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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Watching A Mom and Her Danny boy.

first-time imornery81 2018-04-24

She wanted to teach him about sex and was thinking it might help if there was a man present to help and if maybe I would be willing to film it for the two of them. “Thanks for agreeing to film this. I know the idea of doing it on film has my pussy almost literally dripping!” She handed me the camera bag and then reached behind herself and faster than I can describe it, she had unfastened her bra, and worked it off of her body and down her arms, under her boobs and out from under her shirt. “Mom, where’s my boxers?” “Mom, stop! She bent her face down and they kissed and she licked and kissed his face clean as I watched his fingers begin once again to twist and tug on her long shiny nipples. “Thanks for the homecoming last night!

The Drive Home

first-time Urguycliff 2018-04-24

"Kitten, I know we are going to wait till we are married for me to take that virgin cherry of yours, but baby I love you so much and want you." "Ummm, I know I am." I reach down and run my hand over her bare stomach and even put the tip of a finger in her belly button. Pushing her panties aside and holding them I lick all around the outside of her cunt lips and then running my tongue from bottom to top, with just the tip inside her. (The guy in me says she will be leaving a large wet spot on my car seats, but I am to far gone to care.) I slide the other hand under her ass as she lifts up to drive her pussy onto my face.

The List Ch. 01

first-time handsomeyetnice 2018-04-24

I think there's a certain amount of egotism that comes with having a big dick and the ability to fuck any woman you want. There was another rumor spreading around the school: Amy, the girl that I wanted more than anything, was going to give her virginity to Rick on the night of the dance. Instead of working it myself, I was being jerked off by a girl, and I sure wasn't thinking about Amy anymore. She kept repeating things like this and she moved one hand to my balls and pointed my dick straight at her face. Without really thinking about what I was doing I grabbed my dick and started using it to wipe my cum off of my best friend's face and feeding it to her.

My Mother

first-time mstrmrd 2018-04-24

My mother must have really been turned on because his cock was really wet. When they finished my mother lifted up and out came his cock. seen her sucking and fucking her the clown's cock when they thought I was sl**ping on the couch. got closer to my cock, then she wrapped her hand around me. She looked down to see my cock nice and hard. With that I took my hand from her tits and I pulled her nightgown off of her body. the first time I got a good look at her tits. All this time my mom slowly stroked my cock, as she stroked I got even I slipped one finger into her wet pussy hole, it was tight.

First Threesome

first-time stevesthe1 2018-04-24

Tom grinned at me as though looking for the all clear and said he was minus his shirt,shoes,socks and trousers and all my wife had lost were her shoes and her blouse. bl**dy typical said Tom. Again nothing happened and we all took another sip of our drinks. I have to sit here naked jokingly groaned Tom. As he said it he speedily removed his pants leaving him naked. I watched as he held the large round head of his cock against her pale shaven pussy lips and urged it forwards. We went back downstairs and Tom asked me if we could all spend the night together but i said we had to go.


first-time Otis136 2018-04-24

This is a completely true story that started in the summer of 1972, and continues to this day. At the end of the summer, I met her at a going away party. At the end of the evening she took my hand and led me around the corner to the back of the building. When we were out of view, she put her hands around the back of my neck and gave me the longest, wettest kiss I had ever had. She took my hand and put it under her blouse. She left in a rush, leaving me with a hard on that wouldn't go away. That wouldn't happen for almost 20 years, and that story will be told in Part 2 in the next couple of days.

The Hairem Ch. 1

first-time belab 2018-04-24

Though I was a rich Arab I had many women pursuing me but they were all shaved and had virtually no body hair and they hardly turned me on till I saw Bella the young Portuguese girl in my class. Gently I sucked her nipples into my mouth and my hand went down and I ran my fingers through the shock of hair in her unshaven underarms. "I think we had better go into my bedroom right now," I said and I lifted her and took her in my arms to the bedroom my tongue twirling the long bushy hair in her unshorn gleaming armpits.

First Kiss

first-time Cyberbeast 2018-04-24

Soon you forget about that finger, innocently making it's way up your arm, distracted by my other hand, which is capturing your thumbs and pulling them behind your back. (There, you are virginal and pure...) Slowly, patiently, I move you to the position I want you in: On your back, arms raised, legs open, knees up, pillows arranged so your head is thrown back slightly, exposing your neck and thrusting your breasts and hips above the bed. Breasts taut under my weight, arms raised in submission, I take both your wrists in my left hand, freeing my right, which caresses and strokes you. I scratch gently up your side and into the armpit, then slide my hand onto your throat, linger there, strong and controlling, then slip it under your neck and behind your head.

So Hot

first-time justinfarquhar 2018-04-24

A week actually passed before I saw the girl again, though she had not left my mind and I think it was safe to say she would not be leaving it for quite some time. I mean, every time I looked in the mirror all I saw was a plain, boring, average-height guy with brown hair and brown eyes. I hungrily traced my eyes from her beautiful face, down over her barely concealed, ample, pert breasts, over the smooth surface of her stomach down to my favorite part of a woman’s body. I imagined her small hands stroking and playing with me rather than my own whilst I ravished Becki’s body with my eyes.

