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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My first visit to a gay sauna

first-time Pepmeister 2018-04-30

I was sucking them, and really enjoying it, when the first guy stands up and grabs a condom and a little bottle of lub, looks at me and says "ok, you are a great sucker, but it's time for me to fuck that ass of your's... He was fucking me hard, I looked back at him and said "spank me a little" and right away I heard the *SLAP* on my butt, of course I let go a big moan. We went on like that for some minutes until the one fucking me said "I'm gonna cum" so I pushed him back, got on my knees, took his condom off and started sucking both of them.


first-time outlawpanther 2018-04-30

I began to massage her feet and legs, slowly working my way up her body, then across her chest and to her shoulders; hands moving all over to make her relax. I went to her feet, began kissing her ankles softly, working my way slowly up the inner part of her leg; as I came to her knee, I kissed the underside of it and saw her give a slight jump. A light kiss there, flicking my tongue across her clit as I did, and I moved back to her other leg and began all over again. She held herself there, me aching to fully enter her; and with a smile she looked in my eyes and began to squeeze my cock head with her pussy muscles.

Kicking the Habit of Virginity

first-time MaryAnn678 2018-04-30

Then sis gave Mary's ass a squeeze, felt nothing but skin beneath the thin material, and said, "Good! While we were still kissing I put my hand on it." "Jerry said, 'Hold it tight, Mary.' I did and started to hump me like he was a dog on a farmer's leg. Harry popped the question so often asked in a singles bar, "Want to go to my place?" For the third time she didn't give a vocal answer, but gave a hint of a smile and nodded. It finished with Harry's holding her tight, placing one his left leg outside her right to make it even tighter, and shoving it in her hard repeatedly until she felt it happen.

My first gay sex

first-time gaycocklover69 2018-04-30

I was staying at a mates place because we went to the footy that night and it was just too late to take the hour long journey home and I hadnt seen this particular friend for a good year or 2 so the catchup time couldnt hurt. Sam slowly pushed his cock between my arse cheeks allowing my man hole to adjust around his thick meat. After fucking me for a few pleasurable moments Sam took his cock out of my hole and he laid on the ground. Sam used his index finger to call me over and I walked over and started lowering my arse (in a squat position) back onto his cock.

birthday present from my bf

first-time dspiel 2018-04-30

he guided me to the bedroom. he blindfolded me, never done before und layed me on the bed. i didnt know whats going on. hi spred my legs and arms and tied me to the bed, never done before. i asked him whats going on, but he didnt speak. suddlenly he startet to tickle me, first my feet, going up even more. i laughed loud couldnt do anything against. suddenly i felt a feather on my feet, my weist, my tits. i laughed more and more. than he guided a magic wand, this was my present, into my panty, just between my lips and on top of my clit. he pinched my nipples, pressed them and than i felt his cock on my mouth.

The Initiation

first-time mikeperk 2018-04-30

Hot and excited, but nevertheless embarrassed, he'd attempted to look away as she deliberately turned to reveal her cute little cunt. Sarah was on her feet with her skirt back in place by the time the supervisor came in to shepherd them back to the queue at the counter. wondered what two pricks at once would be like!" Poor Joe desperately tried to keep out of the way and ignore her advances, knowing that he could easily succumb and perhaps prejudice his job. "Slow down," Sarah warned him, sensing his urgency, "we've got all the time in the world and I want tonight to be special." After dozing in each other's arms for an hour, Joe made it again, this time approaching from the rear with Sarah on her knees.

If You Dream It She Will Cum

first-time YummyMummy26 2018-04-29

Robert couldn't help but feel his cock twitching more as if saying to him "let me out I wanna play some!" Susan looked down and smiled seductively "So you like what you see" She said while looking at his bulge which was still growing much to her delight. "I want that more then anything Robert." Susan replied and then she went on to say something she couldn't believe she was saying "I love you with all my heart and have for a while now, so please fill me with your cum and let me have your baby" She was crying tears of joy as she said those words to him and he felt the same love for her.

Why we do what others say is wrong

first-time 2018-04-29

My twin b*****r and I have been playing with each I remember the first time I touched I was shaking so bad the first time that I kissed his pistol much less to kiss it. kiss it but I was to young and innocent to know what to me touch and kissing his pistol. wet in my slit when he touched my bumbs. removing them hoping I did not wake up an be mad. my slit licked and the lips of my kitty being gentle I remember him telling me to stop moaning oozing out of my slit none stop. e***** years ago are still fresh in our thoughts daily. many of you thought about with your own sib****s.

