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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Babs' First Nude Beach

first-time 2018-04-26

I told her that I would be happy to buy her a new bikini like those we saw on the beach and she looked at me in astonishment. After a couple of guys made an obvious effort to walk close and take in her beauty, Babs leaned up on her elbows and asked why everyone was looking at her. I asked her why she covered up and she said she couldn’t let anyone really see her tits, could she and I told her why else would people come to a nude beach. We laid there naked for another 15 minutes when I thought about pressing my luck one more time and asked her if she wanted to walk the beach.

The Saturday Girl Ch. 02

first-time rogerbig 2018-04-26

I clasped my hands behind his neck as our kissing intensified, and felt his hard cock rubbing up the front of my dress. Tony span me round and removed one hand from me while the other went between my legs and started rubbing along my wet slit. In one final slick movement Tony spun me round to face the dance-floor, retrieved the torn panties from his jacket pocket and tossed them to his hollering pop-eyed friends. Mick continued to wind his fingers through my hair and his other hand came up around my waist, rubbing up and along my flat tummy. Eventually I moved my arm so my hand could slide under his dressing gown, and I started to stroke around his lower body, but still avoiding direct contact with his cock.

My Training Begins Pegged

first-time 425olds 2018-04-26

She wrapped her lips around my cock and sucked her juices from it as her right hand stroked my wet shaft. "Close your eyes baby," Tina said as she guided her cock to my lips. I started to gag and Tina pulled back until just the wet saliva coated head remained in my mouth. "You suck a good dick," she praised as she pulled her cock out of my mouth. Sucking a fake cock was one thing but my ass had never had more than a small woman's finger inside it. Tina started fingering my virgin ass and I liked it. She held my hips and pounded her big hard cock into my quivering asshole and I begged her to fuck me harder.

How I Got the Name Laserdick

first-time laserdick 2018-04-26

Once I was at the foul line shooting a one and one and just as I was ready to shoot, a big dumb ox yelled, "Hey Dick, ya got a Trojan on the hosen?" People were laughing so hard the coach called time out. Standing in front of Becky nude but with a limp dick, I showed her my digital camera and said, "Rather than sketching, you can take as many pictures of me with or without a hard-on but you have to be completely nude as well." It seemed like a fair deal and no big deal. First you have to lick my dick to be sure it stands up like you want and second, you have to lay down and spread your legs so I can get a shot of your pussy." She blushed beet red.

Sweet Child 'O Mine Ch. 02

first-time SamTaylor 2018-04-26

"You know, for someone who looks quite smart and intelligent, you sure do ask a bunch of dumb questions," she said quietly, picking up her cup of coffee on the right hand of her book, neatly nestled on a coaster I clearly remember never picking out when I went shopping with Steve for knick-knacks for the cafe'. Now sit down opposite me, look me in the eyes and crack the best joke you can to cover the three point spread," she said to me, her voice giving away a hint of request in the statement. You happen to be the only person other than Steve and the wait staff that I have interacted with at this cafe', sorry if I came off too strong." She said, lowering her gaze for the first time since we began talking.


The Librarian's Wish

first-time sexylass74 2018-04-26

And before she could stop herself, her body began to shake and groans spilled out of her mouth as she creamed her jeans. The chestnut haired guy released her mouth and she could fell that her lips were swollen. She looked down to watch with fascination as the other guy, she noticed had very blond hair, sucked her nipples until they were hard. The blond, knowingly unbuttoned his jeans and released his huge dick. The blond knelt before her and spread her legs apart and slipped two fingers inside her wet pussy. Just as she came again, the blond stood up and slammed his cock into her dripping cunt. Their bodies jerked as the guys came inside her at the same time.

happy new year momy

first-time stif266 2018-04-26

It's early in July when Robbie and I start to look at the advertising in the local paper, speculating about what we would like for Christmas. I really didn't expect an answer but I dream about all that money and what a wonderful Christmas I could have with mom and Robbie. Robbie leans over and I can feel his hand gently touch my luv lips. When I get home from school the next day I have to suck Robbie's thumb as soon as I get in the door. He soon starts to moan and his body movements give him the maximum enjoyment as he pumps his thumb deep in my mouth and the reverse movement moves my finger deep in his asshole.

I meet you at the door to the hotel room

first-time joystix 2018-04-26

I fall to the bed and pull the top of your dress down, your magnificent breasts pop out to greet me, nipples rock hard, your tits heavy and aching for my touch. I cup one breast in my hand and put my mouth over your erect nipple, my tongue licking around its base then suck hard. We both gasp hold the position as we look into each others eyes then move, up and down, slowly at first then quickly as the lust takes over, we fuck and fuck hard, screaming, we kiss each other with a fever as we continue our bodies just one fucking machine as you ride me.

