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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Mister Mick Takes Me To New Level

first-time charlieboy2262 2018-05-04

4 fingers are so deep inside my pussy --I feel my lips drag on his fingers as he slides them in and out finger fucking me ---stretched tight I feel him f***e his thumb in also ---- his whole hand is now deep inside my aching cunt ----I want him to fist me so much --- his tongue is out of my burning bum hole --- 3 fingers are now fucking my bum now --- now 4 --- fuck I’m going to explode ----- too late I squirt on the bed --- 3 times --- Mick fingers me through the orgasm --- but also I feel his hand is now made into a full fist inside my cunt .......................

Porta Potty Encounter

first-time 2018-05-04

Later in the day, I needed a pee break and headed towards the porta-potties. Suddenly, when she saw me, she turned and went back in the porta-potty she came out of. Now here I am sitting on a porta-potty seat with this hot chick sucking the seed out of my boner and she says "I know U need a great FUCK to relieve your stress" Then, she is so hot from giving me a blow job,she says " my pussy is wet" and I want you to finger me . Micki just fucked my brains out, rode my cock while I was sitting on a toilet seat and came like crazy all within this 4 by 4 porta potty.

My wife's first time at 15- a true story

first-time man4all4 2018-05-04

He asked, "Do you want to come over to my apartment with the guys in the band and party some more?" Jennie and Bobbie looked at each other, grinning, and said, "Yes!" They went and got their car and Roger rode in back with Jennie while Bobbie drove. She sat up and looked over at Bobbie and saw that Roger was fucking her now, and the two guys who had fucked Bobbie first came over to Jennie and pushed her down again, then took turns fucking her pussy. The guys were kind of tapering off, having a hard time getting it up again, so Jennie crawled over to Bobbie and whispered in her ear, "Come on, Bobbie, we need to go." They pulled their clothes together, got their purses, and started for the door.

met me a squirter

first-time fun4yallnow 2018-05-04

After about 10 strokes her ass came off the bex and that wet pussy clamped down so hard, it really did push my dick right out. WOW a stream of girl cum hit my chin, I let go and moved back down to shove my tounge insude her pussy, she was spraying my whole face!!!!!! She lied :) I felt the first squirt shhot up and inside her and she came again, her pussy clamped down soool hard that I felt my second spurt stop halfway up my cock. I kept her legs up and ran two fingers in, pulled them out covered in your cum, dripped some on one nipple then moved them to her lips, she licked one side as I licked the other.

Give Me An "F"

first-time Slickman 2018-05-04

After they got to her house she went to her room and called Sarah, Joy and Tina to tell them to wear their cheerleader uniforms. "After the movie I want to play truth or dare," said Amy. If she felt it then she was not doing anything to prevent it so John's fingers continued to rub Joy's ass on the front of his hand and Tina's on the back. She looked over at the sofa and saw Jake's fingers moving up under Amy's skirt, Ron's fingers caressing Tina's small breast, and John's hand moving against both Joy's and Tina's asses. Amy,Jake,Sarah, Ron, Joy, John, Tina, Ron. "Truth or Dare Joy?" Tim asked the cute black girl next to him.

20 Years of Flirting with my s****r-in-Law pays of

first-time Ur1BoyFriend 2018-05-04

She said, “it’s time to let go and get home before my s****r suspects something because you know she is jealous of me.” We went home and she and my wife sat and started talking while I took my daughter to her room and played with her. Donna came in and said “so, you’re all clean now?” I said “Yep, ready for you.” She asked me “what for?” I told her that it felt good to kiss her and that every time we kissed my cock responded to the kiss like it is now and that I didn’t need a pill. I said “Get on your back bitch, it’s time you got fucked by someone that has wanted your pussy for way too long.” She slapped me again and told me that she’s not a bitch.

Wanking for my best friend pt3

first-time readheadlover 2018-05-04

still worried that it was going to hurt as i have never had anything up ass before .Then as Dave started to push his cock in it felt more like his whole fist and i pulled away to be told by Claire to stop it and take it like a man then she gave Dave some sort of cream to rub on my ass and his cock which she did and then i had that beautiful pink pussy about 6" from my face and the smell it was heavenly and now Dave had over half his cock in me and pushing on my prostate which was making cock cum as Claire sucked then she hooked her leg up over my head a pulled down

In the Back of My Lesson

first-time goldcloak 2018-05-04

As I was sat next to her I could see that under her tight fitted shirt she had on a bright pink bra. At the end of the day she walked back into my room and sat down in front of me with a slight smile. She undid the top button of her shirt and loosened her tie and told me she enjoyed the lesson. She parted her legs to let me in and my hands worked to undo a few more buttons on her shirt revealing that pink bra and soft perky tits. The next lesson she came in early and I noticed today she had on a black bra under her sexy tight shirt.

