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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


first-time morelead 2018-04-25

Dave grabbed a taxi and asked the driver for advice. Several girls came down the stairs and walked up to the stage and began to dance. Since Dave was the only gringo in the whole place the waiter asked if there was anything he liked. The waiter motioned to her and she got down, went to Dave's table and began to dance right over his head. A full view of that hard ass and tight pussy was too much. She disappeared into the club, probably for a shower, and that was the last Dave ever saw of her. He went back to his hotel and his wife asked what the hell took so long.

Submissive S!sters #1: Louise-3

first-time petdyke 2018-04-25

Louise is in mood of sufficient submissiveness to offer Professor Peter her sweet s!ster as sex slave! Louise is loving to perform for Professor Peter the serious sexy exhibition to impress her shy s!ster Louise is loving to let Peter and her sweet s!ster know how much she longs now to be his sexy slave! Louise feels how her hot Professor Peter's manipulates her by spanks and caresses into awesome coming Louise feels how hot her Professor got her, as she looks up with a shy sexy smile to Anne her s!ster Louise is offering a sexy sight to her horny sexy s!ster, as Professor Peter pounds her hot hole hard


first-time Marveldick2 2018-04-25

one of the guys got so fucked up he was giving everyone blow I also remember setting on a guys lap with his cock in my ass I remember giving a B.J. to a short fat guy and his two friends, the Indians house where two Bi-guys and a girl lived. being in a really big old house with a guy that lived there. but I didn't remember any of the sex stuff happening there so they got me high and took turns fucking me on a old pussy and I think I'd like having sex with a guy about as much as I like having sex with a sexy lady...go figure...These few guys and we got trashed, I passed out on the couch face down.

camping trip

first-time 2018-04-25

Don said he was ready for another beer, reached in the cooler next to him grabbed a beer and stood up to hand one to me and that cock I was trying to peek at fell out and was a nice 8 inches of semi hard uncut thick beauty, my eyes were riveted on his man meat nothing was said as I reached out and took his cock in my hand and slid my hand forward to pull that wonderful foreskin over the purple head that was peeking out from his shorts just moments ago. I pulled my dripping cock out of its foreskin blanket and I bent over and began to lick my cum off his cock and suck and stroke that meat missile like My life depended on it...I mean I thought I NEED HIM TO CUM IN MY MOUTH!

The Dream Machine Ch. 03

first-time AveryTomDeaconHarry 2018-04-25

I could feel the heat coming from her moist pussy so I decided I would get this little girl to deepthroat my cock next week but for now I told her to bend over, resting her head and shoulders on the edge of the desk for support. I positioned myself behind the petite girl, leaned forwards and reached round her to hold her breasts and squeeze her nipples while I stroked the head of my huge cock between her legs along the lips of her pussy. Then she took her hands away from my cock, put them on my hips and began moving her mouth all the way up and down the shaft, taking the head of my cock deep into her throat and then withdrawing.

The Hero

first-time ainu2 2018-04-25

She grabbed me tight again and said, "Okay, just don't leave me." I pushed her off a little and took her hand and started leading her. We both got naked pretty quick, her even faster than me, I was looking at her perfect body, full breasts with her nipples seeming to look at me like eyeballs, gorgeous legs, hair at the top of her legs -- blond but a little darker than the hair on her head. "She looked down and said, "Don't stop, this is the greatest feeling ever." I knew I hit her clit when she made a little yell in the midst of her moans.

My Mom and I

first-time 2018-04-25

She looked over and put her hand on my thigh “You ok sweetie?” I smiled nervously and said “Yeh, just can’t wait till the zoo”, she smiled whilst rubbing my leg “Aww, we’ll be there soon” and gave me a kiss on my long cheek. I then sprayed the entire wall with Hot steamy Cum. “Wow that is a lot!” She said with a little giggle “It always better when someone does it for you” She smiled and cleaned my cock up with another tissue, and pulled my pants up. “Thank you, dear” She said after she’d finished cleaning the cum out of her eyes, She gave a final suck on my dick to claim any remains of it inside “See you in the morning, good night” She winked at me, smiled and left.

Sweet Dream

first-time whitewolves 03 2018-04-25

Sara knew that his next class began in two hours. It was weird, she thought, that every time she started thinking about, Mr. Cuevas she would automatically fantasize about having his cock inside her. Sara could feel his hard dick pressed against her petite body. Cuevas moved his hand further down, until he could feel Sara’s wet pussy. Cuevas watched on as she placed his cock in her small mouth. “Fuck me, I want to feel your lips around my small pussy,” she said. Sara bent her knees and began to feel his tongue around her pussy. Cuevas slowly penetrated his index and middle finger into Sara’s pussy. Cuevas slowly pushed his dick into her small wet pussy.

