after my next swim.

How I became a dirty anal cumslut, part II

first-time Olive_Jucicles 2018-05-06

“I bet you didn’t get much of a chance to suck it, did you?” he asked, “I know how he likes to just clean off his cock after anal, the principal likes to get right to it so he probably didn’t teach you much about deep throating other than shoving it down your throat once to wipe the cum off and let you taste your ass. The gym teacher looked at me and said, “Clean up this cum mess so I can get dressed and supervise your gangbang.” I ended up there on that mat on the floor of the locker room getting each hole fucked hard nonstop as the guys rotated through, ignoring each period bell as more came and joined in.

Elizabeth (Part 1)

first-time bluefire48s 2018-05-05

Feel free to join us when you’re ready buddy”, Mick finishes with a smile then he and Liz leave me to my luggage and go elsewhere in the house. We chase each other around the pool, taking turns splashing each other until one time Liz chases me, I swim past Mick and he grabs my shorts as I swim past. Blushing a fair bit I’m sure, I look over to her trying to change the subject, “this food is nice LIz. Simple and tasty” I spend minutes looking at the variety of sex toys in the box, wondering how creative, horny, and great sex must be with Liz. I stroke my cock while holding and feeling these toys, their weight, materials…I’m getting hornier by the second.

Lexi Ch. 02

first-time clevercandle 2018-05-05

I started out slow by rubbing, squeezing and lightly pinching my nipples with my left hand and caressing the opening to my love hole with the fingers on my right hand. I have perfect access this way, then I used my left hand to hold open my pussy lips and gently rub my clit, pinching it and rubbing it with my hot juices. He kept talking about licking my pussy, and how good I must taste, and how he wanted to kiss me with my cum in his mouth in essence feeding me my own cum. I could feel the head of his cock stretching open my pussy hole as he started to apply more pressure.

Savannah Goes All The Way

first-time _Savannah_ 2018-05-05

Brent stretched out on the bed, very close against her side, and Savannah noticed how warm and hard he was. "Uh, sure, yeah, bottom drawer." Brent leaned over the inert Savannah and pulled open the bottom drawer of her nightstand. Her hips lifted off the bed, and Savannah could feel her own juices begin to flow once again. Grabbing his dick in one hand, he slowly guided it to her pussy opening, and thrust, gently at first. Savannah began lifting her hips in time with his, and her body, surprisingly, started to tingle once again. "Yeah, yeah, cum baby, so good." Savannah pulled him more tightly against her, wanting to get as close as she could.


first-time Justaguy2016 2018-05-05

We didn't have to make a lot of conversation, it was just sexy being next to her listening to the banter, our feet & legs touching, both knowing the pleasure to come, the inevitable." Poor buggers, they have no change," she said " teasing is such fun, but there has to be an end result" looking me straight in the eyes, our hands on each other's thighs, her skin feeling amazing, she knew I was hard, started to gently squeeze my cock, my hand returning the pressure on her upper thigh, I could feel the heat from her pussy, she turned away chatting to one of the guys but kept stroking, God this was delicious.

New Cock for Wife

first-time 425olds 2018-05-05

"You like watching her wife cum all over another man's cock?" he asked me seconds later. A short time later Matt grunted out loudly, and drove his cock even deeper and harder into Jen's swollen pussy. This pushed Matt over the edge, and a few minutes later he pulled his big cock from her pussy, and began to cum hard all over her beautiful ass in front of me. I watched on as Matt gave Jen several long hard thrusts with his cock. Jen tried her best to ignore it, but after time she finally admitted one night while engaging in intense sex that she did miss Matt's big cock.


first-time Juwain 2018-05-05

Rather than finger-fucking and teaching Cindy some manual techniques, as soon as I reached into her panties she took my hand and introduced me to her clitoris. So when we started making out, all I could think about was taking your cock in my mouth, which I did as soon as you put my hand in your crotch. "I continued with the Confession routine, said I detested my sins and fully expected that the Priest would assign me another 10 Hail Marys, or perhaps more like 20 this time." "'The penance is in two parts: the first is a mild corporal punishment that I will deliver, in proportion to your sins.' That said, he lifted my skirt over my back and ran one hand over my bottom.

Heavy is the Head

first-time EnvywithJadee 2018-05-05

Long, blonde hair, tiny waist, plump chest, and an ass that he enjoyed cupping coupled with a striking face of perfect kissable lips, sloping nose, and "fuck me" green eyes. Elise practically crushed every girl on the way to him in her red stilettos in an effort to gain his attention including breaking her fiancé's heart and destroying the bond she had with her sister who had her eye on the man as well. "Deal," she grinned sexily and stretched, running her hands along her ribs and up over her breasts, to her jaw, and then finally to lift her hair off of her neck in that cat-like way that had Max practically panting.

