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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

New Year's Eve 1959

first-time kalodin 2018-04-27

Over the Christmas holidays the Kazmarek household became even more frantic than usual when Liz, sans husband but with children, arrived for a reunion with her sister. On the last day of 1959 Connie called and said I should join them for New Year's celebration. The two women spoke and after hanging up my Aunt said to me, "Well alright but be home by midnight." Connie told her she would put me up on the living room couch and my Aunt reluctantly agreed it would be better that I not try to make it home through the storm. "Here now," Liz said turning to Connie, "You've got this lovely lad, this handsome young man coming around, sniffing after your matronly secrets and you've not shown him about snogging?

Her 1st BBC client (part 1)

first-time 2018-04-27

she poured more oil into her hands , and began to lightly touch the inside of the black man's thighs. Once again pouring a little more oil in her hands,she began to massage the top of his inner thigh,but this time she was sliding her hands up, rubbing his fat black balls frequently. Now the black bull was really arching his midsection up, lifting it off the table as, Beth's oily white hands, massage and tickled his jewels. Beth slides her hands down, and wraps her tiny little white fingers around hard throbbing BBC. She's loving the sight of her small soft , white hands sliding back and forth on the extremely hard black cock.

The Challenge Ch. 01

first-time MemberX 2018-04-27

"Okay, fine," she said, "don't get angry." She got up to put away the lemonade pitcher, and made a point of glancing down at my crotch as she passed by me. I really was curious what she had in mind by this point, but I was convinced I could pass the test: what she didn't know was that my bathing suit was still damp, and dick in a cool, damp, baggy swimsuit tends to be too uncomfortable to get many ideas on its own. No girl had ever seen my dick before, of course, and I was a little embarrassed that the cold, damp suit had left it looking rather shriveled; but then Mindy let her bathing suit top drop to the floor and I got to see my first "live" pair of breasts, and it became erect in a matter of seconds.

Motorcycle Story

first-time HWife1968 2018-04-27

And there you waited, in the dark, legs spread wide, bent forward over the hood, your left hand buried beneath you, fingers deep in your pussy, playing. You hear a shuffling behind you and you finally feel a warm leg press up against your ass, as a hand reaches up and pressing you against your car hood trapping your own hand hard against your pussy. FUCK me!!!” As you give yourself over to this stranger in a motorcycle helmet, you think to yourself “oh my god…” Your mind is a whirl, your thoughts are everywhere, your clit is still throbbing wildly, so hard you just don’t think you can take it any longer, your pussy has never ached in this way before, this is mad !!

Milking My Aunt

first-time 2018-04-27

My mom objected at first and then said, "Oh I guess it will be all right." With that, aunt Laura undid her blouse, and exposed two of the biggest, most beautiful tits that a young man would ever want to lay eyes on. Soon the baby was asl**p and done feeding, and aunt Laura put the baby down and then looked over at me and said "If you don't tell your mom, I'll let you have a taste. I can keep a secret." A few more minutes went by as we talked some more and I thanked her for letting me taste her milk and told her that sucking her tits was the neatest thing that had ever happened to me in my entire life.

Summer Camp Love

first-time primipatchouli 2018-04-27

Every time Lydia's footing faltered, Forrest would put is arm around her and those frisky butterflies would rush to all her tendrils and most enjoyably to her intimate hideaway tucked away in her camp shorts. Once at the dock, they climbed up the high diving board tower ladder, Lydia first with Forrest close behind making sure she didn't fall by placing his arms on the railing on either side of her. She was quiet for some time until Forrest moved his hand higher on her thighs and finally discovered that she had soaked through her shorts, this caused him to bury his face under her long dark hair and into her neck covering her with shameless kisses.

mom becomes my sex teacher

first-time savita009 2018-04-27

I looked up at my mom with an enormous grin on my face, and she smiled back at me, and without needing instruction from her, I instinctively started rocking my body back and forth so her wet vagina would slide up and down around my cock, giving me the most wonderful feelings I had ever felt. “Of course” she said and without hesitation I started humping away into my mom's warm pussy, but this time my orgasm didn't come for a long time, so I really got to enjoy the feeling of my mom's pussy around my young cock, and the longer I went the wetter it was getting inside her which improved the sensations.


