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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Tomboy Ch. 04

first-time Slickman 2018-05-01

It wasn't until the form moved under a large street light that she realized it was May. She tried to catch May before she got to Tom but couldn't and had to hang back as the two talked. Jo didn't get much sleep that night still worrying about her relationship with Tom. She told her sister at the breakfast table what had happened just to keep her quiet and waited until she left for school before she picked up her cell phone to call Tom. She wanted to tell him one more time she loved him but couldn't be with him until after the season was over. "I won't come to your games," he said smiling remembering what his Grandma had hinted at last night.

Fucking my s****r

first-time poruki1991 2018-05-01

My cousin who is fair , hot and with perfect tits had come over to my house to stay coz her parents were not in town. She suddenly said " I KNOW YOU ARE AWAKE, DO U WANT TO TOUCH MY PUSSY" ? I slowly started to remove her bra and she started to play around with my dick.This went on for 15 min and i was playing with her breasts. she played my dick and not allowing me to play with her pussy was selfish. I first inserted my finger and she stared mourning and said it felt nice, so i inserted my dick and almost did it for 20 min.

Erika: A Young Woman: Lessons Ch. 05

first-time PhilMc 2018-05-01

Erika sent me a text message on the Friday asking me to prepare for the night by getting two pairs on handcuffs, a blindfold and a feather. I stopped and she opened her legs wide and thrust up her pussy, arching her back off the bed, an almost obscene image of woman's body begging to be licked to completion. Then, holding the cock in one hand, I ran it down her body, along her arm, along her belly, over thigh and hip and down the outside of one leg. I kept up my penis-massage for a minute or two to her groans and moans, and then I got above her, positioned myself and slowly moved the penis to the opening of her pussy.

Episode 52: Jenny and her Dream Dog

first-time dasx2 2018-05-01

Every time Jenny stopped to admire another naked couple fucking on the public beach, Toby would lash the bikini with his enormous tongue – trying to suck his way into her gooey depths. Toby quite fancied Little Slut, but wondered how Jenny would react if he just pulled out and offered his cock to the ch1ld. When it was clear that Little Slut was never going to cum – her cunt muscles hadn’t been wired up to her climax centre yet, Toby pulled out and let Jenny lick him clean. The boy k**die-Synth was best trained for accepting anal sex, rather than giving it – but he soon got the idea when Alia demanded he push his prick into her arse.


first-time h52202181 2018-05-01

After sucking what seemed to be gallons of her sweet pussy juice, Sheri said please fuck me now. Sheri screamed, I feel you dick jerking inside me, arched her back and came hard. John quickly undressed and dove between her legs, making slurping sounds as he lapped up our cum out of Sheri's pussy. She started working her pussy up and down my dick, making me want to cum so badly. With that said, she raised up, removing my dick from her sweet pussy and placing it at the entrance of her ass. When Sheri pulled her ass off of my dick, she told John to clean me up. John came in and started licking Sheri's cum off of my belly.

Herman: Tomboys Grow Up

first-time caprine 2018-05-01

Roxie liked all boy things and activities and got sorely vexed at anyone who hinted that she might be a girl. I started to stand but only got part way up before Roxie grabbed my head and pulled it to hers. "I'm sorry, Rox, but you need to go a bit slow the first time to let the lubrication ease the way." While the warm water sprayed us and I was soaping Roxie's tits, she asked, "Have you got a date for the prom, H.R.?" As we sheepishly walked into the kitchen, Mother said, "Next time you need to be a bit more quiet, especially if you're going to leave your door open at all.

You're Such a Pig!

first-time satyr_132003 2018-05-01

"Aww, come on, don't be such a tease and let me see them," I said as I took my left hand and squeezed my hardening cock through my gym shorts for effect. "Oops," Kyla giggled and taking her left hand wiped at her nipple and bit her lower lip as she enjoyed the sensation. Like she had done hundreds of times before, Kyla took her left hand and placed it over her right and using her index finger tapped her engorged clit. I let my shorts slide off my hips and before they hit the ground, was pointing my throbbing cock at Kyla's little love box and spreading her juices around. Turning Kyla's lovely little face to me with my right hand, I kissed her on the mouth.

Annalee is All Grown Up

first-time AndrewBonzua 2018-05-01

I pick up speed of my thrusts as Annalee starts to buck her hips against my cock getting my full length inside of her. Annalee ran her hand through my hair pulling on it as she lets out a moan. I flicked her clit with my tongue as I pushed a second finger into her pussy curling it up inside of her making her moan out loud and pull my face down into her pussy. I told her to lean over the edge of the couch and I get behind her pushing my hard cock into her tight wet lips both of us moaning loudly. I started to pound into her tight pussy making her moan and scream as she rubs her clit harder.

