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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Senior Year: A Year to Remember

first-time sallyvox 2018-04-29

Peter felt a tightness in his pants as she got on her knees to pick up the last of her papers, her ass raising towards him and the hem of her skirt moving upward ever so slightly. A little confused, Peter sat down on a chair and got one more glimpse at his teachers tight ass before she turned to sit on the edge of her desk. "Can't keep Lana waiting to do know the girl needs my help." He got up from his seat and handed his plate to his mother, who took it to the sink in the kitchen.


Work friends

first-time pussyhealer 2018-04-29

I got up and hugged her and told her that the secret is safe with me and if she needs to talk to someone she can always give me a call. She apologised, said she was sorry and I told her I had to take a shower and she should wash my clothes and put them in the drier. I went into she shower, and in a few minutes she came in to take the bucket and wash the kitchen floor.At first I tried to hide my cock but on a second thought I let her see it in all it's beauty. She was moaning every step, and said how much she missed the feeling of a cock inside her.

Two Fantasies Become One Reality

first-time shooter44n45 2018-04-29

I told her that we were going to have her help out my secretary, Debi, by answering phones and doing some typing so that she could spend more time dealing with record keeping and customer follow-ups. Slowly I slid my head to the side of hers and gently swirled my tongue against her soft neck, telling her at the same time that she looked absolutely radiant. Her hands slowly slid down from my neck and she began to unbutton my shirt and she whispered in my ear how sexy she thought I was. The whole time she undid my pants, she would stare up at me with her soft doe like eyes and plant tiny kisses on my belly.

Lisa Pool Room Adventures - continued

first-time DrFingerwell 2018-04-29

My hand moved towards his crotch, rubbing him through the outside of his shorts, then to the top of his shorts un buttoned his fly and put my tiny hand inside, I could now feel his cock and i began to rub up and down his shaft, he was breathing heavy as so was I , i could feel my heart beating faster as I felt he hands on my small but perectly firmed breasts, sqeezing , rubbing my nipples between his fingers, we moved back towards the pool table as one like a waltzing couple, eventually my bum resting agaist the side, still my hand was inside his shorts rubbing his hard cock , slowly as if unsure to do this i felt as his hand went lower toward the top of my thighs rubbing me through my jeans then to the button at the top he undid this and unzipped me exposing my little white panties, they were wet and you could smell the excitement, he asked me if everything was ok , I didnt say anything just carried on kissing, his hand now inside my pants finger at my vagina rubbing the outside of my slit, I moaned a little as I felt him touch, it felt good better than anything, my eyes closed with the pleasure I was feeling.

School Dayz - Part 1

first-time picturepainter1 2018-04-29

“But I only have one bra that fitted and it is, umm, now too small for me!” Sally now looked directly at the teacher and his eyes were now glued to the pupil’s young developing fleshy chest mounds. “Hello Sally!” He whispered as he looked down at the model and moved his hand up and down quickly on the lump before his cock suddenly exploded with cum shooting deep into his Y fronts. Jenny, the student teacher, was holding her gorgeous tanned legs up in the air as she lay back on Mr Smith’s desk and he pumped his fat cock furiously into her blonde haired pussy lips as his hands mauled her naked pert breasts.

This Love

first-time Nimrods Son 2018-04-29

Dropping off the bags in the kitchen, telling myself I’d unpack them later, I made my way out onto the balcony, its white stone matching that of the steps that brought me home, taking my tie off completely and shoving it in my pocket as I ducked under the washing that'd been left drying out on the line. As the news left me completely off guard, I stared off into space, trying to shake all the questions I wanted to ask him about her from my head, just knowing that the intimate details would be sullied by the thoughts of his having been there to witness them.

Allison in the Library

first-time Baxter72 2018-04-29

I was studying in the library at that time as was my habit, since the dorm in which I lived was too noisy and boisterous for study, and I was sitting at a table by myself when she came over. She was standing in the middle of the stage wearing a Puritan costume with a long gray woolen skirt that she had apparently "borrowed" from the dressing room. When I pushed my finger into the back of her pussy, I could feel that she was incredibly wet, and it was easy to make her come just with my finger—as I came in her ass. The fourth and final time came four days later.

A Surprise Glamour Shoot.

first-time sammythewitch91 2018-04-29

During the shoot as Tracy was getting me into positions she got me to face the camera, arch my back forward and lean right back with my elbows on the floor behind me, I was staring straight up at the ceiling and then John adjusted the white fabric so as to reveal as much as was decently possible without showing my hairless cunt which was good because by this time I had become rather aroused and was aware that my cunt was quite wet, as they played around with me in this position I wasn’t sure where the material was sitting on my body, the camera flashed as the Richard the old photographer snapped away, “WOW, AWESOME,GREAT SHOT, EXCELLENT” they were all saying as the photographer moved around me zooming in on my face and whatever features he thought fit, he then told me to lean forward and that’s when I noticed that the cloth had fallen each side my legs and my clean shaven pussy had been totalled exposed to him while he was filming, I wondered ,, did he snap pics of my pussy as I was aware that I had become quiet moist, it excited me but scared me at the same time.

