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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Back in the day; the hotel handyman.

first-time 2018-04-28

Oh well, we were determined to have a good time but it mostly consisted of sitting in the hotel jacuzzi wondering how we were gonna buy beer and bragging about the girls we supposedly nailed. Well, I hadn't actually sucked a human cock (another story there) so I told him no. He told me that I was gonna be his for the next couple days and that I had to do what he said or he'd tell my friends that I was a cock sucker. He said good enough, and told me to lick up all my cum on the tile. Later that day sitting around in the jacuzzi with my friends, they all wanted to know what luck I had with the little sexy maid.

Friendly neighbor

first-time blsbls123 2018-04-28

I got home and checked out facebook, no reply on one of my comments, but whatever. I told her that was fine, signed off and went on xhamster to jerk off before my wife came home. I got on the floor and opened the cabinet...slowly, until her pants slid down, and i was eye level with her shaved pussy. She went back to sucking and jerking me, gagging and dripping spit on my cock, balls and her floor. She gagged again, tried to pull my cock out but couldnt. I pulled my cock out just in time to be yelled and cursed at. I told her when i come for her next time, we wont be playing any games.

The Interview Ch. 01

first-time arlene548 2018-04-28

A. Well I started, with my first real boyfriend having oral sex at seventeen, but I didn’t get laid until my freshman year in University. After getting there it didn’t take long before I was drinking and my friend and I were our own different way. I guess this guy danced with me and treated me like a lady; he brought me drinks all night while dancing and got me pretty loaded. Like last Friday, I had had really a lot to drink and was with this really cute guy I had been dancing with for about an hour. (Sobbing) I guess they kept on coming, I vaguely remember a lineup, on my back and my legs spread wide for some guys pleasure while he fucked me.

Wild Call of the Moose - Part 5

first-time 2018-04-28

Then Pete spoke up and said, “Well, it’s just frustrating for a man to be alone and then to have some sweet thing like you out here with us and you’re Randall’s daughter and I could never do anything with you, but the thought sure has crossed my mind. I actually didn’t think so, until his soft penis made its way into my anal cavity and as it grew in size, I pushed against him harder and harder until he came again, this time in my ass and he did not pull out when he came, but continued to fuck me well after he came and his dick was soft again. Pete came twice in a row, filling my pussy with more cum than would possibly all fit, so it ran down my legs, like the time he did it in my ass.


first-time 2018-04-28

The guy in the booth next to mine reached over and grabed my ass he squised me, said if I wanted him to eat out my ass I said yeh so I lowered my pants, than my shorts he came into my booth sat on the floor spread my cheeks he started to lick my ass cheeks than he went straight to my ass hole he licked and sucked my hole for a good 10 minutes had me all nice and wet I was so hot my cock was super hard I started to jack myself off.

Suzie's Lessons

first-time BlewWater69 2018-04-28

Janie knew how depressed Suzie was over not having any dates but encouraged her friend that the boys would wake up one of these days and see what they were missing. "My God Suzie, where have you been?" "I thought for sure you would miss the bus," Janie said. "Yes, everyone knows that story, so I am not sure what, but the rumor is she was holding back something and he got tired of it," Janie said. "Suzie, you're a beautiful girl, ya just need to try harder or something," Curt said. "Let me get this right, so you're saying I need to lose weight, wear sexy looking clothes and show my boobs off more and that's it?" Susie said.

First Time Cock Sucking

first-time manard 2018-04-28

My old man said he wanted some body new to suck his cock. Do you know any one who would like to do some cock sucking tonight? Wade will suck your cock he said. Honey Wade`s not k**ding he wants to suck your cock. My cock started getting hard as I watched Alice undo Steve`s pants and pull out his big hard cock. He has had a hard on ever since I told him that you wanted to suck his cock. Fuck yes I want you to suck my cock. Come on suck it I want to see you suck on my husband`s hard cock. Yes that`s it Wade suck that hard cock.

Opening Rachel's Gift

first-time SUGAPLUM81 2018-04-28

It seems as if we’re going to see ourselves some action.” And with that, the three Wise men piled into their truck, binoculars and all, and took off in the direction of Rachel and Bryan. “Jesus Sandy,” she said to herself, “you haven’t been fucked in 3 days.” Without an inhibition, Vixen opened the car door, pulled out her handcuffs, and cuffed Bryan and Rachel together. As they gave eachother a hug goodbye Rachel leaned in and whispered in Bryan’s ear, “ I hope you enjoyed your Christmas gift-it just so happened to be the most precious gift I could give you.” As she walked away, Bryan knew at that moment that he had taken the virginity of this girl, this woman.