Olympic Conditioning

first-time AsnyLark 2018-05-01

Tara ended up buying a Sochi Olympic hockey puck she thought Jason might like and then headed back to the barracks; as the American Team tended to call the athlete's hotel. "Come, come in," Tara's father said, meeting her at the door and giving her a hug. Those thoughts, the warmth of his smile, the look in his eyes, her father's indecent proposal chased her around town all afternoon, from bar to disco to the Olympic plaza at twighlight. Right?" Tara said, surprised into looking him in the eyes. When Tara opened her eyes, she was on her back, the towel lazily spread over her breasts by one hand, her other arm languidly draped up over her head.

A Seduction Ch. 02

first-time iowa07 2018-05-01

Keira turned to look over her shoulder as she climbed the stairs to Candice's room. By the time Keira reached the top of the stairs, she had come up with a plan to get a rise out of Chad. Seeing the younger girl's underwear and noticing the area where it looked as if her juices had been flowing, Chad's thoughts took a sudden turn to the horny. Keira buried her head in her shoulder, trying not to let Chad see the smile that was forming as she was now face-level with his bulging crotch. please?" Chad gulped and looked at her, then quickly dropped a kiss on her palm, hoping just to get out of the bathroom without attacking his daughter's friend.

Sylvia Seduces

first-time geronimo_appleby 2018-05-01

Expecting a predatory male with shifty eyes and a leer, Sylvia was surprised when she looked up into the soft brown eyes and concerned expression of Marion, the woman who would be mother to Justin, who in turn, at age nineteen, would pen love notes to a Sylvia on the cusp of fifty. Sylvia, unable to help herself, began to weep; whereupon Marion, with the sensitivity and soft heart she would pass on to her son, took the bereft young woman by the wrist and led her, unresisting, onto the train, to the town of Hitchin, a place Sylvia would return to time and again; and to the house where, eventually, Justin would grow besotted by the dark-haired gypsy woman, with her languid curves and feline eyes and graceful way of moving.

The House in the Woods (bisexual)

first-time musclecock 2018-05-01

Rachel really had a good look at Stew's dick and started to feel a little horny, hoping that Andrew and her would have a chance to be in private soon, she couldn't wait to get her slit plowed by him. As they approached, Andrew took off his swim trunk and slid in the tub..Rachel was dumfounded, but looking at the area, she felt it was right to do, she undressed and noticed Andrew lingering his sights on her body. The girls felt the guys presence near them, but did not want to leave what they were doing..Jean made a motion to Andrew to approach her from the back..Andrew understood, he started using his saliva and lubricated his dick.

Big Easy Lessons Ch. 02

first-time aspiringDOM 2018-05-01

While enjoying the liberal alcohol policy of the city with my friend, I met Lisa from Indianapolis at a local bar. "Let's see how wet" I said as I eased her panties up with my index finger slipping my hand behind them and my finger into her pussy all in one steady motion. Placing my finger in my mouth, I sucked hard as I slowly pulled it back out allowing every taste bud along my tongue to become engaged in this experience. Kim, Lisa's friend, quickly shuffled Lisa off for another bathroom run while I was left to sit with Jim. "Sure looks like you two are having fun." Jim started. Jim made some small talk to keep me going while Lisa's hands returned to her side of the seat.

Whitney Learns to Suck

first-time BuckyDuckman 2018-05-01

Mason sat in the corner of the Student Center with a cup of regular coffee and two week's worth of reading to finish before his history mid-term tomorrow. That's all good girls like Whitney would do, kiss and push away exploring hands with the skills of a Ninja. "I want this," she said as her hand cupped his thickening prick and removed any doubt between them about what she wanted to touch and it wasn't his thigh. "I'm going to walk through the Student Center like this while holding your hand," he corrected. "You can make it jump like that?" Whitney tried to look up at him but her eyes were pulled back again and again to his manhood.

Summer of Innocence Pt. 01

first-time Erlikkhan 2018-05-01

When our lips touched, Emily used her hands to grab my head and mash her mouth to mine. Emily looked up at me with those big blue eyes and asked, “So am I a good kisser?” She bit her lower lip as I put both hands on the front of her halter to gently massage her little swells and pinch her large swollen nipples. I pressed my hand between her legs and rubbed my fingers across the bulge of her pussy mound through her shorts. I put my hand on the back of Emily’s head and pressed forward until the large head of my cock pushed into her mouth. Amy, holding on to my shoulder, had moved around to watch Emily suck my cock.

punished by parent in laws chapter 14 the last cha

first-time lippy100 2018-05-01

I started to hyperventilate with panic as even if my Mother in Law gave me my clothes back now there was no possible way I could get dressed as the attendant was only seconds away from reaching our vehicle. Therefore with the jacket pulled around me as best I could I opened my door and jumped out, quickly running around the car to my Mother in Law's window, grabbing my jeans and panties from her and dashed into the toilet, the jacket flapping about around my thighs. I blushed as the air hostess glanced over at me, before trotting off and returning a short time later with a handful of tissues and passing them over to me.