Physical Therapy

first-time The_Tin_Man 2018-04-26

Susan quickly became a good friend, but things were moving pretty slowly with Joy. We were good friends too, but we were supposed to be dating, and the romantic part was going very slowly. I looked at Joy, she sort of shrugged and said, "This is a one-time thing, okay?" So Joy tried to outdo her sister, kissing me a little too hard as her hands on my ass pulled me against her, my throbbing erection grinding against her flimsy bikini bottom. C'mon, let him see you." Susan pulled Joy's hands away from her boobs. "And just how would you know that, little sister?!" Joy's eyes darted from Susan's to mine and back.

American In Paris

first-time asterix8888 2018-04-26

I went into my room, took my clothes off, wrapped the towel around me, and handed her my clothes between the small opening of the door. I was a little shy to just open the door all of the way, because I am extremely shy around women. Sophie kept massaging and slowly worked her way up my leg. Her little mouth was expertly working its way up and down my cock. I finally let go of her lips and worked my way down her neck and shoulder with small kisses. As I did this my other hand worked its way down her pajama bottoms waistline and I felt my first pussy.


first-time deannathegeek 2018-04-26

My younger brother snuck into the room with his camera and took pictures of Billy wearing heavy eye shadow, blush, lipstick, and mascara (I lack the two-hour primping-and-prodding gene). I whipped off my shirt and bra, Billy doing the same, and we crushed our bare chests together as we wrapped our arms around each other and kissed as though the moment might end too soon. Billy came to Texas to live with me and my children, but I was still having a hard time coping with my BPD. Being mentally ill not only hurt me but it hurt the person I loved most in my life-my best friend, my Billy-and no amount of therapy will ever bring him back.

Sand and Sea and Sky

first-time Munachi 2018-04-26

And only then, as Michael's movements grew slower and stopped, as he rested the weight of his body on me again, only then did I open my eyes again and, for the first time, saw the night sky above me, covered in a multitude of diamond stars. Dreams of fire and smoke and someone screaming my name woke me up every night and the heat I felt during my sleep made me tremble yet more in the cold of the early morning hours. The day will come when my body will sink into the sand, as it does every night, just when the sun disappears into the sea -- but in the night, no cold will wake me.

Our New Neighbor had No Blinds

first-time MisterNatural 2018-04-26

Dexter likes hair, don't you?" Mrs. Goode asked me as she lowered her arm to lift up her dress again, showing me that while she might have shaved under her arms the razor hadn't touched her pussy. "Now to get this big fellow primed again," Mrs. Goode said as she straightened and looked at what she was wiggling, a dick that when soft was no 'big fellow' but more like a peanut, but she didn't care and started to climb over me. "Time to learn then," Audrey said as her pale legs straddled my head, and as I looked up at the furry delta an eclipse of sorts began as Mrs. Goode lowered herself towards my face while I felt my dick go into a very wet and warm place and begin to be sucked on hard.


My First Love

first-time Shy_girl24 2018-04-26

“Your so beautiful Tara, I love you so much,” With only the towel wrapped around me he took my hand and led me to the bedroom. His finger then slowly touched the outside of my pussy, I moaned with pleasure my backside moved upwards wanting more. After a few moments his groans got louder and he started to go a bit faster, his lips touched mine and then went to my breasts, I could feel another orgasm going to come again. “TJ, I moaned in his ear,” He groaned louder and knew he was about to cum also and with another long and hard thrust, I felt him cum inside of me.

Better Than Before: Charlie & Mike

first-time juanwildone 2018-04-26

Mike glanced up at the girls face, "Charlie invited me over to swim," and back at her breasts. You knew how much I wanted to go…I even asked you to take me…you thought I was joking." Charlene saw the look on Michael's face and knew she was right. This is fine." Charlie's knees were still bent and Mike couldn't help but look at the junction between her legs. Mike kept working Charlie's knee and stretching out her thigh - the wet spot was growing larger. "What am I supposed to do about that?" Michael wanted to think that Charlie felt the same way about him as he felt about her – how could it be though?

The Bridesmaid and the Bagpiper

first-time DaddysTisha 2018-04-26

I want to hold your head in my hands and watch you suck me until I explode deep into your throat." I was a little shocked at hearing such rude language from a man I had just met. "I have been thinking all night what a pretty mouth you have and wondered what it would feel like to fuck that sweet face of yours." The vulgarity of his words and the harshness in his deep voice excited me. I looked up at him smiling worshiping him with my eyes as I reached out with my tongue and gently swirled it around the head of his cock. "Come on now stop fucking with me and suck." He growled and grabbing my head in both hands he forced his cock deep into my moth.

