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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Chachi ko choda

first-time Parmboy 2018-05-05

Maine pjama aur tishat pahne hoi thi osne kush asi bat ki ki mera lun pjame mai khara ho gya or tan gya jo saf dikh raha tha mai ose niche karne laga par vo maan hi nahi raha tha je bath tab ki hai jab main 17 saal ka tha maine apne chachi ko kabi vi galat niga se nahi dekha tha chachi mere taraf dekhar hasne lage maine phale kabi vi sex nahi kiya tha .....

Corky and Billie Ch. 01

first-time corcyra 2018-05-05

As Corky lay in the now quiet room waiting for sleep to claim his all too active mind, his troubled ruminations about the elusive Joyce and her mystery friend Billie gave way to more familiar images from years before. Billie stuck her tongue out in response, and turning to Corky,said, "I'm probably pretty bad when it comes to helping you with things, so just tell me how I can do better, okay? When they parted at the end of the evening on the porch of the nurses' residence, it seemed to Corky that Billie came quite close and maybe rose on tiptoes a bit before giving him a friendly hug.

The Ultimate Bachelorette Party

first-time baughzer 2018-05-05

Audible gasps can be heard from Mel behind the camera and from Sara, whose shocked look shows they had clearly underestimated Lani's strong will and stubborn streak. After a few moments of thought and a glance toward Mel behind the camera, Sara gets a very serious look on her face, takes Lani's hands in hers, leans forward and gazes into Lani's eyes. I can't make a promise like that." Lani looks down and away from Sara, knowing this could be hurtful. The girls slowly leave the limo, and Sara leans back in and says "Here, Mel. Let me take the camera while we go inside, since I don't want to miss a thing!"

Amanda's First Time

first-time TWervas39 2018-05-05

He sucked one of them into his mouth, teasing it ever so gently with his tounge, and rubbed the back of his fingers across the other in the way he knew drove me wild. When I reached the tip of his overly hard erection he shivered, and I knew he didn't want to wait much longer. I untied and started to push down his pants until my arms couldn't reach anymore, and then my feet took over the job. He looked into my eyes and I realized that neither of us really knew what to do, so I grabbed him and ran his cockhead through my soaking and wanting slit until he was positioned just right at the beginning of my virgin canal.

The Coach's Tradition - PART 6!

first-time Mark_Danson 2018-05-05

"Believe it or not I don't fucking care," he said as he pulled off his shirt, "but i'm fucking sweating, i'm fucking horny, and right now I couldn't give two shits about what she thinks," he started moving closer. I sniffed his crotch and could smell a mixture of sweat and pre-cum through his gym shorts as my nose face felt his hard cock just two layers away. His ass was starting to buck and I could tell he was going to cum in another minute. He moved his cock closer to me and I could feel his head pushing against my hole. His head started going further and further in and I winced in pain.It hurt but it felt strangely good.

Memories of Nora

first-time mussorgsky 2018-05-05

This place looks a lot like the office of an insurance company I worked at when I was a college kid. Sensing what she wanted to ask and getting extremely excited, I told Nora that I dreamed of giving her oral sex, pleasing her, seeing her nakedness. Looking above my drink as I sipped, I could see the underside of Nora's left thigh several inches above the knee; the darkness under skirt ended my quest for more. Nora gave me the look of a disapproving teacher but smiled and said: "naughty boy." Before I could apologize, Nora told me it was nice looking up at a man-- I started to pull her still closer when I felt her move her belly into me.

Field Trip Fun

first-time lottyboo 2018-05-05

"She must have just been drifting off", said Mrs Weston, feeling Anna's forehead, "Yeah, she'll be fine after a good sleep." I felt a little strange about the proposition, but couldn't really say no, so I ended up sat on her bed while she faced me on the dressing table stool, suddenly very aware that I had no knickers on under my nightie! Again, my body relaxed from the release and this time Mrs Weston withdrew the object that had given me such divine pleasure. Mrs Weston sat and looked at me for a few minutes, then picked my nightie up off the floor and handed it to me. Well, I knew now why it had taken Mrs Weston so long to answer the door that first time I had knocked!

Loving Grandma

first-time whybea10 2018-05-05

I know you're my Grandma and I should never think about things like that with you, but I couldn't help it. In fact, I bet I could kiss it and make it feel better than it has in years!" Grandma looked at me and this time she laughed harder. When I pushed my face in more and licked directly up into her slit, I heard Grandma moan. I haven't cum like that in years." I felt Grandma pulling me up to her. Make it feel better than it has in years!" I was hammering my dick into my Grandma's sopping cunt! I guess I will be telling you to kiss it and make it better a whole lot now!" I laughed as I turned to look at her.