A Long Awaited Visit

first-time LolaBrokowski 2018-04-29

Her lips were plump and glossy and her hair the same black cherry red as his Gracie, only sprayed in place where hers fell in loose ringlets. He closed his eyes, stroking his shaft slowly. He imagined the flight attendant's pouty lips wrapped around his cock, her pink, little tongue eagerly tracing the length of the vein throbbing on the underside. This time she let her teeth scrape against his skin as she drew his hand away, snapping at his fingertip. He closed his eyes and relaxed, letting Gracie take the lead, no longer concerned with controlling himself. Encouraged, Gracie took one last, long plunge, sucking hard the entire length of his shaft and flicking her tongue over the tip.

A Virgin in Germany

first-time OneWhoKnows 2018-04-29

Bobby just happened to be in The Samy Bar that night with his friend Jim. It always amazed Bobby, that you could go ask married German wives to dance, and the guys considered it a complement to their choice of women. Everyone got back in the car, Bobby and Hilde in front, and Jim and Louise in the back seat. The foursome went out a couple more times, but Jim wasn't going to get any, so he decided to try his luck going out on the town with some other guys from their outfit, looking for girls. Bobby kept teasing Hilde, "One of these nights I'm going to send Louise to town and we are staying in.

She Was Not My Niece

first-time Kathy Doll 2018-04-29

I went to door to find her there, smiling like always. I took her to the computer-room and went to kitchen to get her some drink. Serving her with drink, I came back to living room. I sat down on the arm of the chair and started helping her in opening the computer. I started feeling her titties and soon took her nipples in my two lips. While continuing sucking her breasts, I kept feeling her pussy and also fingered her. She again took the dick in her mouth as if it was a candy and started sucking it afresh. I laid her down on the carpet, made her to spread her thighs, rubbed my dick in her cave, up and down, stopping at clit and hole.

Tina's Wedding

first-time shotguner 2018-04-29

before they close she begs Amy to let her try the dress on one last time Amy tries to talk her out of it but Tina begs hard so she gives in saying I have to leave but if Kat says ok then I guess it's alright. Rushing to get ready Tina felt bad but also so good, putting out of her mind she dressed and her and her maids headed for the church seeing Steve as she walked the ramp it was there day and the I DOES were said in the back of the church they lined up so people could pass by and there was Kat she moved in to kiss Tina's cheek but then kissed her on the lips and Tina couldn't not kiss back tongue and all Steve looked at Tina who acted as if nothing happen.

Mrs. Albert

first-time zimabean 2018-04-29

"Its not everyday a good looking young man with a massive hard-on runs into my room while I am naked and horny and locks the door behind him and stands there breathing hard." Liz said as she took another swig of her drink. Then she sat on the vanity and spread her legs and said "you better get over here and get some of this pussy before I find go someone else." I should have just walked away but I had never had sex and at that moment my cock was so hard and I was so horny and I could not resist. You are my second first timer, come here and lets get you back in there so you can enjoy some more of your first pussy." Liz took my semi limp cock and start to rub it up and down her gooey slit.

Happy New Year --- 2

first-time jumbo123 2018-04-29

As she got ready for bed Denise and I sat on the couch and began to kiss. I began to feel her small B cup breast and she responded by rubbing my rock hard cock still trapped inside my Levis. She held my hand and then reached over and placed my finger inside of her smooth, wet pussy. When I pulled it out of my underwear she grasped it with her hand and asked me how soon would I cum if she stroked. Denise asked me if i liked her virgin pussy and I replied I surely did. She began to cum and her moans got so loud and often I was sure my wife would awaken.

The Katie Chronicles Ch. 02

first-time SallyG 2018-04-29

When Robyn pulled in to the station she almost crippled this Asian guy who was minding his own business trying to put air in to his bicycle tire, and he looked up at her and angrily said, “Why don’t you watch where you’re going?” After they said good-bye Nicole walked back over to Robyn and me and under her breath mutter, in a fantastic faux Asian accent, “Why don’t you watch where you’re going.” “I know what you meant, you meant that we’re friends and you wouldn’t want to ruin our friendship, you don’t feel that way about me,” he said as if he were reciting a long ago memorized speech.