Holly Willoughby

first-time rightytightylefty 2018-04-27

I then quickly put on the new dress and turned awaiting judgement, holly said “wow you look amazing in that one, I blushed and thanked her she then gave me a glass of wine . She came so quick around my fingers I then pulled them out and put them straight in m mouth to experience my first taste of another woman's pussy, she said “since you have tasted me I guess I should taste you” I smiled at her and took off my knickers, I led down on the sofa and she followed by dropping to her knees in-between my legs she began lapping at my clit and pussy, it felt amazing better than I had ever felt before. Now every time I see or wear that dress in my house my clit gets that same tingle that it had the time I met and fucked my fantasy woman, Holly Willoughby.

The Absence Ch. 04

first-time misterwho 2018-04-27

"I need to be fucked!" said Seema, finding it more comfortable to say this than to say she wanted Lokesh's cock. Laxmi held the young girls head to her breast and placing one hand on Lokesh's small of back encouraged him to push forward and in. For a moment, Seema forgot all about why she had felt the need for a man as she enjoyed fully the experience of a woman, warm, supple, understanding, comforting, erotic, pleasurable, satisfying.... She needed her hand on Seema's face so she quickly leveled her hand with Lokesh's eyes and indicted with a small gap between her fingers that the fucking had to be shallow.


History 231 Ch. 03

first-time romantagirl 2018-04-27

I found the room sooner than I thought and sighed as I sat down in the hallway to wait for the class in there to let out. I smiled and whispered close to his ear, "Hey, this is the first time we've actually done it on a bed." I slipped out my tongue and took his earlobe into my mouth and swirled that sexy ear ring around with my tongue before releasing it. He pulled back and put his lips close to my ear where he whispered "What do you want?" his breath was soft and warm against my ear. By this time I was in an almost dream-like state and I sighed as I ran my hands over his back as he tasted my body once again.

Pay Back

first-time 2018-04-27

She was right in the middle of her float, when Big Solly said softly, "Baby, I got somebody here who wants to fuck and suck the president's wife, be a good girl and spread your legs." "Sure, Solly," she said dreamily, "anything you say, lover." She was half out of it, but she offered no resistance when a short blonde woman slid her mouth onto Jennifer's hairy cunt and slowly began tonguing her open crack.

Emma Cums to London Ch. 03

first-time catchercradle 2018-04-27

Paranoid that the smell of her sex would let Ellie guess what she had been doing should she wake, Emma took out the lemon scented wet cloth she hadn't used after the meal and washed her cunt. Ellie took this opportunity to roll her own eyes, though this fact was completely lost on Emma and Adam. Emma pulled her bottom hand out from under Adam's body and with an urgency she had not felt before started frigging furiously on her clit. When she came Adam was unable to hold back any longer, not that he wanted to and his own orgasm brought with it his own shouts to join with Emma's screams of pleasure.


Virgin Stories Ch. 02

first-time SilverShade 2018-04-27

Amanda liked Jennifer, but the girl was so clueless about people. Amanda liked people who could understand her jokes, watched the news and didn't just blindly follow when someone gave orders. Then again, Amanda knew that from Jen's point of view things were just normal. From Jen's point of view a guy like Danyel was normal. Amanda made sure he spent as little time at his home as possible, and her parents didn't mind having him over. "I don't have ANYTHING to wear tonight!" Vanessa continued. 'I'm so talking to mom about her ways', Amanda decided. Sexy?" Vanessa continued to talk at a speed that would make a Ferrari blush, so Amanda just stopped listening and gave her a calm-down-silly look.

Our 1st exposing time together

first-time er14424 2018-04-27

There were times that Jay pulled his hand out as the movie was a good one that we both wanted to see. Jay said he could see just a little bit of hair under the table, and from where that guy was, he could too. My pussy started getting wet, I was enjoying this guy looking up my skirt. I was getting very suprised that this guys wife or girlfriend didn't notice him looking up my skirt. I told Jay I wanted to give him a better look, so I went to the restroom. I got so turned on with that guy looking at my cunt, and seeing the bulge he got from looking at me that I came all over the place while I sucked Jay's cock.

In Reverse Pt. 01

first-time Kimtacular 2018-04-26

I wasn't sure about Laura, but I felt like I was just poisoned enough to feel lightheaded and completely joyous without any trace of nausea. fool around." Laura took the time to giggle and reach for her shot glass, but she stopped, hissed at herself, and muttered something about drinking afterwards. "Portia asked me if I liked Lars being there, and I said I kind of did. I mean, I always knew throughout high school that she went to parties and sometimes got into things kids our age weren't supposed to, but I thought for the most part that she and I were relatively similar when it came to sexual stuff.

