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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Prom Night

first-time Master_Vassago 2018-04-28

Inside the limo Terra finally was able to kiss Vince the way she had wanted to since she had walked down the steps of her home to see him. Minutes later the lights slowly came up and the principal thanked everyone for coming and having a great time and told them all to drive safely home or wherever their after parties were being held that night. As she spoke Terra crossed the distance between them and cupped his chin in her palm with one hand as her other pulled aside her panties and she leaned towards his face, her foot came up to rest on the arm of the chair and Vince stuck his tongue out to taste his girlfriends pussy.

mutual wank

first-time julestyne 2018-04-28

I really took a risk when I went to get them and slipped a couple of Helen topless in our hotel in the French Quarter. I told him I had but I also said I had a video we shot on holiday in the west of Ireland. We’d rented a cottage in the middle of nowhere and one afternoon after a long lunch we shot a video with Helen striping off gradually and then wanking me off in the front garden of the cottage. When Helen started to push up her top to reveal her naked breasts I ran my hand across my cock through my trousers. He was first to start pulling when Helen’s fingers went into her fanny.I followed him staring at his cock as he stared at the screen.

My first massage leads to an amazing encounter...

first-time 2018-04-28

I could feel the girl with the small ass at that point stroking my cock feverishly as she sucked it. At that point, the girl with the small ass started to mount my cock and began to ride me as hard and as fast as she could, the larger butt girl kept rubbing her cunt and ass on my face and started to have an orgasm and cum on me as she rubbed in excitement. The next thing I knew, the small butt girl turned around in reverse cowgirl and slid my large, throbbing cock up her tight ass. As I obliged, the small butt girl got down between our legs and started licked and sucking us both and probing with her fingers.

Tammy and Josh Ch. 01

first-time Asubtlepassion 2018-04-28

Moments later Tammy opened up the door and, seeing Josh, let him into the house. Tammy was Josh's next door neighbor, and she had been a friend of his family for over ten years. "How was school, Josh?" Tammy asked as they both went into her living room. Josh glanced at her laying there, his eyes catching sight of her breasts rising and falling under her shirt. Tammy smiled and asked, "Are you interested in any girls at school, Josh?" He turned red. "Okay, Josh", Tammy said after another minute. Josh watched as she bent over, her full breasts hanging down and looking so lovely. "Did you like my breasts, Josh?" He looked at her.

Roommates Become FWBs

first-time yak51 2018-04-28

Don't blush, you know I feel like I can tell you anything and I'm not embarrassed to admit that," she said as she giggled. We love each other as friends, get along, never have drama and I've definitely noticed the way you've looked at my body." She was giving me a wicked grin now and I knew she was serious. Every time I heard you getting fucked next door I imagined it being me that was pounding every one of your holes," I told her as she looked at me lustfully. I stood up and spread her legs wide apart as I pushed the head of my cock past her pussy lips and inside of her.

Banging My Best Friends Little s****r

first-time cutedave24 2018-04-28

My 7" thick cock was immediately in a massive tent in my sweatpants, and Kate (seeing her first boner in real life) looked down at it shocked. I moved back for a second, as I admired my best friends adorable little s****r in just a black bra and black thong, and it was the most beautiful sight I have ever seen. Taking off the thong, I once again looked over Kate, analyzing every bit of beauty that was my best friends virgin 18yo s****r. As she touched my naked cock under my sweatpants, she let out a sexual moan. After my first shot of cum, Kate moved her head back, as I got it all over her face.

Road Trip

first-time 2018-04-28

sl**py head." said Cassie, my new Step Mom. I just walked upstairs from the basement. Your such a big help." said my Step Mom. Both my Step s****rs giggled as they got in the back of the mini van. Thanks sweetie." said Cassie I turned my head to see my Step Mom struggle to pull her seat belt over her large breast. Crystal moved to get a better look of my cock going in and out of Candy tight pussy. I need some of the big cock before bed." said Crystal. I was going to spend the night in the same room as my Step Mom. I turned the mini van back on and pulled around the back of the motel.

The Throat Trainer

first-time brynnboi 2018-04-28

The first few days were okay, but then I started feeling the need for cock and I talked to Mark and he said if I got with another guy, I would prove to myself that it wasn’t personal with Tom and, “If you never had a gag reflex and there are all of those horny guys out there then you owe it to them to let them do it. I didn't know what I was learning from getting fucked by three men but Tom knows everything and I wanted to complete the training and have him put “A-plus Cocksucker” on my certificate so I just did what he said.