First time out part 2

first-time xraydid 2018-04-24

Tina was holding my fully erect, hard seven inches of girl-cock as well and we kissed deeply as we both squeezed each other’s throbbing members, slowly moving our hands up and down the she-cocks, catching pre-cum and smearing it over the cock-heads. We spent the rest of the night in both dom and sub roles sucking each other, including our mutual oral cock worship with first me on top, in control of sucking her she-cock, and finishing with me underneath her, my head tilted back, while Tina lovingly fucked my mouth and throat the way she wanted, as we finally simultaneously spurted our salty, slimy, ropey, nasty, but beautiful cum into each other…..

Easing into Swinging, Of Sorts: My Experience

first-time trumptight85 2018-04-24

I was able to play with 2 slightly older ladies for the first time in front of my wife, while she was with a slightly older guy (40ish) who probably came within a span of 5 minutes. I went back down the hallway to see if my wife was ok, to which I wasn't surprised to seeing her on all fours while Paul was slamming his dick in her from behind. Another girl came from across the hallway and saw me holding my now-growing hard on and asked if she could take care of that. I came about 5 minutes later and I don't know if I came because of the girl's wet pussy or just by seeing my wife get off watching me fuck her.

Wedding Pairing

first-time SierraSprite 2018-04-24

The two of you are paired up for the duration of the wedding by imperial decree." Leslie laughed and Amy and I said hello. Amy took my hand and said, "Why don't we pretend this is a blind date and we each have decided to make the best of it?" She had an instant smile and dark eyes that flashed at me. She pulled my hair, kissed my cheek and asked, "Do guys really have back pressure?" While the long kiss was going on, Leslie discovered us in the dark corner and sat down with her drink. Leslie laughed and reached out to squeeze Amy's hand. I shook my head and she said, "Good, let's go get some breakfast.

Waking up wet

first-time badboy4320 2018-04-24

The weird thing was, about a month later, I woke up a couple times with my boxers all wet. Because I napped a little, I wasn't sl**py when it was time for bed, but I lay there in the dark for a long time nervously hoping I wouldn't wake up wet again. A couple hours later, while I still lay there not sl**ping, I felt my sheet and blanket sliding off of me. Sure enough after a few minutes the weight on the bed shifted, and I felt a warm wet mouth engulf my cock. A couple nights later, when I had given up, and finally started drifting off to sl**p, I felt my blankets moving again.

84% cock

When Did It All Start?

first-time LucyCanyon 2018-04-24

I got quickly into a rhythm and though I came quickly I was staying hard and continuing to pound away, excited by the sight of J lying face down, fantastic tight ass presented to me and the slurping of my still erect cock as it slid in and out of her well lubricated cunt. The first one was rarely a long, drawn out affair and although she was wearing her usual exciting knickers and stockings we dispensed with much foreplay, and I came far too quickly for J to reach her peak this time. Knowing we were pushed for time she urged me to give it to her hard and quick, and I duly obliged, thrusting away hard and fast for no more than a couple of minutes before exploding in my second orgasm of the day.

Booty call

first-time campinguy 2018-04-24

she licked and sucked my balls while she was stroking me with her hand, then she took me in her hot mouth again and slowly went all the way down and looked up at me with such lust in her eyes...after about ten minutes of her skilled cocksucking I told her that I wanted her to get on top and ride me. "I love that, it's one of my favorites" so she straddled me and guided my stiff cock into her wet pussy and took it all in very slowly...she was an excellent rider, grinding, bouncing, fucking me like crazy and moaning and then screaming till she came again all over me.

Falling Stars

first-time jessy19 2018-04-24

It smells so clean outside and I would love to be swimming in that water with Sean. "I called you down here because I figured you'd wanna join me for a swim," he says smiling at me and I watch the water drip from his chest. I wanted his eyes looking at my naked body and having him think unpure thoughts about me. "I know you watch me every Friday night," he suddenly says looking at me. I know soon enough it'll feel good and I'll have Sean making love to me. I realize I'm still dry and dressed in my long blue t-shirt, but for some strange reason I can still feel Sean's warmth on me.

