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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My True Love

first-time adel5000 2018-05-04

We got at the office and Kramer said "okay what was the fight about?" " s*s was getting hit by that one guy and I went over there to protect her" I protested. "Ok ill call them to my office to ask them about it you guys are free to go home" he said "okay" I replied. We all went to our rooms and got dressed but as soon as I got done I got a text from my s*s "hey you'll love what I'm wearing" it said. Right before we left they gave us a hotel key "what's this for" I asked "it your hotel room tonight with seperate beds" the replied.

Prima Nocte

first-time Pelwrath 2018-05-04

She looked Vince in the eyes and they both moved to have another kiss, Abby was ready and as he kissed her, she quickly ran her tongue around his lips. Abby stopped walking, "You're kidding me Vince is a 21 year old virgin! "For you Abby though they don't compare to how you look tonight," Vince said as he handed them to her. Then you can tell me what cover of GQ you walk off of?" Abby, in her bare feet was 5'8", with three inch heels on she was looking down at the 5'9" Vince. She stopped kissing and looked at me and said, "Vince, you don't need to lie to get me in bed with you, just ask."

Number Fifteen

first-time zimabean 2018-05-04

When Jason finished his second round, the woman took some tissues from her purse and somewhat cleaned up her pussy, pulled up her panties and told us thanks and walked away singing. Jason and I now had pictures of three different pussies and we both just got laid for the first time. Then the ladies suggested that I get in the photos, they took my clothes off, my hard cock sticking straight up in the air. Then we got hard and we switched and I got to fuck the chubby woman, her pussy was much tighter but with all the goo Jason put in there I was able to last even longer before filling her with my spunk.

A Night To Remember

first-time pr1456a 2018-05-04

His cock was hard, warm and pre-cum dripping and at this point I just wanted him deep inside me. He worked my ass for a while longer and I knew his big cock was going to hurt but I did not At that point I felt his big cock all the way in me and I knew I was his, all his, he was making me his and I want to feel your hot cum shoot inside me, please baby, fuck me deep and hard and make me my own cock and balls or without him touching me, I just started cumming like never before. He put his hands on my shoulders and pulled me back as he pushed his big cock deep in me.

They say first time's not the best - I beg to

first-time 2018-05-04

And suddenly I felt an eruption of ecstasy, resonating from my cock - encouraged by her lips - to every nerve ending of my body. I was too lost in thought to realize that she had started to finger her self and the moment I glanced at her I forgot what I was thinking about. It felt unreal, I could feel her structure flexing around my cock as I thrust my self against her. I felt her cunt tighten around my cock, her nails now piercing my back drawing bl**d - it stung and only made me fuck her harder - again and again I pushed my self in . I felt the muscles in my lower body thrust my cock into her and halt while my cum f***ed itself through my shaft.

Interage Intimacy Pt. 03

first-time UncutPleasure 2018-05-04

Their kissing became more passionate as Jennifer moaned into Sean's lips and her hands wandered over his back, neck, and hair. Sean felt the butterflies in his stomach and the pounding in his chest as he relished every little smooch that Jennifer's lips placed on his. When Sean finally gathered the willpower to pull his lips away from Jennifer's, it was only to catch his breath and look at her blushing face. Sean felt his senses fading away again, just like when Jennifer's beautiful eyes pierced him right before they kissed for the first time on Sarah's couch. It looked perfectly natural in the water, but Sean's head spun with depraved thoughts when he saw Jennifer half-naked on the bed.

Popping Her Cherry

first-time sirhugs 2018-05-04

"I'm just a hot, horny young eighteen year old wanting my first fuck to be with a kind, gentle older man," she paused, my scrotum resting in her hand. Dana ran one finger up the underside of my shaft and gave my tip a little bounce, stepping a half step closer, pressing her tits into my chest. "Wow. I thought I came hard when Phil eats my pussy, and takes my clit between his teeth and pulls, but that was a thousand times better ..." she trailed off into another chuckle. I turned, my cock instantly shrivelling and falling from Dana's cunt as I saw that Phil was standing on the other side on the hot tub, looking half awake.

First Knight

first-time Roses4U 2018-05-04

Lifting mine own hands to my breasts, my nipples felt so hard to me as they met my fingers, I squeezed them and gasped out loud. He held it in his hand, pointing it like a sword to its scabbard, slipping the soft round head along my sopping, wanting sex. I was still reveling in my recent delight, as he continued to manipulate this glorious tool against me with his hands, to slip up an down across my lips, touching my clit each time, and I felt the delight returning once again. Then he pushed it down and I felt it part my muscles, It didn't feel like his fingers there a few minute ago.