First time with marie 2

first-time bbwlover1931 2018-04-28

So marie just make me cum in her mouth ,i was so fucking happy of my hook , i tell her to come in my room , in the room i start to undress her ,was so excited to see that amazing breast who made me look at her at the bar , finally i can have them in my hand they were so big like 40 dd i can rate about,so i start to kiss them , pinch them at the same time ,than i slowly take off her pants , put my hand between her legs, she was already wet.

My wife’s cousin 3 of 3

first-time kutwijf 2018-04-28

Now as the time; I moved lower down and pulled her shorts down to expose the pussy I had been dreaming of. I lowered my mouth to swallow her entire mound thing and I sucked hard, released dove back and licked her form bottom to top like a k** with an ice lolly. Moving back up, my mouth, lips and tongue slippery with her juice I began to gently kiss her with little pecks. “Now pull it as hard as you can; don’t worry, it will not fall off, and now gently stroke it up and down; excellent.” I said as I closed my eyes wondering just how long I could contain myself.

The Walking Orgasm Ch. 03

first-time Amyfriend 2018-04-28

Just mere seconds later I felt his hard cock spewing his juices between us and providing incredible lubrication that made it feel even better. "Oooooooh god, turn around, let me have your cock in my mouth, quickly." At the same time he was pushing his cock wildly into my mouth and I didn't care as he pumped his cum juices down the back of my throat, I just kept swallowing and swallowing and breathing heavily. Slowly I stopped and in time he softened in my mouth, but I didn't want to release him just yet so I continued sucking on his soft cock for several minutes. I went to bed early that night and dreamt of the day's events and what I may face tomorrow with Ron, which led me to masturbate myself several times during the night.

“Some first date, huh”

first-time 2018-04-28

With a sort of confused look on my face I ask, "if everything is okaaay?” He says, “yeah, um um, I ahh just need to take a minute.” That’s when I noticed he had a pillow over this lap covering his boner. 5 minutes later he puts my back on the couch, hikes up my dress, removes my laced panties, and starts sucking my cock. He then stood and took of his clothes and I start sucking his white cock as I sat on the couch. Once my ass was completely wet I turned around, pushed him back against the couch and hop on his dick and start riding his dick.

"A little fable"

first-time 2018-04-28

I slid my finger into the gap, feeling the pressure of both toes, whilst still rubbing her sole with my other hand. I watched her feet moving on my cock and she let go of them, her hands sneaking back to her pussy. I touched her inner thigh and she moved her legs apart slightly, still keeping my cock firmly gripped between her feet. I moved my hand up, brushing over the light dusting of pubic hair and then, as gently as I could, touched the tip of my index finger against her wet, hard clit. "I'm cumming," I gasped and she scrunched the toes of her right foot and began to play them over my cock head.

Miss Muriel

first-time theoutcast 2018-04-28

The pair went to the kitchen, drank a bottle of root beer each, ate a few cookies and reminisced over their experiences when Muriel actually did baby sit Jackie.. "Can I feel your tits, Muriel," Jackie asked. "I'm peeing on Miss Muriel," Jackie thought silently. As Muriel straddled him, Jackie's penis, flaccid at first,, liked the view and jumped to attention. Muriel didn't have time to adjust her pillow before Jackie was on top of her, instinctively used his knees to spread her legs, slipped his dick quickly into her hole, pumped a couple of times and spilled his third load of the evening into her. "Good Morning, Miss Muriel." Jackie was stark naked.

sexy tutor

first-time madddog1945 2018-04-28

You're old." "I'm not old!" I protested, and she smirked. "What's so hard about that?" "I've always thought you were cute anyway." Have you had any fantasies about me?" Have you had any fantasies about me?" I wondered what those fantasies had been about. When she finally joined me in bed, she said quietly, "Can we wait to do anything until later?" I nodded, and she turned on her side to go to sl**p. I was already hard, but a promise is a promise. I eventually fell asl**p without taking care of it. Her cautious exploration drove me crazy, and it was all I could do to not roll her on her back and take her right then. Pretty soon, she was asl**p again, but I stayed awake to savor her scent and touch.