'The Nurse - Part I'

first-time DizzyD427 2018-05-01

“Well when I put it in my mouth, Timmy just kept groaning and telling me how good it felt,” Becky said, and then she added, “I sucked on it like a candy cane and started moving my head up and down like Shelly told me she did, and a couple of times the knob bumped the back of my throat and I almost gagged, but I could tell how much he liked it so I just kept on going.” I was so turned on as I imagined Becky sucking her cousin’s hard dick that I could feel the sticky wetness between my legs starting to spread, and when Gina’s realized we were close to her house, she said, “Hurry up, I want to hear the rest before I get home." Becky and I could tell her prudish coating was melting away, and even though she had never masturbated, I suspected that was going to change very soon.

Football Mascot – Gabi

first-time tankengine123 2018-04-30

Later when the three girls had help push Angela’s slender cock up Gabi’s little asshole, Talon entered the room. Talon looked below Gabi’s sweet little balls and watched Angela’s black dick sliding slowly into his dream girl’s white ass hole. Gabi shook her little ass but she was caught fast between her little ass hole stretched over Angela’s cock, her little balls being pulled downward by Talon’s strong hand, and her peter being sucked strongly upward into her lover’s warm mouth. Gabi: Several days after Talon gets here, the rest of my new f****y will arrive: Pedro and Larry and the three femboys, Angela, Camila, and Penny. Several days later, Gabi was sucking on the tip of Talon’s cock while daddy prepared to slide his dick into his sweet daughter.

Night at the Movies

first-time vdub-guy 2018-04-30

but still, I need to see what a naked girl looks like, Returning my attentions to the film, watching the man to briefly turn my head towards my friend to ask, "Do my mouth to allow his thick fleshy cock to dock time my head is pushed down and his hard cock is futilely try to jerk my head up to release my mouth from his cock to find his hand push me harder onto it. I look up at him, he smiles and takes my hand off his cock and hands it to the man in front. driving cock feels like a white hot poker scorching my On resuming his seat, my friend pushes me back into

After dinner delight (pure fantasy)

first-time lordlust 2018-04-30

Leslee and her husband were planning a trip to our town over a long weekend so we set plans in motion to meet at a posh restaurant with a large dinning room, patio garden, and best of all a back door off the kitchen to a dark alley. Looking to see my wife was not watching, I took a quick turn through the doors to the garden and waited out of site for Leslee. I returned to my table, watching Leslee setting with her husband talking cheerfully, and told my wife that I was feeling better and she should get dessert, I would take mine to go and have it later the next day.

The Pink Ninja

first-time xelliebabex 2018-04-30

"Is he pressing charges?" Mike spat the question feeling that this guy showing up and acting like he cared was just another kick in the guts. Mike had been given bail and walked from the courthouse with his foster sister, Tara, and a business card his useless public lawyer had forced him to take from her. Tiffany walked away expecting him to follow like a good boy, and he looked at the beckoning doorway out onto the street. While not particularly tall, Mike wasn't exactly a small guy, and he knew if he put some brute force into it she wouldn't stand much of a chance.


first-time SirenSpeak 2018-04-30

It read: Gregory Burlev, Classical Pianist, performing at the 702 Wine Lounge Friday night from 7pm -- 9pm. Small black round tables and chairs were arranged closely together in the center of the lounge with red velveteen couches lining the outer right edge of the room. My lips curled in a smile as I slowly made my way to a vacant table at the corner of the lounge near the bar. I closed my eyes and felt as if each of the notes from Gregory's music were softly touching my bare skin. Gregory's look of shock transformed into a wicked smile as his eyes returned to the piano.


I'll Fix That

first-time Ashson 2018-04-30

"Your nipples are erect and the way you press your breasts against my hand shows you like being touched," he murmured. "Your panties are wet so it looks like you and Mike have been doing some fairly hot and heavy touching, but I somehow suspect that your panties haven't come off tonight, and I don't think that was you choice." Every time Andrew came charging into me I was feeling it tearing through my body, little shivers of delight pleasuring me, and each one left me expectant of more. I've actually made Mikey blow, laughing at the look on his face as he squirted, but I'd never even considered what it would feel like when it was exploding inside you.

Pinay Milf Taking Backshotz Chapter 1

first-time NTokyo 2018-04-30

Their husbands don't seem to care or the wife's usually say that they are there just looking for friends, like this. I kept things cool and we decided to meet at my place where we could relax and not worry about her being ratted out to her hard working husband. I pulled her sweater over her head and slowly started moving down to those nice full tits. It looked like a knife as it was moving closer and closer to her wet pussy. I started kissing her neck again as I could feel the her juicy pussy lips grab my cock and feel her juice. She continue to pull me closer and closer until my dick head went inside.