Blowing Joe

first-time Scheherazade73 2018-05-05

I knew full well that Jason was in class for another 45 minutes, but I pretended I'd gotten my days mixed up when Joe answered the door and managed to look me in the face long enough to tell me that Jason wouldn't be home for another hour or so. He started panting in earnest, and I knew he was close, so I eased back and began stroking the base of his cock as I sucked the first few inches of it. "What are you doing tomorrow?" Joe murmured drowsily, his eyes half closed and his pants still around his ankles, his cock finally shrinking after his fourth orgasm of the day.

Summer Break Ch. 02

first-time HornyHuman 2018-05-05

I said, "I seen Mrs Peters today, going over to Glen's, the guy next door." If only Mum and Dad knew what Glen was doing the other night. Mum was upstairs looking through her evening dress's because her and Dad had one of those work functions to go to again. I went outside and Glen waved his hand for me to come over. I went to my room, just layed there thinking of the last night Glen and I shared together. Before Mum could answer me Dad came in and said, "Yes we did." I came into the kitchen, both Mum and Dad were there waiting to see who I'd got the flowers from.

The Chicago Incident

first-time peterswiftt 2018-05-05

I don't remember much about the elevator ride back to our floor or actually going into our room, but I do remember pulling my dress off, piling into the center of the bed wearing only my bra and panties and telling my husband that I would get my shower in the morning. When I screamed my shocked reactionary disapproval on my husband's penis, he immediately slipped his hand from my cheek to the back of my head and pushed his cock down my throat causing me to choke. I think that it was my husband who actually mounted me first because I could smell my stale feminine odor on the face just above my head as he pushed himself inside me, starting that slow familiar rhythm.

Shhh! We Can’t Let Them Hear Us!

first-time monster__cock 2018-05-05

Zoey had just finished taking off her makeup and started brushing her still wet hair. “Hey!” Zoey said under her breath so her parents wouldn’t hear. “Sorry.” Dylan said back to Zoey as she had instructed him too. Zoey’s room was on the second floor and was at least thirty feet from where Dylan had been standing. Then, Dylan started to sprint away from Zoey. He had ran to a large tree with a branch just close enough to Zoey’s window where as to Dylan thought he could jump in. After several minutes Dylan finally worked his way to Zoey’s window. “Let me help you with that.” Dylan said as he took his jeans and boxers off for her.

My daughter Diane

first-time adel5000 2018-05-05

I was in heaven my beautiful 16year old daughter just gave me the best blowjob I ever had asked me to take her cherry and is laying on top of me totally nude tongue kissing me. I moved my self so my cock was at her pussy opening her legs were spread wide slowly I entered her pussy she was so tight but I slowly worked the head of my cock in ?are you ok ?I asked ?It hurts a little but don?t stop ?she said. After the two of us were laying in each others arms, slowly placing gentle little kisses on each others faces ?I love you daddy?

My First Affair

first-time digitalis83 2018-05-05

Your mind has a hard time processing your thoughts and you can feel your emotions becoming much more instinctual, a primal rage begins to rise up inside you. My hands explore your body as I untuck your blouse and begin to feel the softness of your skin. I move my head between your legs and feel your fingers slip through my hair...your hands pulling my head closer to your drenched pussy. Soon I'm sliding both fingers inside you and feel your body shiver as you cum again. You pull me up to you and kiss me hard, your tongue exploring my mouth so you can taste your own pussy juice. You slowly slide your pussy onto my rock hard cock.

The Most Eclectic Taste Ch. 03

first-time Decayed Angel 2018-05-05

"Look Miso, for as much as I have paid here so far tonight I think you can afford a candle, or if not, put it on my bill," I said forcefully. "Yes of course sir, I'd didn't mean we wouldn't do it, I was just wondering where I'd find one, but now that I think about it, I know just where to go," he said opening the door back into the room where I had dined earlier. She began moving her hips, pushing her pussy up to me until she was so close it took everything I had to pull away and pretend to take a drink, spilling about half of the drink across the counter and the carpet.

Free Love Ch. 01

first-time lebeam 2018-05-05

My brother brought home a very cute, 26 year old, sexy guy named Steve. When I let my hands wander, I was shocked the first time I felt a hard on. Steve had to move my hand away a few time, but was able to play with my very small tits. We finally got to the Island and left my brother at the base, Steve drove to a side road, found a viewpoint and parked the car in a small secluded lot. I held his cock in my hands and as he helped me lie back on the seat of the car, I helped him slowly push his hard cock into my virgin pussy.

I am not Sure How this Started

first-time pastmyprime23 2018-05-05

I jokingly asked if he was some sort of pervert to which he replied, "no more so than the next guy, but I like to actually do the things I fantasize about." I am not sure when he did this, but this was the first time I noticed that his hand was on my leg and that he as looking me in the eye. Trying to be the good wife I told him I would catch a cab because I didn't want to be in a car with a drunk driver, to which he replied, "That is why I always use a limo when I go out on nights like these." I was actually expecting this answer for some reason because why would a guy with all this money and control risk it all to drink and drive?

