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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My wife tells me about her former lover.

first-time csrburkevt 2018-05-01

Being true to her word she dropped to her knees and place his huge cock into her mouth but only for a second and told him she sucked and joked that she hadn't promised for how long she would do it for. She got inside of his car with him and they made some small talk and he asked her if it bothered her that he was uncircumcised she told him no that she thought it was very natural and actually liked how the soft skin felt in her mouth and on her tongue. He held his thick uncut cock inside her until it was completely drained and soft again and told her that she had made his dreams come true.

Doctor Gets a House Call from His Interns

first-time PurringPussy 2018-05-01

This storyline outlines that fun that Rachel, Sandy, Max, and Jason had while interning a local hospital. With no thought of Jason and Max, Rachel and Sandy eased Charlie out of his clothes and began kissing, licking, fondling and totally groping him. Rachel removed the rest of her clothes and allowed Charlie’s hands to roam across her entire body. Charlie was in ecstasy as Rachel resumed giving him a blow job and now Sandy with her light red hair was front and center. Sandy loved Charlie’s hairy chest as she ran her hands up and down his chest and kissed each nipple. Rachel felt the rush through her body; she f***ed Charlie deeper while letting out a moan that was probably heard across the lake.

A recollection of my first MMF threesome

first-time alexlatuk 2018-05-01

By now Rachel was desperate to be fucked so Dan adjusted his position and began to fuck her hard and fast, I knew she liked rough sex but that was never my thing so to watch her being fucked hard was so hot, Dan was smack her arse as he rode her. I'm standing watching, wanking my aching cock slowly, Rach unable to take her eyes off me, I stroked until I began to twitch and she begged me to cover her face, who was I to deny her that wish. By now Dan is ready to cum and he orders me to lie down next to Rach, he stands over both our faces and began to spray his hot sticky juices over us both, I was a real sticky mess but was loving my first facial.

Taking Him Under Her Wing

first-time SexyChele 2018-05-01

Amanda Blake sat back in the chair behind her desk and read through the report once again. She had wondered if he would be able to engage his students, but the teacher he was assigned to told Amanda that Corey took to the classroom like a duck to water. As she looked into the face of this handsome 22 year old, she knew she wanted to feel his body against hers. With her other hand, she began to slide his shirt off, but Corey took the cue and quickly flung it from his body. She closed her fingers around his turgid cock and began to stroke him, while her free hand tickled at his balls.

Getting a handjob in a strip club

first-time 2018-05-01

She walked away and I looked at my buddy and told him her name should be Regretta and he said why.. I lay there enjoying every stroke, watching her little hand move up and down with her other hand rubbing my balls and then looked up at me and said let me know when you are going to cum, I like to watch and that was all I needed to hear, I said I am cumming and she squirted it straight into the air and making sounds of approval. While she was cleaning up my cock stayed rock hard and she goes damn you want more and smiled at me but I told her I was good (not for no hundred more bucks)I pulled my shorts up and about that time my buddy passed me with the other girl.

Happy Birthday, Baby New Year

first-time Irin 2018-05-01

Before she left that afternoon she winked at her soon-to-be lover and asked, "So you'll spend New Years with me?" Mr. Reed just nodded and smiled before getting in his car and watching to make sure she got into hers safely. Two more weeks of secret meetings and flirtation went by without crossing the line and Kristen had managed to convince her friends that she had a good reason for not spending the New Years holiday with them. She smiled up at him, "Happy New Year Year, Ben." Her legs parted for his hand and took the cue and slipped one finger inside.

First time with another guy, Another true story Pt

first-time cooterliker 2018-05-01

I truthfully answered no, she asked if I would like to find out what it felt like and I said sure, do you know somebody that will do it? I started licking it just like my other cousin had done to me and eventually was taking the whole thing in my mouth. I asked if it felt good and he said it did, I said ok now you do me and without hesitation, he soon had my pants around my ankles and my hard cock in his mouth. Neither of us had an orgasm but it sure felt good so from then on, every chance we got, we were sucking each other's dicks and enjoying every minute of it.

Party to the Cemetery

first-time ThinkingDog 2018-05-01

Just when I think I can't take anymore the pinup girl says something like "did you see that hot red car parked across the street, I would love to get a ride in that thing" So with the power of lust and beer in me I whip my head around and tell them that I overheard them talk about my red hotrod parked outside. Pinup girl is now slowly stroking my stiff rod and saying things like, "I have been wanting a big cock like this for a long time" and "I love how it curves, that is going to feel so good" This whole time I am not talking and just trying to keep my balance .