Me and my cousin

first-time Jdawg20 2018-04-29

I took my boxers off and turned to walk to the bathroom for a shower. I looked at her fully erected and said, "Your the hottest girl! "Have you ever wondered what i look like naked?" she said reaching around behind her. Holding her right thigh with one hand and moving my cock with the other. We went and took a shower together. After the shower we dryed off and got dressed. I sprayed my room with some freshscent stuff the room smelled like sex! "It must be just nerves but i hope i dont get pregnant. "Its been in me too long, i dont think i could even if i tried." Because we are related it just wouldnt look right.


first-time rosegardener 2018-04-29

With the morning sun dawning, things went no further than continued necking with this half-naked Venus, but it was an amazing night as far as Kevin was concerned. As the snow continued to fall, Kevin moved forward in time to another snowy romance. As she led Kevin deeper into the room, he saw two queen beds, one by the window, obviously untouched, the other, by the bathroom, with Evelyn's suitcase and a few clothing items on it. Kevin hadn't felt this good in a long time. Kevin felt the same longings and urges that he had years earlier with Kay. He longed to pull Evelyn to him, and kiss her on the forehead, her eyelids, her nose and her lips.


first-time cddixie 2018-04-29

Maybe it was me accepting my future ill sexual gay fate in full, or a life long part of my sexuality finally being awakened for the very first time, but non the less as I layed there intently watching, my cock had grown rock hard and my trusty right hand was now squeezing it in embrace! By the time my second shower night had arrived, I found myself excited, hard and jacking my lather soaked dick while watching Paul, Clark and a new inmate named Steven, mouth servicing some 10 or so other cons. Looking far over past the shower stall opening, I saw officer Goodman pulling his little pud with his right hand as he viewed this almost out of control cock lust orgy taking place directly in front of him.

My First Time

first-time samwise42 2018-04-29

We drove back to the apartments on campus, and I felt like my heart would burst from joy as I dropped her off and said good night. Janelle moaned softly, reached up to my neck and pulled my head down to her mouth again. She gently pushed my hand between her abdomen and her panties, and I felt her pubic hair. She rubbed her hands on my back and whispered and moaned, especially as my mouth covered her nipples and when I pulled her panties to the side and kissed the crease between her thighs and her hip bones. I pushed my middle finger gently into the opening of her vagina to get it more wet, slid it up to her clitoris and started to slide sideways back and forth over the top.


first-time 2018-04-29

ann slid his cock into her pussy and backed up all the way to the hole it was right inside her the gasp of air she took and the look on her face was buetiful she was in heaven ann stayed still so he must have been ramming her from next door, ann was dripping cum you could see it in on the cubicle wall i got her to suck me off whist he fucked the life out of my wife seeing this my balls were going to burst i said ann i am cumming, i pushed my cock right into her mouth and she never spilt a drop i was drained after all that so i zipped up and watched him finish off my wife.

Her Own Choice Part 2

first-time khalnayak01 2018-04-29

Mike kissed her softly on her lips, as she parted her legs and allowed him to manhood pressed hard and hot against her womanhood. He was moving forwards, pushing her hips slightly up and back as he positioned Heart pounding, body tense she nodded her eyes wide with fright as he put a hand over her mouth and moved onto her, his hips pushing his hard penis into her. and she felt her now deflowered pussy adjust slowly and painfully to his massive He moved his hips slightly she bit her lips Her young pussy was so tight that she felt every thrust as if it the first. heart felt like it would explode as she gasped for breath and squeezed him hard

Winter Wonderland

first-time sexy_mama_09 2018-04-29

Corey and Julie were walking home from the park, they had been dating for about six months now and hadn't been intimate yet. Corey had a plan, he wanted to get Julie naked and fast!! The moves Julie performed had driven Corey wild. As Julie unpacked thier blanket and spread it out over the fresh snow. She wasn't wearing a bra and the cold from his hands had hardened her nipples. His hands found her breasts and cupped them, playing with her nipples. He pulled her face to his, kissed her passionately before lifting her shirt and exposing her perfect chest. She covered his lips with hers, muffling his moans as she bounced on his cock.

His love story to me, a fantasy to cum true

first-time MMG113 2018-04-28

You come home one day when the k**s are with a friend or f****y expecting to spend time with me but you see I'm watching fights or sports with a guy friend so you come to the living room to have drinks and try to hang out. As you go back to all fours towards the edge of the bed I take your hand and place it on something. I turn you onto you back and continue to fuck you but now your head is hanging backwards off the edge of the bed and he shoves his cock straight down into your mouth. You then start to stroke me and fuck me at the same time until I explode.

A Marriage is Arranged

first-time abroadsword 2018-04-28

"But of course Geoffrey," Mother continued, "No one woman could conceivably absorb your passion, no if you two marry I dare say she will frighten every serving maid witless while you waste all your money on whores, rather like your poor father." "Geoffrey you are entirely depraved," Lucinda agreed, "But sweet kisses and my set of widows comforters should suffice, provided we can extract the ivory and swiftly insert your member." Supper passed in a mixture of apprehension and anticipation, a sweet maid to rouse me and the challenge to remain hard as I claimed Lucinda. "Oh, good, are you ready for round three?" Lucinda asked, "Do you know I think I could grow to like having a man in my life."