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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Lanna's First Time

first-time 34DDasian 2018-04-25

She chose this bikini because she knew that her next door neighbor would be home today, and she wanted to make sure he saw her. "Well I was hoping that you wouldn't mind swimming with me today" Lanna replied, her eyes lowering to see the huge bulge in his shorts. He considered stroking one out before going over to meet Lanna, but then decided not to, and got dressed and walked over. I only wore it because I thought that you'd like it." Lanna mumbled and pulled herself out of the pool and grabbed her towel to cover up. Before he could finish his sentence, Lanna had gotten down on her knees and pulled down his shorts freeing his big cock.


How my wife and I began Swinging

first-time 2018-04-25

You too really made me feel very good.” I then asked her if there was anything else she liked about it and she replied “that she enjoyed please both of us at the same time because it was hot and made her very horny that two men was wanting her as she felt both our hands, mouths, and cock all over her body and in her pussy.” I then ask her if it was good enough to make her want to continue, and she replied “hell yeah.” I then immediately told her that one of my fantasies was to see her with at least three other men and me, and that I also wanted to fuck another woman, while that woman was licking and fingering her pussy and this is how we began to have fun together, and why we still today continue to experiment with swinging.

Meeting Him

first-time his-slut 2018-04-25

A smile crosses your lips as you lay your hand in my hair, stroking gently before traveling down the soft curves of my body. I wake up slightly when I feel your hands gripping my slender hips, a soft purr escapes my lips as I arch my back causing my supple tits to thrust out further than before. My mouth falls open slightly, my pink lips forming a soft "O" as I stare up into your eyes. My body goes tense with surprise and love sparkles in my eyes having finally seen you for the very first time since we began chatting online. "Look at me, pet." I lift my eyes to stare into yours obediently as you whisper, "Return," right before you press your lips against mine.

My First Threesome

first-time 2018-04-25

Anyway, so I was in the middle in this cab with this guy on one side of me and this gorgeous redhead on the other, we were all a bit tipsy and out of it on e and were chatting away and flirting outrageously together then I felt Lisa’s hand move up my thigh as she leant in and whispered in my ear “you make me so wet” well I was also getting quite wet and so I started to kiss her neck and ear lobe and let my hand slip between her legs and rubbed her *****.

Daddy's First Bukkake

first-time Axelg58 2018-04-25

The first boy clearly loved what I was doing to his friend's balls, because as I sucked both nuts into my mouth he shot a huge load of sperm all over my face. I never let his balls out of my mouth, I kept sucking as his sticky sperm spattered down, coating my face, mixing with the cum of the other two boys. Then I opened my mouth very wide and moved forward, deep throating him: Feeling his cock down my throat, tasting the loads of the other boys, burying my nose in the band of his jockstrap. And that's when he looked up into my completely cum coated face, sperm dripping off my beard, my lips slathered in jism, my mouth tasting the metallic, salty flavor of lust.

Sunrise Love

first-time killerlooks_xo 2018-04-25

As Amy turned to look at the clock, she heard a car drive up to her house and smiled, knowing it was Scott picking her up. Hearing Amy's moans started to make Scott's cock erect, knowing that he was the first to ever have pleasured her. But let's see what happens" Amy smiled again as she crawled over to Scott and slid his trousers down over his legs. Knowing that Scott had the ultimate view, she slid her hand down her chest, kneading her breasts and slowly caressing her body, began to rub in circles around her clit. Amy kissed him, answering his question and Scott slowly began to crawl between her legs again.

Their First Time Ch. 2

first-time brgs 2018-04-25

As if he sensed her being awake, Ryan snaked his arm around her waist and pulled her close, kissing her gently on the lips. "I'm going to run into the shower, feel free to join me if you'd like", she smiled evilly. Turning her around to face him, he rinsed her off and leaned down and sucked gently on her erect nipples. Quickly, he turned her around once again so she was facing the wall of the shower. Touching his face, she met his lips with her own, gently kissing him. Make this your home, here with me." she said with a broad smile on her face. Stepping out of the shower, they smiled and faced the rest of the day together...their first a couple.

second date

first-time 2018-04-25

what can i say ive asked mark for a second date hes got my heart pumping and my pussy wet. hope we get a hotel room and it goea like this x mark books a room and hides a cam to film us together. be then leaves to meet me, when we meet we have a quick drink he says he has a hotel room and sugests we go back. he slides my hand in his jeans, hes hard as he feels my hand and i feel his cock our tonguea slide deeper in each others mouths i cant wait i neel down and take him in my mouth he sugests we move to the bed so i can feel his tongue xx

My first blowjob -- a true story

first-time libertine66 2018-04-25

I went into one of the booths and started to watch a film — one guy sitting on another guy’s cock and that gave me a serious hard-on. I quickly discovered the rules in the modern jackshack — leave the door unlocked and you’re likely to get sucked off several times, played with several cocks, jerking them. One night I’m seriously horned up and go to the local ABS, sit in one of the booths and start cock is aching and taking over my brain. Watching shemale porn and gay porn, guys sucking cock and getting fucked, sitting with my pants and shorts around my ankles stroking my hard cock, I’m so horned up I’ll do anyone/thing.