I Thought We Were More Ch. 14

first-time DrElectrogasm 2018-04-25

As she continued to work the vibrator up and down the place where the lips of her pussy came together she slid her other hand up and down the shaft of Jacob's cock. Lastly the two men picked up Miss Molly and set her in a sitting position on the end of the platform facing away from Jacob and the booth. The actress known as Miss Mary grasped Jacob's slickened penis and maneuvered him to where the head of his cock pressed ever so slightly against the labia of the actress known as Miss Molly. The projector on the left showed a top down shot of Miss Molly's outer and inner labia split wide open around Jacob's penis.

A Desire Reawakened

first-time XXXNoBounds 2018-04-25

"I think I may have found my dream girl," I said a little teasingly, before I held her close to me, touching her face and kissed her, exploring Katie's mouth with my tongue. I clenched my ass and the head of my cock slipped inside Katie's tight cunt and I leaned down to kiss her. Soon, when my cock was fully erect, Katie and I started fucking again, my dick making squelching noises when it slid into Katie's cum-filled pussy. Katie being pregnant or not, our sex life hadn't slowed down since the first night we'd spent in bed together and we still manage to get in some hot loving seven nights a week despite our now-busy lives.

Jeffrey's First Time

first-time Anschul 2018-04-25

He thought often about their bodies—what they would look like with no clothes on, how it would feel to touch them, to stroke their breasts, to run his hands up and down their legs. He imagined that he was gently squeezing the breasts—in the fantasy the girls had no faces, only breasts—and playing with the nipples, as if they were overripe fruit. Uncle Sid once told Jeffrey that fucking a girl felt like sticking his cock into an extremely overripe banana (think soft, soft flesh that resisted a little, then gave way, inside a tough banana skin). She wasn't a tight, young high-school girl, she didn't look much like the girls he saw at the beach.

The Honeymoon Ch. 04

first-time CWatson 2018-04-25

When his hand reached it, she gave over her pursuit of his erection and let him work--his fingers gentle, massaging the skin of her underside, sliding in between her lips, probing her entrance and then finally--finally--making contact with her clitoris, with that tender little bud that made her feel so good. And felt it she did, as orgasm rushed through him: she felt the wrinkled skin of his scrotum contract, and then the muscular contractions in his shaft (and even down into the patch of skin between his balls and his anus), the pulsing tension there, feeling it happen there in her hand as he groaned and pushed up into her, holding himself there as his pleasure overwhelmed him, as his body clenched and his manhood throbbed within her, letting loose its seed, filling her with the warm white consummation of their love.

Rocky Mountain High

first-time 2018-04-25

I wondered what he looked like naked. We quickly got back out and lay near the creek, sunning our bodies. He turned to ask me if I was enjoying this experience and I noticed his cock was huge and hard. I looked into his eyes and asked if I could touch his cock. I was hot and needed him inside me, but, he made me lay still, as he carressed my clit. He pulled in and out of my tight pussy many times until suddenly he flipped me over and shoved his cock into my juicy, hot, pulsing pussy. We lay resting for a while,then returned to our campsite, and spent the rest of the weekend fucking and having delicious orgasms over and over.

Young fat dick

first-time 2018-04-25

My son, Ben, needs to finish his finals paper have to leave and so would Ben. I was going to open the asked her what she thought about fucking Ben and his closet while Ben and my wife played around. right to work," my wife responded. massage," she blurted out as she stood behind Ben. "Ben, you may be failing English Literature, but "Great, but what about your husband?" Ben responded. Ben pulled his butt up from the couch so my wife could straddled young Ben. With her other hand she lifted her dress and straddled Ben inserting his bat sized prick insisted as she let big Ben penetrate her unprotected wife then stunned me by going down on his pole and


first-time awayman2011 2018-04-25

She rested on her forearms while I looped the webbing under the bed, using the ratchet to pull it tight, looping the rope around the strap so that I could use it to tie her in place via the cuffs. The third blow on each cheek was delayed by my consciousness of my hard on, and I worked hard to be sure that my hand was being guided by the plan, our agreement, and not a suddenly clear desire to fuck her. I asked if she wanted her hands undone - she didn't care, didn't mind if I had to flip the phone open - it was a gold Dolce and Gabbana Motorola, very retro - and find her husband's number.

The Tangled Web

first-time 3FingerKelly 2018-04-25

It was the perfect time to open the letter from State College and she skipped over everything just to read the last paragraph that welcomed her to the new class and wished her the best of luck in her studies. The wheels started to whir and click in her devious female brain as she pushed the whole virginity thing out of the limelight and started to sort out her plans for switching her college future from a male student scholarship to a female one because she would be hard-pressed to play the role of silly boy chasing after a bunch of even sillier young things away from home and on their own for the first time ever.