Virgin Hooked On An Older Man

first-time sleepyhousewife 2018-05-05

I looked at him and asked "how do you know I am home?" He replied "I only live down the street and I have seen you many times, your either on your bike, walking and I have also been watching your swim meets at the pool. Jenny at that point, took over the conversation and said..."This is Maria and she is (very) single, she's also very athletic...she plays volleyball, softball, skates, rides bikes, she competes in swim meets and is hoping to make the olympics, and a very good friend!"...."Now, who are you and what do you do and do you have a girlfriend?" I wanted to kill her. "Okay then, Mr.'s your chance to show us ladies your charming affect you have on people!" As Jenny nodded her head down the street as my father was coming home from work.

A Bad Day Gets Better

first-time XXXNoBounds 2018-05-05

So I walk in like I always do and look around, assuming it's one of Marian's friends when I hear, "You fucking SON OF A BITCH! So I move aside to let him through and exclaim as he walks towards the door, "Hey, if I ever hear you calling my s****r a bitch again, I'll cut your fucking balls off and feed them to you, got it?" "You ready to give that beautiful cock to your big s****rs hungry hole, are ya Jim?" I replied, "Almost, I've got a few things planned first." She just smiled and rested her head as I positioned mine between her legs.

A Personal Question

first-time laffalot 2018-05-05

"Well, I laughed it off, then I said that if I was going to suck a cock, I wanted something bigger than his puny tootsie roll." I was shaking with nerves, but I remember nodding my head and saying, "Yeah, I'll do it." The next thing I know, they both stood up and dropped their boxers, and two of the most perfect looking cocks were hanging just inches from my face. "I want to hear the rest of the story before we go down there," Kayla said, then added, "My pussy is so fucking wet right now." "Maybe, ask me again after I've tried both and I'll let you know." Kayla grabbed Matthew's wrist and pulled him toward a large boulder that was more than half hidden in the brush.

Wild Child Ch. 08

first-time TxRad 2018-05-05

I slipped the finger out of her ass and moved Rita's hands away. I moved my hand away from Mary's shiny ass and whispered, "Here, try another taste or two. I grinned as I reached across and used both hands to spread Mary's ass cheeks apart. "Okay, little one, let's let her rest for a little bit and then we'll get her in the shower," I said as I rubbed Mary's ass again. "I want to do just one thing before we do," Rita whispered and then dipped her head down and took a quick lick at the center of Mary's sex. Rita grinned as I came back into the bathroom and said, "I don't think she's going to get her little asshole fucked tonight."

Fucking for Grades Pt. 02

first-time ilovehooters 2018-05-05

I pushed my cock into her pussy, grabbed her hair to pull her head up next to mine and whispered, "You know where I live, Jessie, my door's always open for a smoking hot, horny Aussie." She smiled back, leaned down to nibble my earlobe and purred, "I'm ready when you are." At that, I went over the edge and shot ropes of cum into Jessica's ass as I pulled her tight to me and gave her a big wet sloppy kiss. I spooned Jessica again with my cock wedged between her ass cheeks and kissed the back of her neck before saying, "I was hoping you'd ask me that, Jessie." We fell asleep almost immediately and that was the start of my second amazing relationship with a gorgeous girl at school.

Seducing College Virgins

first-time renaissanceman3 2018-05-05

And they'd leaned towards each other, obviously contemplating a kiss, but she pulled away with a little smile at the last minute, and said "let's see each other again next week after we've settled on campus." She naturally assumed an all-fours position, skinny, bony ass high in the air, back curved steeply like a gymnast, a few ribs neatly showing through her slim physique, her glorious mane of golden hair draping like a curtain onto the bed, as she looked back at me, again straight into the camera lens, beaming with her twinkly blue eyes as she moaned, "fuck me again, Steve".

Virgin Summer Ch. 2

first-time thenick 2018-05-05

Just before we "broke up" Nicole told me that she had been planning a final sleepover with her best friend Misti on Friday before she left for college. "Who is it Misti?" asked Nicole from the Bathroom "When Nicole leaves the bathroom you need to open the window. I hopped through the window and she quickly pulled her hand out and placed it in my mouth. I stood up with my erect member, placed my hands on her hips and slowly pushed my cock into her pussy. Misti slumped against the door and I quickly got rid of the condom and flushed it. I knew what I did to Nicole was wrong but at the same time I got to fuck her best friend.

