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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Dare Worth Taking

first-time theowlandtherose 2018-05-03

While many of the returning college students were downstairs dancing and playing drinking games, Jen and Veronica took their first cups of beer and stumbled upon an awkward group of first years who had been relegated to a second floor 'library'. Christie looked at her and asked, "Including tonight, how many porn movies have you seen?" Looking back at the tv screen to see the blonde being fingerfucked by a pair of bikers, Jen's mind raced. Plus, she'd never tell." Jen looked at him as he sat there thoughtfully contemplating her being orally ravaged by poor little Brenda and smiling. Meanwhile, Jen watched the women exploring each other, fingers spreading pink hairless pussy while their tongues danced over the barely hooded clits.


first-time cutelayla 2018-05-03

But I couldn't take my eyes off her and she noticed me staring at her and gave me a knowing smile...I licked my lips and then felt Derek slipping into the seat next me. Her finger teased my clit and I reached for her pussy, both of us standing in the bath now, and I felt that she had a generous, fleshy, soft puss. I moved to allow her easier entry ands he said, "Aimee, my love, my baby, lay there and let me enjoy you.." I could feel her warm breath on my skin as she spoke and I obeyed her.

He can't get enough: One night togther in a h

first-time Desirez4 2018-05-03

He looks into my eyes and says he wants to put fill my pussy up with his sperm. He's looking into my eyes so intensely as his huge cock goes deep inside me. I love they way he moves with me, he doesn't try to slam into me, he stays deep inside me and let's me move my pussy around him so I can truly appreciate and enjoy every inch of his cock. He says my pussy is so tight and he's waited so long to be inside me he may not be able to last very long. He tells me that was only round one :) I light a cig and we lay there recovering as I tenderly run my fingers down his chest and we talk about what we want to do in round two.

A small slice of winter

first-time smotpoker81 2018-05-03

After Frank had left the scene earlier, the unnamed inner strength that keeps life afloat in times of duress, the will to survive possessed in all forms of life, had finally given up any hope of saving the squirrel. The second trip there was relatively uneventful compared to the first, though he did pass by a crazy old man who babbled something incoherent as he passed by, something that almost sounded like, “it’s purring and you scold it.” As he came to within sight of the small bus transfer station, he noticed the 38 bus rising up into the air as the hydraulic lift system was set into motion, signaling time of departure.

The Hitchhikers

first-time Lucky Mann 2018-05-03

Sam began kissing and licking Jim's dick, and Karen did the same. When she again began moaning and lifting her pussy, I removed my finger and gave her one long lick from her asshole to her clit. When I gently sucked her clit into my mouth, she grabbed the back of my head and tightly pulled my face into her drenched pussy. Karen said, "Sam told me it would probably hurt the first time, but that didn't hurt a bit." In a few minutes, Karen lowered her legs, and I pulled my softening dick from her freshly fucked pussy. When we talked about our experiences, Jim said Sam was a good piece of ass and gave great head, but she wouldn't let him touch her asshole.

Pushing Buttons

first-time BreakTheBar 2018-05-03

Alanna, grinning like a fiend through her mouth guard, planted a hand on the tit of the girl under her and used it to propel herself upward, giving it a bit of a hard squeeze on the way. Alanna liked to play dirty and get into the minds of the other team, and since she was a lesbian she ran with her outgoing personality and cupped asses, grabbed boobs and pet crotches; all very hard. My phone started buzzing in my pocket and when I checked it the call display said 'Mom.' I was about to answer but ended up throwing the call to voicemail because the team was coming out of the athletics building, all smiles and cheering.

My male colleague

first-time ivorp 2018-05-03

Focussed on studies and writing for large parts of the year we came together for occasional and very exciting sex; we shared training together as we developed into triathletes both within a group and as a pair. I also was approached by lesbian women and although I never developed a sexual relationship in that direction I was flattered and excited ( still am) and found sharing sexual experiences pleasurable. I'm powerful, sexually able to alternate between instigator and aggressor to get on top and verbally and physically direct things; I like to keep a partner totally still and work to excite both of us and especially work out on him.

Aaron's Mrs. Robinson

first-time Christina Samuels 2018-05-03

I took a deep breath, then started down the hallway to Miss Sabrina Cohen's office. "Aaron, I want you to come over to my apartment tonight." she said softly, continuing to hold me captive, "There are a few things we need to talk about. Sabrina smiled; crossed her right leg over her left; then stretched her left arm out across the back of the couch, while letting her right, sink into the pillow next to her. I drew back my hips (removing all but the tip of my cock), then let them fall, driving into her as hard and fast as I could. She flashed the most devilish smile, then squatted astride my hips, placed her hands on my shoulders and leaned forward: holding me tight to the bed.