My First MILF

first-time 123nik 2018-04-24

I tried to tell her I just saw her when she reached over and rubbed my crotch. As I stood rubbing oil on her shoulders with my crotch inches from her face. She said I see you like feeling my body.... After gulping her drink she reached over and pulled my shorts down then she started rubbing my balls and seemed to really enjoy it. She said come on and we went and got in the shower. After she came she pushed me off and said her husband would be home soon. I went home and took a quick shower before my folks got home. The next day as I watched Justine in her back yard I took my cock out and stroked it.

chat lover divya‏

first-time 2018-04-24

Maine kaha ki aapni dost se hi puch lo to divya boli ki words nahi hai batane ko fir Rupali ne kaha mein bhi to dekhu harmannji apki taakat lekin ab mein thora thak chuka tha divya ke bathroom mein jate hi rupali mere paas aker mere lund ko sehlane lagi fir kya mere lund ab taiyaar ho gaya that fir meine jaldi se apne kapre aur rupali ke kapre utaar diya aur wo sab kuch kiya jo meine Divya ke saath kiya tha abhi mein jahra hi that ki Divya fresh ho kar washroom se aai aur hame dekhke kaha rupali maaza aya ya nhi Rupali yaar yeh sexy boy to bahut takatwar hai jaldi thakta hi nhi now this time i fucked both of them they all are happy and meet me whenever they want fun we all are good friends now but now both are marriedand in another town i m alone again so guys n gals.......Wannaa any one meet with me well So plz write me about my story coz i think this is my first story and probably there will be a mistakes so please tell me any suggestion and I will try to do better next time ok Waiting your reply mail me on if u have a contact no please give I will be contact with you very soon bye my all sexy lovely girls & lady’s



first-time lapdancer 2018-04-24

"Not gonna work Emily, nice try." I picked up her chin with a smiile and brushed her brown hair away from her tan face. She looked up at me with her big brown eyes and panted "Dave, I'm so horny right now! Not even bothering to undue her uniform or remove any clothing, Emily simply lifted up her skirt and moved her panties aside as she leaned against a locker, hands outstretched. Deeper babe, I want to take all of you in me!" Fucked her harder, her screams echoing about the locker room, meshing with the muffled sound of the cheering crowd. Then, apart from Emily's moans of pleasure, the crowd, and the sound of her ass being drilled, I heard the sound of fabric beginning to tear.

Santa's Little Helper

first-time juanwildone 2018-04-24

The girl looked at Jack pulled up her sweater and shook her substantial breasts. Window girl turned back to Jack and asked, “So who are you fucking merry fucking Christmas boy?” The girl shook her head, “Sorry Ja-Jack, fucking you was her idea, not mine.” Her eyes met his. “Steady there Jack, don’t lose it yet.” The girl continued to manipulate Jack’s cock with her hands as her mouth moved nearer to his tender, sensitive yet to be touched balls. "Please me Jack." He pushed forward just enough that on the head of his cock was captured by her cunt lips. Jack felt two hands grip his head and turn it back, a mouth covered his and he was being kissed - passionately.

The Beginning - The Duet

first-time BookWurm 2018-04-24

Kat could see all of Karen's pussy, from the light, almost transparent orange pubic hair on top of her mons down her shaved pussy lips, that were ever so slightly open, to her puckered anus. As Kat's pubic hair thinned out, Karen had to touch her pussy more often, moving the other girl's pussy lips back and forth in order to get all the remaining hairs. But only for a moment, as Karen then opened a bottle of something and squirted some cream onto her bare skin and started to massage it into Kat's tender pussy. Her tongue slipped gently over her clit and down, spreading the newly shaved pussy lips as it slid down Kat's wet crack to tease the opening of her cunt.

DP by 2 Black men, I asked them to do me.

first-time 2018-04-24

My husband had taken the car keys with him, leaving the windows down, but the stifling heat was becoming unbearable as I sat in my own sweat, 'I need to go out', I said the guard, but he smiled, showing perfect white teeth against his very black skin, 'No maam', he said politely, 'they will gang fuck you', and as he said it his eyes fell onto my bare thighs, as if letting my know, my dress sense implied I was asking for it. I could only imagine what the guard was looking at for the first time in his life a white woman's ass, and pinkish slit, which the driver was pulling apart, and the unthinkable that I thought might be too big to go in, went in, all the way up, I felt my body was splitting in two, I had never had a cock so big inside me.

The Panty Girls Society

first-time rockandroller 2018-04-24

Like her closest friends, Cheryl, Ashley, and Jill, Jazzie exuded an attitude that said, ‘take me or leave me.’ They were all friendly enough, and had even been known to accept dates with some of the popular boys who were always after them. The girls and I want you to be a member of our little club.” Jazzie nodded over at the table where her friends were sitting. Once they were sure that I was watching again, Cheryl, Jazzie, Ashley and Jill all looked at each other wearing big smiles. So I stood up straight, and Cheryl smiled at me as she looked in my eyes and for the first time in my life, I let a girl undress me.


first-time 2018-04-24

I asked, “weren’t you guys coming over at 3?" Danny replied, "Thought we would come early and see if we could get lucky." when I turned to face him he was sitting in the chair with his pants and underwear half way down his thighs and his cock in his hand. Stan laid back cock in air and said, "Mic, come sit on this" Gave Danny one more tug and lick under the foreskin and headed to Stan. I pulled my legs way back because I thought I was about to get Danny's big cock up my ass. Stan was all the way in but lay still, as Danny started slow strokes putting a little more in with each thrust.