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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Virgin Figure Skater vs. Reality

first-time McKaylaMaroney 2018-05-02

The judge tried to resist and look away but his eyes reluctantly started exploring every inch of her VERY round, firm and plump 18 year old figure skater ass. As his massive cock rapidly forced its way in and out of Sasha's very young tight and light pink virgin pussy, her small yet very perky breasts started slipping out of her Figure Skating outfit as her body was tossed up and down on his cock. uhhhhhhh!!" Sasha begged breathlessly but the judge ignored her plea and snuck his swollen cock head into her plump little barely teen ass and slowly into her extremely tiny and tight virgin asshole using her own blood and juices as lubricant and fucking her with no mercy.

Jenny 01

first-time 2018-05-02

She quickly turned and grasped it with her hand, and lifted her body to bring her lips to the head, slipping out her tongue like she was thirsty she caught the fine threads og Gerald's pre-cum and eagerly licked the tip of his cock. She lent up so she could get a better view and saw Gerald's cock shaft between her legs and when he pulled out fully she could see the glistening head rubbing back and forth over her clit pointing towards her and brushing the neat patch of soft damp hairs that formed a neatly trimmed heart shape beneath her panty line.

The Businessman - Part 2

first-time Spectreofhell 2018-05-02

Anal sex had always seemed foreign to him, like the idea of beautiful Rome far across the sea, a place he wanted to visit one day but never expected to actually experience. By the time her lips touched the tip of his cock, though, he knew he wasn't going to last much longer. She was clumsy a little, scr****g him with her teeth several times, pulling up on his cock with her hand too firmly, but that didn't matter. Drool ran down his shaft and her tongue rubbed the sensitive underside of his cock, her hand followed her mouth up and down, its passage eased by her spittle. Sandy continued moving her head and hand as he came, wincing as she felt him spurting hotly into her mouth.

Beauty and the Beast

first-time DariusTDK 2018-05-02

Petronella had always been concerned that Beauty, her eighteen-year-old virgin friend, was being seriously over-protected by her mother and, following her shattering experience with Sebastian, she delighted in the idea that she might lure her friend into the hands of this handsome arch-seducer so that she might lose her virginity in the most rewarding possible way. "Didn't Petronella tell you about the pictures that I like to take?" said Sebastian, "If not why did you come?" "Let's get the rest of this frock off", Sebastian said in a business-like way, and crouched, lowered the blue frock to the floor while allowing his hands to stroke the backs of her legs as he did so.

Jessica the First

first-time Starlight 2018-05-02

Up to that time Jessica had not been on the roster to pick me up for my Sunday visit, therefore I was somewhat surprised, to say the least, when her car pulled up outside the hostel two Sundays after my lunch with her and Henry. I have to admit, there have been many women since that first time, but none have ever come anywhere near Jessica in the beauty of being inside her. Over the following two years, I had sex with Jessica at least once a week, then at the end of that time I was transferred to another parish.

My Fantasy

first-time gilfluv2suknfuku 2018-05-02

Then lotion my breast and stomach where I now feel butterflies fluttering thinking of his smile I cant help but think of his strong jaw and soft sweet lips....that I hunger to kiss before the nights end. I put on my stockings, they feel good upon my soft legs, and my silky bra against my nipples as if it were his tongue brings the butterflies back again with delight. I want him inside me to feel his warm cum so I stand in front of him and lift my dress to expose my firm ass and lean forward as he slides his hard as a rock cock deep into me. Hes moaning harder and deeper and I crave to feel as his warm sweet cum fills my tight hot pussy.

Becky Charlotte Waters: My First Blowjob

first-time electropriest 2018-05-02

I don't think dad ever thought about dating after mum died, not while he had me to raise. She had always been good friends with my parents and had often baby sat me when mum and dad wanted to have a romantic night out together. Dad likes his cider and I knew he wouldn't mind Becky having some, so I directed her to the fridge. The next time my hand reached the top of her breast, rather than going around I slowly drew it straight down towards the erect nipple. My hands found her breasts once more and started playing with them more earnestly, first through her singlet top and then beneath it through what felt like a lacy bra.