Young Lust in the Evening

first-time sweetjulia 2018-05-04

Author's Note: I did not write this story alone, it is a true story told to me by a good friend, I thought that it was so hot it should be shared. Well like most 18 year old guys we're hanging out in the lobby, away from all the girls our age and arm wrestling one another. The crotch of her panties was soaking, I didn't know girls got that wet. We were masturbating, and kissing each other, long wet sloppy kisses, she told me to tell her when I was ready to cum. My sister came running over to me then and I don't know if my love thought it was my girlfriend, but she gave me a catch you later look and that was it.

louise and her neighbour(s)

first-time bomdpm 2018-05-04

Harry turns some music on quietly and nips into his bedroom and comes back out and asks if Louise wants a drink "Ive had enough" she replies sat on the sofa looking bleary eyed and her shirt pink dress riding up her legs stopping just short of a view of her panties "Come here" she d***kenly demands. Harry's hand then moves to her sweet spot and he rubs it and realises she is soaking as his finger slides in with ease, he pushes right in and rubs her teenage clit with hus thumb whilst kissing her neck. Louise bolted upright impaled abally on his cock "no, not my ass, it hurts" Harry was on the edge and pushed in three more times before erupting deep in her forbidden hole and pulling out.


first-time Der_Tode_des_Morgens 2018-05-04

I had noticed that Golf flight was marching next to us, and I had looked to my right, and saw the most beautiful thing on two legs that I had ever seen, up to that point anyway. "Nice of you to join us, Hoyt," the Captain looked like he wasn't having a good morning, "Let's go everybody." and we moved out. Her hands had reached under my shorts (we were both wearing the same thing, grey fabric shorts, and our respective flight shirts, hers was blue, mine green), and had found what she was looking for.

My First Time

first-time Kristofer 2018-05-04

Looking at her made me week, ok yes I know she was a bit older, ok, ok, ok, she's my teacher, but am just a senior in detention. I begin to feel her hands probing my pants, looking for my now extremely hard cock. She sat more on her desk, the knelt down as she proceeded to start sucking my hard cock. She lifted her head, looked me in the eyes, and said, "get up." I stood up, pulled her panties off and sat on the desk, so I kneeled down. "Cum in me, Jason!" she screamed as I pushed harder, I felt the pressure build up in my cock until I exploded.

Wife and the estate agent

first-time garyandlucy3 2018-05-04

There is a local estate agent with a reputation for being a bit of a ladies man and I know that Lucy is intrigued because her friend succumbed to him during a house viewing and repeated it a few times afterwards in a few houses. When they got to the en-suite, Mick asked if it was a double or single shower to which Lucy climbed in to show him how much room there was. With that Lucy spun round to demonstrate and as she did her dress strap caught Mick's shoulder and the right hand side of her dress dropped off her right tit, exposing it completely. He continue playing with her tits until she calmed down a bit when she told him they had better get sorted before I Came home.

f****y Guy: Chance Encounter

first-time XXXNoBounds 2018-05-04

Kaizer wanted to take his time and savor every moment and he imagined she did as well, looking down Meg began to unbutton his shirt and run her hand over his large, well muscled chest. As Meg took Kaizer's dick deeper into her mouth he used his hands to pull her pussy open, lowering his head he began to lick he clit as he moved his tongue up and down. There was nothing else quite like ramming his dick into a willing young woman, sliding his hand down onto her thigh their two bodies began to grind against one another in rhythm, now instead of rapid breathing and groaning Meg was moaning softly losing herself in the movements.

The night when I first seen a dominatrix

first-time bboy21385 2018-05-04

I was left baffled on what made me respond so submissively, but the one thing I was sure of is that she was stuck in my mind and made my heart stutter every time I thought of her. My knees felt weak, my hands were sweaty, my breaths were short and rapid, and my heart was pounding as I heard her heals loudly click the ground with every step she took. Not sure if it was her confidence, accent, outfit, or her dominance but I felt my penis become so hard that I unwillingly dropped back to my knees and proceeded to crawl into the next room. When I was in the next room, on my knees, she said “I assume it is your cock that is now doing the thinking for you.

The Beat

first-time Phazon77 2018-05-04

They meshed once more, and in their lust-filled stupor (the tangy sweetness of mango; fingers playfully lingered over her nipples and my lips caressed her hot and sweaty cheek.) they fell with knees buckled by their want (grasped her inner thigh and her gasp sent a shock) she looked at him and he grunted (her sexy form landing on top of mine) with a complementary groan of pleasure. Jace opened his eyes, taking himself away from the pleasure for a brief moment, to enjoy the sweet look of far away submission on her face, a sweet smile occasionally opening in a tight grimace that matched her pussy's spasms.