The Honeymoon Ch. 03

first-time CWatson 2018-05-03

Winston seemed to have his animal well in hand, and she was completely surprised at how well Patrick managed his horse, a proud gelding named Starblaze; it was Kerri who was having trouble. After getting naked, it appeared that Kerri had simply rolled on her side, her rear facing Amanda and Patrick's towel, and slung a leg over Winston's hip so that... But Kerri had stumbled upon some sort of perimeter of wisdom: all she had to say was, "It might make things easier with Patrick tonight," and Amanda was just tossing them down like there was no tomorrow. Winston leaned close to him and whispered, "Makes you wish this problem would last forever, huh," and Patrick laughed and made amused noises, but the truth was that he couldn't wait for Amanda to sort herself out.

The Bar Pt. 01

first-time Storywriter05 2018-05-03

"Welcome to Logan's, what can I get started for you?" he asked as I caught a glimpse of his eyes, a piercing shade of blue that I couldn't look away from immediately. Catching the look on my face, my complete stare at the bartender, somewhat intoxicated by him, Mandy says, "Yes, actually. "Hope you have a good night, let one of us know if you need anything," indicating the other two bartenders around, one a taller male, completely bald, and the other a female, wearing a tight fitting shirt and shorter shorts then I'd ever war. "I'm about to head out, but my friend here is waiting for her boyfriend, and she wanted to get to know the other guy bartender here."


first-time Dellamorte 2018-05-03

The news said "It's going to get down to the 20s tonight." So I decided to pack a long flannel shirt, some booty shorts, toothbrush, hairbrush, an some ankle high socks, then started to head over to his house in some jeans, snow boots, heavy coat, a sweater and a skully. I walk into the room he is in and say "Awe, I love Ice Storm." He says "Wanna watch it? After he put my shirt on the floor, we start making-out, and he's rubbing my sides, an working his way to my neck. He gets back on-top of me and says "Ready?" I say "Ready." He rubs his cock against my clit for a couple seconds and starts to slowly enter me.

Steph's First Time

first-time Taegul 2018-05-03

"Steph," Crystal continued her lesson, "that's not the only difference between a man and woman's touch." Their tongues danced together in a wet kiss as Crystal brought her hand to Steph's left breast and started feeling her over the jersey. She started kissing and licking Steph's neck while her middle finger slid over Steph's panties tracing the length of her lips. Crystal nibbled on Steph's earlobe and moaned in her ear as her finger lightly pressed the panties inside Steph's pussy. Crystal slid her hand out and started to pull the jersey up and over Steph's head. Crystal broke the kiss and looked down at her hand indulging Steph's wet pussy.

My s****r husband play with me

first-time 2018-05-03

I was going in to the bath room one day and I see my s****r husband have a bath ,he was nude I surprise he had a big cock and he was wanking over my pic and I was blushing He say you have time to for watch me cum on you I know you like my big black cock yesssssss? I say oh yesssssss I have never see a big black cock before He ask me to lick it. I like it and after he was lick my pussy He say I am come now..u like me to cum on your ass s****r Never tell my s****r I have lick your cock and u have cum on me please b*****r

My first sexual experience

first-time Dillon121000 2018-05-03

So time went by and the science fair came around, all of my buddies had been chosen and it was just me left and the hottest girl in the class [Lets just call her Taylor] who I had crushed on since 6th grade. So when we were all sat down together with our partners I thought “Ok she'll probably do all the work and get me to just sighn my name on it.” But when the teacher was done talking about the science fair Taylor turned around and said “What do you want to do?” that was the first time all year that I remembered that she actually looked me in the eyes and spoke to me.


first-time hotRobertXX 2018-05-03

But no I wanted to tongue her clit and lap up her virgin juices. I was surprised when she licked the tip of my cock and then opened her mouth and took a few inches in. I should have told her to move her head away but was too late her face was covered in my cum and her She seemed to be enjoying stroking my cock with the surplus cum left on it and taking the occasional Still holding deep inside her I kissed her lips and said " You can have me whenever you want me. started to shake, She just went wild." Fuck me hard I want you to fill me with cum"

Rose and Greg Share a Weekend Part 1

first-time gobbler72 2018-05-03

Rose says it’s time lover I need you to fuck my ass. As I push harder I reach that point I had felt using my finger Rose saying it hurts so good don’t stop fuck me!!!!! I slipped my hand to her thigh she quickly spread them saying it’s yours daddy use it use you little slut as she got on the bed. Her eyes were saying come fuck me and the words I hear were, I want in my pussy, I need your hard cock and feeling your cum filling my wanting pussy. Daddy I want to fuck you let’s roll changing positions Rose being on top facing and straddling me grasping the head board grinding and taking me deep.