Delia Remembers

first-time johnniedee004 2018-05-01

In the dark box room, without a word, he put his arms round Delia, pushed her against the wall, pinning her by the weight of his body, and kissed her. Unaware of what was happening, Delia didn't realise that Leslie had somehow unfastened her bra until she felt him fondling her breasts. The sensation was different to feeling Johnnie's fingers manipulating her nipples, she thought, responding by returning his passionate kiss. But Delia remained quiet, her eyes on Leslie, who was busy necking with Roly's girl friend, Rita. Delia told him that she thought his friend Peggy was his confidant and partner in matters of sex, but he said that was not the case, even though he had tried over several months to persuade her to share his interest in these matters.

Sex on omegle

first-time 2018-05-01

Stranger: I start to feel ur cock with my soft hands Stranger: I moan louder but try to continue to suck ur cock Stranger: I start to suck u really fast an hard Stranger: I try to suck ur cock but its so hard cuz I'm moaning so loud and breathing so deep You: feeling you pussy and asshole contract make me finger you harder Stranger: I grab ur hand and start sucking ur fingers Stranger: Mmmm I start to groan and moan and scream a lil bit Stranger: Uhhh I moan a lil louder and start goin crazy cuz I love vibrators Stranger: I love ur cock so much I suck it hard

A Bird in the cage

first-time catherine-belmont 2018-05-01

Now push again, let me sink my cock inside that sweet virgin pussy." Dr. Healy smiled as he looked down at her, the searching eyes attempting to try to fathom why she was doing what she was, afraid as she felt for the first time a hard, throbbing cock at the entrance to her virgin passage. Dr. Healy just smiled at her, making her body perform for him, pleased at how well she was doing, seeing the confused look on her face as she bared her most intimate body parts to the strange men that stroked their cocks at the thought of how lucky they were to be able to sexually have this lovely, young girl.

Katie's Diary Ch. 02

first-time stoneypoint 2018-05-01

Of course, she screamed out in disgust as the rest of the clan, Jen, Katie, and eventually Dave's wife came in and saw him naked, and covered with... Katie, you are an exceptionally fine and attractive young woman and in another life, I would most definitely take you up on any solicitous offer, but this isn't going to happen!" "Why in the hell, Katie, do you want me?" She responded with this, "Because you have experience and I want to have sex in the worst way; you are a sweet and gentle man and I find you sexually attractive! I pulled her so close she could feel my hard cock crammed up inside of my underwear, looking for a way out!

More Rachel and David Escapades

first-time hornymilf37 2018-05-01

Rachel didn't remember doing it, but she was naked except for her spike heels and David had only his white undershirt on. David was just moving to lie next to Rachel when his body froze and his eyes registered fear. She said I could use it for private employee evaluations." David let his eyes drift down Rachel's naked body, drinking in her large, firm breasts, soft skin with baby-fine white-blond hairs all over it, a sheen of sweat across her stomach, down to her swollen sex and said softly "I have a very thorough and private evaluation I would like to conduct on you." Rachel shivered in response and grabbed him by the back of the neck to kiss him deeply once more.

A Hot Night In The Club

first-time Satyrinneed 2018-05-01

Kary and my wife Melissa were holding each others’ hand just in front of me and Randy, Kary’s husband was standing fairly close to me, our bodies barely touching. But Kary just giggled and turned to face my wife, putting a hand at the back of her neck and pulling her in to kiss her deeply. No wanting to be the one that caused our little plot to fail, I turned my head and looked at Randy, my eyes meeting his. My hands groped, causing moans from the female bodies pressed tightly against mine while I received a nice hand job from a man, whose wife was pleasuring my wife in return.

18 yr old Step Daughter

first-time nobodyuknow2 2018-05-01

It's a little bit of a mystery where my wife's F-cups came from. graduated high school wearing only a C-cup. My new step daughter developed a little crush on me early on. Myself, I got a little bored with my wife's sex drive. She pulled away from my face, placing her massive to reach up, pull the cups of her bra out of the way, When my wife got home, we had the wonderful dinner, and I took her to bed. As my wife was riding my hard cock like a wild woman , I looked over her shoulder at our bedroom door and there was my step daughter with her hand buried in her shorts smiling at me.

Making Class Interesting

first-time wantwuv 2018-05-01

He suddenly opened his eyes and ran his hands up under my shirt to feel my breasts. I continued to bob my head up and down his cock, following my lips with one hand, rubbing it harder and faster. My clit was so hard; it felt so good to rock my hips against my hand in rhythm with my mouth fucking Ben's cock. He spun me around, leaning me against the stall wall and trapping his cock behind my ass, and grabbed my breast with one hand. I rocked my hips harder and his fingers plunged deeper and faster, pausing only to tease and torture my clit before fucking deeply again.

