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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My Mature Fantasy Comes True

first-time MrFalkirk 2018-04-30

"Kevin, is something wrong?" Now how do you answer that question when you know you've been caught dead to rights staring at your neighbor's naked body with it's lovely tits, gorgeous ass, and flaming red pussy hair? I am going to teach you all kinds of things about fucking a woman and loving her, but right now I just want your hard cock stuffed up my hot, horny cunt. Of course, Marcie may have to work on him a bit to get his cock hard again, but I think his staying power is going to let us all have a lot of good, hot cum all day long."

Mirrorworld Girls

first-time plesnie 2018-04-30

And I remember my cigarettes are in my coat, and without thinking too hard about it, or perhaps thinking a little bit, unconscious and dark, I reach into the inner pocket of my jacket wrapped around her, which is fine, and I feel my palm brush across her breast, gently and almost imperceptibly but for the unmistakable sound, not even a sound but a sensation of rough dry skin on fabric, that totally innocent non-moment of friction over nipple, hardened in the cold, a second and no longer, something soft and warm, and then, hooray, I have cigarettes.

Mary's Evolution: Book 01

first-time furryfan 2018-04-30

Mary felt the wet hand slip out of her panties, and now her shirt was going higher, Mr. Mullins pulling it up over her head while pinning her left arm up near the headboard. "Good morning everyone!" Mr. Mullin said as he entered the kitchen, wrapping his arm around his wife's hip and giving her a kiss before going over to Brianna and kissing her on the top of the head. "Did you like last night, Mary?" Mr. Mullin asked, his hands sliding down the sleeves of her robe while his breath burned the top of her head. Mary didn't call at eight like Mr. Mullin had asked, instead just staring at the phone in her hand as she sat on her bed, rehearsing what she was going to say.

Lost Virginity and Boy Did It Hurt

first-time Natalie3442 2018-04-30

I was actually grateful for this light because I was feeling terribly shy about Hans seeing me naked and didn't want the full exposure of a well lit room to make him take one good look at me and run away. This pleasure of Hans sucking my breasts was so new to me, so intense, that I wondered if I was having an orgasm as described in various books I've read. I was actually beginning to yearn for intercourse because if Hans sucking my breasts felt this good, I reasoned that a penis inside of me could only send me to heaven. A man was inside of me and I was obviously giving him pleasure if the noise Hans was making was any indication that he was feeling good.

Private Tutoring

first-time sxylilslut 2018-04-30

Professor Cooper gave me a quick glance and waiving his hand dismissed Tom. I was shocked to see this big bad bully get out of the bathroom with his tail between his legs just because a teacher wanted him to. Professor Cooper was intimidating to normal students and me, but I would never have thought a tough guy like Thomas Caine would feel the same way. I must have been in more pain than I thought and was starting to get delusional; I felt Professor Cooper's cock get hard. I looked at how big his cock was and thought, "No way am I going to be able to fit all of it in my mouth!" but tried anyway.

Tropical Escort Pt. 1: Monday

first-time elpaulito 2018-04-30

I decided to wear a tan colored wonder bra ensemble underneath (no black thongs making me look like slut Right ladies!). The bar was beginning to fill up and just as I was thinking I was going to get stood up, I felt someone walk up behind behind me, grab my hips and pull me close. He pulled me up and said he wanted to fuck me, but asked if I might be into a more public place as he glanced behind me at my porch. There I was on the 17th floor balcony with a white linen dress hiked up, heels on, panties around my ankles and a gorgeous man’s cock in my ass.


first-time cerection 2018-04-30

Actually, though I had seen my mother's pubic hair, I hadn't yet made the connection between kids and adults, and didn't know that those smooth, tight slits on the girls would ever be anything other than what they looked like right now. "I'm a sophomore at a small mid-western college who has just lived through an experience that I had to share with somebody." The "real" letter went on to describe a situation where a poor, unsuspecting guy found himself in a situation with a full breasted woman that had to, needed to, was compelled to, masturbate/blow/fuck him, sometimes with a girlfriend with smaller tits but a rounder ass, right before they were discovered by his unsuspecting, would-be-jealous thought-he-was-the-stud roommate. I found that some women liked having their nipples squeezed to the point of pain which led to one of my lovers wanting her ass tanned; all of a sudden those spanking stories felt pretty hot.

Cyn's Seduction - Part Two

first-time parkerprose 2018-04-30

I watched from the corner of the hallway and saw Zach come up behind Cyndi and press her to the washing machine with his body. I heard Cyndi keen through a haze of lust and looked down to see Zach’s other hand had pulled up her shirt and he was tweeking her nipples. Suck him good baby and I’ll pinch your pretty little nipples hard to make you come.” Zach was telling her. He finally allowed Cyndi to pull away and my cock came out of her mouth with a little pop. What I did know was that she needed to be alone for a few moments so I zipped myself up (damn my hands were shaking!) and looked down at Zach.