Manny Ch. 02

first-time AudreyHepburn 2018-05-04

Jessica Abby and Manny Meza were secret admirers in high school back in Arizona but never acted on their feelings for each other. Manny was big, monstrous, like a pro wrestler on steroids, with dark, heavy eyebrows that she had not remembered he even possessed in high school, strong jaw, muscles to spare, a hard-on that frightened her. Adventure did not follow every writer and despite having left the sleepy towns of Arizona, and despite having had a degree of adventure in New York City, she had not really ever lived in the fast lane, in the verge of excitement, near death, near danger, as she had always wanted.

The Heiress and the Protector

first-time politeheiress 2018-05-04

I wanted to reassure myself that I wasn't some pervert, but every thought that crossed my mind made me think that maybe I was. But. I am here to protect you from anything you don't want to deal with." He lowered his eyes to his book again. He grabbed me by my shoulders and forcibly pushed me downward onto the bed, then started slipping his pants off. I was anxious about what was going to come; it would be my first true experience, and I wasn't exactly sure that I wanted it to be rough with a guy like him, even if I told him that it's what I'd wanted.

First Time For Everything

first-time dirtyjoe69 2018-05-04

Do you remember how free you felt the first time you got to drive, still sends chills down my spine. Even though I hate the bitch now and thought she was a part of a horrible downward spiral in another time in my life, the first real whiff of that pungent odor and I knew I was instantly hooked. I got my high school sweetheart pregnant right quick after we first start fucking and the spiral downward began. The first time I rammed my hard cock into that tight passage was magical for many reasons.

Lou The Baby Sitter

first-time oohmick69 2018-05-04

C comes home just after dawn -- he creeps into the bed room so not to wake me ---- fuck me --- he says as he see's me still all the way into Lou's cunt and ass ---- he strips quickly ---- goes around to face Lou ---- starts to wank --- what he is looking at is such a fucking turn on he explodes his cum over Lou's tits and my hand --- he squeezes his cock tight as he knows he has one good pump of spunk still in his shaft ----- Lou is sl**ping with her mouth open slightly ---- he nuzzles his cock to her lips and lets her have the remaining spunk into her mouth ----- instinctively she licks and swallows his cumm --- C smile ---- YES !!!!


Paul/Cadence Ch. 01

first-time PlasterCaster 2018-05-04

"Paul," she said walking over to the older man before he could get to his car "My parents are out of town and I was wondering if you'd follow me back to my place to make sure I got in okay..." "I should probably get home," he said simply, as Cadence's heart dropped to her feet and she could feel the her disappointment becoming readable on her face, "but why don't you step into my 'office' and we'll work out some sort of arrangement, sweetheart." he finished softly as he grinned and motioned to his car. "He has to be home to answer the phone just in case someone calls." Cadence said hurriedly as she felt Paul let off the brake a little, "I'll call you in the morning to tell you how it went, Sis. Bye!

The Only Man I Thought I Loved

first-time WhyWait0810 2018-05-04

I wanted his cock in my mouth, so I started rubbing his cock through his pants and I pulled away from our kiss. CJ moved his head slowly down my body to my pussy where I could feel his warm breath and he kissed the insides of my thighs, and then attacked my clit with his tongue. To deprive me of his cock was like taking away oxygen, but then he started playing with my pussy again. He fingered me so hard and played with my clit it drove me over the edge I started bucking on the bed, and he kept working away at me. I couldn't stop moaning because my pussy had been so brutally fucked and I came SO HARD, but he still needed to get off.

My little slut and I first encounter

first-time willd64 2018-05-04

She is to cumm when she can and if she has not by the time we get to the next exit she will continue till we get back to the park, only we will be driving through the city on the way back to her car. She must have known because she immediately began cleaning my belly and penis up with her mouth taking all of my sperm like a good slut I do believe she is going to turn out to be a very good slave, we dress and continue talking, I turn on xhamster and show her some things that kind of scare but yet excite her.

I've been waiting for this.

first-time 2018-05-04

She could see my cock was hard so she leaned to my ear and began to whisper in my, "My pussy is aching to be played with. It's been wet since you sat down." As she whispered this into my ear she grabbed my hard cock and began to whisper again, "I think your cock is ready to be sucked, I want to suck you." I couldnt believe how forrward she was, but I was more than willing to oblige. I reached around and started rubbing her pussy as my cock grew harder and harder against her ass at the same time kissing her neck and nibbling here ear.


first-time Journeywell 2018-05-04

After a few minutes of this Sarah began feeling a bit uneasy with this intense connection and wondered if she may not be expecting too much from this man after all she did not wish to become a burden to him as she enjoyed so much the times when he offered himself to her as the strong man that he was. With their arrival, John looked at Sarah and began to share how he had longed for the day when he would be able to share the depths of his love for her. As they knelt there alone in the wilderness, in the secluded space carved out just for them, John began to express his desire to share with her this special time and express his love in a way that allowed her to feel special and not used as she had in the past.