A First Time for Everything Ch. 03

first-time curious_cait 2018-05-05

His hands held my hips in place as his tongue pushed past my surprised lips and met mine. I could only imagine what he saw: an 18 year old girl with long brown hair, half-closed brown eyes, bright pink cheeks, and parted lips, staring down at him in lust and anticipation. After what felt like several minutes, I finally came back down enough to gently push his head away. "Oh, and one more thing." He turned back to me at the top of the stairs, and said quietly, "Tomorrow, you're going to touch me." He went down the stairs before I could respond, leaving me to think about that statement until we saw each other again.

Amnesty Program Ch. 05

first-time Ambidentrous 2018-05-05

"I'm surprised I can think at all with you leaning over the table like that." Nathan's eyes lingered on the place where the swells of her breasts disappeared into the fabric for another moment, then flicked up to her eyes, framed by her long curly red hair. "You know," Emily said, widening her eyes sincerely, "I'm going to have to have a look at that." Jason sat on Rebecca's couch, trying not to think about the last time he had been there, his pants around his ankles, Rebecca's roommate Emily staring at him open mouthed. "Fancy," Jason said, standing at Emily and Nathan's table, "meeting you here." Jason nudged Nathan when Rebecca came out of the ladies' room wearing Emily's shorts and leather jacket. "Jason," she said, her eyes never leaving Nathan's face, "what do you say?

Part 1....Of My First Taste of an intimate beautif

first-time pm1942cr 2018-05-05

she walks in and I am so taken by how she moves, its almost like she's on wheels and glides across the floor, her long lovely colored dress is flowing around her legs and I see her sandals that look high priced ones too... the moment is only broken when she starts to say, "I love doing this right now Paul, it's just like a relaxing evening with a nice hansom man..." LOL I am flattered I say back to her, and then smile. I would also run my hand UP under your 'Hijab" and get to feel all your long black wet lovely hair as I am entering you with my hard swollen cock too mmmmmm.

Interesting Impregnation Invitation -1

first-time petdyke 2018-05-05

The m0ther to be got a splendid idea to invite me to impregnate her during a hot holiday. The m0ther to be knows how to play that game: let Gorden Girl think it is her hot idea! Golden Girl smiles looking forward to a fortnight on a white sandy beach at a big blue sea. Golden Girl has no idea about secret sexy naugty negociation between m0ther to be and me. The m0ther to be understood my sexy strategy to let Golden Girl Gosia live in her illusion. The m0ther to be looks forward as well to repay the debt to Golden Girl for her domination. The m0ther to be longs to be my sexy slave for that hot foxy fortnight - be my compliant.


first-time ksmybuttons 2018-05-05

"What would you like us to do next, Lynn?" Alex said, as I felt warm mouths sucking on my breasts and his fingers lightly stroking me. Alex bent over and kissed and stroked my face, while Charles and Dave each lifted one of my legs up until I was spread for Ben. They each stroked one of my breasts. But we also wanted you to experience the true loss of your virginity." He pulled out and pushed again, a little more each time until we both felt him stretch me as wide as I had ever been. The feeling was so much more intense having a real man and not a dildo in my virgin hole that I again had a crashing orgasm and felt Ben's cum rush into me.

Girl on messenger

first-time 2018-05-05

To my dismay I figured she wasn't going to let me get anything for a few more dates. I finally got her clothes off as well and proceeded to lick her from head to toe. We made it onto my bed and I gave her a few more kisses before she finally started creeping down my body to put her quivering wet lips around my cock. She asked what to do and I put my hand on her head and told her to just let her tongue and lips do the work. Finally after I had stopped she continued to rub and lick at my dick for another few minutes.

Worming, or I like tribbing with my girlfriend

first-time George178 2018-05-05

Yes sir, I'm a 110% hetero male, but I tribbed with my girl friend way back when the earth was flat and young people felt not pain or knew what it was like to get old. I felt like the tiny sexy little thin hairs on her upper legs (you know, the part a girl never needs to shave because it never gets thick or grows any?) were standing up, and I could FEEL EVERY single one of those hairs! I came (cummed?) on her legs, on her wet little pussy, on her pubic hair (back then ALL girls, just about, had nice patches of downy thin pussy fur), on her stomach, and even up to her neck.

Midnight Swim

first-time Ashson 2018-05-05

Melissa saw Chester pull himself up to sit on the side of the pool, giving a small gasp as she realised that he hadn't bothered about bathers for his illicit swim. By mutual agreement they moved apart, Melissa taking it easy, if you could call a state of nervous relaxation taking it easy, while Chester did some more laps. "Brian wants to wait until his career is a bit more settled before we actually marry," Melissa said. Calmly reaching over he put his hands on Melissa's waist and, with one quick heave, lifted her out of the pool to the side, leaving her sitting shocked and naked in front of him. "I said that I wasn't going to ask you," explained Chester. Chester lay back, looking at Melissa and laughing.