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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Banging my Best Friend's Brother

first-time thirstygirlll 2018-05-03

I'm walking across campus, deciding what to do with my free time, when I see my best from Stacy talking to her brother Nathan next to the campus center. With Stacy walking away, Nathan and I look at each other, not sure of what to say. I know it's only a month into school, but are you enjoying your classes?" I smile. Then he looks away, saying, "There's actually a really cute girl in my Psychology class." "As far as you want to go, I would love to do anything and everything with you." He says, kissing me again. "I am." He says, looking a bit shy. "We should go faster, right?" he says, as I pull up a bit.

Dorm Dick Discipline

first-time 2018-05-03

"Laurel," Mike said, still twisting my hair. "Go on, Laurel," Mike said, his hand in my hair. "Yes, you do, you have wanted any of us to ask you to since we first met." Mike said. "That was fucking hot, Laurel," Mike said. "Because you want to, don't you, Laurel?" Mike said. "Because you want to, don't you, Laurel?" Mike said. "I'm going to fuck Tom now, while you guys watch," I said, not looking at any "You want to be fucked, don't you, girl?" Mike said. "I want you guy's to fuck my wet pussy please," I said. "Guy's look at our naked whore cunt," Mike said softly, as he kissed "Passionate submissive cum swallowing slut," Mike said as Tom got

Four in a Terrace

first-time ReefBeach 2018-05-03

She was a bit plump too, and we all savoured the sight of her smooth pale shoulders, her big heavy breasts with small bright pink nipples on white skin, her soft tummy with a deep belly button. She had quite small pussy lips, covered in golden curls, unlike Norma's big fleshy lips or Carina's gently rounded ones that let the wrinkled inner labia show through. She slumped back onto the bed, as Carina kissed her and suckled her breasts, Norma worked her clit and vagina and I ran my tongue around the wrinkled skin her anus. Carina and Lilja watched as Norma rested her shoulders on the bed, and with her free hands strummed her clit.

Kelly and I: The Showers

first-time soniclemon 2018-05-03

Kelly and I walked into separate ones facing away from each other at the same time, but instantly stepped out of the water the moment we walked in. “All the water’s being used…here, try it now.” I shut off the water at my shower head, and Kelly put her hand under the water of her own now: she nodded in approval. She faced the wall as she ran the water down her body and through her short hair, and I looked around the room, trying not to make her uncomfortable, even though I knew she couldn’t see me. “Ooh, this is your dream come true, huh Danny?” Kelly giggled as she quickly fondled one of her boobs and put the other hand between her legs, closing her thighs around her fingers.

Fucking her

first-time Icecub 2018-05-02

Thinking that it was now or never i blurted out,"You are beautiful Nisa".She told "Thank You".I went and told her,"You are too hot and sexy.And Have beautiful Boobs.Have anyone got the taste of your awesome pussy".She gasped but calmly replied,"Well many guys in my school have.We have sex in the backyard of my school".Wow she was totally frank i knew i has a chance of fucking her.So i Slowly wend towards her and unstrapped her bra.Wow she had amazing boobs.I cupped it and sucked on it.She was softly moaning,she loved it.I Tongue kissed her and started opening her skirt.She pulled my trousers and underpants.She Started sucking my Dick slowly my dick Gained full size and licked her pussy and she was moaning loudly.


first-time endthedream 2018-05-02

Toby, had as of late, been coming round with her to see me; he never wanted to be seen in public with Dianne and his mom, so we would take in a movie, or Mary would send him alone to visit me. Sometimes when I was trying to impress Toby, who I tried to find in Mary, the two women would look at each other and smile, in that "Oh he's head over heels in love." And then they would turn to me and smile again in a catty self-satisfied way.

Pippa Ch. 08

first-time Vector900 2018-05-02

She had short dark hair that gave her a real girl next door look. She started to stroke me again, but this time she slipped off the bed onto her knees. Her fingers felt like silk as they caressed my hard cock. It wasn't the feeling of my dick inside of her that felt the best, it was listening to her moaning. "I'm glad you liked it, darling." She said nicely. "It looks much better this way." I said. Every time I saw her I couldn't keep my eyes off her, but I didn't want to talk about her. Tell me." As she said it she moved her hand to my arm pit and gave me a playful tickle.


Best Time Of My Life

first-time 2018-05-02

A nice little asian girl who had befriended me, back in grade school. One Friday I hit the partying a little early, during the school lunch period, me and my best friend(the one who I almost fought) enjoyed a dimebag in the parking lot. I wanted to say thanks but what came out was "Can I try on you ?". She told me thier was a party that night and wanted me to come. I, still a little high and happy as fuck, said I'd be thier. She said she wanted to try anal, so we went for it. She just said to keep going and after a couple pelvic thrusts she started to smile.