s****r tricked to suck b*o's dick at a party

first-time dtstevens 2018-04-26

She looked me in the face and told me "I'm going to give the best blowjob you've ever had, little b*o. You're going to shoot your cum for your big s****r." Her dirty talk was making me horny and I started to feel incredibly good. I felt the cum rising in my balls and she put the head back in her mouth and started jerking me very fast up and down. The girls started chastising their guys for not cumming soon enough, the guys replying that the blowjobs should have been better. She looked so pretty covered in my cum, wearing the crown she so eagerly earned, and with a big grin on her face.


first-time qudduse 2018-04-26

It looked nice and smooth {You know, like a dick} and after all my efforts to confirm what I thought I’d seen more than 2 years earlier, I could now see that in fact, it had not been my imagination. I think he was doing the same thing I was doing… He was confirming that this incredible pleasure was indeed being dispensed… …by his Mom, just as I was visually verifying that it was Brian, my son, who’s meaty dick I actually had in my hand. I felt Brian push up into me and after a minute or so of almost ‘Deep-throating’ my son, I let it slide out of my mouth and began licking it, kissing it all over and licking the cum off his slippery balls as well as I smeared the cum all over my face with the tip of his dick.

Anniversary Surprise

first-time hypnoeros 2018-04-26

The anticipation of the evening is growing and your cock is even getting harder especially with the thought of fucking your wife’s friends. You keep thrusting into the pillow trying not to cum as your thoughts keep wandering to your cock thrusting deep inside your wife’s hot friends. I start to stroke myself again knowing that I am getting closer to getting to feel my wife’s friend’s boobs and stick my cock deep inside her warm pussy. The anticipation in my cock grew even more as I thought I was going to get to feel her breasts or maybe even get to stick my finger in her warm, tight pussy. My wife then says “I am getting close to cumming, please stick that big hard dildo back inside my pussy.

90210 Donna Stays Over

first-time XXXNoBounds 2018-04-26

Donna moans, and Kelly feels her forehead. Kelly pulls down Donna's white Kelly rubs Donna's back, resulting in moans of pleasure Donna rolls over to face her friend over and says, Kelly sees Donna's bare, blonde cunt, right in front of Kelly thinks for a second, then climbs on top of Donna Kelly reaches down and starts playing with Donna's clit. Kelly gently licks Donna's clit, causes her to moan with Donna reaches down and presses Kelly's face friend's clit as she sticks her finger in her ass at the Kelly swallows all her friend's cunt juices. Donna pulls her friend on top of her and Donna's chest and starts sucking on her nipples. Cum leaks from Kelly's cunt onto Donna's thigh.

Life Is Just Wanna Live This Fantasy with me

first-time 2018-04-26

We will make out very passionately in the hallway not knowing if there are any cameras or not, and not caring either Next I'll gently but with slight f***e Pin you up against the wall, and hold both of your hands with one of mine as a I grope fondle and explore the rest of your luscious body, grabbing that tight ass of yours and slipping my finger into your tight Pussy from behind Wile I grab your tits and pinch your nipples then whisper nasty filthy things that I'M going to do to you. I'll lick your inner thighs clean of the sweet juice, that flows from Between your legs, as my tongue arrives and begins exploring your sweet wet Pussy lips.

3rd Party Fun

first-time livluvlust347 2018-04-26

I smile, "Well you weren't completely wrong but I guess I'm feeling a little daring tonight." I look again at Zach and the look in his eye is mesmerizing, it's the same look he gives me before he pounds me with his cock. I feel jolts of electricity from each of his fingertips shooting their way through my body heating my core and making me squeeze my legs together as my clit starts to throb. Zach quickly pushes my hand away, pulls up his zipper and whispers to me, "I need to cum in you." He grabs my hand and before I even register what's going on he is pulling me through the crowd and to the back of the bar.

First time going gay

first-time 2018-04-26

Jean-Claude drove me around San Diego, helping me explore potential places to live in. I brought my open mouth to his cock and slowly began to swallow Jean-Claude. I think I could fall in love with a man like Jean-Claude. We were sitting in the large den when I said, "Look guys, I've got something kind of important to tell all of you." Conversations quieted, and eyes were turned my way. Later, one of my closer friends cornered me and said, "How about your folks, going to tell them?" I'd thought on that same issue for sometime, finally deciding that even though I knew it might hurt them, I would again have to be honest.

My German friends mum

first-time johnluvsjapgirls 2018-04-26

“Just great mate, just great I reckon, in fact I have been so close to asking you how you feel about sucking a cock now and then, If we do this with Mum we could try those other things hey?” he said a smile spread across his face. Lets have some fun b*o” I smiled as I sunk my face between her legs and took as much of that pussy I could into my mouth, and started sucking like a crazy man, running my tongue up and down the length of her cunt bottom to top, forcing my tongue into her hole as I slipped by, then at the top of her pussy pausing for a while to suck and flick on that clitty.