Those Soapy Executive Massages for Men

first-time lovearub 2018-04-26

Suit and tie, wearing glasses and looking slightly surprised at the sight of a "Gaijin" (foreigner.) I entered and in my splintered Japanese asked if I could get a massage ("massaji.") The clerk smiled, nodded and stood up, pointing to the price list on the wall and opening a book of photos for me. He began at my feet, making certain that he caressed the inside of my legs and crotch, eventually encouraging me to lift my ass so he could grab my cock with both hands and cover it with soap. I laid there and moaned, enjoying this beyond belief until I could not take it any more and grabbed his body, lifting my face to go up into his ass, spreading those muscled cheeks to get my tongue deep into the incredible hole.


first-time SECRETPHATBABY72 2018-04-26


Finally Ready

first-time ngjturner 2018-04-26

Nichole grasped Darius' large hand and placed it on her breast, needing no more words to express her feelings. He kissed her slowly and rubbed her back with one hand while the other grazed down her ribs and cupped her ass, tilting her hips so she could feel the full length of his hot throbbing erection. Nichole's pants and gasps turned into low moans when he sucked her icy nipples back into his mouth, the heat of his tongue feeling like fire. Darius knew she would feel pain this first time and wanted to make sure he didn't hurt her any more than necessary. Her pleasure was building higher and when she was just about to climax he removed his hand and pressed the engorged head of his aching penis against her dripping wet opening.

Help with Biology Homework Part Three (Finale)

first-time Sexyteendude4u 2018-04-26

This will be the shortest chapter, but it will end it.) The school day went normally, except for one thing, I couldn’t find Jessica anywhere! Then I got the biggest shocker of my entire life, Jessica XXX was not a student at our school, in fact, they had no records that she even existed! We walked by the old house that at one point I thought belonged to Jessica and her f****y until I found out she never existed. What I saw was not only Jessica, but a young girl who looked a lot like both me and Jessica, and Jessica was exactly how she looked that day when I lost my virginity.

Discovery Ch. 01

first-time yesitisbig 2018-04-26

She came in and said she wanted to let me know again how sorry she was for what happened and then she said, "can I ask you a question?" She started laughing and said it was ok, that she just wanted me to know that I had nothing to be ashamed of. "Do you want to see what panties I'm wearing now?" the Teacher asked. She stood there before me completely naked and asked if I liked what I saw, to which I could again only say yes. I was sitting there in a daze when she handed me a pair of her panties and said she'd been wearing them before she came into the room.

widow and a young pastor cross a line in counselin

first-time XXXNoBounds 2018-04-26

Of course, she said, 'He didn't have to do that,' but tomorrow she'll appreciate it." Jim collapsed into Andy's arms, softly sobbing, "He was a good dad." The process took a long time, and, in fact, Andy felt that if a person claimed to have come to accept the death too soon, it would come back to haunt her later, and make it harder to finally deal with. Kelly took all of this in, and one day she said, "You know that makes a lot more sense than the crap I heard all my life. Maybe it was the slight catch in his voice or his failure to make eye contact, but Kelly looked at him for a long time and finally said, with more than a hint of sarcasm, "Right."


first-time Jack_Samuel 2018-04-26

Evan himself was a young man still at university and so made his way over to the distribution area to start planting the new trees they had brought. "Well, Evan thanks for a lovely lunch but it looks like we have work to do," she sighed. "Yeah, it's a good cause tho, right?" Evan said rising, gallantly offering his hand to help her up. Evan tried to keep his concentration on the work but whenever he stopped he found his eye picking out the trim form of Abbey. He saw a smile cross her lips as Abbey walked up and took his hand. "Not sure yet, hopefully the beginning of something special," Evan replied as he popped the cork and passed Abbey the bottle.


first-time Turbidus 2018-04-26

"Not hard," I whispered, my eyes fixed to the hand resting atop her breast, "soft". I moved my hand and pressed my lips where I imagined her nipple to be, hidden beneath her shirt and bra. I remember having a hard time processing the sight of her hands tugging her own tee shirt over her head. She pulled her right leg to her chest, passing it in front my chest and face and pushed it between my body and the back of the couch. Her hands clutched at my shoulders and then pulled and pushed at my head, but I ignore her nipples. I pressed my hand against her left breast, trapping her nipple in the space between my splayed thumb and index finger.

My Sissy Beginning

first-time LynLorre 2018-04-26

As i got older,threw my teens and twenties I always tried on my girlfriends panties,my cock would get so hard from the look and feel.I would always curious about what it would be like being with another man,while i was wearing cute girly cloths.Well..that day came when i was 23 years old.I thought it was going to be a typical day.Before i left for work i decided to grab a black lace thong that i kept from my ex girlfriend,stuffed it in my jacket and off to work i went.