First Time: A Night to Remember

first-time HrnyMN20 2018-05-02

As she leaned back out, Jane stopped and wrapped her hand around my hard dick and gave it a quick pull. Jane smiled at me and said, "Do you know how long it's been since I've had a hard cock in my mouth? I took the index and middle fingers on my right hand to open up her lips and to reveal some nice pink pussy. With the touch of my tongue on her clit, Jane isntantly moaned out, "Ohhh fuck yes!" She then took her great hands and rubbed them in my hair, uriging me to keep going. Jane was moaning very loud as she started grinding her pussy into my face, giving me more of her clit and her wet cunt brushing against my chin.

Married Co-Worker Blow Job

first-time Spaceballs1969 2018-05-02

Then one day, I was upstairs pulling some inventory, I heard footsteps coming upstairs, it was the married sexy co-worker. She was going to file some paper work, into the files, in a little room off, where we kept our bigger inventory. She proceeded to enter the little room to file. So. I proceeded to pull the rest of the inventory, we needed downstairs. Then I heard her call me, I proceeded to enter the room and there she was holding up her skirt, showing me her the thong, she was wearing. I was startled, not only she was married, but she had a nice cameltoe going on. "Nice cock you have there" she said.

My open letter to Camille Crimson :)

first-time superdduper 2018-05-02

I suck on your whole pussy, sliding your lips in my mouth, I want you to cum on my tongue, so I start flicking your clit really fast, rubbing it with my tongue, sucking it. dick on your pussy, up to your clit, getting it good and wet rubbing your clit with my dick feels so good! to be inside you, so I start sliding it in slowly, inch by your ass as I thrust my dick deep inside your throbbing pussy! Mmmm yessss, I can feel your pussy starting to tighten up As your cumming I start to feel that tingle right on the bottom I start cumming, deep inside your pussy, and you can feel

A Long, 'Boring' Summer

first-time writerjab 2018-05-02

"To hell with the drinking age for one afternoon Randy." She in turn finished the contents of her glass arching her back and thrusting her hot looking tits up and out. Her neck, shoulders and back felt so silky soft, I soon realized my concentration was gone as I imagined mauling her tits with my open hands, squeezing what I estimated had to be 35C cups, still firm and inviting in a bikini with a deeply plunging front to it. Her hands then stroked my stiff cock, she cooed into my ear that I looked big and thick, and that she wanted it now. I then felt something give and Karen's pussy opened allowing the rest of my cock to sink down inside her steamy passage.


first-time shortstroker 2018-05-02

Since the 80’s the home computer had become common and people were talking in chat rooms, yahoo groups and other places. We talked for the better part of 30 minutes and she asked me if I yahoo IM. That’s when she took my hand and put it on her left tit. I then took my other hand and squeezed her right tit. I slipped my hand up under her shirt and bra and felt her tits again. She turned her head to the right and we continued to kiss as I fondled her breasts. I left her tits long enough to free my cock through the fly of my jeans and then resumed squeezing her tits and kissing her neck.

First Taste of sperm

first-time Gazinlancs 2018-05-02

My friend asked me if I wanted to join him and his wife at their cottage one afternoon for a barbecue and some relaxation. I didn't think anything of it until I felt a little pressure on my arm and I could feel his semi-hard cock. I don't know why I did this, but I took my left hand and slipped it around his hips, and as his cock started feeling pretty good to me, I slipped my hand under his wrap-around and felt his bare ass, down between his legs. My first time having a man play with my cock. I sucked as long as I could and kept taking a little more each time until I had almost three quarters of his cock.

A Touch of Magic

first-time my_lil_secret 2018-05-02

Ella had no words that would come to her lips as she looked into this mans' enthralling gaze, fully aware of the contact his hand was making with her heaving chest as she prepared herself to fight and flee. As Ellas' eyes opened, she immediately felt her head pounding into itself as she looked down past her feet to the enormous canine sitting at the end of her bed with its' head rested on the surface. "No need to hide such beauty," the dark stranger stopped just short of the point at which Ella would normally scream at the indecency, but tonight she didn't feel the stigma of social ritual.

Red Nixy (Daddy takes me)

first-time RedNixy 2018-05-02

Even though mommy is in the bed next to him Daddy still can not resist licking his little pretty girl between her legs and watching her back arch off of the bed. Daddy wants his little girl so badly that he doesn't care about mommy being in the bed with him. Daddy lays me down on my back and I spread my legs as wide as I can and wrap my arms around his body so he can slowly slide his big black long hard fucking cock inside of my pink, tight, moist, swollen, virgin pussy. Daddy's dick is way too big for his little girls tight wet virgin pussy.

A Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 19-21

first-time Wm_Sexspear 2018-05-02

Lynn's hand slid atop mine; her fingers guided me, she taught me how to expose her breast by lowering the cup. Lynn had a hand on the back of my neck; it guided my mouth to her nipple as her free hand pulled her blouse open far enough to uncover her aroused flesh. When at last she lay still, Lynn pulled my hand to her mouth to suck my fingers clean. Beth was either still coming, or having another orgasm, her skirt was up far enough to see her pussy being pushed around by Jim's fingers. I find myself thinking how much I want you inside me." Lynn laughed out loud as my dick started twitching like mad between her legs.

Cerulean Blue

first-time 2018-05-02

She opened the door to see Ahmed's gorgeous green eyes taking in the sight of her long, soft legs, voluptuous breasts and beautiful smile. Aliyah felt her pussy grow wet. Ahmed kissed her neck slowly and softly, while putting his hand up her dress. Ahmed worked his cock into her velvet folds slowly breaking through her hymen, and Aliyah's pain was once again replaced with pleasure. He turned her onto her stomach and fucked her doggystyle making her breast jiggle as he reached around to caress them as he banged her pussy. She rode him hard pressing her pelvis to his, making sure she took every inch of cock into her pussy. Ahmed kissed her passionately as he came inside her pussy, filling her with hot spurts of sperm.

Tricked into Gay Sex

first-time 425olds 2018-05-02

I bean to get worried that I would come and told Jean that she needed to stop, but she just kept on and said that if I wasn't gay, I wouldn't cum while sucking another man's cock. Jean said she had something to take my mind off of the pain and reached around and began to stroke my cock while John was pumping me for all he was worth. I told Jean that she had better stop, but she again said that if I wasn't gay I certainly would come with a man's dick in my ass. Jean was still stroking my cock, which was practically leaking a stream of pre-cum and told me that it was OK to shoot my load now, that I had passed the test.


Empowered Ch. 02

first-time failedlove 2018-05-02

"Let's leave for the party or we'll be late," April suggested, changing the topic, afraid she had over-thought about the implications of the intensity in Nick's words. Stay away from trouble bro," Nick said moving away quickly in pursuit of April. As Nick reached the hall entrance, he noticed Katie being manhandled by Carl in a corner while her best friend Terry was on the ground. We may have a few bruises but Steve and Nick saved us in good time," replied Katie. "I hate to admit it but you are a good guy Steve," April said with a faint smile on her face. After Nick left along with Katie and Terry, April administered first aid to Steve.

My Bride and the Sailors

first-time Chris51a 2018-05-02

I’m not sure but it looked like she had a new dance partners a couple of times per song. He told her “I just won my third game in a row!” She smiled at him, telling him he was pretty lucky and said, “I guess you get three buttons.” He smiled and undid three buttons on her blouse. “On the way home you can tell me all about your fun night, OK?” She looked at me with one of her sexy little smiles and said you really want to hear everything?” She looked down and started to laugh, telling me she didn’t know why I wanted to hear that story since she had seen me watching the whole time!

Time with wifes boss

first-time DonHarden 2018-05-02

Looking at it closely I could tell it was just a little bit longer than Dave's 5” cock, I kissed it again and said “wow.” I told him that Bob really just wanted to thank me for all of my help at the sales meeting and kissed me. I told him what had happened and that I liked the feel of Bob's cock and sucked on his dick a couple times. I told him that Bob had kissed me very passionately and soon I was laying back on the bed - Dave's cock was getting hard again hearing the details.

Exploring Sex Ch. 2

first-time MisterE27 2018-05-02

She flicked her clitoris lightly and quickly as she pictured Shawn's tanned muscles running from his chest to his neck and remembered his intelligent face framed by dark brown hair. At this, Jaime lightly put her left hand on Shawn's cheek, leaned over and gave him a peck on the lips. After Shawn caught his breath, he pulled Jaime to him, easily lifting her light body with his strong arms. Shawn began to climax himself, looking into Jaime's big brown eyes, but he slowed him self down after some of her shudders eased. Jaime looked straight into Shawn's eyes as she mouthed the words "I love you." He returned her sentiment before kissing her lips, and a few tears dribbled from her eyes as she smiled.

The day I caught her cheating

first-time jsmith27881 2018-05-02

I called Sam to let her know I'd be home soon, but forgot she was working so I never got an answer. Her eyes got big and a beautiful white smile came across her face, as she made her way off the bed and onto her knees in front of Wes. I begin to take off my pants while watching her suck her own cum off of Wes's cock. I open my mouth as wide as I can and I can feel Wes thrust his cock in between my lips. Something about watching Wes's black cock destroy Sam's pussy, makes me so hard. I put my face over Sam's back so Wes can pull out and fuck my mouth some more.