My ass, mouth and my SCOUT MASTER

first-time bifun4u 2018-05-04

He reached over and took my cock in his hand and stroked it several times and told me that he would like to see me cum if ok with me and that if I wanted to, I could watch him cum too. After a couple of minutes, I felt him move away and Mr. Carter rubbed some slippery stuff on my hole and told me that it was time I felt a cock in my ass. I was still on all fours and then I felt one of the boys put his mouth over my asshole and I felt him start to lick and suck me and I know that he must have gotten lots of cum from my ass after having three guys bust inside it.

The Meeting - Part2

first-time fmac 2018-05-03

She was standing behind his big orange sofa,smiling at him and leaning with her hands wide apart resting on the back of it.Her breasts were free from her blouse and as she leaned slightly forward they hung down invitingly.He put the tea down and knelt on the seat of the sofa to kiss her on the lips.He cupped her breasts and squeezed them lightly together so that he could take both of her big,hard,brown nipples between his teeth at once.She murmured her assent as he nibbled gently.


first-time rmlooker 2018-05-03

Fran reached out with her left hand and bending over a little, reached down and felt for Gin's right leg and brace. When Gin got to her breasts she went around them and worked her way down her arms and hands. Gin finally withdrew her fingers from Fran and worked her way to the sink and washed her hands good. Josh stood back and watched very closely as Gin got up from the chair, stood straight and pushed the drop locks down on the knee and then the hip joint. Josh asked if she always wore her brace and she said mostly at work as she needed her hands free but almost never at home.

Chemistry Between Nerds and Sluts Ch. 07

first-time BlewWater69 2018-05-03

On the ride there in the limo Cole whispered with Stef, "Kyle is better at knowing the right thing to say." Cole and Stef watched as the teachers approached Jordan at his table. "That jerk, Jordan, came over here and tried to pick a fight with Cole," Stef said. "One of the teachers went outside for a smoke and caught Becky Rogers giving Sam Coulter head in the parking lot between several parked cars," Michelle said, as she nearly cracked up laughing. "You like girl's tushes, Cole?" Kendall asked, and winked at Stef. Stef noticed a couple guys getting high in a parked car but was thankful Jordan nor Chris were among them. The three couples said their goodbyes, thanked Peggy and her parents, and then took the limo back to Cole's house.

Learning Life's Lessons Ch. 01

first-time SilkAndSatin 2018-05-03

Mickey hadn’t even met him yet, didn’t know anything about him except that his name appeared to be Max. He had only gathered this from hearing his sister groan it during their constant sessions in her room. When the family had moved two months earlier to follow their father’s work, Sophie had happily left her vast group of former friends behind and easily slipped into a new circle, making Mickey all the more depressed. How did you know people call me that?” Maxine asked in a surprised voice, looking Mickey up and down. Suddenly, Mickey heard a door open at the end of the hall and the sound of footsteps approach his room.


first-time artimisschild 2018-05-03

Sylvie's eyes roamed up from Jace's large hands up to his beautiful profile. Sylvie's mind went back to Jace's drawing. Mutely Sylvie shook her head and set the mail down on the counter clutching the acceptance letter in her other hand. Sylvie laughed despite her self, she couldn't help it, Jace did that to her. Jace watched as Sylvie's golden braids disappeared into the new spring greenery. I'm sorry if I sounded like a dick earlier." Jace told her, a hand resting on her knee. However her tee shirt underneath came with it and she was left looking down into Jace's dark eyes clad in only her bra and lounge pants. Sylvie watched Jace's dark eyes half lost in his gentle caresses.

Barcelona Beauties Ch. 08

first-time Artist1 2018-05-03

We were drinking wine in the living room after dinner, radiator blasting, our faces flushed and sweaters shed to reveal tight-fitting tank tops on Yara (orange) and Lisa (white) and a filmy lavender camisole on Kiraz who had also shed her leggings. Kiraz continued to fuck herself on my cock as I took in the sight of Yara cupping Lisa's breasts, squeezing and pulling on them, bouncing and caressing them. Kiraz slumped back against me with my cock still inside her as we watched tall, dark slender Yara and short, pale, curvy Lisa return to the coach. Lisa was rubbing her clit with one hand and pulling on her nipples with the other when Kiraz licked a skinny finger and forced it up my ass.

Friends Can Do Anything

first-time mirecmk 2018-05-03

She moaned a bit, let go of my lips, put her head on my shoulder ran her soft hand over my crotch and whispered in my, “I’ve wanted you to do that for a long time…. I look down my body at her on the foot of the bed as she ran her hands along her body, over her sweet breasts, down her ribs, each hand met above her panty line, as the slowly slid her hand under her panties, and put two fingers up her cunt. I move on top of her as my cock re-entered her pussy, I leaned on one arm, ran my hand though to long thick hair, and looked into her deep blue eyes as my cock tensed up for a final burst.