Breaking and Entering Ch. 1

first-time satinlvr_mwf 2018-05-05

My head began to clear, and I opened my eyes to see the fireworks going off, the black man over me as he removed his pants in the weird, eerily flashing lights. His other hand grasped my leg, and pulled it apart, my body and lips trembling in fear as my eyes watched him relocate to between my feet, kneeling down, his proud, throbbing black penis bouncing in front of him. As he did so, my labia must a spread a bit, because he smiled at me, looking me directly in the eyes, and told me that he was going to make sure that I stayed a black cock lover.


first-time THEFORBIDDENMAN 2018-05-05

yes i know it but i will be fine honest...NO IM NOT HAVING THAT you could easly losse your bearing again not safe for you and i will not be happy to let you go in the state you are in, have you got a friend around here i can take you to, "I have Many thanks" OK ME-LADY which arm would you like to take, and we can get on our way "Left PLease" YES ME-LADY there you go now if we go towards the nearest entrance to here you can.."no can you guide me back toward the entrance to the left of were we are pleased" YES ME-LADY we can do that so off we go on the long walk we chat and she feels better and cofortable with me, we call at one house, but no luck no one was in, "thats ok I live next door can i ask you as you have been so nice- to make me a cupa please", of course it will help you warm-up and that the idea anyway, im glad im not disadvanaged as you are, she snapped back defencivly "Im still a woman you know" So i take my time and say slowly YES YOU ARE A WOMAN she smiles, she knows iv looked at her sexualy for the first time TEA ME-LADY i say to her, "TEA please SIR and more".

Merry Christmas

first-time Samantha 2018-05-05

friend, Holly, coming to visit and right on time, as in shower seat soaping my legs and shaving them. I realized my best friend was blushing. Holly got me out of the tub, helped me dry off, and She just looked at me, tears falling, and asked, "You "I love you," she said, and with those words opened up a "Holly?" I asked, and she looked up from her rummaging stood up and rinsed off, feeling Holly's eyes roaming "Oh, I've thought of a few things," I said casually, as "Uh, yeah?" Holly mumbled as I started shaving. Holly get up behind me and could feel her walking slowly "Okeydokey, Holly," I said. "Merry Christmas to my best friend!" I said.

My first time with two women

first-time hornywife420 2018-05-05

Soon her roommate started to cry out as she came to orgasm and her legs closed around my wife’s head. My wife then looked at me and said,”put your cock in her mouth.” Of course I did as I was told and her roommate began to suck on my ready cock. Soon my wife pulled out her strap-on and started to fuck her friend from behind as she gave me head. My wife lay down on the bed with her head under my cock and began to suck my balls her friend started riding on the strap-on. I loved this and as her friend fucked her and came over and over my cock began to rise.

Be gentle with Hanna, folks

first-time eutuvoi 2018-05-05

“I hope the readers like me.” With her country-girl looks and winning smile (not to mention legs that don’t quit and a pair of massive mammaries), she’s sure to be a HUSTLER favorite. I guess things just grow bigger in Indiana.” Now that she has an explicit spread under her belt, Hanna is eager to make it big. “There would be nothing better than doing this full-time.” For recreation the Hoosier hottie is just as eager. “Well, that’s kind of personal,” the natural wonder chirps, “but I once had sex at a truck stop. I’m very traditional when it comes to sex. “I don’t think about the future too much,” Hanna concedes. “Right now I’m pretty open to whatever comes my way in life as long as it’s fun!

Summer Love

first-time Mylovelyfantasies 2018-05-04

But it wasn't the fourth grade anymore, and with each passing day, Jordan began to see Summer in a new light. "Do you ever feel like life is just one big circle?" Summer asked suddenly, still looking up, her arms going behind her head. Their arms got tangled around each other as they struggled, and then Summer pulled away, letting out a triumphant sound when she pulled his shirt over his head, her eyes smirking. Jordan suddenly had a thought that maybe Summer was still a virgin; they had always refrained from talking about their sex life, and all he knew was that she had had a couple of boyfriends in the last few years, but nothing serious. Summer finally nodded, opening her eyes and smiling at Jordan.

The Lodger

first-time starova 2018-05-04

One day after working at the hardware store, I met mum at the café and we sat down to a cup of coffee and she asked me if she would mind if we let out Morty's bedroom to a boarder. From a kneeling position between my feet, his hand slowly crept up my inner thighs, one at a time until he could run his fingertips in the crease between the top of my legs and my arse cheeks. He said, 'Just let me finish applying Sun-block, and I'll stop whenever you ask me to. Once again, he brushed his fingers over my pubic hair but this time I began to feel like I was wanting more.