The Party Encounter - for Porn Mom

first-time 2018-05-03

Then she began the indignant diva walk, strutting over to the next conversation and glaring at me in disdain as I sat back on the sofa trying to stifle my laughter. She gently caressed her leg with her hand then reached around, raising her dress above her waist to expose herself fully to me. I gently started to massage her legs above the knees and began sliding my hands up to her hips as I slowly kissed my way around her panty line. I raised my hand to gently slip her breast out of the dress and began kissing all the way around her nipple.

Chris Dunn Ch. 02

first-time Ginopikken 2018-05-03

Her client had often wanted to experience a Glory Hole as a way to have oral sex with another man, yet not have to go through the emotional involvement. He only wanted to feel another man's cock and to suck him off. Chris watched as the cock came closer, just outside the hole, it lingered. With the head of his cock by her chin, Chris instinctively opened her mouth. Her head bumped against the wall and the man tried to pump his cock so he could release his load. Chris hung on the man's cock as she tried to regain herself. She loved the feeling of her nipples being rubbed by a firm cock and loved how it felt after it pierced her waiting lips.


Laura Pigtails

first-time Longstretch 2018-05-03

Laura excused herself to change out of her campaign outfit (Bella liked the clean-cut look for her street workers), so I had a chance to look around. "Wet your fingers, Laura, really slobber on them, wet down my cock so it will go into you easily." She did an excellent job but got so involved that she nearly stroked me into cumming. She held off until the head was completely inside her, then said, "it hurts, Peter, but that is stupid, finish it, please, I don't want to wait." In two thrusts I was all the way in, even as she "oh ouch ouch" really loud.

Buddy's Little b*o 2

first-time horny_dog 2018-05-03

That night Ian said that he wanted to play a game, and I asked what type of game. He won that hand and I had to slide my underwear off revealing my cock which was as hard as a diamond by then. I gave a little moan and he proceeded to slid my entire dick into his mouth! After cleaning the rest up with a napkin, I smiled at Ian and said, "now it's my turn." we switched places and I reached out and licked the head of his cock. Once the school year started I wasn't able to spend that much time alone with Ian, but we we did we would always end up sucking each other's dicks.

Spring of Manhood

first-time gggsss1962 2018-05-03

It was like in a Disney cartoon: the girl jumps in the air yelling with fright, and ends up in the astonished boy's arms, while the poor, harmless mouse looks puzzled and then disappears laughing. I had her underarms on my right arm and her knees folded around the left; her skirt had skipped up her legs, and I was enjoying the contact with her naked thigh skin, while her heaving breasts were almost pushing against my face. I was tasting the humid warmth of her mouth, and at the same time I was fondling her shapely buttocks, slowly pulling up her skirt, while Silvia was clearly probing my crotch with her thigh.

First Time CockSucking Outdoors

first-time TerrorTheUltimate 2018-05-03

He joked and said "You know I haven't masturbated in a couple of days, just wasn't in the mood, if you want you could help me just as friends you know." And I leaned in and kept looking up into his eyes at him, and that was when he leaned down and whispered into my ear "Just give the tip a little lick, I haven't had one in sooooo long." and that was when I found myself leaning my tongue out onto his tip. He leaned back fully into the tree and his dick stuck out glistening in the moon from my lickings, and he said "I bet you wanna know what it tastes like?

House Cleaner Teaches Father Dale Ch. 2

first-time SweetcheeksSt 2018-05-03

Father Dale took his cock in his hand and started to stroke it. I stroked the sides, back on his head as Father Dale sucked, and licked his new found passion. Father Dale licked the sides of my lips taking each on and sucking it all the length of my cunt. “Ok. Father Dale I’m going to ride your cock . Then I leaned back with my hand behind me so father Dale could watch his cock go in and out of my cunt .He got the rhythm down to a science and started to thrust his hips hard against my pumping. Father Dale stroked my tits and sucked on my nipple while he regained himself.

Pledging Virginity

first-time Carol1973 2018-05-03

We had several sessions after that and I got used to his hand on my breast and even allowed his fingers inside my blouse and under my bra to feel my large, embarrassing nipples. My parents had already gone to work and as we greeted each other in the kitchen he slipped his hand up my dress, reached under my panties, thrust a finger in me, and made me cum learning there against the stove. However, I still had this terrible fear of having an errant cum shot find its way into my vagina and becoming pregnant and disgraced in the eyes of my parents, friends, church, and God. Birth control was, of course, immoral.