You Never Forget Your First Kiss

first-time Tilly01 2018-04-25

As we were saying goodbye Nigel put his arms around me and kissed me. When the kiss ended he looked me in the eye and whispered, "I love you" and he ran away. When the kiss ended I said to him, "Don't say a word." I then started to unbutton his shirt while I gently pushed him toward the bed. I sensed that Nigel was approaching another orgasm also so I jumped up and turned around and got on him and sat on his penis. He kissed his way down my body and before he reached my vagina I whispered to him, "Let me take a quick shower." I still wonder if he was actually going to taste himself.

My first unexpected Milf experience while on holid

first-time eddieb101 2018-04-25

she turned her head so we could both kiss and then grabbed my right wrist and said "touch me" ....touching every inch of her front from her erect nipples, i moved slowly down and she guided me, i slipped my hand slowly under her bikini, by the feel alone i could tell she had a small landing strip which lead to a tiny yet noticeable clit. After two minutes of hard fast riding she came over my penis, i could feel it, her body quivering is lent forward over my chest and i took over, i raised her bum slightly and kept going in and out, her cum was perfect lubrication, she moaned out aloud several times "don't stop", almost like a script timed to perfection i pulled out to take a minutes break and she squirted all over me, the sheets were soaked and she was horny as hell.

My experience.

first-time 2018-04-25

Pulled it out and said "say ah" she replied with was was probably going to be "why" but half way before she could get the word out I shoved my finger in her mouth as I gagged her with her ass juice trying to wiggle her face away and not being able to grab my hand and pull it away because I made her lay on her arms. As so as I thought it was clean enough I pulled the condom off shoved it once again for the last time in her mouth and f***ed as far as her throat would let me at the time, then the urge came as a flash pulled out told her to pucker her lips to kiss it and as she did what I said I came like a bull.


first-time Blackdickslut 2018-04-25

i want u 2 push yor dick in my mouth and feel yor balls on my chin and u say yeh suck my dick and then u cum down my mouth and i swallow it and then u press yor balls on my face and say next time ill bring my frend and youll have 2 dicks on yor face no but ill suck black dicks thru a gloryhole but i want the holes 2 be big enuff so the balls get through if uve got big balls and u dont shave and u wont tell my boyfrend ill suck u and u can push ur black dick in my pussy and then ill lick the cum off yor dick

I can't believe this actually DID happen.....

first-time pj01 2018-04-25

Once in the room it could easily be over in moments if I cannot restrain myself or we could settle into a longer afternoon and evening of caresses, full tongue on facial action and then a slow undressing of each other. You will have my video camera so I can relive every glorious moment as Sassy and I use our tongues and fingers to explore each other completely. During this time I may decide to return to more oral caresses and even give her a good rimming with a finger insertion using our mixed juices to ease the entry. It might even happen that we would meet someone else, man, woman or even another couple we would invite back to our room to share the delights of Sassy one more time.

Ann's & Katherine's Massages

first-time maxmaypo 2018-04-25

Now Bae loosened the towel up and said, "I replace cold towel with warmed towel." With that he whipped off Ann's towel so for a moment she was completely naked and then laid a heated towel in the middle of her back and folded it open so it covered her body. Finally Bae climbed up on the table between Ann's spread legs, removed the towel altogether and began long strokes up and down the length of her torso, her butt, her hips, and her thighs. Bae's hands caressed Ann's naked, flushed breasts, caressed her flushed belly, and cradled her soft, full, white hips as thrust after thrust penetrated Ann deep inside.

The Crazy Life

first-time mademoisellebelle33 2018-04-25

After moving in with my older sister to finish my senior year in a small town, my friends in the city marveled at how "delicious" I had suddenly become. A friend we will call Sadie had an ex-boyfriend; a tall dark and sexy hunk of a man. He came into my mouth before long and I swallowed quickly, as it seemed the fastest way to rid myself of what at the time seemed rather gross. When I accompanied Sadie to visit Cora, her boyfriend came home and took Cora aside and spilled those beans. He caressed my pussy in a way that made me so wet and when he fucked me with those long fingers I came all over the hood of his car.

Taming the Tease

first-time DavidHog 2018-04-25

The day that Bella was coming over, Ron put all of his valuables in his bag and planned on going to go out to a local bar in order to leave the house to the maid to let her clean. You see, when Ron got in touch with Bella, what he expected was an old hag that nobody would want to look twice at, what he got was a young bombshell that he couldn’t keep his eyes off! Bella kept her face fixated on the table, she could see everything Ron was doing with her peripherals, but of course she wanted to keep with the act that she was an innocent foreign girl with no clue with what she was doing.