Jake Loves Kate

first-time nomoreundies 2018-05-01

Dani and Kate are sharing with Rose and Melinda who are their closer friends and of course that cabin would be like heaven to be in. Unfortunately Michael and Luke went in group 2 and Sam was in 4 so it looked like I was going to have to make some new friends or spend three days alone. Kate broke away to go to where Dani and Mel were sitting and I turned to Luke annoyed. I got a few envious looks from Michael and Sam on the other side of the hall as I settled down with Kate on one side of me and Dani fairly obviously snuggling close on the other.

Jasons and the Johnsons

first-time Charles Petersunn 2018-05-01

He would have liked a lot to be able to reach down inside her bra and touch her nipples for real, but, still, there really wasn't much left between his fingers and their stiffness. Although her parents were not having sex any longer, Mrs. Johnson would at times see her husband with an erection, but this was just early in the morning while he was still asleep. But, rather than scream for help, she found herself saying, almost against her will, "yes, please, do it Mr. Peters, faster, harder, oh my, I need this so bad." She could even feel herself getting close to an orgasm, but, just before it seemed that it would happen she woke up.

Sindy meets Nina - Part 1 (putting it back up, par

first-time SindyBlondeCD 2018-05-01

as sexy as Nina would want to meet me. Nina was due to arrive in the evening so I had a few hours to chill, shower and then get Nina didn't mention this, but as time went on I felt I was letting her down so I was The memory of that made my cock throb so hard that it hurt a little, I could feel a wetness in my panties so have shot in seconds and been ready for more after just a few minutes with Nina, but I didn't want to waste Two minutes later there was a knock at my hotel door, I checked myself for the final time, hoped Nina had obviously guessed I wasn't just going to fling the door open and had already

No Man Is An Island

first-time lyn_hornygirl 2018-05-01

I bet you've got loads of sp*rm left in those GREAT big fucking balls of yours, even though you've made me drink lots of your C*ME already" "I am going to start moving now" I told him "I want you to reach round and grab my arse cheeks and pull them apart" Talking of unnecessary length - good god, by the time he'd pushed my lovely soft arse right down to his "Big hairy balls full of churning sperm" I said in his ear, "it all wants to boil up and come pouring out, and Spasms gave way to cramps, it was so hard, and the cock so big and unyielding, I was quite sore afterwards, and I was thinking we may have to find alternatives for the rest of the afternoon.

Dawn Visits a Female Gloryhole

first-time MF4BIM 2018-05-01

They were twisting a huge cock like tongue, in and out and swirling around my clit, It felt fantastic. I could feel large hands massaging my thighs and calves, as I continued sucking and licking my husband's cock. It started to enter my pussy and I just felt a warmth come over me, as I spread my legs wider. As this strangers cock started to push inside of me, it was larger and longer then the guy before. As this huge cock pulled out of my pussy, I could feel my own juices dribble down off of me. Then I felt fingers massaging my clit, sliding in and out of my wet hole and spreading my pussy lips apart.

Men Are Like Cars

first-time xtcnymphette 2018-05-01

After all that was the kind of values she had held since school and she had received with her insubstantial sex education which for all intensive purposes consisted of a few uncomfortable Catholic Family planning videos at school, an embarrassed explanation about menstruation from her mother and her fathers penchant for continuing to treat her like his little girl until he noticed how large her breasts were getting and the change of underwear style from pooh bear cutesy to G-strings and lace underwire bras. Pia loved spending her time with Helen like this chatting and being silly it was such a contrast to her own late teen years.

Natalie, a Coed Story Ch. 03

first-time Jessie92 2018-05-01

He said he was working with two clients that came to see him and would be busy all night probably, but wanted to spend some time with me before work tomorrow if I could. It took me a minute to figure this out as I had nothing to associate it with, but as I drove back to campus it occurred to me that I had been orally stimulated to orgasm twice, and masturbated myself once, but that Dennis having his cock in me for just a minute or so left me unsatisfied and wanting another one inside me pronto. "Oh, its just the delivery I made, they came up short on money end so I had to cut their order in half, and I don't liked carrying two ways."

My F_0_5_T_3_R b*****r

first-time basil5534 2018-05-01

He asked if he could touch it, and said that he always wanted to feel a dick in his hands. He said he always wanted to feel what a cock felt like in his mouth. After that night, he didnt ;) after a time of him bounceing up amd down on my cock, h i told him i was going to cum, and he got off. Basil didnt want to go to the concert, so my foster mom told me to stay home with him. In the afternoon, my foster f****y came home, and we had a BBQMy foster mom said thanks for watching him, and gave me a $20 bill.