The Woman Next Door

first-time 2018-05-02

mechanically stroking and lifting Rose's large tits But it did have on Barry, the little boy from next door, His little boy cock had grown hard, pushing against little cock into her big, wet cunt. hand round his erect cock, she began to move it gently up She pulled back the duvet and looked at his rigid cock hand between her own legs, inside her dressing gown and inside his hole, moving in and out she brought her mouth back to his cock and began to slide her tight lips up and They both stood up like little cocks. tongue found a hard bit, like a little cock. She took his hand and pushed his fingers

Steve Meets A Cougar Ch. 01

first-time squarejohn 2018-05-02

I blurted, "You're a beautiful woman, Mom. I was thinking of doing it with you when you caught me." And as my face turned red and purple and I wanted just die, Mom touched my cheek very tenderly and kissed me softly on the lips. I've wanted take you to bed, even before your father died." She held my eyes to hers and said, "But we both know that ain't gonna happen. She wanted to know about my sex life; she couldn't believe that a "good looking boy" like me didn't have all the girls he wanted. In my position with my legs held high, my hard young cock was pointing at my face.

f***ed To Be a Slutty Whore

first-time keripinkpanty 2018-05-02

Telling me You like being daddys little fuck toy dont you? He said, Oh no, I want more from my little bitch. Want me to fuck you like the little girly boy you are. I said yes Sir. He got up and brung over some lipstick and mashed it over my lips. I said, yes daddy, I want it. He slide his cock in my mouth and fucked my face like it was just another hole for him. He said, I know you want me to cum in your pretty little mouth, but not just yet. He said do you want me to remove the butt plug and slide my cock in? He said if you want it, take out the plug and slide my cock to your pussy.

Me and mum part 3

first-time paul73 2018-05-02

I said to mum I was close to coming and I asked her to stop as I wanted to lick her out at the same time. She continued to suck me off and I returned to licking her out though I could feel I was about to cum I said “I was coming” and mum said “lick my clit.” I want to cum at the same time I sucked her clit and she started to shake and moan a lot, I was in heaven I could feel myself coming as mum said “please cum for me son I want all your cum in my mouth as I cum.”

Office Revenge

first-time 425olds 2018-05-02

So I gasped once again as Dan pulled his huge cock out of my wet willing pussy and then rammed it back in as hard as he could with all the finesse and experience of an 18 year old boy. Dan gasped, 'Let me cum on your face' - I knew what he wanted and like a good slut, I wouldn't disappoint.

 I let him slip from my lips just in time, getting a glorious view of his cock head swelling and then erupting, spewing spurt after spurt of hot, fragrant semen into my face, splattering against my lips, across my nose and my cheeks, splashing against my forehead and into my hair, giving me a sperm facial that only a young man can provide.

Sister-in-law and Niece visit pt.VIII

first-time jimp72 2018-05-02

"Come On" I said, walking around DanyAnne's back, sitting on the side of the tub on Shelley's right, my back up against the rough cedar wall, below the windows. All of the sudden, I am in the hall, at the door to the sunroom, facing DanyAnne in the living room, and she raise her hands to the roof, starts jumping just high enough and fast enough to make her little alpha cones jiggle rapidly, and dances into the kitchen, thumping reggae playing in the background now, and start rapping "Scotch and Bonghits they be bouncin my tits". Her smile, lips, blue eyes, and youth were bringing my cock back to life, but first things first, i told myself.

BabySitter's Infatuation

first-time Ashson 2018-05-01

When Jenny rang me and asked me if I could sit for them because she and Van were going out for dinner and a show I couldn't believe my luck. I fronted up nice and early and took charge of the kids while Jenny and Van got ready. Then it was kisses all around and promises from the kids that they'd be good for Michelle, then Jenny and Van headed off for their night out. While I watched Van gave Jenny a look, smiled and shrugged, and turned towards me. I finally let loose my scream as Van pushed me over the edge to my climax, hearing him grunt and feeling him come deep inside me.

The Art Of Healing

first-time 2018-05-01

it feels penetrates my skin and sends signals deep down my body before I am even aware of it. I close my eyes and let myself drift away and vanish into your responding sweet mouth. I squat before you and guide your hands away from your zipper kissing your nuckles as they pass my face. And as you look at me persistently I'm hypnotised by your gives me more makes me cum more and harder... I will never forget your face as your have cummed inside of me and I will never forget the feel of your body...trembling and twitching as your cock was errupting into my pussy.

The Most Eclectic Taste Ch. 02

first-time Decayed Angel 2018-05-01

When I had removed all my clothes I moved back to her and watched as her fingers so delicately held my cock and then rolled the condom down its length. Remembering how she looked earlier, when I tasted her, I was more enthralled as I reached out and ran my hand around her hip and onto her ass, gently squeezing it. With my tongue on her clit and my finger inside her, she was very wet within a minute or so, so I stood up and climbed on the bed watching her turn beneath me. Figuring it was just some slight nervousness, I continued, moving my cock and gently pushing it to her lips.