Friend Helping a Friend

first-time leslamya 2018-04-25

She saw me looking at her in the mirror and said, "I'm sorry but I feel like I'm going to explode." I could actually feel my pussy lips swell with arousal as her hot breath touch my ear. "I'm your best friend and I love you Ban." I said, "I won't tell a soul." As I said this, I reach-up and ran my fingers through her soft blonde hair. Then Ban began finger fucking me as she sucked on my clitoris. finally, I raised up and looked into Ban deep blue eyes and said, "If being a lesbian mean that I can make love to you again...then I'm a lesbian."

Beach Holiday Ch. 01

first-time ReefBeach 2018-04-25

The image of her slim, naked body with its bands of tan lines across her back and buttocks, the swish of her chestnut hair across her shoulders, the fluid grace of her arms as she stepped over the first waves, he knew he would recall this for the rest of his life. Raf swam underwater with one hand up like a shark fin, grabbing Meg's ankle or leg. Raf stroked up and down, lightly then firmly, the outside then the inside of her leg, never going too close to her fuzz of pubic hair. For her part, Meg lay with eyes closed, sensing Raf's body moving above her. Raf lay down close to her, covering her face in kisses and feeling her warm skin in the sun.

Wrong Moment; Wrong Guy

first-time cuddlycarol 2018-04-25

His friends noticed and joked with us saying things like "get a room" when we got carried away. They sent back my clothes and purse covered in their semen with a note telling me that I had blown the chance for the best breaking in any virgin could ever get and explaining that since I didn't want their cum inside me they shot it on my things instead. They wrote of how Danny would have ripped me open while I screamed in pain and how each would then have taken a turn in each of my openings while I begged for mercy until I was nothing but a heap of bleeding, sweating, jizz covered, fat.

Sex with strangers

first-time Daleharris 2018-04-25

Becca's head was bouncing and she said it was to cum inside her. Becca rolled over to face me and we kissed a little. Becca kept rubbing my cock, then she moved down between my legs. Becca went even lower and started licking my ass. Becca was flexible, and she leaned forward a little and had her arms inside her legs. Becca let out a fart as she stretched her cheeks apart with her hands. Becca was farting every time I pulled out or almost out. I asked if she was OK and Becca confessed that she wasn't really married and her tears were, yes because she was in pain but more because she believed it was just a one time thing.

Seven in our true life event stories.

first-time 2018-04-24

She started laughing and told me something like Freckles must be a red head thing, because Mom She asked how I like being able to see Kimmie NO WAY she told me, she said she knows that that she has seen kimmie giving me head She told me that kimmie said Kimmie told me to get undressed as well Kimmie told "A" to sit beside me and watch head of my dick in her mouth. Tim was so hard and was loving my tounge covering Tim's cock he started to moan an cums in your mouth it will most likely were busy working on my pussy at this time and Kimmie said "yeah, next time we will not

Lady in Red

first-time adel5000 2018-04-24

little bar in her room and made two drinks, carrying them over to the table she handed I moved my face into her neck and began to kiss and lick her beautiful kissed her sweet little lips and decided to suck her nice tits again. I spread her lips with both hands and looked at her beautiful slick wet cunt. My other hand began to gently stroke her hard little clit. tongue licked at her inner lips exploring the outer rim of her little tight hole. good look at her cunt, her hole was wide open and dripping wet, I began dipping my Her tongue felt so soft moving over my inner lips I

Rookie introduced to bondage

first-time Ankakalle 2018-04-24

Johanna came over to my house with her friend stephanie and al of a sudden they both asked me to tie them: Stephanie said that she wanted to start out soft and johanna wanted a really tight hogtie. So I got the ropes and then started to tie up Johanna. this harnes gag had a ring that conected the straps and there i made a knot so now Johanna was really tightly tied up. Not really, now how do you want to be gagged, I used a harnes ballgag on johanna. -I guess that means ok, If anything doesn´t fell right then make some noise and I wil come and untie you ok. So now I went into Johanna and watched her struggle against the tight hogtie.