A Mathematical Surprise Pt. 01

first-time Boster 2018-04-28

After teasing myself for long enough, just caressing my soft folds and teasing my nipples with pinches and gentle twists, I slowly spread my lips open and began to push a finger straight into my moist opening, which was yet to be inhabited by another, slowly stretching myself, but before I could enter fully... Her skin was delectable and so soft I took her fleshy neck into my mouth and sucked gently, a cascade of moans followed and I felt her move a hand to one of her nipples. However I started to feel mean and with a hand slowly twisting each of her nipples which brought forth yet more moans making me smile as I moved my head in closer for a taste of her juices which I could see trickling out of her moist slit.

The Neighborhood Girls Ch. 02

first-time PoetMaster 2018-04-28

Jenny slid a finger into her pussy and stroked it in and out as she soon found Carmen's clit. Jenny crawled up from her pussy and slowly sucked on her nipples before reaching up and kissing her mouth. Carmen knew her friend was hot and excited so she leaned over behind her and began to massage her tits as Jenny kissed Mike. Carmen began kissing Jenny's neck and holding her tits out for Mike to suck on. Jenny suddenly swung her leg across Mike and began to rub his cock on her wet pussy. Jenny leaned down and took a nipple into her mouth and let her other hand slide down to Carmen's pussy.

shared my wife

first-time roselmaiyot 2018-04-28

Not thinking as she ran the towel over the stain that the motion would cause my friends cock to grow harder, but as she rubbed and tried to dry his wine soaked slacks his cock became even more erect. After a few minutes, I took her hand and placed it on my friends hard cock, she opened the front of the towel and she started rubbing his cock shaft and head. As I watched she began stroking and rubbing them, her thumb caressing over the heads.The motion of her hand caused them both to start dripping cum, which she used to lube each cock stroke by stroke. As I pump into my wife, hands grip my cheeks, pulling them apart, before I can react, a hard cock drives into my tight ass.

A Cherry Is Given

first-time Tarzan1210 2018-04-28

Knowing how much I delight in foreplay, she urged me to kiss my way down her neck to the ends of her brown curls atop her chest. Kayla let out a soft moan of approval and tilted her hips back. She leaned back and gave me a small but loving kiss on the lips and went back to cleaning. I want to feel your cock inside me. I want to feel your cock inside me. She gave a soft moan when I took one of them between my fingers and lightly pinched. Kayla broke the grip I had on her arms and moved to remove all of her clothing as fast as she could. My cock was completely swelling up inside of Kayla's mouth.

Summer of my Dreams

first-time Bakeboss 2018-04-28

That all changed almost as soon as I got there when I saw their new neighbor Eve working on her flower bed as I walked up the path to Grannies door. She asked me if I wanted to help, I blurted out, 'sure' like some kid, and when she told me to take off her panties I hoped she couldn't see my hands shaking. Her bushy pubic hair was dark brown and I remember thinking, 'I knew she wasn't a natural blond.' Once she spread her legs again I forgot all about hair color as I got my first up close look at a real live pussy.

Super Sex with SM #2: Great Girl

first-time petdyke 2018-04-28

MY TRUE SEX STORIES OF STUDENT LONG LASTING LOVE, LATE SEVENTIES First super sex I have as a student going steady with freshman slender sensual sexy Stella Maris. Stella Maris and I discover soon how to prepare properly for some super sex early in the morning. Satisfaction in sexy submission to the elder student she loves, for letting her learn all that love. Stella Maris scares the first time I softly slap her bottom, teasing her sexy snatch by my manhood. She tells me often guys try to get a peek at her when she takes a shower after our wet super sex. Stella Maris and I often shower together, very ecological and sexy as we often do a quickie there.

There is a First Time for Everything

first-time juliebamagirl 2018-04-28

Promptly at seven thirty Dennis pulls up, "Goodbye Mom", Julie is out of the door hurriedly to his car, a souped-up black Pontiac. Julie is surprised when Dennis drove into the drive-in movie, she knew it would be difficult to be a nice girl. Dennis moves his hand very slowly up her inner thigh while Julie is captivated watching the movie. "Dennis, we don't know each other that well," Julie weakly argues while he kisses and massages breasts and rubbing between her inner thighs. Dennis rapidly kisses her neck, her breasts, and her lips, reaching down with his left hand, unbuttoning the button on the side of her shorts, lowering the zipper and Julie is unzipped.

My First Big Cock

first-time Ruth_Smith 2018-04-28

At first I was kind of scared, but my pussy was so wet, and I was so horny, I wanted to see what it would feel like inside of me. He slowly rubbed his cock up and down my wet pussy lips, I could feel my pussy start to spread open as he worked in the big head. I could feel his cock get even harder throbbing inside my pussy, he told me he was gonna cum, he pulled out and came all over my nipples and stomach.I watched as he stroked his cock and sprayed me with a huge load of cum all over my chest, I didn't think it would stop!