A Lifetime of Learning

first-time Xesevoli 2018-04-29

Their place includes a rather large 'L-shaped' swimming pool that runs along our fence and curves slowly around to the rear of a family room that was added after the original construction. When I was close to graduation, without being asked to the Prom, I let myself go some and ate what I wanted and exercised when I felt like it. I tilted my head and was listening, then I saw hands come up and grip the edge of the fence from the other side. I took lots of pictures and he turned to face me, still stuck in the fence. Slowly, he stopped moaning and finally reached out, lifted my chin and stared into my crying eyes.

How i came to be the man whore that i am today.

first-time cooler34 2018-04-29

in gym classes when i would talk to girls, other guys, would point out the fact that maybe my cock head was showing, or i had a boner. lick, lick, lick, suck and then she starts yelling, her voices goes up like a little girl, and suddenly like waves of tightness go down her body, and she has convulsion, and stops breathing, and turns red, and orgasms. I think she followed me until I walked past my car, then she started crying and saying sorry and how much she loved me of something. i immediately throw the flowers away and i flush the chocolate down the drain, i feel sick, i have never felt a pain like this.

Jessy's Diary, Part 1

first-time goddess23 2018-04-29

Actually, my life turned out exactly the way, I phantasized about when I was 12 or 13 years old, laying in my bed, dreaming of the knight in shining white armour to come to get me. My life kind of changed when I rented my first own flat, a small two-room-apartment a bit outside the city, to become more independent from my parents. He laughed a lot, sometimes about the stupidest of all things, but then he was like a walking enceclopaedia, knowing a good answer to any question from any field of expertise you asked him. „It took all my courage to ask such a beautiful girl this once“, Karl said totally honest.

Special Night Remix

first-time The Bumfather 2018-04-29

We watched a movie for about a hour and she looked at me and smiled and said “You know what? She looks at me then says “Ok fine I’ll let you have a taste but we have to turn on the light. When I stared she lifted her legs up and tightened them in embarrassment and started looking at me saying “Please don’t stare it’s embarrassing” I spread her legs again and took a nice look at her panties. “Oh… But I don’t know how” Jen says with a embarrassed tone of voice. And it hurts that I can’t repay you back for the wonderful feelings you gave me” Jen said.

Her First Toy

first-time 2018-04-29

She arched up her back and her thighs about crushed my hands and I knew she was about to erupt, so I stopped jack my dick so I could continue to keep her thighs opened wide, I leaned over placing my right on the inner right thigh and with my left hand I kept plunging the dildo into her watching it disappear and come back outside, as her gyrations increased I slid closer to her hot steaming pussy and began to lick her clit. By now I have grabbed hold of my dick again and began jack off at very rapid pace and then when I noticed that she couldn’t hold her cum back any longer I pulled the dildo completely out of her and got between her legs and slid my johnson right into her slippery slot.

Stacy Gets Her Man

first-time Stacyluvscok 2018-04-29

I wanted this guy to cum in my pussy and began to fuck him with a ferocity I didn't know I had. Anita looked at me; she could see I was still damp and sticky from Don. She reached forward and licked the cum from the inside of my thigh before moving up to my pussy lips and beginning the best tongue wash I have ever had. Despite the fact that Don had already cum three times tonight I could feel the urgency in his body as I continued to suck and nip and love his hard as iron cock. I massaged his balls and felt them tighten and could feel the surge of power through his cock as he thrust to fuck my mouth as he came.

Student Becomes the Teacher

first-time Tiger825 2018-04-29

Bethany smiles a little and responds wordlessly by kissing me again harder than before. Bethany moans, her hands pushing my head down, not wanting the feeling to stop. Having an animalistic urge for symmetry, Bethany gently pulls my hair and guides my head over to her nipple that wasn't being sucked on. She slid above me, and like a pro began kissing me, tongue tracing circles around my teeth, just beginning the torturous, yet pleasurable decent of my body.I got shivers down my spine as she gently grazed her fingernails from my chest, down to my torso, and back up in circular motions. I brush kisses on each of her lips.I trace my tongue around the outside of her pussy, I hear Bethany gasp.

Letting the Boss Fuck My Wife Hard and Deep!

first-time trumptight85 2018-04-29

She again laughed and said, “He is just an old guy having fun.” Anyway, before I was about to leave, I coerced Sheila to sneak back to her office with me to give me a blowjob. The next sound I heard was Stan saying, “Oh, yes,” and he began to moan. I strained and listened intently to the phone, and was sure that I heard sounds to indicate Sheila was sucking his cock. Then, I gasped to myself, as I heard Sheila, saying, “Oh yes, Stan, fuck me baby,” amid a sound, that in my mind’s eye, was Stan’s balls slapping my wife’s ass. Sheila, just kept encouraging him, saying, “Come on Stan, you know you like this pussy, fuck me like my husband should have.