Thursday Game Night

first-time MZSHUGAWALLZ 2018-04-24

I said damn girl where did all that body come from????? She said se liked them all but wasn't sure if she really wanted to go. So I gently grabbed the back of her neck and softly kissed her and I could tell that she liked it. I got down between her legs and began to kiss her pussy with my huge tongue. I could feel her explosion cumin so I went to my toybox and pulled out my vibrator and fucked her with it while I licked and kissed her perfect ass and rubbed my pussy...... Her body was shivering like crazy while licked the inside of her pussy. I fucked her harder and harder and her pussy opened up like a blossoming flower in full speed.

The Salon Ch. 01

first-time stevetruestories 2018-04-24

Around three months later Jeremy returned to The Salon immediately noticing the girl who had cut his hair. Donna smiled as his old fashioned almost boy-scout manner of speaking, 'yes and you gave me a really nice tip, so let's hope I can do a good as job as last time.' Donna smiled to herself, realising her young client did like girls and wondered whether she might tease him a bit more. She felt his shoulders again, 'yes,' she said, 'you are feeling tense, we are offering free taster massages for our regular/new customers if you're interested?' Donna continued to massaged his arms, whilst he could now look directly at her face and body, Jeremy was concerned she could read his lustful thoughts.

The Boss's Wife

first-time jayman44 2018-04-24

That just makes him more crazy his eyes light up and he gets back on top of me his fingers find their way back into my pussy he's working them in and out and sucking my stiff nips he slowly and gently inches one into my ass, I can feel my cunt start to quiver. Danni is a beautiful Twenty One year old, but looks much younger she has big brown doe eyes, shoulder length brown hair and a very sexy body her ass is little bubble butt it's round and nice and firm it looks good in her low cut jeans with her red thong sticking out and her full size tits that point straight up.


first-time 2018-04-24

In the end after she started bawling we went from arguing, to accusations, to hugs, to God knows how many apologies, to the point we went to our separate rooms and cried ourselves to sl**p: her for actually sucking my cock and for me to finally get so close to what I wanted for so long to have it taken right from me and on top of it letting it happen and possibly fucking up my relationship with my mother.

A Sitter For Lacey

first-time didababy 2018-04-24

"Oh yes, right away." Kathy turned and started in the other direction down the hall and was completely unaware of Mike's erection and the red color on his cheeks. Beth tried to explain a couple of times that the baby was quieted by sucking her nipples, and refused to take the formula that kathy had left for her. When he finally gathered the courage to look at Beth again, he was absorbed with the pink tint to her cheeks, her soft bubbley lips, the way her hair wrapped around her shoulder and lay so softly against her right breast, the same one that his baby girl had suckled on earlier.

A Fond Farewell

first-time free1radical 2018-04-24

I don't think you should worry about not having a boyfriend for the holidays - but rather enjoy the freedom you've got now." We both really enjoyed the small town and the natural beauty of the surrounding area and started talking about possibilities for her, possibilities that I was leaving behind the next day. I lowered her to the couch beside me on my right and kissed her lips again as my hand began caressing her breast before slowly dropping my hand down to her stomach. She slowly exhaled and I pulled my finger out of her pussy, slowly kissing my way up her stomach, towards those beautiful breasts.

If you think you want to share your thi

first-time morepantiesplease 2018-04-24

We dressed that night in our hotel room and for the first time since we started playing in public like this she didn't let me watch her get dressed. Jodi spoke ....”Can Lowell come back to our room Paul?” “I thought you both told me that you weren't going to fuck.” “We aren't.. Craig gave Jodi's body a little more attention and took much more time than Lowell and she seemed far more consumed by his touch. This was the moment that all those guys ask me about..”What's it like to see another guy's dick in your wife?” Honestly, there aren't words enough to even come close to an answer for that.

Student Education

first-time Rolemeover 2018-04-24

Emma gasps with surprise and blushes again as her friend stands up, lifts her skirt and drops her knickers to the ground the boys hand moving over her thighs. Emma groans, her body giving her sensations that she didn't know were possible, she reaches down and her hand grips James cock, slowly hardening against her stomach. Emma feels her excitement rising all the time, using both hands on James cock pulling it against her pussy aching with desire. Emma closed her eyes orgasms coming regularly, each stronger than the last, her body covered in a slick of sweat, her thighs soaked in her juices and James pre-cum as his cock pushed her to ever new heights.