Rigid Encounter of the Lewd Kind

first-time spitzharder 2018-04-28

Gently, leaving wet trails, he slid his lips along my rigid tool, slowly easing the end of my dick into his mouth and allowing it to pouch out his cheeks. They in turn moved closer to me, close to my outstretched legs and pushing their cocks toward me, I bent my knees, sliding down the dark guy's slick body as he brought me to the edge of orgasm. He swung his head around and took the end of my dick in his mouth, he sucked gently just keeping it hard as my lips progressed down his cock to bring the tip into my cheek.

Do You Know How To Use That?

first-time cincinnatidan 2018-04-28

Aaron's little brothers liked to hang out with us in the basement so we were all rough housing and some were playing video games. Chrisy told the kids that time was up to head upstairs and said she would get us stuff to take showers. Aaron's mom was on the computer when I walked up and she said "I'll show you where everything is and make sure you know how to turn the water on, the kids are in the other bathroom so you can use the one off of the my bedroom" We headed upstairs and she showed me the towels and asked me to leave the door to the shower open into the bedroom to keep humidity from building up, I could see Jon's OCD coming through in that comment.

Regular guy for a regular cum

first-time tim_likes 2018-04-28

After almost 1 week of emails I sent him an invite letting him know I was going to rent a hotel room and wondered if he wanted to come over watch some porn and jerk off. I sent a few hints to let him know I was kind of interested in doing a little more than just jerking off I didn't get a yeah sure but I got a maybe response. I was stroking him nice and slow and felt his cock flex in my hand then he shot another nice load it went up and fell all over my hand I kept stroking him just getting slower and rubbing his cum all over his rock hard cock.

sex with neighbourhood boy Rahul

first-time 2018-04-28

Rahul is a nice boy and tell me his likes and dislikes, I will give him food. Rahul, shy like a girl, bowing his head, stood still when his mother told him that Neha akka will give you food and you should help her with the market purchases etc. Rahul came back from the bus station and went inside his house. I asked Rahul what about his lunch he said he will come back at 1 pm and may not go to the college in the afternoon. Mohan came in the evening and I asked Rahul to go with him to the airport and see him off. He came shyly and I pulled his lungy apart and took out his cock.

Younger s****r's crush on me

first-time Teroryzer 2018-04-28

"Mmmm yes sweetheart, I'll be sexy for you darling," Sally replied, her hand now dancing around on his cock, thrilling him with her actions; stirring his second orgasm into action, "Do you want me to make you cum again?" Chris knew the signs and reached his hands up to clasp his mother's hips; to hold her in place on his driving cock as she lost her ability to control her movements; his penis plunging into her body time after time. "Mmmmm yes darling, that'll be lovely," said Sally as she lifted her body off his, Chris's slimy penis flopping from her wet hole. Panting hard, Chris felt his body at work, uncontrollably pulsating inside her as torrents of cum flooded into his mother's hole, her vagina and even into her very womb.

My First Boy Friend

first-time isra123 2018-04-27

Once at a sleep-over at Susie’s house we began to talk about boys and how we did not like them and Susie said that she had to tell me a secret. Susie rolled over onto me and I felt her hard little breasts press against mine and my nipples hardened, she kissed me tenderly and said, “My brother is very effeminate and sweet and gentle like a girl and he likes to kiss and tickle my pussy till I squirt my sweet juices onto his fingers!” Susie was too excited to last long, her brother had 2 fingers sliding in and out of her wet pussy and his lips were sucking hard on her exposed erect clit.


first-time hondo1906 2018-04-27

We ended up with him and his three friends, Butch, Foster and Dave, sitting at our table and taking it in turns to dance with Heather. They all went off to have a piss before leaving and Heather leant over to me and said that she was going to the loo as well and smiled. She was sitting in the middle on John's lap with her hands resting in the laps of Butch and Dave. By this stage Heather was sitting on John's prick and leaning forward sucking Dave's cock while Butch was fondling her arse. I guess these guys had been at sea for a while because as soon as Foster and Butch finished, John and Dave started again.

How I lost my virginity

first-time lancsman1958 2018-04-27

I kept thrusting into her as she asked although it was getting difficult as it felt as if she was trying to push me out of her from the inside till I felt something give & she seemed to open up with what felt like fingers tickling & squeezing my knob-end which in turn made me tense up & shoot my spunk deep inside her. For Gods sake, come on!" Along with lots of other comments till it all descended into whispers saying something like, "I'm not surprised, listening to them." Then some other stuff we couldn't hear but which I was to find out about later. "Thank fuck for that!" Come on, I'm bl**dy freezing!" Said Elaine while, bizarrely I thought, licking her fingers.