Skylar and Rose Ch. 01: The Beginning

first-time Zendady 2018-04-28

Both starting their second year at a large university in New Orleans, Skylar and Rose had met when they had been paired as dorm mates their first day on campus the previous year. They were, of course, hit on and propositioned by boys they knew from school, and even some men who frequented the loft, professional types who prided themselves on impressing the college girls with their stable lives and smooth, confident persona. Skylar and Terry had been dating about a month and already felt like they were in love. They left the bonfire and went to her grandfather's barn They began kissing and she could feel her panties becoming soaked as her pussy gushed from her arousal.

bad gurl in town

first-time 2018-04-28

I decided to walk down the street a bit further and found an open 24 hour sex store with booths in the back. I smiled inwardly and picked a booth that was directly across a booth that was occupied and had its door slightly open. I kept my door open and put in a couple tokens. The man in the booth opened his door a little more and peeked his head out. He looked over at me in shock and I smiled back at him. I got up silently and walked over to his booth and opened the door and went in. I left the booth room and walked out of the store with a wicked smile...

Fun With A Young Couple

first-time dclark5 2018-04-28

As he started fucking her, he surprised me when he said to me, "We haven't had sex in a few days as she got over her period yesterday. She said, "I love you and don't want you to be jealous or think it was any more than just some fun and a way to make some money we need". Then she dropped her head down a little and started sucking one of my rock-hard nipples and she reached under one of her legs to lightly tickle my balls. She said that after our sessions, Steve started going down on her because he saw how much she liked it.

Ep. 01 Tramps Like Us

first-time Curse_Of_Undeath 2018-04-28

THE Scott Lister, captain of the Arkham High School football team, asked fatty Rachel Tarunen to the prom. It was at the beginning of his freshman year at Arkham High that the worst of them, Scott Lister, thought it would be funny to trip a chubby girl on her way to class. The rest of the school day went without incident, so Randy thought Scott was only bluffing as always. Randy's friends, or as he called them "Rex Dart's Eyes on the Inside," related to him that Scott threatened everyone into silence, everyone who cared that is. Glancing at the dashboard, Randy said, "Looks like our little roadside chat kinda ate up my gas.

Rose: My First

first-time hjames1950 2018-04-28

"Well, nobody says the bubble bath soak can't be cooler water," she said as she pulled me closer with her left arm wrapped around my shoulders and put her right hand on my leg. Rose looked down at my lap and said, "I think you would like it, maybe a lot," as she let her hand glide up my thigh to the bulge in the crotch of my jeans. "Good," she said, "I knew you'd like it." She turned off the water and reached for a large, natural sponge hanging on a rack midway between the lower faucet and the showerhead.

Sex Shop Fulfilment Ch. 01

first-time richfun 2018-04-28

Sid the dull often walked along the dull street, where the drab first floor flat gave shelter from the grey weather. The shop did not close till 11pm, so one night Sid decided to go down and walk into the shop, maybe just look at books and say hi! "I'm Anna, and you need help baby, she went to the door locked it, and then walked towards Sid. He stood frozen in disbelieve as she pulled open his flies and loosened his hardening cock, already wet with pre cum. Anna came first in blissful cries, his cock christened with her juices, followed by Sid pumping deep inside her.

After School

first-time fotisampini 2018-04-28

Forty minutes later Sonia walked back into Nicholas Vargus' classroom. As Sonia sat down, Nicholas got up and started handing out the empty, save her and Nicholas, Sonia slowly got up and walked her way up "Sonia, I think that paper fell out of your backpack," Nicholas said. Nicholas watched intensively as Sonia picked up the paper and got up and Sonia, slowly moved her hands to lower her skirt and said was fine. "Hi Mr. Vargus," Sonia said and walked up to his desk. With Sonia kissing him back, Nicholas ran his hands up her smooth legs, Nicholas got down, lifted her skirt and moved the panties down her legs, "Good day Ms. Kay," Nicholas said as he pulled up his pants and walked

Jerking off with my Friend's s****r Part 2

first-time 2018-04-28

The last time we jerked off together, I went into my friends house, walked up stairs, heard the sound of that vibrator going and decided to play a trick. I got her good with my first shot of cum right over her shoulder and onto her tits. Her hand moved to my head to push my face harder into her pussy as I flicked her clit with my tongue. I reached my hand up to grab her tits, and thats when she started cumming. I didn't recognize it at the time, but I loved that the porn was paing as I fucked Sam's beautiful tits. I thrust my cock out of the top of her tits, and shot my first string of cum onto her nose and chin.

Doctor visit part 2

first-time 2018-04-28

I could hear her hold her breath while she pinched my dick head with her two fingertips and used her other hand to gently slide up and down the shaft. She had opened her blouse and was squeezing her amazing boobies around my cock while playing gently with her nipples. She had started rubbing my cock again between her boobies but now, each time she pushed down, her mouth was gently kissing my dick head. She pulled up her jacket, leaped onto the bed, guided my dick quickly into her wet pussy and leaned back. She pulled back, got of the bed, gently pushed her boobs back in and straightened her jacket.