How I learned about my gag reflex.

first-time Jll178 2018-04-30

While I was waiting for the bartender a guy came up and asked me if I wanted a drink. Then a little more aggressively he asked, "Do you like my big black cock?" He slid a finger inside of me and I looked at his huge black dick hanging there. "I want you to fuck my little white pussy with your big black cock!" He backed off and did it again slowly, Finally after a short time he got his whole dick inside me. Finally I got up to go to the bathroom and he asked what I was doing and I told him I was going to clean up and head home.

Another Saturday in Bondage!

first-time joeguitarjoe 2018-04-30

I was told to kneel and she tied my ankles to the legs of the sofa and untied my hands and placed the cuffs in front of my body and pushed the chain around the sofa until I was now spread onto the sofa. I tired not to show her any emotion but the feel of her fingers inside my anus made my small cock come to life and the head now had a large drop of pre cum on it. I accepted my fate and laid on the cool floor nude except for the high heels an the cold chain that was tied to my balls, ankles and wrists, and it was attached to a hook in the ceiling near where I slept.

s****r'S FRIEND

first-time hotRobertXX 2018-04-30


Boat Ho Ch. 05

first-time rckplsky 2018-04-30

One day while Alex was cleaning his stateroom he asked her a simple question: "Why did you join the Navy?" Butler looked around the room and found a folding chair and placed it next to Alex. Alex and Butler looked at their LPO as he sat on the phone. "Okay," the LPO started, "I need you to pick up the Captain's dry cleaning and he wants Chili's for lunch. "Let's go," Butler said as they stood up and grabbed the dry cleaning ticket from the LPO. Alex followed Butler to his berthing as he changed into a utility shirt. Alex and Butler waited around the office for a few seconds after muster. Alex took Butler to Captain's room. Butler looked over Alex's body.

The First Time I was Shared

first-time 2018-04-30

Sucking him so hard and good, he pulled my head up many times to stop himself from cumming in my mouth. I rolled a condom onto his hard cock with my mouth while he held my head firmly in his hands. He pulled me up and kissed me hard on the mouth, roughly turned me around, bent me over the chair infront of the mirror and pushed his hard dick into my wet and throbbing pussy. He came in after one minute and f***efully pushed me over the sink I was leaning on my elbows as he sunk his cock into my pussy again, fucking me harder and harder, pounding into me as my legs were shaking under the strain.

Hot Black Wifes Fucks Big Moroccan Cock

first-time 2018-04-30

I fuck them mostly in my basement and sometimes with them." Shirley could not believe her friend, but was meanwhile have become horny and said "Let's find a Moroccan, I did want to be well fucked." Anna laughed and said, 'I knew you'd be doing. "What are you in this street?" the Moroccan shouted angrily, "This is not a neighborhood for bitches like you." Anna walked to the Moroccan and whispered in his ear, "We want to be fucked, do you? "Dirty whore what is this?" shouted Mo. Anna could make nothing and the Moroccan called Shirley with him. Shirley took his dick deep into her throat while Anna licked his balls. Anna big Moroccan cock felt great and started like crazy to fuck with.

Which one to write about.

first-time pacecount 2018-04-30

I start kissing your thighs, making my way up to your wonderful pussy. Slowly feeding it into your mouth, your hands move to my ass and they let me know when move forward and back. Then I reach over and begin rubbing your wonderful breast. Once our thighs are done, I have you spread your legs and I begin to wash your pussy. Now spending extra time here,washing the wonderful lips, rubbing your clit, teasing it. Then moving up to your neck, being gentle and taking care to give you a good wash. ( then back to more wonderful pussy rubbing, getting you out of the tub and beginning to dry you off or not, then .


first-time keifer55 2018-04-30

I led Deb out of the car to the front step where I told her to sit & wait fo me. With her hands still tied behind her back, sans panties, I helped her down to sit on the 2nd step, about 12" off the ground, leaving her knees up in front of her considerably higher than her waist. I instructed her to rest her forehead on her knees & not to move while I removed the blindfold. I went in the house & watched from the picture window. Although it was late evening, eventually I heard someone walking down the street. I told her I wanted to watch her stand & pee, so she'd better spread her legs.