A special night on Chatropolis - Part 1

first-time 2018-05-04

"She looks like mom" he then said, "I mean her tits do". Images of more big chested women, images of people fucking, images of naked teen girls and even some occasional younger looking guys with hard cocks, touching or sucking or fucking each other. Looking down at his wet hard PJ-covered cock I replied, grinning "well I guess you do too!". The moment I reopened my eyes and realized I was not alone I could see his disbelieving look, his ajar mouth and his even harder and more dripping t*** cock. "Do you want to touch it to know what it feels like?" I asked, my heart pumping hard as the veins of my cock increased even more in size...

Aunt Em Ch. 02

first-time Falling4U 2018-05-04

Auntie Em's moaning got more pronounced as my right hand was now against her crotch and clearly starting to arouse feelings she had hidden for so long. My right hand now seemed a little redundant as my lips did all the required work and it seemed a good opportunity to find out if Auntie Em was wearing stockings and suspenders as my hand wandered under her skirt and found her nylon-covered knees before beginning a slow journey upwards. In contrast Auntie Em clearly welcomed the attention her panties were receiving and she took her left hand and moving the crotch of her panties to one side gave me the perfect invitation to slide my fingers inside them and get my first feel of adult pussy.

Jack and May

first-time G-String 2018-05-04

But before I can think straight, I have May cuddled in a tight embrace, my hands wondering down her back, gently squeezing her cute little butt over the towel, something that I wanted to do every time I saw her in a pair of body-clinging denim jeans. I plant a passionate kiss on her, my tongue slipping into her sweet mouth just like my cock squeezing into her tight pussy and I begin my labour of love, on top of her, through her, deep inside her... She grabs my hands and put them on her perky breasts then hooks her arms behind my neck and plants a passionate kiss on my lips, taking my breath away completely.

Halloween Night

first-time Someonesfreak 2018-05-04

I saw several heads turning as I approached, but had a hard time believing they were looking at me. We danced about half the song, still making a little small talk, when he stopped and turned his head. I could feel his hands on my body but my emotions were so dizzyingly overwhelming, I was helpless to stop him. I screamed when my door was thrown open, but Chris grabbed my hand and started pulling me down the road. All fear had left my body and was quickly replaced with a deep desire like I'd never felt before. Chris got up, took my hand, and pulled me over to the lake.

The Yellow Sundress

first-time PaulSandarac 2018-05-04

"Since you are way beyond my dating rules I think you should have these," Sherie said placing a couple of condoms into Sandy's hand, "I always carry a couple in my purse because sometimes girls get carried away and decide to do things they haven't planned for. Even with the pills started, in the days leading up to the senior prom she had something else to worry about as she considered whether to have sex with Jim. Sandy wasn't exactly certain of the state of her physical virginity, because late one night in bed; totally sexually frustrated after breaking off an orgy of heavy kissing with Jim and sending him home, she had attempted to work an appropriately sized item into her vagina.

My first meet with Mandi_xxx

first-time tmaclean 2018-05-04

I pulled Mandi's hips towards me....inch by inch......her eyes we're still closed, she looked so beautiful and sexy I could have cum there and then.......but I wanted to feel her juices, her wetness, her passion. The awkward bit - Mandi opened her eyes, it was like the last hour or two had not happened, like we were strangers again, not at all she smiled, pulled me in for a hug and said that this was a starter for would be a great friendship - no leaving partners, no disclosing to friends, no gifts no nothing - this sounded perfect.....but realised that the Master had just been turned to the Submissive, not intentionally and by no means going to happen......but the Master is controlled indirectly by the passion, the beauty and the obedience of his new 'sub'......was he disappointed!

Her Son Liked to Watch - BBBBTS

first-time therealbk 2018-05-04

I’m not boring Mom.” Said Richie. I just never thought of you that way, Mom. “ said Richie. You better say you’re sorry.” Said Richie Mom. I watched as Mandy put her small hands on her big hips. You have good taste.” Said Richie Mom. She pointed her cute toes straight out as she grabbed the cards from Richie small hands. Stop telling Buck everything.” Said Richie. I know what you were doing.” Said Richie Mom. Richie stopped rubbing his limp cock when he heard my bare hands on his Mother big ass cheek. While your Mom looks at a real man’s cock.” Said Mrs. Morris. Richie eyes were big as he watched my cock fuck his Mom huge tits.