My first gangbang

first-time oralTcmlvr 2018-05-01

The moaning went on as we smoked, and I couldn't help but feel my pussy start to get wet at the lewd sound of fucking only a few rooms away. I knew I wouldn't be able to get more than the tip in my mouth, so I bent over, ass in the air, and started pumping his steel dick with both hands while sucking hard on the big mushroom head of his cock. The room was loud with the sounds of my a****listic, guttural moans, the groans of the men, the porno fucking, and the squelching of a hard dick in my little ass! The guy in my ass unloaded his cum in my shitter soon after, and when they pulled their cocks out of me sperm began dribbling from both my holes.

Food of Desire

first-time sexy_sandrey 2018-05-01

Simon had proven a tough act to follow, for when you're fifteen and lonely a man like he is hard to beat, so when I saw him at the arrivals lounge of Shannon airport the look on his face almost had me on the next flight home to Bristol. When Simon and I arrived at the farm and Anna, the wife of the man who managed the house and grounds, came to greet me, she found me in tears and Simon sternly lecturing me about not having time to look after me and not to bother with the luggage as he'd be taking me back to the airport in the morning.

the night we changed

first-time ebonfire 2018-05-01

I rubbed up against him and started to gently touch and kiss him. So I was new to the whole 'sex thing', but I was able to excite him with just a few touches and two kisses to his neck. I kept going, softly kissing and touching, while working my way down his body. Of course now I know that kissing a sl**ping man a few times isn't really the stuff wet drams are made out of. Instantly I started touching and rubbing him, finally getting the reaction I was hoping for. So lie back, relax and enjoy the show." I hoped he would enjoy it, but really, I was just working on porn based self education.

A Castle Love Story

first-time daddybearlover17 2018-05-01

"I got us a pizza,"Esposito said as Ryan walked in. As soon as Ryan turned around, Esposito grabbed him and started to kiss him. "Damn Javi," Ryan said as he caught sight of Esposito's big package. "Fuck yeah b*o," Javi moaned as he guided Ryan's head up and down." When Javi started to get close to his climax, he said,"Let me suck you now." Ryan looked up at him and slowly stood up while Javi knelt at his feet. "Ohhh fuck Javi," Ryan managed to saw between gasps as Javi feverishly sucked. Ryan turned around and Javi slapped his ass until it was cherry red. "Fuck condoms," Javi growled as he slid into Ryan's tight virgin ass.


first-time sCr3amer4u 2018-05-01

He lays me back on his desk and rubs his swollen cock head against my clit, forcing out the last echoes of my orgasm, before pushing his rock hard dick in my tight hole. He immediately pulls out of my pussy and before I can mourn the loss, pushes his head against my puckered hole, lubricated with my own cum, and slides the length of his cock in my ass. "I'm your dirty little slut Sir. I like your big hard cock pounding me. I grip his solid thighs as I thrust him deep into my mouth, he moans with pleasure as his cock hits the back of my throat, his balls resting on my chin.

Remedial Massage Turns Erotic

first-time Racqel 2018-05-01

While I was at college I went looking for a vacation job, but couldn’t find anything in my profession so I took on a massage course in the hope of getting a student trainee position. It felt strange as my fingers swept across the soft silky skin of her white breasts and then rubbed over this hard erect nipples sticking out an inch. I suddenly felt her cold hands reach under my panties and she rubbed my butt. She didn’t stop there and her hands dragged down my butt and reached around my inner thigh, very close to my pussy. I felt my legs getting wobbly from the waves of feelings, so I sat down on the massage table.

Creampie Snowballing Try It

first-time 425olds 2018-05-01

They have been snowballing cum kisses throughout their relationship, in fact it was a key ingredient in the entire courting process. You see, Dusty loves the taste of his own cum too, so when he cums in Christy's mouth, she kisses him with cum. One day after a session of mutual masturbation, Dusty exploded all over Christy's open pussy when he came. Christy moaned and came hard when Dusty kissed her and pushed his entire load of sperm into her waiting mouth. Dusty often thinks about this during masturbation and often imagines Christy's cum filled pussy in his carnal thoughts. For you guys who are revolted by the thought of eating your own cum from a pussy you just came in, I say, "Don't knock it till you've tried it!" It doesn't just taste like cum.

My First Time

first-time Blue_shoes1980 2018-05-01

While he pushed his jeans down his own legs and insinuated himself between my outspread thighs, I waited with my head and shoulders on the sofa cushions, thinking that I was going to hell, and not caring at all. I screamed aloud as my hymen tore, and in those long moments between pain and pleasure, two things happened: a boy's cock breached my vagina for the very first time, and his hand went over my mouth. Every time I thought about it, though, my mind drifted to that moment when Bobby put his hands around my throat, and that's when I would become most aroused.