Frat House Visit Ch. 03

first-time jester4747 2018-04-30

Manny turned the corner from the bathroom just in time to see Josh carry the woman into the room. Pushing the door open slightly, Manny saw a lot of people forming a circle around the middle of the room. As he finished, Manny saw more guys approaching the bed; stepping up to take a turn with her. The crowd around the bed started chanting, "Open up, join up, open up, join up..." Manny realized that all the guys in the room were dropping their pants and in various stages of physical arousal. She took one last look back to see the first girl sitting atop one guy and holding another penis in each hand.


first-time cuteb0y25 2018-04-30

Ron couldn't comprehend that a black guy was pulling the strings so he blurted out, almost loud enough for others to hear, "You can have my wife, you can do anything you want to her, she's yours, in exchange for your silence." If someone had told Ron that the reason Kamal couldn't find a better job was because he was competing against boys like his sons who cheated and lied their way through college and who had jobs lined up on graduation because of nepotism and racial preference, Ron would have SCREAMED from the highest mountaintop that was an outrageous and sinful lie to discredit the white man. He knew he could take Kamal's dick, having ridden many huge black dildos in his time, but he doubted Tricia had had anything bigger than his little cock in her ass.

Nicole and Her Businessman Pt. 01

first-time jaycox 2018-04-30

But I know I could learn, be a woman he could trust and confide in, to be gracious as a hostess, to love him in every way. Leaning over I kiss her full lips, place my hand on her large breast, feeling it through the towel. Massaging it slowly and drilling my tongue into her mouth at the same time I begin to feel a soft touch on my cock. I slowly stroke his cock as he concentrates on my left breast cleaning the nipple with wet kisses and sucking. "Mr. Herbert, I'm cumming!" I moan, throwing my body high above the bench, shaking, my cunt on fire, my secretions flowing out onto his hand.

The visit

first-time kuulmonk1 2018-04-30

you feel Mark move behind you and you can feel his fingers moving slowly up your arms, each in turn is caressed and then soft lips on the nape of your neck. your hands wander over your body in time to the music, over your stomach and then your breasts, feeling the hot skin under your fingers. you push one hand into your panties and run a finger over your pussy, feeling the juices leaking out of you. You hear footsteps coming closer as you lay down on the bed, your hands busy on your breasts and nipples. you push a finger inside yourself, then two, moving your other hand to start rubbing your clit, feeling the little pleasure bud, beginning to swell under them.

Fucking my slut Chloe!

first-time image-fapper 2018-04-30

I'm telling you about how that bitch gave me the run-around about much of a fucking cock tease she is and all your thinking of as you pull your panties to one side giving me a full glimpse of your hot wet cunt is, 'come over here now and fuck this pussy and give me your load!' I start to fuck you, you pull me closer, my cock goes deeper into your dripping cunt, you run your nails down my back and I let out a moan of pleasure as I feel your pussy tighten around my dick.

Tamara Ch. 03

first-time EighteenYearsOld 2018-04-30

When my parents went to bed each night, that was usually a sign for Tamara and her husband to retire, as well. She sat on her knees, next to her husband, one arm resting on the back of the couch, the other stroking his cock. She held the pose, allowing me to fill my eyes until, with her breasts bouncing, she went back to working on her husband's cock. She stood up, facing the stairs, and I watched as she sensuously pulled down her skimpy panties from underneath her pleated, short, grey skirt She stood with her legs apart and ran her hands up her thighs, pulling the skirt up to expose herself to my gaze.

1 2 3 4 5 abigail-dwayne-shoppa

first-time dbrinda 2018-04-30

When I demurred, they insisted on buying me a date at a local bachelor auction for charity. Dwayne: I had never participated in a date auction before. Abigail: I explained that my s****rs had f***ed me into this and that he didn’t really have to take me out, but Dwayne insisted. Abigail: I liked that Dwayne was so laid-back. Dwayne: A couple of months later, we went to the house of one of Abby’s s****rs. Abigail: That’s the same time I knew I could marry Dwayne. Dwayne: I had an elaborate plan about how I was going to propose to Abby, but I couldn’t wait. Abigail: I love that helping out with a good cause brought Dwayne and me together.

After office hours

first-time 2018-04-30

Rosa fingered her swollen, wet clit a few more times and used her electric dildo to finish herself off while Claudia kept talked dirty to her, it was so good, her bed was flooded with her juices and she needed time to catch her breath before telling Claudia how much she loved her voice tonight, her softness and her compassion. The older woman fingered Rosa in the elevator as they kissed and hugged, the doors opened at the empty office lobby and they knew what they wanted but knew they had only a few more minutes of hard work until the printer finished the job for them. Rosa kept her fingers working all the same time too which made the orgasm expand and fill Claudia's mind with love filled thoughts of this luscious woman.