Horny Little Slut Part Two

first-time uncutwild44 2018-04-29

I worked her body over good with my tongue and mouth, starting with her nipples and making my way down to her pussy. She'd been teasing me about not sucking my dick unless I took her swimming at the lake(which I hadn't yet) so sadly, the most incredible blow job of my life ended in about three minutes. To her surprise, I didn't reach for a condom and quickly slid my bare cock in her pussy. She hesitated and said she wasn't any good, I quickly explained it was okay, just get on, I'd do most of the work. But she quickly stopped riding me saying she was not good, but wanted my cum. She quickly got off of me and took my cock in her mouth again, taking my huge load like a champ.

two s****rs (true story)

first-time Godsfield 2018-04-29

has a finger up my ass, is slurping on my pussy and is tickiling my clit. N: So is Licking Sa's clit whilst she has 3 fingers in her ass. Sa: OH GOD my asshole is being licked and my pussy fisted... She is now licking her fist clean, and the s****rs are RUBBING PUSSYS TOGETHER N: So is looking into her s****rs eyes with a sexy look, and as So cums again, Sa moans in pleasure as she too cum... i know the name thing i did was annoying, but i dont want to reveal their names (they are friends, they dont mind me telling this, but not their names) oh, and this was the first time they ever did such a thing together.

Romeo and Juliet

first-time Baxter72 2018-04-29

So this year, I decided to do "Romeo and Juliet." I thought it naturally would be popular with the students, and who knows, I might get to enjoy the favors of another beautiful student. "We may try and get away with Romeo leaning over and kissing your this," I said as I leaned over and took her nipple in my mouth. "All right, then I guess we'd better prepare you." I pulled the coverlet down so that she was lying there completely naked, and I feasted my eyes on her lovely body.

My Teacher

first-time iwantfun4me 2018-04-29

The final exams concluded, the teacher had announced a special prize for the student who scored the highest in English. She was sitting as usual in her chair, a smile on her otherwise straight face, as she looked at all her students, a kind of proud, patronizing gaze. I don't know till date what drove me to do it, but I raised my hand to ask a question: "Wouldn't it be good if the winner got a wish of his choosing?" All I wanted as a parting wish was the sight of her round, heavy buttocks swinging as she walked, the final part of her beautiful body that I desired to see.

And His Eyes Be as Blue as the Sea Ch. 05

first-time endthedream 2018-04-29

Matt," he said as he stood up with some unease, and came to sit the couch with Matthew, who did not like the way this was shaping up at the moment, "I won't tell you anything other than Alton is going through a species of hell—hear me out," Maples said as Matt started to object with anger, "Wait, listen," Maples said in a stronger voice than Matt had heard before from him. Maples said, "Just a minute, Matthew," and walked away, coming back a moment, and holding out to Matt a present gift-wrapped, "I had thought of giving this to Alton for Christmas, but I may have another gift for him.


A Weekend With My Big s*s Pt 2

first-time JayDenton 2018-04-29

She lifted her left leg and put her foot on the edge of the bath, then leant slightly forward and reached between her legs and opened her lips wide with the fingers of her right hand. “Fuck Jay, you look so horny gaping wide like that, hold on I want to get my G Spot dildo and use it on you.” She opened the door and retrieved it from its resting place. She lowered her face into the stream and opened her mouth wide gulping down my ejaculate greedily, the remainder splashing all over her tits and running in rivulets down her stomach and between her legs into the bath.

The Seduction

first-time rjamesc74 2018-04-29

and curves.  You close your eyes.  Slowly you feel my breath inches away from your face.  I start to kiss your cheek, your forehead, breasts.  Gently I touch your nipples, just enough to send an electric wave through your body.  We start kissing more increasing pressure.  I slowly start kissing your neck working my my darling, I will fuck you, but first I want to see you come and your tummy and then to your stocking clad legs to start kissing the your sensual femininity and gently start kissing and licking your fire to every inch of your body, making you feel like you will you inside me!'.  I gently kiss your cheek and whisper, 'of course

f****y Honeymoon

first-time 1965looker 2018-04-29

Melody knelt before me, freeing my cock from the trousers, and nuzzled it about her face as the camera flashed, then she gently sucked it into her mouth as I slid my hands into the bodice of her gown pressing her titties with nipples between my fingers as the camera clicked away. I looked back at the ladies on the sofa as they relaxed from their excitements, panting, faces flushed, as Melissa wiped her mom's cum off her chin and licked her fingers. Slowly, I began to thrust into her pussy, as Melissa raised her legs, allowing me to penetrate her more deeply, as Melody gripped Melissa's butt with both hands and began to lick her clit while my cock slid in and out.